Roger Federer And Rafael Nadal Play Some Bro-Mantic Tennis By Candlelight [Video]

by Tom Gainey | January 2nd, 2012, 5:53 pm

Good friends Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal continued their tradition of playing tennis together in unusual settings.

Last year the two tennis greats enjoyed a hit on the water. This year they took their talents to the fire, playing tennis on a court lit by candlelight. How romantic for the two of them!

“It was a very special atmosphere playing in the amphitheatre with all the candles lit up,” Federer said. “It was a mixture of dramatic, romantic and Arabian Nights. It felt very much alive. I really enjoyed it.”

The special launch took place Katara at the amphitheatre in Doha, surrounded by more than 4000 burning Roman candles.

Federer and Nadal will both make their 2012 debut tomorrow. Federer plays Nikolay Davydenko in a rematch of their 2011 final won by the Swiss. Nadal takes on the tough German Philipp Kohlschreiber.

Happy New Year everyone!

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20 Comments for Roger Federer And Rafael Nadal Play Some Bro-Mantic Tennis By Candlelight [Video]

Michael Says:

If Federer plays the way like he did in Dubai, then Davydenko surely has chances to upset him. While Nadal will have it easy against Kohlshcriber who doesn’t know how to beat him.

jane Says:

“Bro-mantic Tennis”, Lol. What will they think of next? ;)

Annegc1 Says:

@Michael : don’t worry he would never play a real match like an exhibition’s one. Like he would never play an exhibition like a real tournament. Last friday, he never tried to win his matches.

Michael Says:

Annegc1, Yeah taken your point. I know exhibition and real tournaments are different. But what I am worried is the scoreline especially against Novak where Federer was just listless in the match. Novak took Federer too lightly and played like he would do against a club level player. That is a bitter truth and you would agree with me if you watch that match again. Nevertheless I hope Federer, the GOAT brings his ‘A’ level game. Nothing short of that is sufficient against the likes of Djokovic, Nadal and Murray.

Ajet Says:

Roger and Rafa should be the last pair of men in world to romance it out on a candle-lit tennis atmosphere! Or if am wrong, may be Novak and Murray too can join in! ;)

And on a different note, it wasn’t an exhibition only for Roger, but also for Rafa and Novak, so think about it! Roger can’t even keep it close in an exhibition match with hisn rivals who could hardly be said to be giving in it their all, so think whats gonna happen in an official serious match! The end result may be similar even in real matches, I guess, though the scoreboard may just look a bit less embarassing!

That said. Good Luck to All and Best of Luck to Roger!

alison hodge Says:

whatever people may think of one or the other player,its been great to witness the under lying deepest respect,that these two greats have for each other,on and off a tennis court,obviously a great friendship and rivalry to treasure for many years to come,love roger love rafa,arguably two of the greatest players to ever pick up a tennis racket,long live fedal.

Skorocel Says:

“It was a very special atmosphere playing in the amphitheatre with all the candles lit up,” Federer said. “It was a mixture of dramatic, romantic and Arabian Nights. It felt very much alive. I really enjoyed it.”

LOL Roger :-) How many oil bucks did they pay you for saying such sh.t?

Skorocel Says:

jane: “Bro-mantic Tennis”, Lol. What will they think of next? ;)

Probably “ass-tennising tennis”. They’ll play a match in one of the local lavatories with their racquets stuck in their… you know what & it will be astonishing to watch… LOL, these people get really stupid!

alison hodge Says:

great to see roger and rafa relaxing and enjoying themselves,not taking things so seriously,and to think people say that they dont have a sense of humour,people should also watch a clip of them on you tube organizing a charity match,both were in fits of laughter me included,as it was one of the funniest things ive ever seen of the two of them together.

skeezerweezer Says:


This has heen posted before but can’t resist since you brought it up. When ever things get too serious I look this up and crack up. Me thinks these 2 really enjoy what they do. Its a rough life for them u know, but someone has to do it, lol!

margot Says:

All this makes me long for the days of Mac, Lendl and Connors. No snuggling up for them.

alison hodge Says:

thanks skeezer everytime i see that clip it never fails to make me laugh brilliant.

Skorocel Says:

Feel really sorry for the guy/s who had to lit up those 4000 candles, LOL :-) Hope they both gave him/them his/their fair share of bucks (which they certainly got for showing up at such idiotic “spectacle”)…

carlo Says:

Bromance Era has its downside, indeed.

It was sad to see del Potro stick his head into the noose, crying on Nadal’s shoulder at Davis Cup.

Murray really needs to quit Djokovic and Nadal. The best friends thing isn’t working.

margot Says:

carlo: I agree, Andy has way too much respect. Hopefully Ivan The Terrible will teach him how to hate…;)

carlo Says:

Cheers margot. lol’s at his Highness the Terrible teaching Andy how to hate.

Go Andy!

alison hodge Says:

i think these men are profesonal enough to know, when the fun stops and the serious stuff begins,whoever they are, this was a case of two friends relaxing away from a tennis court,everybody is the same away from whatever work they do,and the more we talk about it the more i believe that lendle will help muzza to find that killer instinct,that will lead him to his 1st grand slam this year.

Sean Randall Says:

These two are getting much too close.

Imagine Lendl-McEnroe doing this. Or Sampras-Agassi, McEnroe-Borg, Serena-Henin, Martina-Chrissy, etc.

It’s really unheard of in sports that two of the legends of the game have such a genuine friendship, aka bro-mance.

Skorocel Says:


LOL :-)

Ajet Says:

Too much closeness to Rafa’s really gonna hurt Fed’s tennis prospects against rafa, coz Fed gets more emotionally involoved in these kinds of things, rafa on the other hand, though he may appear cosy, is REALLY NOT TOWARDS Roger(though NOT HATEFUL either).

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