Rafael Nadal, Cristiano Ronaldo Film New Nike TV Commercial [Video]

by Tom Gainey | February 23rd, 2012, 11:23 am

Fans and rouge videographers were rushing to get a glimpse of two of world’s biggest sports superstars, Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo, during a Nike shoot in Spain yesterday.

The two met for a brief shoot at the Santa Ponsa Country Club in Mallorca to film the new commercial then enjoyed dinner afterward.

“Having a dinner with @Cristiano. Today we filmed the new commercial for Nike. Had a great day!!” Nadal tweeted.

Nadal, who has been off the tour relaxing, resting and recovering from that epic Australian Open, is expected to return to tennis at Indian Wells in March. The World No. 2 will not be in Dubai where rivals Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer are scheduled to play next week.

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24 Comments for Rafael Nadal, Cristiano Ronaldo Film New Nike TV Commercial [Video]

Miles Says:

According to local TV clips, local press and his own tweets, Nadal was “relaxing, resting and recovering” for full 2 days after that AO final.

Since then he has been practicing, and hard, every day for several weeks now, with several different sparring partners.

Mark Says:

Luv Rafa’s new white Ferrari!!!

subo Says:

rafeal nadal humble and shy it is a joke he is in some rag taking his clothes off i wish the vermin in the press would stop with all that crap nadal is a fruad

alison hodge Says:

subo correct me if im wrong but i rather get the impession that you dont actually like the guy?

Lisa Says:

So many people are soooooo jealous! I see comments like the one from Subo on various sites, and I just have to laugh. Rafael Nadal is such a great player and so nice and genuine. I pity the people who have lives so dreary that they choose to dislike and discredit a man as all around awesome as Nadal.

magdalene Says:

Rafael Nadal is awesome and a great champion on and off the court. He is a brilliant tennis player and the bonuses are that he also has a great body and good looks. So yummy indeed! My friends and I are very proud to be fans of Rafa.

skeezeweezer Says:


Why do you post as a guy?
Whats up with that?

Well I saw Rafa all of 10 total seconds of time walking in a sweater and couldn’t recognize who was in the Ferrari. The great cristiano-ronaldo had more vid time here. But if this vid turns on the Rafa loves, so be it! Vamos!

See you on the court next month! Rafa country is comin up very soon.

Mark Says:

@skeezerweezer. You doubt my gender? Re-read my post. I was admiring Rafa’s FERRARI!!!!!!

skeezeweezer Says:

Mark, hehe, just messin wit ya and guessin. Guys usually don’t say others guys have “beautiful physiques”(at least any guys that I know). But hey, to each there own..;).

Anyways, me thinks you love Rafa more than his car ;)

About that car, now THAT is a beautiful body!!,

Dory Says:

Cristiano Ronaldo=one uber hot man.

alison hodge Says:

dory cristiano ronaldo one uber hot man,hmm if ya like that sort of thing,much prefer rogers mate thierry henry minus that beard,however each to there own.

maria barbara t Says:

nadal vira a ser de novo n 1 a partir de meados de 2012. federer e nadal juntos seriam n 1 durante mais de 10 anos

Anna Says:

Skeezer – You must have been speed reading again. It was Magdalene who said Rafa has a beautiful body, not Mark.

skeezerweezer Says:


Speed reading is what I do best, try again.

“Mark Says:
@George K. I agree. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Vamos Rafaaaa! Beautiful physique. Why not show it to the world.

February 16th, 2012 at 3:23 am”

Miles Says:

And, that in the above clip is not Rafa’s new white Ferrari.

That is actually a Lamborghini with Cristiano Ronaldo arriving to the set.

Mark Says:

@miles. R u sure cause Rafa’s new white Ferrari was filmed a. week ago? @skeez. Very impressed with u keeping track of my posts. I repeat he has a beautiful physique.

Mark Says:

@Miles. See Nadal News RafaLint 17 Feb blog entry from Pedro Felner – complete with a picture of Rafa’s new Ferrari.

Miles Says:

Yes, I’m sure – Rafa’s new Ferrari is NOT shown in the above video clip.

Can’t you tell the difference between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini?!

That doesn’t mean that Rafa doesn’t own a Ferreri – he does. Only, it’s NOT in this video.

jamie Says:

@maria barbara t

Você está sonhando.

silviomoisoiu Says:

subo, you are the bigest jelous crap

jamie Says:

Nadal looks like a rat.

Sienna Says:

I just wish more soccer player could make there outing like that. Gay emancipation would benefit tremendously.

Dave Says:

Mark, that’s definitely a Lamborghini Gallardo, not a Ferrari.

jamie Says:

Psychic Predictions for 2012:

AO: Djokovic(duh)

FO: Nadal

Wimbledon: Murray

Olympics: Federer

USO: Djokovic

Top story: Zverev Claims Second Rome Masters Title, Tops Jarry