Roger Federer: Rosol’s Performance In The Fifth Against Rafa Was A Joke, I Was Laughing For 10 Minutes After
by Tom Gainey | June 30th, 2012, 12:19 pm

Roger Federer had to work his magic again overcoming two sets to beat Juliean Benneteau Friday at Wimbledon. The six-time Wimbledon champion reflected on the match and on Rafael Nadal’s shock loss a day earlier:

Q. How did you feel when you finished that match today?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I felt great, obviously. It’s always one of the best feelings coming back from two sets to love in a Grand Slam, I guess, and in particular here at Wimbledon where I have been able to do it before.
So I have been there, but obviously not with the roof closed. That made the atmosphere very special out there.
I really thought the crowd really got into it. For the players it was obviously great to be part of such a match. When you come through, it’s even a better feeling because your spirits are lifted up and you’re still in the tournament and you’ll get another chance.

Q. If you had the opportunity to watch it last night, what were your thoughts as the Nadal match unfolded under the same conditions under the roof at least for the fifth set?
ROGER FEDERER: The beginning of the answer?

Q. The Nadal match yesterday. What were your thoughts as that match unfolded?
ROGER FEDERER: Last night you mean?

Q. Yes, yes.
ROGER FEDERER: So nothing about this match. What did I think? Obviously I didn’t see everything, but I saw some of it, the first set; I saw pretty much everything at the end.
Yeah, I mean, it does play different indoors. Obviously that’s a bit of getting used to. Indoor grass obviously not something we’re quite familiar with.
Obviously with a player ranked 100 in the world you figure, like, okay he’ll throw in one, you know, maybe awkward game. He didn’t, which was very impressive to see.
Obviously a tough loss for Rafa so early in the tournament. But then again, you’ve got to give credit to Rosol. He stuck around and gave himself the chance with the conditions what they were at the end of the match.

Q. What do you think you brought tonight to bring the victory? What do you think the keys in that marathon were for you to emerge on top?
ROGER FEDERER: Probably having been there so often, down two sets to love; knowing how to handle the situation; not to panic; knowing that once I broke the beginning of the third set that this match is completely open, and I’m only going to get stronger from here.
Physically it was not going to be an issue at all. It was more mentally just knowing that I cannot make I cannot afford any more mistakes. That’s the problem at two sets to love down, because I did have my chances, particularly in the second set, which was a tough set for me to lose.
Obviously in the third set I sort of felt it was going to be a nail biter finish in that set because I did miss a Love 40 situation early on in that set.
So that was the toughest moment obviously, seeing him come back from Love 40 down, you know, and staying in the match and coming so, so close.
But I did start to play better and better as the match went on, and that’s kind of what I expected of myself once a set down or two sets to love down.
That I guess comes with experience, but also experience alone is not going to win you the match. I had to push deep and extremely hard, and I’m very happy with the way things sort of happened at the end.

Q. What are the biggest differences between playing on grass indoors as opposed to outdoors?
ROGER FEDERER: You just don’t have the elements. You just don’t have the sun setting, which can be tricky at times.
From the one end it’s easier; from the other end it’s tough. You have the wind swirling. It was particularly swirly today. When I was warming up I was thinking that’s going to be a big factor for the players out on Centre Court if they’re going to leave the roof open or not.
Don’t know if it would’ve favored me or not even more so, but it changes everything. So then does it play slower indoors? I would think so, a little bit, right? But then at the same time, you can really play yourself into like a trance like state like I thought Rosol was in in the end of the fifth.
That’s harder to do outdoors with the elements, I would think.

Q. You said you played better in the third, but still in the fourth you were five times two points from defeat, if I’m not wrong.
ROGER FEDERER: Yes. I don’t know.

Q. So were you worried how much, and so on? And then do you know that today you’ve beaten also a new record, which is you have won 5,459 games in the history in a slam, and you’re beating Agassi who is behind 5,438.
ROGER FEDERER: You see. That’s you battle out there, you know. (Laughter.)
Because I knew it. I knew that that record was on the line. I knew that. (Laughter.)
That’s maybe why I couldn’t get it going early, because it’s such a big record for me. (Laughter.)

Q. 29 games today, that’s why.
ROGER FEDERER: I thought playing longer might make me really break it. (Laughter.)
No, what do you do? I don’t even remember the question. I just remember the record, which was so great, you know. (Laughing.)
No, the fourth set, yeah, how close it was. I mean, you figure that one service game at least is going to get close. This is where you hope you can clutch serve on the big points, that hopefully he’ll miss a few, but that’s not what you rely on.
You have to rely on your own strength. I guess we were both at our very best deep into the fourth set, so it felt obviously great. I knew the importance of that particular game, and then also the tiebreak.
Yeah, obviously I missed a lot of opportunities out there today, but at the same time I also made some big plays when I had to. I tried to stay calm in the moment and in the eye of the storm, really. I was able to come through.
So it was a fun match to come through, obviously.

