Andy Murray Carries The Olympic Torch Onto Wimbledon Center Court [Video]

by Tom Gainey | July 24th, 2012, 1:39 am

On day 66 of the Olympic torch relay, tennis stars Andy Murray, Venus Williams and Tim Henman got into the race. Murray brought the Olympic flame into the fame Wimbledon Center Court.

Murray joked is was a bit nervous carrying the flame, and expressed concern he may have burnt the roof.

Murray then successfully handed off to Williams without burning the hair of the three-time gold medallist.

Later in evening Tim Henman closed torch relay for the day in Tooting. The Olympic draw will be released on Thursday. Play begins on Saturday.

Venus’s moment (skip to the end):

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18 Comments for Andy Murray Carries The Olympic Torch Onto Wimbledon Center Court [Video]

jane Says:

Yahoooo! Andy looks so proud and happy. Nice to hear he was practicing with Nole today. Awww, hope they do well: a medal for both ideally, :)

Margot Says:

Gr8 to see Andy looking so relaxed, proud and happy. Excellent interview afterwards too. Come on!

racquet Says:

I agree, it’s great to see him so relaxed and happy. You can tell that this is a big deal to him. Apparently Nole and Berdy stopped their training and lined the route to cheer him. Nice gesture.

alison Says:

loved both videos,the second one was a nice tribute to Stephen Lawrence,been a Brit i would love to see our Andy grab a gold medal,hopefully he will be fired up and ready to prove at point after what happened at Wimbledon,im sure all us Brits will be proud of him no matter what,Go Andy go get Gold, and i know its a tennis forum but go Bradley Wiggins too lol.

Kimmi Says:

wimbledon in colours. will look strange indeed andy. I cant wait for olympics to start. good luck andy.

alison Says:

Margot and any Brits out there,a programme at 8.00pm on ITV Wednesday Britains Greatest Gold Medallists,top 20 gold medallists of the past century.

the DA Says:

hehe…the Bryan Bros, Ryan H and Andy R had their first uniform fitting today. Not sure about the berets:

jane Says:

Will Ferrell (who I believe is one of Murray’s fave comedians, and who has cheered on Murray at the USO before) was on Letterman last night wearing one of those berets. He made some good jokes out of them, lol, including a little twirl-and-throw, a la Mary Tyler Moore, ha ha.

Polo Says:

It was good to see Andy smiling and looking happy. He looks so much better with a smile on his face.

The Great Davy Says:


madmax Says:

very nice video of Murray, looking cheerful, relaxed, almost tongue in cheek. I think he has a great chance here of taking a medal.

laslo Says:

Terrible choice of uniforms for the US. I wonder how the big, beefy wrestlers will feel about them.

the mind reels Says:

Great video, and Murray does look quite relaxed and happy, which is good to see.

Also, the court looks to be nearly back to pristine condition. Seems the groundskeepers have been hard at work fixing up the grass. Bring on the Olympic tennis!

Colin Says:

I remember reading somewhere that there is a good case to be made for grass being the most successful life-form on the planet. It certainly grows nearly everywhere. And it’s probably smarter than we are!

Humble Rafa Says:

I was afraid he might mess up at a critical changing hands with the torch. Mr. Lady Forehand has issues with big moments.

Margot Says:

Oh my word that Olympic uniform makes the Americans look like PanAm cabin crew. Mind you, black must’ve been the only colour left for the Brits and they look as if they’re off to a funeral. Mind you, a friend of mine wore black to her daughter’s wedding. Mind you the marriage lasted all of 6 months. Mind you…, no enough already!
In fact Brit uniform looks like the suits the guys wore to the Shanghai Masters a few years back.

harry Says:

A Tignor article for Fed fans:

Humble Roger Says:

congrats Murray. don’t cry anymore.

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