Murray Beats The Wind, Beats Berdych, Awaits Djokovic-Ferrer Winner In US Open Monday Final
by Sean Randall | September 9th, 2012, 12:30 am

Another season another Monday final at the US Open. For the fifth straight year the last Grand Slam on the tennis calendar will be extended at least an extra day because of inclement weekend weather. Just as the tournament seemed back on track after a stormy early week two, rain once again pounded the National Tennis Center forcing the postponement of the women’s Serena Williams-Victoria Azarenka final and the second men’s semifinal. Fortunately for Andy Murray and his followers the Scot was first on and able to secure an early win. Amid challenging gale force conditions Murray mastered Tomas Berdych 5-7, 6-2, 6-1, 7-6(7) to reach his second US Open final.

In the title match now slated for Monday, Murray will await the winner between Novak Djokovic and David Ferrer. In a puzzling move, with severe weather on the way the US Open decided against playing both semifinals at the same time, instead choosing to play them in order on Ashe. Unfortunately for organizers Murray’s win clocked in just short of four hours only allowing the second semifinal to play about 30 minutes before the tournament halted the match to evacuate the stadium because of impending bad weather.

Why they chose not to play both semifinals concurrently or why they even decided to send Djokovic and Ferrer out at all is a mystery. And why not let Ferrer who was ahead 5-2 at the very least try to serve out the first set?

Thinking is, the stoppage couldn’t help Novak enough as he’ll have a night to reboot and get his mind focused on the task of getting back on track against Ferrer. And the weather is mercifully forecasted to be far better tomorrow and on Monday.

But back to out first finalist, Mr. Murray.

I picked Berdych not knowing hurricane-like winds would hit the New York City area. Berdych has a high toss and his strokes are flat, and that’s a bad combination in wind where defensive players, like Murray and Ferrer, can gain an effective edge.

Berdych still hung tough and led Murray 5-2 in the fourth set breaker, but the belief he had Wednesday in his comprehensive win over Roger Federer just wasn’t there today. And I think the wind had a lot to do with it.

“The wind was one part of opponent, so it was a really tough one,” Berdych said. “It affects my serve a lot because I have a higher toss. When I’m not able to serve, and go for the first serve and I’m not making straight points from the serve, then that’s not my game. So actually, it was quite hard to adjust to that, because I’m normally not used to that. Of course I don’t like to lose the match, and not a match like this in the semis when I thought that I had a pretty good chance. But, you know, the best word I can say is that the wind blew it away from me.”

Still, Berdych did win the opening set and had a set point in the fourth, so he was still able to play well in the wind, but mentally I don’t think he ever thought he could win. And Credit to Murray who did what favorites do and that’s win. He, too, then added that he had never played is such adverse conditions.

“It was brutal to play in that wind, it’s hard to describe,” Murray said. “The ball was sometimes stopping, moving the other way, and it was hard to serve, so the focus wasn’t really on going for aces, just getting the first serve in. Those are probably the hardest conditions I’ve ever had to play in.”

As for tomorrow, with the rain and wind hopefully giving way to blue skies and calmer conditions, I think Novak will return to form and handle Ferrer. Djokovic has never lost a set to Ferrer on outdoor hardcourts and while I David will break that streak upon resumption I think Novak gains control from there. I’d love to see Ferrer pull the upset, and he deserves to reach a final or maybe win a Slam title, but I think Novak probably came out Saturday in a unsettled frame of mind with the weather and scheduling issues. Just a guess because he just didn’t look right at all.

ESPN2 have coverage of the Djokovic match at 11am. CBS then takes over at 4:30pm after some football for Serena’s certain win.


Arthur Ashe Stadium 11:00 AM Start Time
David Ferrer (ESP)[4] v. Novak Djokovic (SRB)[2] To Finish 5-2
Not Before:4:30 PM

2. Women’s Singles – Finals
Victoria Azarenka (BLR)[1] v. Serena Williams (USA)[4]

Louis Armstrong Stadium 1:30 PM Start Time
Andrea Hlavackova (CZE)[3] v. Sara Errani (ITA)[2]
Lucie Hradecka (CZE)[3] Roberta Vinci (ITA)[2]

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71 Comments for Murray Beats The Wind, Beats Berdych, Awaits Djokovic-Ferrer Winner In US Open Monday Final

jane Says:

Apparently it was a forced evacuation by NYC police (Colin posted this on the other thread citing the BBC).

Also apparently the tournament director did consider scheduling the matches at the same time:

“Brewer said he did consider moving the Ferrer-Djokovic match to another court and playing it at the same time as Murray-Berdych, but “we thought the only way to go was to keep them back-to-back” in Ashe out of deference to ticket-holders, TV partners and viewers around the world.”