Q. In the beginning it didn’t seem like you were yourself, you know, just not playing that well. Then you got better, you know, the third set. Did you feel like that, too?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, I don’t think I should have lost the second set. I mean, credit to him. At the end, once he got the break back and he was in the match again, obviously I think he almost might have had a few more chances earlier until I did have set point and I hit a great return.
I mean, things just didn’t work out for me in the second set, but myself to blame to give the break back. That’s where I’m most upset with my performance today potentially, because that was probably the moment where it got me down two sets to love and put me in this extremely tough situation.
Normally I hope I can stay ahead by at least two games with the break all the way through the second set, and then, you know, we start the third on even terms.
That wasn’t the case, and that’s what really got me in trouble, actually, in hindsight.

Q. When you were at the net with Benneteau, what did he say to you?
ROGER FEDERER: At the net?

Q. Yes.
ROGER FEDERER: Well, we’re very friendly. I know him since I am 12 years old, I guess. First tournament ever I went to in France I remember seeing Julien. So he’s about my age, and we spend a lot of time on tour together.
We respect each other a lot, you know. Obviously we knew the moment, that it was sort of a magical moment for both of us for the rest of our lives, I guess. You appreciate that.
Well, he hoped that I win the tournament now and wished me well. I congratulated him for an awesome performance and that he deserved it. It was a tough loss for him.
But, yeah, he’s a very friendly guy. Obviously felt a bit for him at the end.

Q. As you can see, you are breaking records every day. So when you went there, which is the toughest opponent: the one that’s at the other side of the record book, the history books?
ROGER FEDERER: I don’t know. I guess the everyday grind is tough, you know. Traveling the world, you know, the practice. I make it sound bad now. It’s not. It’s the best thing in the world.
But at the same time, the best thing in the world can also be the toughest. Just being able to, you know, do it time and time again. I don’t know how many five setters I have he played. I don’t know how many times I have come back from two sets to love down or been on the Centre Court at Wimbledon.
But it’s also worthwhile, and there is so much pressure that surrounds every single match I play. I’m happy that I handled the situation so well these days.
Yeah, I don’t know what’s the toughest. I mean, every week is different. Every opponent is different. That’s the beauty of it. I quite enjoy that, you know, instead of talking about potential rivals who have about been the hardest. We all know who those were.

Q. You spoke of how the absence of the elements with the closed roof sort of allowed Rosol to get in that trance like state last night. Did you feel like that in the fifth set?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, no. He was not at his best in the fifth. So, I mean, but then again, you don’t know if he’s just not feeling great for game. Is it two games? Is he going to retire in the next minute? Is he all of a sudden going to be serving bombs again and playing great?
You don’t know. So you try to play point for point and stretch the lead once you do have an opportunity. So I was happy with my focus level, particularly in the fifth.
But I do go into a trance like state I guess at times. I did feel that midway through the third, fourth I was in control, things were clicking for me, and I knew that it was going to be hard for him to come through.
But he did great. I thought he played a wonderful match from start to finish, as well. Obviously could have or should have gotten me, you know, today.

Q. Can you explain what you were feeling two sets down and how worried you were at that point?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I was actually calm, to be quite honest. I was more panicky sort of midway through the second set. Because once I gave the break back and I had the 6 5 great return situation, I just kind of felt that the breaker was going to be a rough one for me.
So not that I expected to lose it, but I guess when I sat down, I said, All right, here we go now. Match has only just started.
I tried to stay calm, and I was. It was like he’s still such a long a way from the finish line that there is no reason right now to go crazy about it.
Let’s see how the third starts and then we’ll take it from there. Like I said, I have been there so many times that I also know how to handle the situation. But on grass I knew it was going to be a different animal, and I’m happy to weather the storm out there today.

Q. A lot of us have not seen a guy play the way Rosol played last night, especially in a pressure situation. How much sympathy did you feel for Rafa going down that way?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, this is not against Rafa, but it was nice to see it’s still possible. I think 15 years ago you had matches like this so much more often on the faster surfaces, that a guy could catch fire and just run through you.
Today it’s virtually impossible because you make so many more returns these days and conditions are so much slower with the elements. It’s so much harder to be, you know, in that state, I think.
Whereas it was just amazing to see that it was possible. Okay, he didn’t play like that for five sets, but in the fifth it was just a joke. I was laughing because of his performance for 10 minutes after that. I couldn’t believe that he pulled it off the way he did.
Of course I do feel bad for Rafa because it’s a tough loss; it’s Wimbledon; it’s the way things happen. You figure he was not the overwhelming favorite going into the fifth outdoors, but we have all been unlucky and lucky over the years playing in tough, better, or worse conditions for yourself or for the opponent that they just equal out over the course of your career, really.

Q. Any thoughts on Kohlschreiber against him tomorrow?
ROGER FEDERER: Philip is a good friend of mine, but then again I hope Rosol can keep it up and play similar to what he played against Rafa.
It must be possible I think on grass, you know, that that can happen again, absolutely.

Q. We know you have an incredible memory for matches. How much do you remember of the one match you played against Malisse on grass? How do you assess his game on this surface?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I think this is his best surface, to be honest. He’s a great player with great talent and reads the game extremely well, the geometry of the courts.
He’s got a good first serve and he moves smoothly, especially on the grass which you’re supposed to be doing. I think he does all those things very well, which makes him a tough player to play against.
I guess the time I played him it was in 2003?

Q. 2001, five sets.
ROGER FEDERER: Five sets? Okay. I don’t remember that quite, but I do remember it was either ’01 or ’03. I have played him over the years. Same thing. Xavier is one of the first guys I ever saw in international junior tournament, so we go way back, as well. It’s nice to see him doing well on tour.
But I know the difficulty. I haven’t started to think of it a whole lot because I do have two days off now, but I’m looking forward to the match. It’s going to be a tough one.

