Del Potro Dominant In Clay Opener; Tomic, Cilic, Haas On Court Friday In Munich
by Sean Randall | May 3rd, 2012, 10:22 pm

Before we get the to Madrid draw which I believe comes on Friday, there are some good matches on tap tomorrow. In Estoril, Juan Martin Del Potro clashes with diminutive dirtballer Albert Montanes.

Del Potro hasn’t lit it up at the biggest events this season, so Estoril, where won last year, should be right up his alley. And in his clay opener today he destroyed Rui Machado 6-1, 6-0.

“I like to play on clay, I prefer hard courts obviously, but I have been working hard at home, before I came here,” said Del Potro. “This tournament is very important to my clay-court season and for my confidence ahead of Masters 1000 tournaments and Roland Garros.”

I’d like to see Delpo do well this week and then collect one or two big wins at Madrid/Rome. That would set him up for a possible deep run at Roland Garros.

Lurking for Delpo could be Stan Wawrinka in the semifinals and Richard Gasquet in the title match, otherwise it’s a fairly weak field.

Speaking of weak fields, without hometown hero Novak Djokovic and his fellow countryman Janko Tipsarevic and Viktor Troicki, there’s little star power in Serbia this week. David Nalbandian is there in the quarters tomorrow against Ryan Harrison’s conqueror Souza.

In Munich, JW Tsonga fell to upset by the hand of aging German Tommy Haas. The 34-year-old Haas now plays Friday against Marcos Baghdatis. Marin Cilic faces Mikhail Youzhny in another good one, and Bernard Tomic continues his clay introduction against Feliciano Lopez.

“It’s great. I can’t remember the last time I beat a Top 10 player,” said Haas on Wednesday after beating Tsonga. “These are the things you work for. I really didn’t expect to play this well. I took my chances when I had them and it feels great to have such a nice victory once again.”


CENTRAL start 10:25 am
[1] R VINCI (ITA) vs [6] K KANEPI (EST) – WTA
Not Before 1:50 PM
Not Before 3:45 PM
[1] A Qureshi (PAK) / J Rojer (NED) or T Huey (PHI) / D Inglot (GBR) vs R Gasquet (FRA) / E Roger-Vasselin (FRA) – ATP


CENTRE COURT start 11:20 am
[3] M CILIC (CRO) vs [6] M YOUZHNY (RUS)

Not Before 2:00 PM
[5] B TOMIC (AUS) vs [2] F LOPEZ (ESP)

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26 Comments for Del Potro Dominant In Clay Opener; Tomic, Cilic, Haas On Court Friday In Munich

andrea Says:

tennis-x must have a whole file that says ‘worst photographs of tennis players’….

jane Says:

^ no kidding hey? There’s couldn’t be a much worse photo of Delpo.

alison hodge Says:

yeah have to agree lovely guy,but thats a terrible photo,mind you i suppose we all have old photos that make us cringe,still great to see him doing well again,im hoping this will be the year that he breaks through and starts to make an impression in the majors and the big tournies,good luck JMDP.

carlo Says:

Good morning alison or afternoon to you. Been up since 4 am streaming these matches. More to report pre Madrid bracket:

Cilic looking like he’s out of the slump. Youzhny was a tough out, but Marin moving all over the court well, his shots going in and served well, especially when it counted.

Tommy Haas is back, I think. Hitting his gorgeous backhand well and serving well. Took the 1st set from Baghdatis 6-1. Baghdatis looking better than that score, and I wonder if Tommy can keep up the level of the 1st set, which reminded me how close he played Federer at FO 2009.

Have appointments this morning but if Gasquet can win his match quick, I’m hoping to see Delpo. but have to be out the door by 8:30 – hour and a half left.

carlo Says:

ah, Baghdatis upped his level, and serving well now. Tommy unable to return serve like he did 1st set but did have a break point he couldn’t convert. I’ll be surprised if Haas wins this in 2 sets.

carlo Says:

Really tight 2nd set. Baghdatis had a matchpoint on Haas serve but Tommy bravely served well and it’s in a tie break.
Ha! I love Marcos but Tommy took the tiebreak in style! Go Tommy

carlo Says:

Well, Gasquet having all kinds of trouble with Munoz- De La Nava. I think he has the Spaniard figured out now. Won the 1st set tie-break easily.

But that’s it for me. Vamos Delpo!

Caught a little of Andujar in Belgrade – looking good. And Ramos won his match in 2 sets in Estoril; a match that started the same time as Gasquet v De La Nava.

alison hodge Says:

hi carlo yeah afternoon here,glad your enjoying the tennis,unfortunatly i dont get those tournies where i am,dissapointed though as i would have liked to have seen alot of those games that you mentioned,love Marcos and Tommy too,Gasquet plays beautiful tennis,similar in style to fed,nice to see cilic doing well again,and theres something ive always loved about Youzhney.

carlo Says:

I changed my 9 am appt to noon! So i can see Delpo, lol, my addiction to tennis is bad. Now I’ll be working until 10 pm :/ busy afternoon.

