Djokovic Wins Rogers Cup; Li v Kvitova in Women’s Final

by Staff | August 13th, 2012, 12:32 am

Novak Djokovic raised the Rogers Cup on Sunday, while the women’s champion will have to wait until Monday.
Djokovic easily handled Frenchman Richard Gasquet 6-3, 6-2 to successfully defend his Rogers Cup title.
“I truly did not expect myself to win this tournament after the emotional losses in the Olympic Games,” Djokovic said. “I really took it hard. I tried to bounce back and recover — I’ve done great, I have to say.”

The Serb improved to 7-1 career against Gasquet, who fell to 0-3 in Masters-level finals.

“I felt a little bit more pressure,” Gasquet said. “It’s tough when you have Djokovic in front of you and you are not playing your best tennis. It’s very difficult. He’s going all the time with his backhand very early, so he’s an incredible player. He played much better than me for sure.”

Advancing to the Monday women’s final were Li Na and Petra Kvitova, setting up a battle of former Slam winners.

Li came back from 1-5 in the third set to defeat Lucie Safarova 3-6, 6-3, 7-5.
“When I was 5-1 down, I thought if I shot hard four in a row, I’d lose the match,” Li said. “So I had to change a little bit. I was just trying to take it point by point. When I got back to 5-4, my serve game, I think it was more exciting for the fans. They were supporting me a lot. I’m happy I could win the match.”
Kvitova topped former No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki 3-6, 6-2, 6-3.

Kvitova trails Li 1-2 in career meetings.

“I like her as a person. She’s really funny,” Kvitova said of Li. “We’ve played each other three times and I’m losing — so I have to win tomorrow to have revenge and make it 2-2. She’s playing great tennis here; I will try my best.”

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74 Comments for Djokovic Wins Rogers Cup; Li v Kvitova in Women’s Final

Michael Says:

Hearty congratulations to Novak for winning this one. This is special considering that it is coming in the backdrop of his family problems. He played excellent Tennis and won quite deservedly.

Ben Pronin Says:

What family problems?

Michael Says:


He has not yet revealed what exactly is happening on his family front ? But in answer to a scribe question, he did mention that. So, there is certainly an issue. But if I need to make a guess, Jelana is missing in the players gallery in recent times. Is that an issue ? We never know ??

dari Says:

Yes, well done novak.
Say it ain’t so about Jelenaaaaaaa

Kimmi Says:

congrats to nole! i missed everything this week.
jelena was at wimbledon and olympics, i thought i saw her…

Hope petra wins tomorrow in montreal.

jane Says:

Yes, Kimmi, you’re right – and just prior to the Olympics, after Wimbledon, Nole posted a photo of himself and Jelena on holiday in Greece. So as far as I know, they are fine.

metan Says:

Rumors are nole close to Maria and jelena is getting mad about it and nole now become a back bone of the family after they sold the club in serbia. Poor boy, even I don’t like him I must give him thump up coz he works his ass off for his family.

Well, we need to wait for nole to clarify it.

Congratulation nole.

jane Says:

As far as I know, Maria Sharapova is getting married this year and is happily planning her wedding. Also, Nole and Jelena were just in Greece pre-Olympics; he tweeted an adorable photo of the two of them with their dog.

Michael Says:

I hope Novak recovers from his family problems soon and concentrate on his career. He is surely an excellent potential to emulate the likes of Roger and Nadal.

Dave Says:

I think jane was referring to this picture.

The international press seems to have overreacted to what Djokovic’s former coach Jelena Gencic told the Serbian press probably in an effort to make an excuse for Djokovic’s failure to win an Olympic medal for Serbia. The Serbian people had expected Djokovic would deliver a medal (Serbia won 4 medals in other sports). From what I read of Gencic’s translated comments it could be interpreted that she speculated that Djokovic had personal problems as the reason he failed to win an Olympic medal (not that he had an actual problem). Gencic said something else that could indicate she reallye does not know whether hhas personal problems (“I’m worried because he keeps saying he is tired. He must verify whether it is physical or mental fatigue.”).