Q. So within this 24 hours or so Rafa loses and Novak lost a set and you have this incredible match. You could say in a way, Oh, my God, the top 3 players…
ROGER FEDERER: Can’t play tennis no more, right?

Q. Yeah, right. (Laughter.) But you really could look at it a different way. It shows that the level of incredible dominance that you guys have had, the ability to pull off whatever it is, 28 of the last 29. Can you just talk about the dominance of the three of you and how really difficult that has been and what an achievement?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I guess you can ask every player, and every player is going to give you the same answer: They don’t know how it works, you know.
It’s giving your best every single day, every single point you play, you know, staying injury free as much as you can, and then work hard, you know, on the practice court.
Now, I have been around the block obviously, and I know how hard it is to, you know, every day beat the guy ranked 25, 65, 105. It doesn’t matter. They all present their challenges. But some playing styles suit you more and some don’t. That’s why I love this sport, that every day is a completely new day, you know.
You don’t know what to expect, and you have to react so much in our sport that you only control certain things. This is where I think it’s impressive that the other guys also for so many years have been able to be so solid.
But what this victory of Rosol does to me is give great belief for other players that they can beat the top guys, which I think is great, even though it might not be that great for me down the stretch. Hopefully not.
But it’s just I think it’s great for the sport that it is possible, such a victory for a lower ranked player. It’s not a low ranked player, but in terms of Rafa Nadal being No. 2 in the world and the champion he is, it’s obviously a massive upset.
I hope it does give many other players great belief in playing us in the future.

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96 Comments for Roger Federer: Rosol’s Performance In The Fifth Against Rafa Was A Joke, I Was Laughing For 10 Minutes After

nadalista Says:

Ooh, Roger enjoyed Rafa’s pain……….now I understand his fans, makes total sense.

Mark Says:

Hope the tennis world will finally see the calibre of this Lindor Boy – or should I say total lack thereof. His true colours are finally surfacing. Better late than never – won’t be long now Choc Boy, take some rest in a nursing home. Plonker!!!

nadalista Says:

Interesting that he found Rosol’s “go for broke” strategy” against Rafa in the 5th set funny……….I remember he did not find Novak employing a similar strategy against him in the 5th sets of the last editions of the semis of the USOpen remotely funny! In fact, he had some choice words for Novak……….!

Kimmi Says:

I thought it was funny too, where did the guy come from? hitting winner after winner in the fifth set and he is ranked 100. Never won a main draw match at wimbledon before. I dont think he is able to do that again against rafa.

Novak is an elite player who is capable of doing that, big difference there nadalista.

nadalista Says:

^^^^says you, I don’t think Roger’s sentiments were exactly as, at the time………

nadalista Says:

Unless you are saying that’s why he did not find Novak’s go for broke strategy funny at the time? Because he (Roger) acknowledged that he (Novak) is an elite player capable of playing crazy shots at clutch moments?


skeezer Says:

Both of u

Give it up already. You’re takin it out of context. It was laughable, but not the way you think. Rosol was hitting ridiculuously. Winners all over the place. Yes, it was laughable how ridiculous his shots were. Don’t you get it? Heis laughte wasn’t “AT” Rafa….

Your just a sore loser and you’re trying to make all Feds fault, as usual. Rafa will be back.

“Of course I do feel bad for Rafa because it’s a tough loss; ”


nadalista Says:

Of course it’s my fault it was a clumsy, insensitive, self-centred and tone deaf way of expressing himself, Fed that is………..but waht else is new?

If it makes you feel better, blame me……….

Mark Says:

Squeeeeezer, squeeeeeezer. Always tryi g to find some good in Choc Boy. Don’t you get it? He is rotten thru and thru off the court. The sooner he gets knocked out the better!!

Mark Says:

Fed baby hope Rafa is on your side of the draw in the Olympics – rafa will have had 3 weeks rest while you toil away trying unsuccessfully to win Wimbledon. You can dream though!!

subo Says:

nadal spending a lot of time blood doping to get ready for the olympics all he can do is complain he is a fraud and a cheat

Eric Says:

It’s only insensitive expression if you’re too dense to get what he was saying. And the comparison to Novak in those USO set points is no comparison at all, what does making a few lucky, ridiculous shots have to do with playing an amazingly ridiculous almost-perfect set with no luck?

Mark Says:

^^^ Ah, so Choc Boy needs luck to win – what happened to skill??

jamie Says:


Mark Says:

Yes Jamie. Very apt word – says it all!

madmax Says:

nadalista Says:
Ooh, Roger enjoyed Rafa’s pain……….now I understand his fans, makes total sense.

June 30th, 2012 at 12:56 pm

Mark Says:
Hope the tennis world will finally see the calibre of this Lindor Boy – or should I say total lack thereof. His true colours are finally surfacing. Better late than never – won’t be long now Choc Boy, take some rest in a nursing home. Plonker!!!

June 30th, 2012 at 1:08 pm

Absolutely pathetic responses you two. And Tom Gainey. Why take what Fed said out of context. Everyone was IN SHOCK. It was a laughable situation. No one, not in the history of tennis would have thought that this would have happened to nadal. No one. It is one of the weird and crazy moments in sport.

