Let’s Get Hot! Rafael Nadal Meet SI Swimsuit Model Bar Refaeli [Video]
by Tom Gainey | February 14th, 2012, 12:35 am

Ah, the awful life of being Rafael Nadal. Nadal might not be No. 1 but the Spaniard is still getting it done off the court. The latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue features Nadal with his hands all over Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli. And can you blame him? Absolutely not.

Nadal and Refaeli, the 2009 cover girl, are part of a model-athlete section in the new issue which hits newsstands on Tuesday, aka Valentine’s Day.

Andy Roddick’s wife and 2011 cover babe Brooklyn Decker is not in the issue this year.

Nadal and the 26-year-old Refaeli have “hooked up” before in 2010 at the US Open.

“I’m so happy he’s doing it,” Refaeli said. “Love Rafael. I Love tennis. I think he can be a great be a great model.”

Said Nadal, “It was a new experience for me, I enjoyed it a lot.”

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50 Comments for Let’s Get Hot! Rafael Nadal Meet SI Swimsuit Model Bar Refaeli [Video]

Vivian Ralitsch Says:


nickp Says:

Rafael Nadal is hot

RafaLove Says:

Omg…yes…oh yes…..He is soooo hot. Rafa, my man, my love…..oohhh babay. We can be shirtless together. Meet you at Mels Diner and then coo coo ca choo’s disco after at 6::09?

Inelda Says:

What a Valentine’s day gift?Thank you Rafa for always entertaining us,and thank you guys for such”trouvailles”.

lils Says:

And not only he’s hot – he’s also cute and lovely and a bit shy. Just look how he smiles, laughs & guffaws together with Bar.

A real man. No wonder women like him so much.

alison hodge Says:

wow breathtaking rafa just seems to get better looking,tom gainey says rafa has his hands all over israeli supermodel bar refaeli and who can blame him,and who can blame her for wanting him in the advert,i wonder what a.rod would have thought if this had been his wife brooklyn cosying up to rafa hmm,shakira,bar refaeli,seems some women cannot get enough of rafa,and who can blame them.

alison hodge Says:

makes a change to see someone different,other than the oh so pedictable david beckham all the time (yawn).

Steve 27 Says:

Good one, Rafael. Live is far more than tennis.

Steve 27 Says:

sorry , life.

leo vixen Says:

OMG! He is so hot and just so cute, too, being shy and everything. But God, did I have to see this on Valentine’s Day when my pathetic self has to sit here all alone???? Add more torture to the situation; sitting here alone, lusting over Rafa and what could have been! HAHAHAHA! I hope I have enough wine@home!

WTF Says:

I would enjoy it a lot too. Not sure if Rafa’s girlfriend did though.

Kimberly Says:


primavera Says:

Leo Vixen you’re not the only one alone on St Valentine day and looking at Rafa!
it made my day though to see him and to read your comment and see that I’m not the only one having him only in my life, to remind me there’s a Valentine for every woman…
rafa is my Valentine
Now bring the wine…

skeezerweezer Says:

leo vixen and girls,

Hey hey hey now, spirits up! I am sure Rafa would appreciate all your comments. Sometimes fantasizing about Love can be better than dealing with the real thing. You can fantasize anything you want!

I will fantasize with a toast to you all who love Tennis with a glass of toasty Zin, and hope you all feel Love and affection on this great day.

Happy Valentines Day!

From Skeeze


dari Says:

That was NSFW!

Happy Valentine everybody!

Andre Says:

Love this!!!!!!Alright Nadal, give it to them!!!!!!!!!!!

mem Says:

that’s what i’m talking about! what a sight for sore eyes!

charming, captivating, intriguing, sexy, smooth… is rafa,

we miss you rafa!

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

Soooooooo cute is Rafa!

Ben Pronin Says:

Aren’t there any guys on here? Why is no one gushing over Bar Refaeli??

Sean Randall Says:

Is Nadal in the video? I didn’t notice him.

Anna Says:

Thought Bar might have been crushing a little bit on Rafa at the USO in 2010, but who wouldn’t crush on Rafa. He’s just such a babe.

mem Says:


funny you should say that! same here, when i first saw the photos i reflected on the 2010 uso when they were paired together for the fun day match, something like that. they take beautiful pictures together, but rafa sizzles with any girl!

Katia_Brasil Says:

Who cares about boring Rafael Nadal girlfriend ??By the way, what beautiful hands he has. In fact, he is all sooooo handsome. VAMOSSSS

rogerafa Says:

WOW! Rafa fan girls are out here in full force on Valentine’s day. Let me help you with some more adjectives………absorbing, alluring, amiable, appealing, attractive, bewitching, charismatic, cute, dainty, delectable, delicate, delightful, desirable, electrifying, elegant, enamoring, engaging, engrossing, enthralling, entrancing, eye-catching, fascinating, fetching, glamorous, graceful, infatuating, inviting, irresistible, likable, lovable, lovely, magnetizing, nice, pleasant, pleasing, provocative, rapturous, ravishing, seducing, seductive, sweet, tantalizing, tempting, titillating, winning, winsome…

Other posters are free to add to the list.