This article (not sure how reliable it is?) says that next year there *will be* a day in between the semis and finals:

Skeezer Says:

So happy Birdsh!t lost, whining about the wind and all. Maybe you should have shaved that ugly patch on your chin, that coulda been the reason you lost too? Whatevers.

Murray had to play in the same stuff. No big deal. Nice to see Birdsh!t getting his feathers plucked.

Michael Says:

It was very tough conditions out there and the player who best adjusted to the given condition won at the end of the day. There is no room for excuses. Murray deservingly won and Berdych lost. At the other end of the draw, I am surprised that Ferrer is leading Novak by two breaks in the first set and it is definitely a mystery as to why they did not allow him to serve for the first set. Nevertheless, it was bad conditions to play and may be this would help Novak to recoup. Who knows ? But all is possible even a Ferrer Vs Murray final as it appears ?

Tz Says:

“Maybe you should have shaved that ugly patch on your chin, that coulda been the reason you lost too?”

Sienna Says:

Murray shoold shave himself and get a little bit of haircut.

His first slam and he will look like catweezle everytime they show him with the trophee.

autoFilter Says:

Regarding (not) playing both men’s semis simultaneously, Steve Tignor retweeted this from Sandra Harwitt ‏@TennisGrapevine:

“The prime reason for not moving to Armstrong was there was no security staff for Armstrong.”

I have no idea how reliable it might be, but it seems reasonable in theory.

Michael Says:

The way he played against Berdych, I think tilt the scales in favour of Murray a little even if it is Novak at the other end. Murray always plays well against Novak and he is a good match up for him. If they both meet in the finals this time, it could turn sentimental for even Novak finding Murray at the other end. Afterall they are friends from the childhood days and trained together and Novak knows that Murray is desperate for a major in his career. So, it would be tough for him emotionally as well.

jimmy Says:

There was already talk on Thurs or so that Saturday’s weather was supposed to be bad, the storm wasn’t a surprise as a semi final match going 4 sets and 4 hours wasn’t either.

Ferrer was very confident yesterday, he will be a real tough out today.

puckbandit Says:

I find it curious that the Tennis center was forced to evacuate in anticipation of a storm 40 minutes out while the game in the baseball stadium next door, which holds tens of thousands more people, played until the rains came; which happened to be at about the 45 minutes the USTA stated. Adding to the puzzle is the fact the baseball game became “official” after the 7th inning and they still kept players on the field and fans in the stands.

Can someone explain that?

Also, I haven’t been here in a while – hello to everybody and GO MURRAY!

Sienna Says:

Those parents of the Djoker are really something. Yesterday they were sweating and looking to the sky because their sun was losing and now they are taking a sunbad.

I hate this. Poor Ferer would have been in a slamfinal and now he has no chance.

Huh Says:

c’mon ferrer! make life for novak difficult!

Huh Says:

hmm, there’s actually nothin wrong in wishin for situation to turn in the favour of their son. parents’ll always want victory for their child, and anythng that makes their child uncomfortable, they’d always wish for that to vanish! so what’s so bad even if nole’s parents were wishin real bad for match to stop yesterday?? it was not suitin their son, that’s why they hoped it stopped. that’s fine!

it’s not like they started doin voodoo or somethin!

Huh Says:

And BTW, I strongly believe in destiny, people in my cuture entirely do. what’s to happen, will happen IMO. Nothin can stop it. we can only wait to see what the future holds.

jimmy Says:

Something like this happened to me as a kid. I played on a baseball team that was ahead of a vastly superior team in bad weather and we had to stop and come back the next day in good weather and we just got blown out.

racquet Says:

Nole looked ominous in that 2nd set and at the start of the 3rd but Ferrer is wearing him down a little now.

jimmy Says:

Spoke too soon …

Sienna Says:

Its just the arrogant and smoug faces they show when their son is in the drivingseat. While yesterday they were looking frightened and anxious. SO nobody is saying they cannot hopefor things to go better for their son, but they can show some respect and decency while things overturn.

racquet Says:

Nole back on track with the 3rd set. Ferrer hasn’t found any answers yet.

jimmy Says:

Ferrer has to expend huge energy just to tread water.

racquet Says:

Double break, it’s a formality now.

Eric Says:

Didn’t see the match, but I can’t believe how easily Novak beat Ferrer today. OK, I give up, Djokovic is definitely the favorite tomorrow. :)

Brando Says:


ferrer had NEVER won a set on outdoor HC, so novak winning today is hardly any surprise.

The ‘ease’ of it- well naturally ferrer’s game suits him on outdoor HC, add in that ferrer has spent a very long time on court in this tourny, then IMO it’s not much a surprise.

Novak was ALWAYS going to win this one, facotring in his form, dominating HC h2h v ferrer, and david’s time spent on court- this type of a result was ALWAYS a possibility.

Novaks the UNDISPUTED FAV for the final, but andy has more than a punchers chance IMHO!