Listening to the aftermath on Wimbledon and the comments from Wilander, Croft, Castle, Becker, they all said their jaws were open, they were officially “gobsmacked”, in shock. One of the betting companies today said it was the biggest shock in the history of tennis. People always overact when things like this happen, because hey! They NEVER really happen that often.

And it could have happened to federer yesterday. So really, time for the fed haters to stop this ridiculous mud slinging and accusations at Federer. Federer, Novak, Murray, EVERY SINGLE TENNIS PLAYER on the circuit was in shock, still are in shock. It is a laughable, crazy moment in the history of the sport. So don’t take it out of context Mark. You are the one who is laughable because you love to make something out of nothing.

Rafa will be back. Of course he will. It was just a freaky moment in sport and it won’t be repeated in rafa’s case. I am sure of it.

Mark Says:

Mad thing. Being in shock is one thing but to laugh about it for TEN MINUTES?? Don’t worry it will happen to your Lindor Lad soon enough! He has a sadistic streak in him which has finally surfaced! Dude!!

dc Says:


Lets say your colleague and you are competing for a raise or promotion at work and your colleague doesn’t do a few tasks very well and you now have a chance to get the raise.
What would your feel within – Bad?? Good??
If you would feel good, you are the biggest hypocrite on this forum.

madmax Says:

Mark Says:
Mad thing. Being in shock is one thing but to laugh about it for TEN MINUTES?? Don’t worry it will happen to your Lindor Lad soon enough! He has a sadistic streak in him which has finally surfaced! Dude!!

June 30th, 2012 at 4:16 pm

Mark, you want to call me names, that’s fine. But face it. You are the one here who has a problem with federer. You are just a spiteful poster, you see nothing but envy and jealousy in your tunnel vision. You cannot accept that Nadal lost yesterday. I would have felt the same in some way, if Roger had lost. But I don’t go about mud slinging the way you do. You just come across as childish and petulant. Keep throwing your toys out of the pram, rafa is out. You have to accept it Mark.

I hope Roger can continue to win, he may or he may not. Hopefully he tries his best. That’s all I ask of him.

As for you. Really, you need to grow up and act more like a man.

madmax Says:

I don’t think you understand language very well though, so perhaps you are younger than I think you are? People are still reeling over rafa’s loss yesterday. We are 24 hours on. 10 minutes is nothing in comparison.

Accept it and move on.

Mark Says:

Mad thing. And you need to post in an unbiased manner and stop riling the Rafa fans. Here’s hoping your guy gets knocked out SOON!!!!

dc Says:

Mark – why r you wishing That Fed should get knocked out soon. Have you every heard Fed syaing that Nadal should get knocked out.
In face, in the presser Fed has explicitly commented that he felt bad that Nadal lost.

I think you are just angry that Nadal lost and now
you want Fed to also loose.

I am sorry, but i think your a Nadal lover rather than a tennis fan.

Fot Says:

I took it that it was ‘laughable’ in sort of an “I can’t believe this guys is doing this”..thing. Not that he was laughing that Nadal was losing… Just my take on it.

Mark Says:

@ Fot . You may be right. Just does not come across as very pleasant reading for Rafa fans.

scineram Says:

HAHA, the Humble Bull was humbled and bullied. Now watch the Maestro collect Sweet 17 and the ranking record.

Accept it or go kill yourself.

Mark Says:

^^ In your dreams!!

madmax Says:

Fot Says:
I took it that it was ‘laughable’ in sort of an “I can’t believe this guys is doing this”..thing. Not that he was laughing that Nadal was losing… Just my take on it.

June 30th, 2012 at 5:06 pm

Fot, that is exactly it. It’s completely obvious to everyone except loser Mark.

Mark, what is your take on the “unofficial” bump that rafa gave rosol yesterday? Do you think he meant it? Do you think it was bad sportsmanship. I have watched it again and again.

Jury’s out.

madmax Says:

Federer stressed that he was not mocking his Spanish rival but laughing at the audacity of Rosol’s play, and said it was a positive thing that such shocks can still happen.

‘This is not against Rafa but it was nice to see it’s still possible,’ said Federer.

‘I think 15 years ago you had matches like this much more often, when [an outsider] could catch fire and just run you through.

Right back at you Mark!

Read more:

steve-o Says:

Just does not come across as very pleasant reading for Rafa fans.

Then don’t read it, Mark. Problem solved.

skeezer Says:


Thanks for digging that up, exactly what was trying to point out to lady Mark and nadalista. I understand it was a tough lost for them, I get that. But C’mon!

Seth Says:

Wow, the Fedal Wars just keep on degenerating to new levels of niggling and nitpicking.

bj pearce Says:

WOW! Rafa fans could be classified as “cult” followers, seeing as how they become so rabid if anyone says anything negative about him. he is, people, HUMAN! i’ve also been a fan of his since he started playing but he lost out at wimbledon because he wasn’t smart enough to change his game when he was losing. you can’t hit chip shots and floaters to someone who is driving away on hard, fast grass. anyone has ever played on that surface should know that, and Rafa certainly should. however, his ego refused to let him change his game and that cost him the most prestigous tourney of the year. hopefully, he learned something from that match that he can use next year. if not, then he’s not smart enough to compete with the big boys on grass. he needs to forget all his silly little idiosyncrisies and concentrate on the game. if he doesn’t, he will never reach his full potential. and if he doesn’t? it won’t matter because there are plenty of other hungry young men waiting in the wings waiting to do whatever it takes to find their way into that tennis limelight.