And I meant Tommy saved a set point on Baghdatis serve not match point, oh for an edit button.

Madrid Bracket I think will open tomorrow, I hope.

carlo Says:

alison, I stream these matches online. Nothing is on TV. Where I worked out yesterday had Tennis Channel on and they are showing reruns…meaning the matches from Munich a day late. Disgusting.

So I go to search for streams online and there are good ones. But if I post the link, it will be ‘moderated’ and the last time didn’t go through.

fromsport or lemonsport or livescorehunter.

alison hodge Says:

Carlo madrid bracket opens saturday afternoon,you really are a tennis addict,my husband says that about me,i dont think your mistakes are anything compared to mine,god knows what Jane must think reading my posts been a proffessor and all,about my spelling mistakes and punctuation or lack of it,it must look appaling sometimes.

alison hodge Says:

Carlo but that must cost a fortune?

carlo Says:

No, they are free. But I do pay 20 bucks a month for high speed internet. I don’t bother paying for Tennis Channel- have a cheaper cable service and at least the GS and some atp 1000’s get coverage on ESPN2

carlo Says:

Your posts are just fine, alison. I have to re-read my post and edit if I want them to make sense. Usually I try to do that as ‘carlo’ my previous incarnation, ‘contador’, didn’t bother, lol…

carlo Says:

It’s really what you say that’s good. You contribute. I envy people like Jane and grendel who write so well. But I don’t write stories in nurses notes – e-notes. Just get the orders followed, noted, fill out forms online – pretty easy. Make sure it’s all documented but it’s not a piece of literary art, that’s for sure. If I do go off on something, the office manager previews all my notes anyway.

alison hodge Says:

Carlo streaming would probably turn me into a bigger tennis addict than i already am,and i dont think my significant other would stand for that,as i already drive him mad as it is lol,i also re-read my posts before i send them,as long as they make some sort of sense i dont suppose it matters,your old name Contador is before my time on the forum,and you wont be confused with anyone else even now as carlo,we have 2 michaels,and now 2 Daves,why cant new posters just use a different name?

carlo Says:

It’s true I’m a junkie for tennis. But my BF has a similar problem with Formula One racing, car shows, car obsession. So, he has to tolerate me. I just have no one to talk tennis to at home – so I come here ;)

Meanwhile Delpo is up a break on Montanes but he lost one break. Montanes is tough in Estoril – he likes that tournament. I’m worried.

alison hodge Says:

Carlo what you said is pretty much what i have to do in my line of work,except for the online bit,wash,dress,feed people then document it down,thanks for those sweet words though.

alison hodge Says:

Carlo my significant other is the same with football,hes never really cared for any other sport,especially tennis he cant stand it,thats why i also come here,although having said that he will always say come on murray when im watching wimbledon,hope Delpo comes through,would be great to see him get on a roll.

carlo Says:

If you like what you are doing now, you would excel I think in home care, alison – a home visiting Nurse.

Okay Delpo got the 1st set 6-2. But not without some yips serving.

I had 3 streams going at once. Benoit Paire is a young Frenchman with a great serve and future, I think. He beat Niemenen in 3. Tempting pick, Benoit Paire. Tomic v F-lo in Munich. But this time I am going to have to leave, really, just got another admit. See you in the bracket tomorrow, alison :D

Sean Randall Says:

Del Potro wins 6-2, 6-2. Wawrinka next.

alison hodge Says:

Thanks Carlo funnily enough its what my husband does,and he has to work long hours to make up a decent wage,alot of his time is taken up travelling,also im really happy where i am ATM,and im not keen on change if im settled into something,something to think about for the future though,anyway Delpo won yay,see you in the bracket challenge tomorrow,until then take care.

Brando Says:

VAMOS DELPO! I think he’ll be a possible contender at FO this year.

jane Says:

Considering Montanes once beat Fed (didn’t he??) for the title at Estoril, Delpo’s crushing of him today could be telling. As I didn’t see the match though I can’t comment on form. Perhaps others can. Brando, interestingly, I could swear I read an article a while back in which Delpo cited Wimbledon as his main goal, not the FO. Yet I think you could be right that he is a contender there.

grendel Says:

It seems to me that these days, a player is a contender for a slam or he is not. Admittedly, Nadal is more likely to win the French than the US – but he is still a contender for the US. And if del Potro is running into form, then he will be a contender for any slam. Are there any exceptions? Well, it is almost impossible to see Murray winning the French. But is he a contender for Wimbledon and/or the US? If he is, then he is the exception.

Brando Says:


i think i read something very similar too. i think MOST top players target wimby as their main goal.

BUT yep, i do think delpo will be a contender at FO- a very dangerous one.

He will be the soderling of this year- the surface gives him time to windup his FH and then boom- its a winner!

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