It’s likely that Djokovic is going through the normal frustration of failing to duplicate his 2011 success. In men’s tennis, there were 16 different years where 3 or 4 slams were won in a calendar year. It’s normal. In tennis history, only 3 players were able to follow up a 3-4 slam year with more than 1 slam the next year: Fred Perry (1934-1935), Roy Emerson (1964-1965) and Federer (2004-2005, 2006-2007) — Federer is the only player who was able to repeat a three slam year. In most cases, the 3-slam player failed to win any slam the next year and his results dipped (e.g., Connors 1974-1975, Wilander 1988-1989, Nadal 2010-2011).

harry Says:

Dave —

Your interpretation re Gencic seems reasonable, and your stat re 3+ slam winners is interesting, but…

There is one more slam to go. Nole might still win more than one GS this year; not that I am saying that he will; but it is too soon to conclude that he won’t and to start justifying it with history :)

On another note, do you know if the US open (after its issues last year) still intends to have the super saturday, followed by the sunday finals? If it is, it would be a pity …

metan Says:

Dave, I think your interpretation is better than gossip n rumors out there. Hope he could solve it as soon as possible.

Michael Says:


I agree with you. What is most difficult than attaining success is retaining it.

Dave Says:

harry, metan, michael: Yeah, Djokovic could still win the US Open for a two slam year. I never said he wouldn’t or couldn’t — but 135 years of tennis history is a good indicator or the possibilities. Already Djokovic’s one slam is excellent — better than none. After a three slam year in 1974, Jimmy Connors failed to win anything in 1975, then won five more slams. Just let Djokovc find his confidence and catch the wave again. It must be upsetting for a player to have jittery fans rather than fans who give them space and love to work out their issues.

The USTA did say they were considering making the Monday final permanent. But not this year: The 2012 US Open will be held Monday, August 27, through Sunday, September 9. The TV ratings for the last mens final on Sunday (2007 between Fed and Novak) was more than double that of any of the Monday finals.

Dave Says:

ugh, sorry for mucking up the page with my link

Gaga Says:

Djokovic and Nadal are not like Federer. They can’t dominate for several consecutive years like Federer from 2004-2007. Then their camps blame it on family problems, Nadal in 2009, Djokovic in 2012. So to justify why they can’t pull a Federer 2004-2007. Now I’m reading the family problems are something about Djokovic’s parents divorcing like Nadal’s parents in 2009. C’mon now. The real story is Djokovic and Nadal are not as great as Federer.

Gaga Says:

Nobody is as great as Federer. Only Sampras comes close but not even him is as an all surface great as Federer because of his weaknesses on clay/RG. In the open era of course. Before that, Laver would be up there with Federer.

Gaga Says:

Fred Perry (1934-1935), Roy Emerson (1964-1965) and Federer (2004-2005, 2006-2007)**

But Federer is the only in the open era. Tells me how hard is is to do this in the open era. Perry and Emerson was a long time ago. Will be hard for Djokovic to win the USO and have another great year after 2011, he will play somebody better than Gasquet in the final.

Gaga Says:

They should speed up the USO it was too slow last year.

Polo Says:

As regards Djokovic’s “family” problem. It could not be Jelena because she is not part of the family. She is hust a girlfriend.

Polo Says:


Wog boy Says:


Sorry to say this but can you quote us those stupid sources about Maria and Nole and Jelena and how do you know that Nole works his a$$ for his family and how do you know they sold the “club” in Serbia and what is the name of that “club”? You obviously don’t know much about his family (father and uncle) and their business. They were successful small business operators before Nole became Nole and invested all they had in Nole (his uncle doesn’t have kids and Nole is everything to him). His father had a knife under his throat by loan sharks a few times because he was borrowing money from them to pay for Nole to stay at Niki Pilic academy and couldn’t meet deadline, that was when life wasn’t worth much in Serbia.
I was in Belgrade last year and saw “Novak sport centre” in old Belgrade town with all tennis courts, their restaurant in
New Belgrade. When you drive from “Nikola Tesla” airport towards Belgrade through New Belgrade, there is a high rise building just before the river Sava and Novak is smiling at you all the way from top to the bottom of the building, we are talking 10-15 floors building, On the ground floor is “Novak” restaurant.
I spoke with one of my friends in Belgrade and they are guessing what the problem is but it has nothing to do with what you stated and I am not going to elaborate them because it is what it is. GUESSING.
So please stick with your favorite…Nadal, there is enough problems over there to think about !

