Serena Williams: Stop The Lies, I Am Not Dating Jake Owen!!
by Tom Gainey | October 10th, 2011, 6:20 pm

Rumors were spreading this weekend that Serena Williams was dating country crooner Jake Owen. The two 30-year-old celebs were spotted enjoying dinner at a Los Angeles restaurant and from there things in the media only escalated.

But just like her playing style in tennis, Serena has gone on the offensive denying any romance exists between her and Owen with a series of tweets today.

“I NEVER address rumors but this one I will. I am not dating @jakeowen. He is a great guy with a super amazing girlfriend,” she tweeted.

“Its not fair to me to Jake or his girlfriend to say we r dating when u just hang out and have dinner with friends. So stop the lies!!”

She sounds like business.

Owen was in LA for a concert at the Staples Center, and interestingly Owen and Mardy Fish have a freindship as well. Most recently Serena had been dating rapper Common.

Back on the court for Serena there’s not much to discuss. She skipped playing Beijing and with her ranking too low to get her into the Istanbul finals it’s likely we won’t see the controversial tennis star back on the WTA until January. And that’s no lie.

Serena’s been tweeting she’s been busy in school books and watching movies.

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8 Comments for Serena Williams: Stop The Lies, I Am Not Dating Jake Owen!!

Greg A. Says:


grendel Says:

“I NEVER address rumors but this one I will”.

In the same spirit, one might say:”I NEVER beat my wife, but this time I will” or “I NEVER take heroin, but this time, I will.” or “I NEVER dress up as a girl (boy as appropriate) but this time I will” or “I NEVER expose myself in public, but this time I will” or “I NEVER hire a hitman to deal with people who annoy me, but this time I will.” or “I NEVER take petty revenge on people who have shown me up for what I am but this time I will”. “I NEVER cheat when playing a game with someone I know is better than me, but this time I will” or “I NEVER pretend to have read something, seen a film or watched a match which everybody else has read,seen or watched, but this time I will”. or “I NEVER pretend that my penis is bigger than it really is, but this time I will.” or “I NEVER begrudge the success of people in direct competition with me, but this time I will.” or “I NEVER refuse a request for money from people less fortunate than myself, but this time I will” or “I NEVER fantasise about gathering together all those people who have tormented me over the years, putting them all up against a wall and having them shot – but this time I will” or “I NEVER do anything in a manner which is other than exquisite, elegant, imaginatively conceived and quite frankly pretty damn bright – but this time I will”.

The beauty of this approach, of course, is that whatever you do, however absurd or despicable,it is instantly forgiven because – well, it hasn’t really happened, has it? After all, I NEVER do it.

jane Says:

“Never” being the operative word… Very funny post grendel.

Kimmi Says:

ha ha grendel!

alison hodge Says:

grendeel i seriously cannot stop laaughing at your post,lol,lol,lol,my husbands wondering whats wrong with me.

skeezerweezer Says:

LMAO grendel :)

Kimberly Says:

we should have a section of classic tennis-x post archives and this one qualifies, along with the one on the oddities of the olympics, also by Grendel which was one of my all time favorites as well.

women are their worst enemy Says:

Grendel, foolish little cohorts who jumped on your bandwagon, et al. I’d suggest that each of you get a life. If the woman says that she hasn’t been dating a third or fourth rate country singer, then who are you to contend that more is going on. From Common to Bret Ratner to Lavar Arrington, Serena has always had her boyfriends at her matches and doesn’t seem to shy away from the status of the realtionship. In this case I presume that she is friends with the guy — and he NOT Serena given her vast wealth and fame — probably got far more out of the tweet. What I find most astounding is that Wms mentioned his girlfriend, so it seems to be that she was trying to ensure that the woman was not trailed by the Nat Enq (sure it’s on your regular reading list) and other tabloid pieces of garbage. You and the fools listed below ought to stop tearing down other woman. If any of you actually have men in your lives, as a man I urge you to follow the musings of your significant others and, believe me, they don’t go around writing on the interent to trash other men. Maybe that is why is so many quarters women are still treated as second class citizens. But, as the adage says, no one oppresses (usually to feel better about their empty, unfulfilled and all around mediocre lives) then the opressed. Try reading something by women who’ve made it possible for those not swept up in petty gossip to acheive in our scoiety. You could all learn a thing or two.

P.S.: Are you the plump, unattractive girls that always crashed my frat parties 20 yrs ago with their better looking friends who were unable to score a date. If not, you kinda sound like it.

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