Is Andy Murray Already Injured?

by Tom Gainey | January 3rd, 2012, 5:31 pm

Just one match into the new season, Andy Murray may already be injured! The Scot was pushed hard last night by Mikhail Kukushkin winning in the end 57, 63, 62.

According to this report from the Age, Murray was “battling a variety of physical ailments” including back and possibly hip problems.

“You’re meant to be ready from the start, and I wasn’t quite there today, so I need to improve on that for the next round, but I played better towards the end,” Murray told the paper. “I was starting to move a little bit better. My body loosened up a little bit, so hopefully I’ll pull up OK tomorrow.”

England’s Daily Telegraph had this quote from Murray: “(My body) just takes time to get used to playing competitive matches again,” he said. “I’ve had a few little niggles over the past couple of weeks but they’ll be gone by the Australian Open. I just need to play through them now and hopefully feel better.

“I’ve always turned up for the first few matches a bit sore, so it’s nothing to worry about.”

Murray’s had a long history of playing through what appeared to physical distress. So as he says it seems like it’s just part of his nature. Or Murray fans can only hope.

Murray, who recently added Ivan Lendl as his new coach, returns tonight to play lefty Gilles Muller.

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19 Comments for Is Andy Murray Already Injured?

dari Says:

Get them niggles out and get ready for AO
Vamos, Murray!

Kimberly Says:

I have like four injuries all the the time myself, I can play through them usually but the worst part of them is that the little twinge will cause anxiety that the injury will worsen and you will be sidelined. Right now I have right thumb tendonitis (in a mild stage but can be so bad i can’t turn my car keys), left forearm (twinge), and left hamstring (twinge). I play a lot of singles on hard courts, comes with the teritory. I generally don’t say anything unless they become unplayable and then I act like it just happened. I assume most players are kind of like this, professional or recreational.

Kimmi Says:

ha ha kimberly. the secret is now out.

After the AO, maybe muzza should take time off a la rafa.

Kimmi Says:

pironkova vs wozniacki in hopman cup looking like a good match.

pironkova with great variety.

Kimberly Says:

Never liked her game. Such a junker. Hoping to watch Serena in a bit yes?

Kimmi Says:

i like it either kimberly but i enjoy watching pironkova with her variety. she is actually giving wozniacki a hard time in this first set. hope she can serve it out

Kimmi Says:

ah, pironkova playing well but gets too nervous in the end, makes errors. wozniacki scraping for every ball, waiting for errors and was rewarded this time.

Kimmi Says:

@ 9:37 pm..meant I don’t like it either.

Kimmi Says:

ah, pironkova loses the set..ok, i cant watch this anymore. it is getting ridiculous :(

Kimberly Says:

Too bad. I will be very interested to see what wozniaki can do this year. Apparently Serena’s lack of passion generating controversy.

Kimberly Says:

Stour OUT in Brisbane.

Nicelescu, the semi finalist of the us open that I could not idenitfy in a police line up is leading Georges.

Kimberly Says:

Stoser I meant.

Serena is up now.

Michael Says:

If this is the brittle physique of Murray, it will be curtains to his major ambitions. I think Murray needs to concentrate more on his body than his game. May be his new Coach, the Great Lendl can help him in this.

Humble Rafa Says:

Mr. Lady Forehand, with his frequent niggles and your Humble Highness shall get along fine. Lots of things in common and discuss.

The other day, Uncle Toni mentioned that when I retire, the biggest loser will be the medical profession. He wasn’t smiling, so I assume he was serious.

Stella Says:

Every player goes on couirt with little nagging injuries. Murray is just more prone to eloborate when playing and grabs a thigh or shoudler etc. especially when he misses a shot.
He will be fine as he just beat Mueller in 3. But this muttering and gesturing is truly aggravating. Hope Lendl clean that up and fast!!!

margot Says:

Stella I agree with you on both counts. They all have permanent “niggles” it’s part and parcel of being a professional sports person. But also hope Ivan The Fearful sorts out some of the on court histrionics- wouldn’t be Andy without a few quirks though, would it? :)
This is yet another non-story *yawn.*

Humble Rafa Says:

Now Serena is injured! Why is everyone raining on my parade.

Colin Says:

Stella, I think you’re spot on. Murray (like me!) will make a face and clutch himself if he feels a twinge. I reckon he’ll be OK for the Aussie Open.
Serena’s injury is another matter, since she is, in tennis terms, quite old.

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