Mark Says:

Gaga. Yeah, USO should add a roof as well!!

Gaga Says:

No roof at USO. Slams are supposed to be played OUTDOORS.

Gaga Says:

I checked Fred Perry and Roy Emerson and after winning 3 slams they won 2 slams the following year. Is Federer the only player to win 3 slams and then win 3 slams the following year, 2006-2007? Ever? Wow, he is greater than I thought!

Gaga Says:

I’m sure the Djokovic family problems have to do with his parents and maybe the uncle. Nothing to do with his gf since they were in Greece vacationing recently. Unless they broke up after the Greece vacation.

Wog boy Says:

This thread is about Nole winning Canadian open, did anyone actually see any of the matches, like against Haas (dari I know you saw the match), like against Tipsy.. brutal first set, excellent shot making, like Nole playing two matches (five sets) in one day and then again finishing midnight next day and so on and so on.
I mean, this was masters tournament not some 250/500 tournament. When Nadal was winning MC…Rome we had posts and posts analysing every point and shots, when Federer won IW… Madrid even more great posts analysing Federer’s move, even his hair style, and now Nole wins Toronto and what are we talking about…where are the posts about tennis ….ohhhhh yes I forgot Nadal and Federer didn’t play so it is not worth mentioning it… Silly me :(

Gaga Says:

There are rumors of family problems for Djokovic so that is being discussed. Besides he played Gasquet in the final not Federer or Murray or even DelPotro but Gasquet! His draw in Canada was that of a 250 tournament so people won’t talk about Djokovic winning Canada which was like winning a 250 at best with that draw! In Cincinnati there will be a more ample discussion because the top players will be there! What Djokovic did in Canada is called vulturing!

Gaga Says:

When Nadal was winning MC…Rome he was beating Djokovic not Gasquet in the final.

When Federer won IW… he was beating Nadal in SF and in Madrid he beat Berdych in the final is more accomplished than Gasquet.

conty Says:

Congratulations to Nole!! also to all his devoted fans!

i did see the final and think Nole is on his way back, Wog Boy. Cincinnati will be interesting. sorry to see so many missed the cincy bracket…that’s to you Kimmi and jane. : (

conty Says:

oh yeah. Big congrats to Kimberly winning Toronto bracket!

margot is right, i suspect: you make the best picks when Rafa isn’t in the draw ; )

Wog boy Says:

You cannot beat the players who didn’t turn up (Federer, Nadal), or didn’t make it to the final (Andy, Delpo), besides they all finished their matches same day in London, by the way Nole performed better this year in GS and masters tournaments, bit better then Federer, Federer played more samll 250/500 tournaments and that is only place he is better than Nole:

The 2012 season… so far

Novak 8110
Roger 7545
Rafa 6840
Andy 4640

Novak 3740
Rafa 2810
Roger 2045
Andy 970

Roger 1700
Andy 1390
Rafa 785
Nole 450

This is what matters the most who is going to finish year as #1, not last year results, than you very much !

Wog boy Says:

Ooooo sugar, I forgot masters tournaments, here they are:


NOVAK 3740
RAFA 2810
ROGER 2405
ANDY 970

Now tell me, where is you man better than Nole…….and the answer is …. smoller 250/500 tournaments :)

Wog boy Says:


Thanks :-)

Sienna Says:

Really Fed earned 2045 points on slams?

You little sh#thead .
If you cant even add a few points together what more is there to do in life.

Thomas Says:

wog boy, you obviously failed maths in school :)

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Looks like a good win for Novak. I saw Gasquet’s earlier matches and he was playing excellent tennis. Though he may not have the credentials of Roger or Rafa, when he is ON, he is a pretty dangerous player. The way Novak handled Gasquet was fantastic. I though Gasq would aleast take a set given his form, but Novak was just too good.

Historically Novak plays more matches of the Top 4. I think physically HC takes less out of him compared to others (Roger’s an exception) because of his flexible movement. So I doubt fatigue is going to be an issue for Nova, atleast till USO.
If he keeps his schedule less heavy after defending his USO title, still he can end up being year end No 1.

I believe he is going to give all out for his USO. After that there is nothing for him to defend. So he may take it easy till WTF and go for the title there. I see Novak ending with USO and WTF. Of the current crop he is the one player who has won both these title besides Roger. He may miss out the other ones between which would be the right thing to do for him.

