Merry Tennis-X Mas And Happy Holidays!

by Staff | December 24th, 2011, 12:00 pm


From all of us at Tennis-X to all of you, Merry Christmas and may you have a safe, wonderful Holiday season. Thanks for being part of our community and we look forward to sharing more tennis excitement in 2012.

Now go have that egg nog, just make sure it’s gluten free!

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Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!
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12 Comments for Merry Tennis-X Mas And Happy Holidays!

andrea Says:

yay! here’s to 2012 and more great matches to behold…

Ben Pronin Says:

Well if this is from all of us then I’ll make sure to say Happy Hanukkah to everyone, as well.

skeezerweezer Says:

Thanks Tennis X staff, you guys are awesome, keep it up and Happy Holidays to you all.


grendel Says:

This ankle injury of Sharapova seems to have been a problem for quite a time now. That’s a suprise. At her age, I used to crash my ankle, generally when I was drunk and falling down steps and then I’d stroll around on it with complete insouciance. That’s because it doesn’t hurt when you’re drunk, and in any case, you don’t care. The next day, the ankle has swollen up to the size of a balloon. You examine the swelling with a certain possessive pride and stroke it like it’s a new pet, but you can’t help feeling a degree of alarm, too. So you take care, and hop around. And after a while, it’s gone and everything is hunky dory until the next drunken episode.

My hunch is that Sharapova hasn’t given her ankle sufficient rest. It’s a damnable business, because you’ve got to get around just to get out of bed and do your business, and the temptation is always to ignore that tiny little niggle. But where ankles are concerned, little niggles grow into big niggles – after all, these little things have got to support a great mass of flesh and bone.

Kimmi Says:

I agree grendel. she hurt herself in tokyo i believe, at the end of september, that is three months now. She probably hurt the ligament, which takes a long time to heal. These injuries are sure not helping her, but i don’t think this one is too serious..i believe she will be ready to go come AO.

Super Says:

Grendel, you are the last person on this website I would imagine to have had drunken episodes :P

People are full of surprises.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone (Happy Holidays and all of that)!

grendel Says:

Super, there was an English man of letters called Cyril Connolly (he went to school with George Orwell) who once said:”Inside every fat man, there is a thin man struggling to get out”. Connolly, of course, was a lazy and self-indulgent man who enjoyed his grub, deplored exercise and was quite immensely fat.

But I reckon one might say in the same way, inside every sober man, there is a drunkard struggling to express himself. What about the other way round? No, that’s a bit too worthy I think, if you take my meaning…

Wog boy Says:


Thanks for the posts. I feel much better now:-)

Cheers from Scruffy Murphy pub in Sydney, just warming up for New Years eve.

Happy New Year to all.

Kimmi Says:

just in 2 days, the big boys should start in abu dhabi. exciting stuff!!
djokovic vs monfils and tsonga vs ferrer starts on thursday Dec 29th . bring it on!!!

Kimmi Says:

for those who have not seen it, here is the draw!

Wog boy Says:

I just saw photos of Novak and his brother Marko in Abu Dhabi, they are having a ball !
Nole, better get serious, AO is just around corner !

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