He’s the FIRST guy who can match novak in his movement and also possess weapons that can hurt novak- so let’s not write him off before the match has started!

marrisv Says:

Murray is going to get his first slam tomorrow. He looks ready for it coming on the back of Olympics and Wimbledon runs

The Great Davy Says:

This an outrage. If play was not stop, Ferrer would have win for shore. Tournament officials always favor the marketable player.

Brando Says:

@The Great Davy:

Even Brad Gilbert agrees with yourself great self davy.

He believes that had play carried on for an hour or even finished yesterday then ferrer would have won for sure.

jimmy Says:

Actually, the bad scheduling may help Novak, he didn’t expend too much energy and got a chance to sharpen his groundstrokes in some long rallies.

Murray has only played once since Wednesday and that was an ugly match in bad conditions.

Huh Says:

more rest doesn’t mean more chance of winning though. conversely it may kill the momentum of muzza. i’m afraid it’s muzz’s 5th loss coming in slam final. :(

Huh Says:

too bad, they stoped play yseterday :(

now nole WILL surely win the final. :(

Huh Says:

but for god’s sake, muzz, don’t believe you won’t win. rather go out to KILL novak! that’s what i want from you…

may lendl and muzz both come into one in muzz and may he beat nole tomorrow..

jimmy Says:

Murray plays well against Djokovic though, but he is going to need to play an aggressive but clean match to win.

I expect Murray to go for big first serves and try to take control of the points right away. Maybe he will charge the net a little more. If he slips into passive\defensive mode it will be tough.

Huh Says:

@jimmy for his post on September 9th, 2012 at 1:44 pm


Wog boy Says:

Strange things here on TX, I hardly can see any posts when Nole didn’t give any chance to Ferrer, yesterday as soon as he had his first serve broken “Nolelovers” started posting their lovely posts with “best wishes” for Nole.
Sorry people, it wasn’t to be I know you are so sad that you cannot even post but such is life.

Nole is now about 1000 clear from Federer in the race to London. Nice place to be, as for tomorrow I give 50/50 with the edge to Andy, he is in position after winning gold for UK that is same as when Nole won DC for Serbia, big confident boost.
OK boys, give us a show and prove the world that it is not “SECOND TIER” just because Rafa and Roger are missing!
Cannot wait for tomorrow.

Tennis Fan Says:

2nd Tier event tomorrow … US Open evacuated because Djok was getting his ass handed to him … while Baseball stadium plays on …
… this Open is a joke (no pun intended)

Huh Says:


I completely agree that SERVE of muzz is the key. If he serves unfailingly, then he’s got a chance to create pressure on nole.

muzz absolutely CANNOT afford to serve anything less than excellent to do that. plus, he has to finish off points soon. too much rallyin i don’t think would be of much help to muzz. he definitely needs to play aggressive. he needs to hit some GREAT FHs. BH is the STRENGTH of muzz. and he must use it to full effect. that one shot i think he has BETTER than nole. i mean, nole’s is of course most effective, but muzz’s BH is just PERFECT, just NATURAL, just SMOOTHEST.

so GREAT SERVE+FHs at the right time and during serving+ use of his BRILLLIANT BH to perfection is the key to muzz. otherwise he stands ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE against Nole whom I frighteningly expect to come out firing on all cylinders tomorrow. he’d not think even for a moment to not defeat muzz. So onus is on muzz to think that HE ALSO MUST NOT BE AND CANNOT BE DEFEATED THIS TIME.

This will deicde the match.


Brando Says:

I am actually pretty hopeful about andy and his chances. The way i look at it is like this:

1- He won the olympics: a major title target for ALL the big shots, this year in such a convincing manner- straight setting novak and roger. Mentally, this tourny was a huge boost for him.

2- Post olympics: he withdraw from toronto smartly and played ONE bad match in cincy. It can happen to anyone (remember rafa losing in 1st round last year to dodig at montreal?. Top concern for players post olympics was to be fresh for USO- andy most definitely is.

3- Tougher draw: this tourny he has had to deal with lopez, raonic, cilic and berdych- not an easy route at all. Gradually though he has played better in each match.

4- GS Final experience: He’s played 4 finals already, a USO final previously- so the occasion is one he is used to. Now though, he is in his peak- back to back GS finals surely suggest this. His career arc is moving upwards and tennis is getting better and more assured by the minute. THIS is his best chance to strike.

5- An opponent he matches up well with: Andy’s actually possess THE game that novak dislikes the most- one which possess’s alot of variety and different looks. Andy also has a very good h2h v novak. He beat him convincingly at Dubai and olympics this year, losing ONLY 7-5 in the 5th set at AO- so it shows that he’s got a good matchup with novak (miami, IMHO, he wasn’t hindered by not one but TWO WALKOVERS- so i don’t really read toom much into that one).

