Watch Andy Roddick Nail This Rafael Nadal Impression [Video]

by Tom Gainey | March 6th, 2012, 8:49 am

It’s no secret that Andy Roddick’s 2012 season has been a disappointment. But Monday the former No. 1 may have enjoyed his best moment of the year on a tennis court. Roddick not only beat Roger Federer he also pulled off this incredible Rafael Nadal imitation.

As part of Tennis Night in America’s BNP Paribas Showdown at Madison Sqaure Garden, New York, Roddick “stunned” his rival Roger Federer 75, 76. However the highlight of their match and maybe of the evening was Roddick’s amazing Nadal imitation – sorry, the video doesn’t do justice I’ll update when better footage is available.

Early in the match at 2-1 someone in the NY crowd yelled, “Go Rafa!”, and that’s when Roddick transformed into Nadal. Pulling up his sleeves, doing the Nadal bounce, hitting the Nadal buggy-whip, heavy topspin forehand and adding in the audio grunt for good measure.

And guess what, Roddick won the point, naturally capping it with the Rafa exclamation fistpump. (Andy did forget to do the Rafa backside pull, although Roddick has his own frontside twitch issue.)

Roddick quipped that maybe he should play every point like that against Roger.

The match of course does not count in any official way, but Roddick still cracked about his 2-21 record against Federer.

“I’m obviously in Roger’s head,” Roddick joked after the surprise win. “He had no idea how to play me and I capitalised on that.

“The whole night felt surreal. I could feel Jeremy Lin wanted me to win tonight. I felt his energy in the building.”

Federer, who has played in the MSG exo before, was happy with the night. “When they contacted me that they wanted me back at the Garden,” Federer said. “I was really hoping I would play Andy. He was my favorite choice. I am happy it happened and I really had a great time. I am hoping to be back one day again.”

Both Federer and Roddick will get down to some more serious business at the Indian Wells Masters which begins on Thursday. Because of first round byes the two former No. 1s are not expected to play until the weekend.

Another version:

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26 Comments for Watch Andy Roddick Nail This Rafael Nadal Impression [Video]

Pilar Says:

Now if Roddick had only 1% of Rafael Nadal’s talent!

Kimberly Says:

the imitation was pretty spot on. Nice to see Roddick enjoying himself on the court.

margot Says:

Anyone know close time/date for IW challenge?

El Flaco Says:

margot Says:
Anyone know close time/date for IW challenge?

March 6th, 2012 at 1:41 pm

Most likely around 9AM EST on Thurs March 8th.

Krishna Says: is good.. I think Nole does a better job of imitating Nadal though..

I like tennis bullies Says:

pretty damm good impersonation of the vamosing asspicker

racquet Says:

Snce there’s no IW thread yet, I’ll post the scoop here. The draw is underway: Fed/Nadal in one half; Murray/Djoko in the other. Now let’s see who gets the dangerous lurkers.

racquet Says:

Ooh, the projected QFs: Djokovic/Berdych, Nadal/Tsonga, Federer/Ferrer, Murray/Fish. I like it! I think Tsonga might do Fed a favor. Interesting.

racquet Says:

Possible last 16: Djokovic/Gasquet, Nadal/F. Lopez, Fed/Monfils, Murray/Simon, Ferrer/Delpo, Fish/Isner, Berdych/Almagro, Tsonga/Tipsy.

Some interesting match-ups. A little different for a change. Roll on Saturday.

Kimmi Says:

where is the draw, cant find it. can you send the link please?

racquet Says:

Kimmi, it isn’t up yet. I’m just reading the tweets of someone at the live draw.

Ooh, potential juicy 3rd rnd Fed/Raonic. They haven’t met yet, have they? Roddick has the draw from hell, Karlovic, Berdych and Djoko.

Kimmi Says:

Ok thanks. they should post it shortly then.

racquet Says:

Kimmi, the draw is now on their website:

Kimmi Says:

federer/del potro again!!! he is already played him 3 times this year.

Kimmi Says:

I saw it racquet. it is in the ATP site too.

jane Says:

Sounds like a lot of juicy matches – woot.

Roddick has always been good a personae. I look forward to his days on radio as he’ll likely be a natural at that kind of candid work – just look at his press conferences.

jane Says:

“a” should be “at personae”, i.e., adopting or mimicking them (trying to think of a different way to say impersonate…)

Kimberly Says:

colino6 is waiting to go to sleep to pick his draw. WHat is their problem. In five mins i will have to send him to bed and he will be disappointed.

Kimberly Says:

Join group tennis-x fans draw is out

Humble Rafa Says:

I will kick his a** next time I play him. One love set guaranteed. One time grandslam wonder making fun of GOAT on clay. Imagine that!

Nirmal Kumar Says:

I think this time DelP gets Roger. The slow courts are going to help Delpo and also bit more confidence as he came lot closer to playing Roger last time they met in Dubai.

margot Says:

El Flaco and Kimberly: Cheers :)

grendel Says:

@jane 8.09

There was an interview (on video) with Roddick on Tennis Planet yesterday. I couldn’t find it today – these search things are hopeless aren’t they? You stick something in, and they just come back and say:no information on this check your spelling, or something. But I’m a babe on computers and I daresay you could find it – it’s a relaxed interview about his prosepctive career in radio, but although relaxed, as always with Roddick you get the feeling that if anything untoward is said, he’ll bite the interviewer’s head off. His program should be fun – even if it is on the iniquitous Fox set up.

Wheeler Says:

Yeah that’s right Roddick fun and games. Now can you be polite to chair umpires and officials?

raspu Says:

I don’t see any funny that silly impression but at leat it helped Roddick to beat Fedex LOL

Anon Says:

If only he could manage to win like Rafa

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