Rafael Nadal – Behind The Scenes At A Week Of Interviews [Video]
by Tom Gainey | February 25th, 2012, 10:23 am

Rafael Nadal took part in two high profile TV interviews over the last week. Nadal just appeared on IB3’s live “Golemica” show Thursday during which the former No. 1 fielded questions from fans and the audience and chatted with fellow superstars like Pau Gasol and Alberto Contador.

Gasol called in from Oklahoma City where his Lakers lost to the Thunder.

While rivals Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Andy Murray all resume play Monday in Dubai, Nadal will continue to rest and prepare for the upcoming Indian Wells-Miami swing.

From his IB3 Golemica Thursday which was held at the Teatre de Manacor in Mallorca:

From his Antena 3 last weekend:

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14 Comments for Rafael Nadal – Behind The Scenes At A Week Of Interviews [Video]

skeezerweezer Says:

Ok…in the second vid, regarding the lipstick lady putting on lipstick on Rafa, why is she unzipped? I mean whats up with that?

alison hodge Says:

skeezer i wonder if shes trying to give rafa an eyefull,saucy little minx lol,i dint know if its just me but it looks like rafas trying to avoid looking in that direction.

Wog boy Says:

Skeezer, what is wrong with that (beeing unzipped) i have to check it on big screen when I get back home, iPhone doesn’t give answer on your question, screen is to small for such important thing :-)

skeezeweezer Says:

Wog boy,

I am sure you will enjoy it, hehe.


“…give rafa an eyeful” lol…that was exactly what I was thinkin…..

Kimmi Says:

rafa is looking better and better, I guess a little bit of make-up helps. i didn’t know they put lipstick on them too. he must have hired a cloth stylist too. his outfits are looking much better nowadays. That purple sweater really suits him.

Mark Says:

@skewer. Trust u to notice a small detail like that. You have the eyes of a hawk. Well done!!

Wheeler Says:

Gentleman off the court, bully on the court

Michael Says:

Nadal is not over taxing himself. He is doing the right thing for his body and after so many years on court, he has now learned the art of perfect scheduling of tournaments. If he plans in this way, his career will prolong. After eight straight finals defeat, Nadal would definitely be hurt, but he knows the art of bouncing back. Hope to see him soon on the Court.

alison hodge Says:

michael yeah i agree,rafas not everybodys cup of tea,but some of us love him,and love to watch him whether he wins or looses,hurry back rafa we miss you.

jamie Says:

Is it me or Nadal looks like JLo’s little brother?

From the front and back side.

alison hodge Says:

jamie you could be right,nothing wrong with that though,jlos stunning and rafas gorgeous.

jamie Says:

They both have the same horse face. LOL.

jamie Says:

In other words, they are both ugly.

jamie Says:

Psychic Predictions for 2012:

AO: Djokovic(duh)

FO: Nadal

Wimbledon: Murray

Olympics: Federer

USO: Djokovic

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