Sometimes The Post-Match Interview Can Be More Painful Than The Loss, Ask Grigor Dimitrov [Video]

by Staff | April 25th, 2012, 10:42 pm

Rising star Grigor Dimitrov probably thought things couldn’t get much worse after losing to Xaiver Malisse 6-2, 6-4 in the first round of Bucharest on Monday.

But following the match, this nutty reporter corralled the young 20-year-old Bulgarian for an awkward Q&A on the court just moments after he lost. Early round losing players don’t often get interviewed on court after defeats, however Grigor apparently was kind enough to oblige not knowing what he was in for.

We know there’s a language barrier (and maybe an intelligence one also), but it’s bad form to ask a losing player, “What’s happened with you!?!?”, “What that means this VICTORY for you?”, then later follow up with a question about a rumored romance with Serena Williams!

Dimitrov responded to the last question saying, “Everything is good, there is nothing special I don’t know why everyone makes such a big deal out of it. Just nothing.”

For the record, Serena was in the Ukraine over the weekend playing Fed Cup, not in Bucharest as the reporter pressed.

Credit to Dimitrov who again did his best Roger Federer impersonation by politely navigating through the horror with both grace and patience. It’s not easy being a tennis pro sometimes.

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12 Comments for Sometimes The Post-Match Interview Can Be More Painful Than The Loss, Ask Grigor Dimitrov [Video]

jane Says:

Lol, bizarre, and yes he was gracious. :)

Alex Says:

Grigor, seems like a great person. And yes, I agree those questions asked by the interviewer were bad. Very poorly thought out.

andrea Says:

He is incredibly talented, but I think as long as he remains almost a copy of fed when playing he won’t achieve any succes. He needs to find his own game, based on his own strenghts.

the_mind_reels Says:

I think the comparisons to Federer’s game are fair, but to claim that he’s not playing his “own game” seems a little strange. I don’t think that, point to point, Dimitrov is thinking, “What would Federer do with this ball?” and then doing that rather than doing something else that his “own game” would prefer he do. Not to get super meta here, but…

I understand that it’s possible he’s built his strokes and, to some extent, his tactics around watching Federer play, but if that’s true, it seems reasonable to think that, in some large part, he chose to do so (a) because Federer’s tactics/style have served him well and (b) because perhaps they share the same strengths. A decent chunk of us tennis players could certainly benefit from trying to make small adjustments to our games to mimic Federer because his form is near flawless:

carlo Says:

Well, I read on the chat rumor mill that Grigor broke up with a girlfriend and had a fling with Serena. The reporter tried to get him to admit something but…that was awkward.

Surely it was just friends hanging out, or some tweeting getting blown up, whatever. None of the reporter’s business and he was not going to elaborate. Good for Grigor.

carlo Says:

Liked the link, the_mind_reels.

Could watch Federer hit a tennis ball all day. He makes it look so easy, smooth, effortless.

Dimitrov has a similar style I really like. But still wondering about him. Hope he can put his game together a start winning. Interesting he has a 2-0 h2h over Berdych. Hopman Cup doesn’t count in the h2h – Berdych beat him in Australia. And then there was the Dimitrov win over Fish down under – Fish pretty mad about that.

dari Says:

Weird interview, didn’t realize his English was that good.

Have he and fed ever played against each other?

Kimmi Says:

Yeah dari, his english is very good. but that question about serena was weird!! OK, maybe we will hear more about it.

Mark @ Tennisopolis Says:

“Yeah, what’s happened with you?” I was surprised that he just didn’t walk away when she uttered that one. He’s a good sport.

Dave Says:

F**K paparazzi f**k reporters!!! Why is it that anybody cant hang out with the opposite sex without being linked to a relationship…why? Cant they just meet, practice together, do a dinner as fellow pros without being hounded?? Effing tired of reporters (incompetent and irresponsible)

nikkisa Says:

Personally don’t think the “journalist” meant what he thought. He got defensive right away. She probably meant what’s been going on with you in general ie what have you been doing re training or practicing.

As for the serena questions – look – if you wanna play you have to pay. Serenas a superstar. And if you want to get involved with someone like that – its fair game. I’m just sayin…

Motto-Board Says:

LOL SO BUSTED!! Check out his body language and smiley face when asked about Serena lol something’s going on, from what we know he’s digging her, and she’s tryna deflect attention by suggesting she isnt dating and will never in the near future! Interesting!!!

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