Ben Pronin Says:

This argument is absurd.

skeezer Says:

^ yeah the “laughable” condemnation! So weak AND absurd

Michael Says:

And Rosol has lost to Kohlschrieber in straight sets. This is ridiculous. A man beating Nadal in five but losing to Kohlshcrieber. May be that is Tennis. Now Nadal must be wondering what on earth happened that he lost to this Rosol who could not even stretch Kohl ????? Roger is right. Such upsets make Tennis more interesting. It will be monotonous if the Top players always manage to reach the last stages. But that said, Rosol could not take a leaf out of Soderling who beat Nadal at the French and want all through to the finals. He has proven to be just a one match wonder !!

bobby Says:

It was a very rare occasion where Rafa was playing at his 50% and Rosol was playing at 300% of his potential.It is so much difficult to repeat.Here ,as a Nadal fan, i accept that Roger was laughing at the absurdity of the occasion rather than on Nadal`s loss.

metan Says:

@ tom gainey, the title and the content is like pour vinegar into a wound, cool huh!!!!!! Why you didn’t post it in home funniest video,,,,,,

Hint : a war starts with your tought goes to your words and implemented into action

Sienna Says:

Kohlschreiber beat Rafa easiley at Halle.
Kohl is a good grascourt player and Rafa is actualy not at this point in his career.

Rafa’s all court days are behind him. His best chance for a non clay slam is now AU Open.
But I fear that the decline is perminent and wil continue the next six months giving Rafa very low confidence for the start of the season. If he doesnot make it to the 2nd week of US Open he might be in trouble to stay top 4.

Steve 27 Says:

Sienna, you are only a troll, Rafa, Rafa, Rafa, Why are you so interested in it? Only show why tennis has lost its essence, its reason for being with such people. Too bad, but if you want evil to another, karma will appear in your life. It is not a threat, it is a fact. Still I wish you good luck with Italy today, hopefully at the hands of Pirlo and Balotelli put an end to Spanish rule.

Mark Says:

Mad thing. “unofficial” bump? Space limited, towel brushed Rissole, end of controversy.

madmax Says:

Seth Says:
Wow, the Fedal Wars just keep on degenerating to new levels of niggling and nitpicking.

June 30th, 2012 at 7:28 pm

Seth, you need to go to the source of the problem and that is the very narrowminded rafa trolls here. Not Fed fans. The majority of us hate this. It’s pointless.

Having said that, the author of this article needs to rephrase the title, because it is as a result of this badly phrased, no doubt, intended phrase, where the unintelligent dwell on nothingness.

Mark, really now? Shoulders touched. Rafa got mad. I didn’t realise how mad until I saw youtube of him getting mad at umpire.

Change your mind Mark or want to leave it there?

Ben, yes. Of course it is. We know that. But Mark disagrees with you.

nadalista Says:

Have my feet up………….enjoying Fedfans tripping over each other trying to extricate their hero’s foot which is firmly wedged in his mouth…………..hehehehe!!

Seventeen Says:

You think I am Italian. Well tonight I am the boring spaniards will fall atlast!

With Rafa already in the alimps he will probably
start biting the ear of his opponents during changeovers.

Him biting trophy will be a long wait till next clay.

Mark Says:

Ben Pronin. If you think this argument is absurd why did you post your article in the first place? Were you not expecting any reaction?

Mark Says:

Don’t mind who wins Wimbledon just so long as it is not somebody with the initials “RF”!!

Noogie Says:

Steve 27 the man without a brain. In the words of the famous Shakespeare. A brain or no brain

tennis fan Says:

@ Mark,

You are silly fan of Nadal, why can’t you accept that Nadal loss. You really don’t like Roger don’t you. You are disgusting. Roger is going to win Wimbledon. Mark go to get your dummy and whine and moan with Nadal. Nadal was so rude to his opponent on court and was whining about his opponent. You Mark is an obsessive Nadal fan. GROW UP MARK AND BE A MAN NOT A TIDY LITTLE BOY WHO CAN’T GET HIS OWN WAY. PATHETIC.

madmax Says:

Mark Says:
Ben Pronin. If you think this argument is absurd why did you post your article in the first place? Were you not expecting any reaction?

July 1st, 2012 at 6:43 am

Sorry Mark, another example of you NOT being able to read. The article was written by Tom Gainey.

Poor guy.

Nadalista, you are here to entertain us and you do. So please, put your feet up and we will enjoy the show. :)

Mark Says:

@Mad thing. Article written by Tom Gainey but Ben Pronin posted “This argument is absurd”. That is why I addressed my post to Ben Pronin. Maybe you are blind as well ?

madmax Says:

Just enjoying your temper tantrums now Mark. Carry on. You are great entertainment :)

Mark Says:

@ Mad thing. Why thank you. Compliments at last!!!

alison Says:

This article has been completely blown up out of all proportion,a none story story,much ado about nothing.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

I’m not sure what’s the forecast for next week’s weather, also how the roof’s closure would be handled. It’s pretty stupid to keep the roof closed when the weather is fine outside.