But, Murray may have a say in this. He can make it interesting for Novak from now on and may grab a few from him too.

Wog boy Says:


Nice language, you are lady, real lady…you probably jast come back from one of those Amsterdam coofee shops with pot.

If you look again you can see that I actually put masters instead of GS results, so here are GS points:

NOVAK 3920
ROGER 3440
RAFA 3245
ANDY 2280

Are you happy now, and please get off the pot, damage is already visible:(

Sorry, I tried to put Roger ahead of Novak but it didn’t work.

Wog boy Says:


It is nothing to do with maths, just didn’t put GS points, I duplicated masters points instead.

“Lapsus Linguae Lapsus Calami”

Sienna Says:

Wogboy you dumbass how can we trust you with the other stats you provide? You are an idiot.

And your point your trying to make is even more ridiculous because Fed hasnot won a single 250 tournement since three years I believe?

But he is the most winningest player on tour and that includes slams.

You remember the last slam of the year ?? You do remember that dont you?

You do realise that he has won the secon biggest event after slams which is year end.

You do know that the current ATP ranking includes the points they have won end last year?

Do you know that WOGBOy. Or is you brain dead after you tried to add all those numbers and still failed miserable.

jane Says:

Hi conty! Long time no hear from around here – yep, it’s a drag I didn’t manage to do the Cincy picks. :( Was away all weekend and didn’t know deadline for Canada. Congrats to Kimberly for winning Toronto challenge. There were a lot of upsets. I read an interesting summary of the match and the writer mentioned how Gasquet beat 3 top ten guys on his way to the final – what worked well for him was playing very far back behind the baseline. I’ve certainly noticed he does that on a clay. But apparently Nole took advantage of that in the final. Like I say, I didn’t see the matches, but it sounded interesting.

Here’s the link – the writer gives some interesting re: the fabulous four, and how they’ve won all the slams, masters since late 2010.–rogers-cup-novak-djokovic-beats-richard-gasquet-for-second-straight-title


Wog Boy – Your slam points could be masters points by the looks of it? I think correct slam points are this… but am tired so numbers could be wrong:

Nole 3920
Fed 3440
Rafa 3245
Andy 2280

Definitely from those numbers, the year end race to number 1 is very tight. More difficult for Andy to get there but if he won the USO, it would be definitely more possible. The USO and post USO season will have added spice. :)

Wog boy Says:

Didn’t Federer picked up some points in Doha this year? Was that 250/500/1000 …. tournament? I know he had same health issues and pulled out.

the mind reels Says:

Djokovic did well to keep things together last week and protect his 1,000 points from what was a weaker-than-usual Masters 1000 field. As we’ve seen Federer do in the past, Djokovic took advantage of the situation, so well done.

This week should again prove to be an interesting one, as Djokovic is defending 600 points from his finals appearance last year. Federer, meanwhile, is defending 180 from his QF appearance. Neither guy has a tough road to the quarters, where Federer could meet Fish or Monaco, and where Djokovic would likely meet Tipsarevic (again). A Murray-Djokovic semi could be in the works, which I think would be very interesting given Murray’s recent success against Djokovic and given the latter’s obvious hardcourt pedigree.

Djokovic is inching closer to taking back the #1 ranking, but assuming Federer repeats at least a quarterfinal appearance, Djokovic can’t do it without winning the tournament. Even then, if he and Federer meet in the finals, Federer would hold the top spot going into the US Open regardless of a win or loss in the finals here. If Federer cares about being the top seed in Flushing, a lot of incentive for him to play well this week, and he should, given his draw.

the mind reels Says:

@Wog boy: Federer picked up 90 points in Doha, but they don’t count towards his 52-week tally because he had better results in Halle (150 points).

jane Says:

Oops Wog Boy, you already beat me to it! I guess Olympics is included in other tournaments.

