Kim Clijsters Beats Caroline Wozniacki In Come-Back Exo

by Staff | December 8th, 2011, 5:30 pm

After months of injury, Kim Clijsters returned to the tennis courts Thursday in an exhibition match against world No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki at Antwerp, Belgium.

Clijsters won the Diamond Games exo 6-2, 7-6 but the important result was Kim’s health and her future outlook.

“After such a long recovery and so much training effort, it is fun to be playing an ‘official’ match,” Clijsters said.

“The start of 2011 was really good,” she reflected. “But after that I made some decisions I no longer would make now.

“Now, I’ll be listening to my body much better.”

Clijsters was hampered by an ankle injury and a stomach pull which ended her season in August at the Canadian Open.

The former No. 1 and current mother is still looking to improve even at age 28.

“I will take things one tournament at a time, but above all I would like to improve my game,” Clijsters said. “I have been working really hard at my service, because that often did not go well in the past year. And there are a few other details I would like to see improve still.”

Following her fourth Australian Open title, Clijsters finished the season ranked No. 13.

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9 Comments for Kim Clijsters Beats Caroline Wozniacki In Come-Back Exo

Wog boy Says:

“following her fourth Australian Open title”……that is her first AO title and fourth GS title , three USO.

Kimmi Says:

Go Kim, cant wait to see her back. Hopefully she will have a healthy season to finish her career.

Wog boy Says:

I think she is after gold in London, and she should be.
Go Mama Kim.

skeezerweezer Says:

Sorry, but just shows the state of women’s Tennis. Woz is so over rated. She is no Henin, Williams: Graff, or Hingis, or Davenport, etc. If she faces this kind of quality I would expect a beatdown.for the wannabe. What is she? Maybe top of the second Tier.
She needs to stick to looking good and maybe a fashion show. She is second tier against the greats, and Kim is one of the greats with class. A pure fighter, and can still do it after starting a family! Go Kim!

alison hodge Says:

i agree it will be great to have kim back,and the sooner the better,the womens game needs her,i know it was only an exhibition match,but it looks like kims back and means buisness,not to sound like a hater which i am not but caroline is average at best,like skeezer says overated atm,however she is still young and has plenty of time to improve and grab a grand slam,time will tell though i suppose,for now though its great to have kim back fit and ready to defend the ao,go kim welcome back.

Cheri Britton Says:

Even if Caroline were only the 5th best player at the moment, I would hardly call her ‘average’. It takes an extraordinary amount of ability and dedication just to get in the top 100! Kim was 22 when she won her first Slam, so Caroline’s still got time on her side. There’s a few areas of her game that she needs to work on, but maybe all she needs is a gluten free diet?

alison hodge Says:

@cheri britton i was not been disrespectful,i was making a comparison with caroline and kim,caroline is a good player but as yet not a great player,kim has reached that status but so far caroline has not,yes she is still very young and has plenty of time to develope her game,and i really hope she does so,like you say she works hard and is very passionate and dedicated,but atm she is nowhere near the same class as any of the players skeezer mentioed in his post,but thats not to say that she never will be,only time will tell.

Humble Rafa Says:

Hoping Clijsters stays healthy all year is like hoping for snow in the US summer. It does not happen.

You can only hope that she gets injured less often and that the injuries are small.

Seriously, Clijsters needs to wear some make up when she plays. Sorry.

truthsquad Says:

It’s great to have Kim back; Women’s Tennis needs a tough, seasoned veteran who knows how to win. The fact that she can do so while maintaining a gracious and modest attitude is even more welcome.

As for Caroline, there is a something to be said for committing to playing tournament after tournament and playing consistently. She seems likeable and hard working. The problem is she has no weapons to impose her game on the better players, and I’m not convinced she can develop any to the degree she needs them. She can try to wear down and outlast opponents, and if she stays healthy and consistent enough, she could end up winning a Grand Slam or two by this method, but I don’t think she is ever going to dominate a Grand Slam the way Kim or Serena can.

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