Looks like indoor conditions are favoring the flat hitters than players with Top spin shots. I think Roger realized it pretty late ad sort of flattened out his shots from 3rd set. It would be a disadvantage for Roger if he faces Novak in the semis in indoor conditions. Novak is a much better flat hitter than Roger.

alison Says:

Nirmal Kumar great post,i dont know if its me but im finding the atmosphere rather strange everytime they close that roof,Trufan said before wimbledon started,i hope if Rafa plays Roger in the final it rains so they have to shut the roof,that way theres no wind to help Rafa out(cant remember his exact post,but it was words to that effect),anyway be that as it may,i think its defeating the object some what as its supposed to be an outdoor tournament,and i think the drama of the rain delays,add to the excitement of what wimbledon has become accustomed to,my two cents.

Margot Says:

NK: forecast for the whole of next week is bad, I’m afraid. Lots of rain :(
Matches on court 1 and 2 more than likely to be delayed tomorrow – that’s Andy’s and Ferrer’s just for starters.

Nirmal Kumar Says: are right. it should be treated as outdoors. I think the main culprit is the waiting time for closing the roof. I believe everytime they close the roof, it sort of on consumes 45 mins of play. I believe that stops them from opening and closing it often in a day per the weather conditions.

I hope they can change this method and let the technology take care of things such a way that the time taken to close the roof would be the time lost, rather than the extended waiting period of 45 mins.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Margot, that sounds pretty bad. I thought the best matches for monday were played outside CC, and these two matches were the top 2. Murray vs Cilic is the best matchup I would have liked to see. They have a pretty good history. Murray beat Cilic in a very tight match in AO, while Cilic beat Murray in USO when he coming off a great HC season. I thought this match deserved a CC schedule. But not sure how Cilic’s physique is going to hold up after such an exhaustive match. Hope 2 days of rest help him to recover.

Ferrer vs DelPo again is a fantastic matchup. It would a pity if the schedule is troubled for outside courts because of weather while players in CC have a perfect schedule.

jamie Says:

This was posted on the Argentine astrology forum


Hello All,

Thanks for ur great predictions you all share here, I read ur valuable posts tho I cant understand Spanish I do read it thr Google translate.

Can anyone please see Rafa’s long term prospects, If he’s gonna win more grand slams? Please!!! How is Rafa gonna fare at Olymics & US OPEN this year???

Looking forward for ur valuable insights!!



Hi, Aven!

Looks Rafa Charts and you T-Square Sun-Jupiter-Uranus

When Jupiter and Uranus in Piscis transit activated by the T square Rafa lived good moments in his career in 2008 and 2009 to win Wimbledon and the Olympics and the Australian Open and 2010 that won RG, Wimbledon and U.S. Open

When the Olympics begin on July 27, Jupiter transiting Gemini on the sun will be activating this T-square and lasted until around the U.S. Open.

I have the hope that he win the JJOO or U.S. Open because in your natal chart Jupiter is strong dignified in Pisces.
Jupiter in Gemini also activate its POF.




U mentioned JJOO- please clarify what is that!

Also what do you analyse abt Rafa’s long term prospects, Is he gonna win some more slams & is his career at a decline as many ppl claim to be?
Is there anyway I can email you? I cant seem to find the email if its here..sorry!!



Empezado por aven
U mentioned JJOO- please clarify what is that!
Olympic Games.

Empezado por aven
Also what do you analyse abt Rafa’s long term prospects, Is he gonna win some more slams & is his career at a decline as many ppl claim to be?
I think that to win more GS in his career.

Empezado por aven
Is there anyway I can email you? I cant seem to find the email if its here..sorry!!
My mail? menteperfecta * h o t m a i l . c o m

Empezado por aven

De nada ; )

jamie Says:

Still no predictions for the Wimbledon winner.

jamie Says:

Basically the Argentine psychic is saying Nadal will be going through a great astrological period during the Olympics and the USO this year.

Same planetary alignment as when he won his first Wimbledon and the Olympics and the Australian Open and when he won won RG, Wimbledon and U.S. Open all in 2010.

I wonder who will win Wimbledon.

Hopefully Nole or Muzza.

Mark Says:

Yesssssss. Spain win Euro 2012 4 – 0!!

Lisa Says:

Nadal will be back to his optimal best….clay or no clay….his a great champion who plays every point like its ‘match point’….

Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool….

In classic Nadal fashion ” Win or Loss, my motivation is always the same….but perhaps a little bit more when you loose”

Federer wasnt laughing at Nadal one bit….more so towards the manner in which Rosol played Nadal in the 5th set….

its Crazy how it happened in the 5th….anyone who understands tennis would find it laughable….

Federer meant nothing against Rafa!

skeezer Says:


Nice post:)


Who cares? This is a Tennis site. Try

alison Says:

Great post Lisa,im a Rafa fan,but i also think Rogers a great guy,and i dont believe for one single minute he meant any disrespect to Rafa,some Rafa fans are blowing this out of all proportion,its refreshing to hear from an objective fan having faith in Rafa,instead of hearing from the haters who cant wait to write him off all the time.

kriket Says:

It’s naive to believe that Fed was not happy in the least that Nadal is out of the tournament. He is there to compete and to win, not to laugh at Rosol’s performance. So, even if he doesn’t admit it (he certainly wouldn’t now, would he?), he sure is happy that Nadal is out, since he is his biggest foe, at least he was until the new Nole came along.