Nirmal Kumar, hi, it’s true that some years Nole has played more, butin 2011 and 2012, Nole has played less. This year, Nole has played less tournaments; Fed and Andy have played 14; Rafa 13; Nole 12, according to this ATP link anyhow

skeezer Says:


Thanks for clearing that up. As a Fed fan I don’t have big expectatations on how long Fed will hold onto #1. Heck, I am still pinching myself that he got back to #1 at this old age! Totally awesome!
Its a fair statement to say Nole is going to get back #1 sooner or later, no doubt.
However your take on points does make the Cincy tourny more interesting,, and would dramaticly help Fed with the seeding at USO ;)

Wog boy Says:

the mind reals,

Thanks for that, the point was that Federer did play two 250 and two 500 tournaments this year compare to Nole’s only one 500, Dubai, that is all.


It is Okay, it is vey late here and I am watching closing ceremony, it was too early this morning so I couldn’t watch, it bring back memories to Sydney 2000 where I worked and was subcontracted by certain company, great memories, good on you British people, very very nice:)

jane Says:

the mind reels, Murray has an excellent record at Cincy with 2 titles. Nole has been in a few finals, hasn’t won, yet has 3 Canadian titles. With that in mind, and knowing Fed’s results at Cincy too, I could see a Fed-Murray final. I don’t think they’ve met there (not in recent years anyhow). Nole may not go all out, and/or fatigue may catch up: not expecting him to win in Cincy. Andy, providing the knee is okay, could; same with Fed as he’s been resting. I would’ve probably picked those finalists had I been able to do the challenge in time.

jane Says:

Wog Boy, enjoy. I missed the closing ceremonies but hope to catch some highlights. Great Britain were excellent hosts by most accounts, and they did very well at the games too, so I’d imagine they should feel awfully proud indeed. You’re lucky you got to work so close to the 2000 games. I’ve been to a couple of winter Olympics in Canada now and the excitement is definitely catching.

Wog boy Says:

Pele looks great, it looks like he is not ageing.

Time for bed, tomorrow is another day another dollar.


Sienna Says:

And please do not try to get Monte Carlo in the mix. Non mandatory masters is about the level of DUbai even less I might add. But you do get rearded with 600 points for a loser so that is even more then winning a more contested 500 tourney in Dubai or Basel.

Sienna Says:

and WOG Boy before you bore us to death with anymore stupid numbers and mindblowing reasoning please have a look at the ATP site.

Try to educate yourself.

Sienna Says:

WOG Boy Stupid loser! You are trying to educate people here. HAHA LMFAO.

Ypou provide us with data based on what? You give us a slamcount.

man you gave Roger 2045 points nitwit.

He just humiliated the hell out of your guy in the kast slam and won it. YOU DO REMEMBER THAT?

You get 2000 points for a slamwin? You do know that? Or do you.

So even if you made an hounest mistake ypou should have picked that up as soon as you hit send. LOSER.

Sienna Says:

Well WogBoy have you figured the ranking points out yet?

How many points did Fed get from the slams in 2012? duh???

What you should have tried to figure out absolute moron. Is the points they have gained while they entered the same tournement.

To even think they give less for Dubai as for a non mandatory master is mindless.

Maybe that is your homework for tomorrow you try to analyse your problem viewed from a diffrent perspective.

the mind reels Says:

@Sienna: calm down, yea? So Wog boy messed up some numbers — it happens.

@jane: you’re right. I was thinking they had met in 2010 in the finals, but it was Fish that Federer played that year. True they haven’t met in Cincy often, but Murray got Fed in 2006, and Fed returned the favor in 2009 when he took Murray out in the semis. The court seems to suit both of them, so I expect some good stuff from each of them this week!

alison Says:

Congrats Nole fans,Jane,Wogboy,Courbon,Nina,Mat4 etc etc,didnt see any of the match,but from what i can gather it sounds like he played really well,time will tell if it has any bearing on the USO,IMO i think he would be my favorite to take the title.

conty Says:

hi jane! hope you had a good summer…(almost over, it’s going too fast!) i missed toronto bracket too. but now i can get an overall circuit jump on you…. ; ) see you in shanghai bracket, i hopes.

that was an interesting link; particularly for me because i was on a mini vacation and missed the fact that delpo beat djokovic in the bronze medal round….wow…have i fallen behind! i did catch Murray’s win over Federer and was very satisfied with the results!! Feddy just doesn’t need anything more for this tennis fan – love his tennis; i’m satisfied.

my 1st round picking for cincy is bombing…

conty Says:

Wog boy, Sienna must simply be ‘having you on’ , as you say. she is messing with you, is what i call it.

don’t take her seriously. :D *just laugh*

Ngentot Says:

Wow, this Sienna girl sounds like a mad girl if you ask me. I’ve never actually leave comments on this site, but after reading so many posts here (including from the previous threads), I’m wondering what makes her sound so bitter and rude?

harry Says:

conty —
glad you are back :)

Mark Says:

@Ngentot. Got it in one- she is an absolute nut case!!!

skeezer Says:

^you should talk.

