A Closer Look At Roger Federer’s New Rolex Sky Dweller Watch [Video]

by Tom Gainey | March 7th, 2012, 9:40 am

Luxury watchmaker Rolex is set to launch a new line of high-end timepieces, and what better way to do it then by bringing one of the main faces of your brand, Roger Federer. The highly anticipated Sky-Dweller line is set to debut tomorrow at the Baselworld 2012 watch expo.

“It’s beautiful,” Federer said in the campaign ad. “Sky-Dweller is going to be perfect for me.”

If you want the watch you better have deep pockets. The retail price will likely be in the low five figures.

Federer reportedly is being paid $15 million as part of a 10-year deal with Rolex dating back to July 2006.

Federer, who had a watch – maybe that very Sky-Dweller watch – on during his exhibition match against Andy Roddick Monday night, is the third seed at Indian Wells which begins tomorrow.

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12 Comments for A Closer Look At Roger Federer’s New Rolex Sky Dweller Watch [Video]

alison hodge Says:

a watch like this,would probably cost more than what the average working person,is ever likely to earn in there lifetime,mine cost me a tenner from argos,and ive had it for years,much cheaper,keeps great time,and i can walk around safe,and not be terrified of breaking it,or getting my hand chopped off.

Colin Says:

Alison, my word you’re posh. Argos indeed! I got my watch for six quid from a stall at the tube station,and it works perfectly well. I wanted to get a new strap, as I prefer velcro fastening to a buckle, and the strap cost me more than the watch had!
Mind you, I feel a bit guilty buying those cheapo watches, because if they retail in the UK for so little, how much is paid to the girls (probably kids)who assemble them in some Far East sweatshop?

Jack Lewis Says:

Low 5 figures more than the average working person would make in their life time… that seems a bit overstated.

alison hodge Says:

rep jack lewis,ok sorry a bit overstated admitidly,however you completely missed my point,what i actually meant was famous people get paid ridiculous amounts of money,for these adverts,when the rest of the world are struggling,or living in poverty,nothing personal against fed as i would have said this about any player.

Wog boy Says:

Rafa’s and Nole’s watches are around €600 000 and €350 000.
i don’t know how much they are payed towear them?

Wog boy Says:

Alison, you can buy “Rolex” in Bangkok for $50, and it is steel case and real mechanism, not battery, they are pretty good looking ones too. Nine out of ten wouldn’t notice difference. Of course, after while they brake and you can’t not repair them, but you had a feeling of having a “Rolex”:-)
When ever I talk about this I have a picture of Delboy infront of my eyes, I loved that bloke, you know which one I am talking about?
I heard there was or there is Delboy fan club in Belgrade.

Wog boy Says:

Del Boy and not Delboy, I think?

Kimmi Says:

why do they wear gloves for?

Wog boy Says:

Kimmi, I guess not to make any marks or scratches, it is such a perFEct thing :)

alison hodge Says:

wog boy only fools and horses,is my favourite comedy series ever,i have the entire collection on dvd,and i never tire of watching it,he tells someone that its a genuine rolex,a one off,the man says the screens cracked,and delboy says,thats alright ill just go and get you another one out of the back of the van lol hilarious,nice to know that they appreciate good comedy in belgrade.

Wog boy Says:

Alison, when I was younger we watched “On the buses” and “Have you been served” on the TV. Only fools and horses came later, and we could relate to those situation, living in the units, having older person in the home who would talk about war, going in the local pub, blackmarketing, and all those things that Del Boy was doing are and were not strange to us in Belgrade.
But the best that came from England in Serbia 40 years ago and stayed is director, poet, writer and above all GOOD MAN Timothy John Byford. Instead of me telling you about OUR Timothy, you will be better off to google him. He never left Belgrade since he arrived 40 years ago, he went with us through thick and thin a is very much loved, they named park that he saved after him in Belgrade.

alison hodge Says:

wog boy now your talking loved the ones you mentioned,as well as porridge,faulty towers,open all hours,the good life,i could go on all day,the old british classics,that have stood the test of time and are as funny now to watch as they were when they were first screened,the americans can make good comedies too though,friends,cheers,the golden girls are amongst my favs,i think like you say alot of people can identify with OFAH as its about real people struggling with everyday struggles of life,and doing what they can to survive,i will google timothy john byford later.

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