Anna Says:

This is not good. I’m hosting dinner tonight for friends and all I want to do is gaze at Rafa and Bar. Rafa by himself is spectacular, but with a beautiful women he becomes……see post above.

mem Says:


i laughed at your post, funny, but true!

skeezerweezer Says:

Sean & Ben,

Yes, Bar Refaeli is the hottest thing in that shoot ;). Whoa baby!

jamie Says:

Slam winners for 2012 and 2013

The next 7 slam winners will be:

Nole 3
Murray 2
Nadal 1
Del Potro 1
Federer 0

So for the rest of 2012 and 2013, Nole will win 3 slams, Murray will win 2 slams, Nadal will win 1 slam and Del Potro will win 1 slam. Federer will win 0 slams.

rogerafa Says:

@ jamie

This thread is exclusively for praising and hailing Rafa. Please do not bring your “Nadal will only win one more slam” rhetoric here. No need to spoil the Valentine’s day party going on. You are cordially invited only if you can add to the list of adjectives adoring him;-)


“Truth” can have different versions but your version is likely to be the most acceptable one to a vast majority of Rafa fans around the world:-)

carlo Says:

Personally, not a fan. But, I just ran across this and thought of you lovesick Nadal fanboys and girls, lol

Tignor has created a blog where you can write and express your Valentine’s Rafa Love:


skeezerweezer Says:


Where is the Bar Refaeli Valentine Blog? ;-)

Daniel Says:

If I were him I would definitely had a bon…er!:) Sorry ladies..
Maybe it was his thoughts as well and that’s why he looks awkward in some parts:)

paradox Says:

Great Rafa video.Bar rafaili rocks.

alison hodge Says:

i have already seen this video a dozen times and the thread only came up yesterday,and i must say i loved the part when i watched it again,where he has his hands wrapped around her bare breasts,and what girl on this thread does not want to be her,conjurs up a million dirty fantasies going through my mind,so dont worry daniel your not the only one with a dirty mind.

alison hodge Says:

skeezer sorry as i know its a day late,and i did not get around to posting yesterday as i did not finish work till late,but i just wanted to say thanks for the message sent yesterday feb 14th 12.02pm to us girls,and i hope you had a great valentines day,and you guys are right about bar refaeli who looks stunning along side rafa cheers.

alison hodge Says:

thanks for the links carlo,including the one on the other thread,interesting reads,about rafa,and the record set straight about roger and stan.

subo Says:

rafeal nadal i have never ever watched and athlete who loves to take there clothes off like him he is creepy plus the guy complains about everything a whiner

George K Says:

Go for it Nadal. You are no 1 not only in tennis but in life as well.

lils Says:

And there’s another clip of Rafa & Bar from that photoshoot – with funny ottakes of horsing around, laughing, fumbling with hands, legs, hair…:

Mark Says:

@George K. I agree. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Vamos Rafaaaa! Beautiful physique. Why not show it to the world.

Steve Says:

I guess it’s just as well Rafa is doing the modelling thing now, while he still has some hair left. Give it a couple of years and I reckon he’ll be the first chrome-dome since Agassi with a shot at winning the French Open.

Mark Says:

@Steve. Do I detect a hint of a green-eyed monster????

alison hodge Says:

steve rafas hot,and even if he does loose his hair so what,it definetly didnt do andre any harm,i dont know what other women think but andre to me has got better looking since he got older,loosing that hair was a blessing,hes breathtaking now imo.

Anna Says:

I agree Alison, all that hair in the way of those gorgeous, brown eyes and radiant smile. Chrome dome doesn’t bother me a bit, there’s still plenty to admire. That goes for Andre and double for Rafa.

alison hodge Says:

thanks anna i missed andre when he retired,and if its at all possible i love rafa even more,so ill be gutted when hes gone,rafas pretty much like andre in the sense that hes getting better looking with each passing year.

Jackson Says:

I love Rafa, what an amazing athlete and she is smoking hot. Hope he has a great 2012.

jamie Says:


Nadal is just winning 1 slam this year, the French Open.

His year will be more similar to 2006 than to 2008/2010.

Not what you would call a great 2012.

alison hodge Says:

jamie sorry but i beg to differ,if rafa wins at rg,he will make history for two different reasons,he will tie borg and laver on slams won,also he will have beaten borgs record,by winning rg for a record 7th time,and your saying that would not be a great year,even though he will have gone down in history,i mean come off it,however we will have to see what happens.

jamie Says:

2008 and 2010 were great years for him.

2012 will be like his 2006 season. Not great.

Great years are when players win multiple slams.

alison hodge Says:

jamie making history will always be classed as a great year,its called a landmark in a persons career,something that no other has ever achieved,so i guess acording to your pyschic friend nole will not be having such a stellar year then either.

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