Mark Says:

^ And my comment applies more so to you!!!

Kimmi Says:

conty – i missed bracket. i was away for the week. came back on sunday night, very late and wasn’tmedal up to it. I guess have to wait for USO.

enjoy the bracket. hope feddy bear has recovered from the wimbledon/olympics double. He needs to, that gold medal match was not good for him.

Margot Says:

Many congrats to Nole and his fans. :)
Cincy’s gonna be interesting indeedy. Hope Andy can reproduce the form he’s shown on grass.
London Olympics:
Opening ceremony: brilliant, quirky, thrilling, emotional, full of vision…..left wing even with its salute to the NHS
Closing: cynical, unimaginative, messy tosh.Shame.

Sienna Says:

the mind reels Says:
@Sienna: calm down, yea? So Wog boy messed up some numbers — it happens.

I know it happens but thats not the point. Wogboy was making a total stupid assumption.

When Roger wins a 500 then you can bet that the tournement is selling more tickets and having more eliteplayers then some non mandatory master or a master no one cares about in Shanghai.

So the idiot wants to make a statement or assumption based on what? numbers we can pick from ATP site. and you see in 1 seconde he was so wrong with the numebers for Fed. So the idiot did not immediately see that for himself.

So a better way to compare Fed against Djokovic for the year is not looking at Fed winning Dubai but is looking at the tournements they BOTH entered little sh@tter( aka Wog Boy)

so they entered in 9 tourneys so far this year together

Fed has 6795 points with 4 tourney won when Novak entered
Novak has 6510 with 2 tourney won where Fed entered.

So now I am doing his homework the little fh.

conty Says:

hello, harry and Kimmi! i picked a Federer vs. Delpo final like my friend, skeezer; great minds, born on the same day, think alike, :D

“where is that grendel writer/poster,” i wonder? shouldn’t he have returned home from his US holiday? hope you are safe and had a good time, grendel, (in case you are reading this)

harry? did you fill out a cincy bracket? i better go check ; )

conty Says:

Margot, sorry to have to say this, but i thought the closing olympic ceremony was pure cheese. ( and a little creepy in a way )

but yes, the opening ceremony was moving in a good way.

harry Says:

conty —
i was wondering about grendel too.

nope, i did not fill the canada or the cincy brackets. i just lost interest in brackets: partly because i totally suck at it, lol…

do you plan to write a long one on wimby/olympics? i havent forgotten yours on “tennis gods” :)

conty Says:

Kimmi, i missed Toronto like many did. but now i have a chance to pull ahead of jane, providing i get some picks right.

dari has an early lead, i see.

harry and Kimmi, hoping you’ll be back for on for Shanhai : )

conty Says:

well, how can the tennis gods are going to ignite a flame under you, if you don’t turn into a bracketeer again for US Open! you do not suck at picking, i mean, “stink” , as colin07, would say.

i really didn’t watch the olympics much; no time to watch, though i did see dear muzza get the gold. i was counting on YOU to write a long one on Wimby/Olympics ; )

conty Says:

harry, meant you will be punished by the bracketeering tennis gods


harry Says:

re “stink”: i remember Kimberley posting back then that she (and Kaiser) did not want colin06 using “stink”… wonder if she thinks the same now with colin*07*, lol.

i was never much of a writer; much more of a reader, i am :) translation — i’m lazy!

yeah, me too: didn’t watch much of the olympics. too busy…

Sienna Says:

Ngentot Says:
Wow, this Sienna girl sounds like a mad girl if you ask me. I’ve never actually leave comments on this site, but after reading so many posts here (including from the previous threads), I’m wondering what makes her sound so bitter and rude?

August 13th, 2012 at 1:45 pm

I am just trying to keep it real Ngentot.
You should try to do the same. but since you never actually leave a comment you should not have a problem with that.

Keep it real!

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