Red Hot Serena Williams Appears On David Letterman [Video]

by Tom Gainey | August 23rd, 2012, 8:48 pm

Serena Williams made an appearance Wednesday night on the David Letterman dress. Wearing a hot, red dress Serena chatted with Dave about her torrid summer run which included the Wimbledon and the Olympic gold.

“I think I saw your eyes almost pop out,” Williams said as Letterman checked out Serena.

Replied Letterman, “Well, I think so… That’s not the only thing.”

The dress was reportedly designed by Victoria Beckham and the $4,000 shoes by Christian Louboutins. But when your are winning Grand Slams you can afford such luxury.

Serena is seeded fourth at the US Open. She has won the US Open three times in 1999, 2002 and 2008. Last year she lost in the finals to Samantha Stosur.

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11 Comments for Red Hot Serena Williams Appears On David Letterman [Video]

Brando Says:

I don’t know if this is out of order, but i’ll go ahead and say it (and regret it later on):

fellas don’t you reckon most guys would like to have a definition of their arm’s just like serena does?

I mean seriously, the shoulder and biceps would not look out of place on a featherweight boxer!

And i honestly thought at 1.36, where dave grabs her hand, closely examining the forearm and her hand- he was about to mention this fact to her!

I would have loved to have seen how she would have reacted to that, lol!

But on a more correct note, serena does seem like a sweet person in this interview, pretty regular!

El Flaco Says:

She looks like an NFL linebacker on SNL doing a skit dressed as a woman. Gross!

alison Says:

Shes a well built girl,but personally i would say at least she looks healthy,some of the female tennis players look bordeline anorexic,Daniella Hantuchova been one of them,not just the woman either Nole is very handsome but painfully thin,much prefer people with more meat on their bones JMO.

Reyals Says:

She should play in the ATP :)

WTA is too easy against the skinny little girls.

Brando Says:


Good point alison, and i agree.

I should mention that it is good to see serena healthy and well after her horrific health issues. Pleased for her.

I have thought this for a while though, so i’ll say it:

i think had she played our tim henman in a match, i imagine serena would be the winner- don’t you think so?

her power would just be too much for the poor guy!:-)

alison Says:

Brando yeah agree lol,as a guy tell me what is your opinion on Nole,i thought he looked much heathier a couple of years ago,or is that just me?

jimmy Says:

There are steroid rumors concerning Serena. Apparently the new generation of substances had some that are undetectable after 4 or 5 hours. Lance Armstrong always turned up negative on tests too.

ichuse1 Says:

Some of these comments are kind of creepy…Serena LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!! There aren’t any rumors about Serena and Steroids, just stupid innuendo from weaklings!!!!

Alok Says:

Comments on Serena’s body are gross, IMO. Stosur has the same arms and biceps. My GF says Serena’s a full-body female with the curves in the right place, and waist down is similar to Jennifer Lopez.

naughtyT Says:

Serena you are great .. but honey you do not have a Golden Slam.. that only happens if you do it all in one year.. Only Steffi has that…male or female.
Let’s not try and rewrite history.
oh and shame on a tennis website for not pointing out the falsehood.

M Says:

^^ ReRe has a Career Golden Slam.

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