Mark Says:

@squeeeeeezer. In that case why do some of you talk about Miami heats (?) or some BS about American sport????

kriket Says:

alison, I don’t think Roger is such a great guy, when it comes to tennis. He’s certainly emotional about his losses and it shows every now and then.

His true colors came through in his presses after last year’s USO loss to Nole, where he appeared to be offended no less, by that Nole’s crazy return winner on Fed’s 1st match point. He answered, when asked what does he think of that winner, is it confidence or skill, to paraphrase him “confidence, are you kidding me? I remember when playing juniors, players down 5-2 start slapping ball around and it all gets in for some reason. I would never play like that on match point, because I believe in hard work, bla bla”.
He basically called it a fluke, and Nole a hack.

That is what a nice guy he is.

kriket Says:

*presser, not presses.

Mark Says:

And squeeeeeezer ” who cares” – I care and that is enough for me. You just carrying on dreaming about Lindor Lad!!!!

nadalista Says:

Good posts @kriket……… least someone who tells it as it is, no party line bullshit to curry favour…………

skeezer Says:

^pathetic. Now we are cherry picking interviews. Fed has done more interviews than any tennis player in this era. I am sure u haters can pick something. His demeaner and graciousness is world class and a great role model. he has more sportmenship awards than any. Shall we start looking at comparisan interviews to other players? Better not ask that question….hehe

Rafan Says:

roger is less brat than rafa, but that’s it. roger’s no saint! roger’s a very very sore loser, just like nadal is the epitome of gamemanship!

and even though as FoT said, fed might have just laughed at the ridiculousness of rosol’s play instead of at nadal’s misery, but well, what’s so sinful if a few nadal fans raised suspicion about federer’s intention??? these roger fan wolves’re just ready to savage them! now this is laughable too!

Kimberly Says:

The Miami Heat are the most important team in sports. Of course talk of them is permitted on this site.

alison Says:

Nadalista im not giving BS to try to curry favour,if any fan of any player says something i dont agree with about Rafa then i will say so,i just happen to think people are blowing this up out of all proportion.

skeezer Says:

“what’s so sinful if a few nadal fans raised suspicion about federer’s intention???”

xcuse me? Intention to do what?

But….not a problem, but when it is not true……..a problem.

That’s like saying “he’s a liar” so many times that people will believe its true, when in fact, it is not. This is the lengths of cult love, the Rafa infatuated love of my life Fan club will go to. One thing this blog and others have proven( go to TT, cult hangout for 1 Tennis player only ), there hatred for Fed is obvious( its really just jealousy when you come down to it ). Whenever Rafa is out of a tournament you can be assured that Fed gets blamed for Rafa’s demise somehow, or the conversation about Rafa’s loss will bring Fed into to to put salve on the wounds. Sick stuff….

However..what is plain to see is the pure Tennis fan of Rafa….like a Kimberly, alison, Brando, etc who are passionate about there fav but don’t go blaming others for Rafa’s demise. They also engage and talk about other players and post about it!!!!
If you have been here awhile, its easy to tell the tennis fan from the “other”.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

People who talk of Roger’s calm approach compared to Rafa’s agitated attitude should not forget the USO 09 finals against DelPo when Roger used F$$$ work and looked very agitated, and most likely lost the match because of his mental meltdown. Roger also asked to stop the Hawk-eye in the 2007 Wimbledon finals after being frustrated with the line call, but more to do with Nadal’s baseline domination.

As Roger noted Bennet is his long time friend and had beaten him in indoors before, so Roger has much more respect for the guy compared to Rafa who has taken aback by 100th ranked Rosol, whom hardly anyone heard before.

Ben Pronin Says:

Basketball is a bs american sport? Weird. Heat best team in the world? Absolutely.

metan Says:

@ skeezer

1, are you really pure tennis fan of Roger? Imo, you are not, based on all your post,,,,,,,,past n present.
2, every body can troll here and say whatever, it’s up to you be smart enough to respond, you don’t like ignore it . Solve the problem,

3, the problem is not in Roger, of course Roger did not mean to laugh at nadal loss only foolish do that,,, but the writter who wrote the title is out of context, those who don’t like Roger would make those own interpretation. But for sure roger must be happy that nadal out and thanks rosel.

Sienna Says:

Yes totally the same situation.

Nobody is saying that a player may never loose his coole or get angry. They are human arent they.

But Nadal was playing #100 and should have digged in instead of trying to bully Rosol or engage in a fight during change over. He was actually complaining about something which is very normal for tennis players to do. The dribble when receiving a service.

Nadal totally lost the plot where Fed in your example just was angry at Referee for 1 thing and then went on to win the set they were competing at the time. It is not that Roger lost the match because he was arguing with the referee over that late challenge.

Try to keep it real and do not use an xample where Roger got angry to support your fandom of Rafa.

Mark Says:

Ben Pronin. If you are having a dig at me please read squeeezer’s post July1, 4.59 pm ” who cares? This is a tennis site. Try ……”. Obvious he is saying only tennis chat on this site, nothing else. So, why should you be entitled to talk about basketball and me not be entitled to talk about football??

Mark Says:

@Sienna. How many players “dribble before receiving serve”? Have you been watching tennis or soccer???

Mark Says:

^not “before”, “when”

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Sienna.. Rafa too won the set. Maybe you did not watch the match. Finally both lost the match, so what? It’s tennis, everyone loses.

Just that your hatred towards Rafa is blinding your commen sense, I can’t help it.

On the tennis court no one is saint including Roger and Rafa. Off the court, I can’t see anyone manage their celebrity status better than Rafa and Roger.

nadalista Says:

Note to @Mark:

This is tennis-x blogistan.

1. Ayatollah skeezer has the last word on what sports subjects can be discussed on this stan. Football, your brand of football where you kick the ball with your feet as opposed to handling with your hands, is not acceptable. Keep a look-out for some more of his fatwas to see which sports can and caanot be discussed on this stan.

2. The said Ayatollah also decides which Rafa fan is acceptable on tennis-x blogistan. In case you missed it, he posted a fatwa sometime back where you, me and other names I do not care to remember were marked as infidels i.e. not worthy of inclusion in the tennis-x blogistan Rafa Nadal Appreciation Society.

3. Under no circumstances must the said Ayatollah be miffed in any way, especially if the cause of his ire is heretical posts from infidels who will not tow the party line.

4. Like in any good stan, there are Grand Muftis, such as Ben Pronin, on the lookout for such heretics, and their job is to go after them with maximum force, just to make sure the Ayatollah’s serenity is not disturbed.

Now you know………….

metan Says:

@nadalista, lol

Sienna Says:

Nirmal Kumar Says:
Sienna.. Rafa too won the set. Maybe you did not watch the match. Finally both lost the match, so what? It’s tennis, everyone loses.

Just that your hatred towards Rafa is blinding your commen sense, I can’t help it.

On the tennis court no one is saint including Roger and Rafa. Off the court, I can’t see anyone manage their celebrity status better than Rafa and Roger.

July 2nd, 2012 at 4:22 am

When did Roger ever tried to make physical contact with his opponent to try to real him up? Nadal did so in the hope to gethim irritated maybe get him disqualified!

Nadal showed so much gamesmenship. He looked a bit like Berdych or Soderling in their bad moments.

Sienna Says:

Mark Says:
@Sienna. How many players “dribble before receiving serve”? Have you been watching tennis or soccer???

July 2nd, 2012 at 3:51 am

Many do dear Mark.

Sienna Says:

The Nadal tards are throwing their weight around.

They are now full of joy that the spanish soccer site has won the European championships. Ahhh so nice they are happy for Rafa. It is just so good for poor Rafa finally he has some succes outside clay.

Mark Says:

@ Nadalista. Squeeeeeeezer and gang probably do not know the meaning of the sport called ” FOOTBALL”. They are entranced with basketball (?)!! Oh dear, I mentioned the banned word Football”!!!!

Margot Says:

Thought this was an international site and so us Europeans can mention football when something special happens?
So… congratulations to Spain, a gr8 team, playing such high class football it was a joy to watch. Best team since Brazil of yesteryear.
Lovely when their kids came on the pitch afterwards too.
Baseball/basketball all a mystery to me and “Miami Heat” sounds like a massage oil….;)

Mark Says:

@ Margot. Lol :-)

jane Says:

margot: ““Miami Heat” sounds like a massage oil….;)”

Ha ha ha – much needed comic relief.

metan Says:

Tks for the link, I am going to have fun there,

Stella Says:

I think most tennis fans were amazed at how Rosol played against Nadal and it could easily have been Roger or Djokovic who he beat. And in a way it was crazy funny!!! But that’s sport!!!!

Ashleigh2k Says:

Wow… The lack of civility, rational thinking, and sanity is hard to read through!

Rafa is a great champion, & even HE said of his loss that it’s not the end of the world! And I agree! He’ll be back and be as fine as ever.

And talk about taking Rogers’s words out of context! Geez people, get a grip! Clearly it was utterly incredulous that this was even happening–so much so, that it WAS laughable, in the sense that this was SO unreal! Why be hateful to Roger for that?

Roger has total respect for Rafa (& Nole & all others) — do you all realize the gazillion Sportsmanship of the Year Awards that he has won are given to him based on PEER VOTES??? His own fellow tennis players VOTE for him! If he was so rude, unkind, horrible, ungracious, etc and whatever else all these haters are spewing here, then NO-ONE would vote for him, but they do, time & time again… Go figure… I think it’s because they appreciate and enjoy his respectful, gracious attitude, which is the hallmark of good sportsmanship! It’d sure be nice to see some of that here…

Roger is a great ambassador for this sport, and Rafa is every bit as great an ambassador for tennis that Roger is. They ARE friends (sure, they disagree sometimes, too, like all normal people, but they’re still friends), so if THEY can like each-other, why can’t their fans?

I have noticed rotten attitudes on both sides, but predominantly, I notice more fans of Roger willing to be complimentary and gracious about what a great champion Rafa is, but I oh-so-rarely see that in reverse! Rarely does a Rafa fan ever acknowledge that Roger has even an ounce of talent. Very sad and very elementary school immature.

It sure must really kill the Roger-haters out there to see him in a record-breaking 8th Wimbledon Final…

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