6- Court Speed: this is an overlooked aspect. Andy has had ALOT of success v novak on fast courts- Dubai, cincy, even wimby. It seems to favour him more than novak. The Arthur Ashe court is ALOT QUICKER than say Melbourne park- this could make a difference IMHO.

All in all, djokovic is the UNDISPUTED FAV- in most people’s opinion- and most expect andy to lose, so in a sense the pressure is off andy- he can just go all out for glory here!


Huh Says:

well, these days more often than not it’s actully fed n rafa who’re beginning to ook second tier to nole in HCs, to be very honest. so dunno what’s the crap about second tier final posted by tennis-x blog writers.

Huh Says:

”All in all, djokovic is the UNDISPUTED FAV- in most people’s opinion- and most expect andy to lose, so in a sense the pressure is off andy- he can just go all out for glory here!”

but what about the pressure of not losing another final???

moreover, i’ve for sure seen one thing that nole also these days is going ”all out” for the kill, so muzz has to be even more savage in THE match to contain nole. coz IT’S A COMMON KNOWLEDGE NOW that NOLE’S A GODDAMN FIGHTER AND SICK SHOTMAKER n PAINFULLY COMPLETE PLAYER who’s fallen in the GOOD HABIT OF KICKING BUTTS OF RIVALS!

Brando Says:


Novak is OBVIOUSLY NOT 2nd tier, hell we do not need tennis-x or any other writer to tell us that- the ATP ranking is good enough!

HOWEVER, in terms of fame, popularity, standing/ stature, ability to bring the crowds to the stadium novak and others are STILL BEHIND fed and rafa.

I DO NOT SEE THIS AS ANYTHING CONTROVERSIAL about this- as it is obvious reality that even novak would admit too!

I think this is what the writer was referring to- read the article again, and look at the context in which he wrote it.

That being said, the 2nd tier comment was undobutedly, IMO, a misstep- possibly in bad taste!

It was uncalled for unnecessary really to write such a thing- as some can interpret it as an offensive statement regarding their fav.

Huh Says:

actually all the pressure this time is on muzza. the sky’s not gonna fall on nole at all even if he loses, absolutely nothing’s gonna happen to nole by one loss here! he’s won so much and has been playin so well for the last 2 years that few would even question him on a loss here. I think everybody’s gonna cut nole slack if he loses just one final at this point and in this circumstance.

but all hell may break loose on muzz if he(god forbid!) loses this final also!

i couldn’t be any more worried for muzz right now! :(

Brando Says:


Andy has to forget about the possibility of losing another final- he has to go for the win, sensing this as a fantastic oppurtunity for him- and i think he is seeing it as such.

And so what if he were to lose (hope not)? His career is getting better by the minute: he’s 25, in his peak period, olympic winner, and back to back GS finalist- so to me he’s on the up as far as his career is concerned.

Re Novak’s complete game: SO WHAT? that is what andy has to think. Rafa’s game in comparison to roger’s is a very distant 2nd yet rafa has still won morfe than his fair share of the big matches v roger.

Why can andy not do the same? I think he can.

I’ll put it like this: as complete as novak’s game is, andy’s game is the virus that can cause novak’s game to malfunction! :-)

Kimmi Says:

congrats to novak. ferrer probably thinking his chance was yesterday..too bad they had to stop.

does murray have a chance tomorrow? i hope so.

jimmy Says:

I agree Huh, Nole has developed that “eye of a tiger” look, and he enjoys breaking the hearts of top players in big moments.

Margot Says:

Ivan has told Andy to go and “have fun.” We all know the kind of tennis Andy can play when he is confident and relaxed so I’m hoping he can bring his best A game to the final.
Seconding, or should that be second tiering lol, Wog Boy, hoping for a terrific match just to prove that all is not lost without Roger and Rafa…;)

Huh Says:


most of the times i think that the man of a soil is just as daring as the soil creates other daring creatures. and there’s no creature in the world more DARING than TIGER, it really is THE BRAVEST. and nole does come from the land of serbia, which is so akin to russia, which creates the dangerous and mighty siberian tigers(and russian brown bear is also a freakish creature damn!). so no wonder novak has got that TIGER in him! :D

Margot Says:

Brando @ 2.21 Lol. Never seen Andy quite like that.
Huh, Lendl told Andy that he will never face the same pressure that he did at the Wimbledon final.
Hope Andy can embrace the pressure of being in a Grand Slam Final. It is a privilege.

Brando Says:


Lol, just thinking STRICTLY POSITIVE nothing else.

Ivan is right: pressure is a privilege, and andy has to privilege tomorrow of playing the USO final and having the oppurtunity to win it.

I think he will! :-)

Huh Says:

of course brando and mrs. margot:

ANDY IS A TERRIFIC PLAYER, and i think he’s closer in terms of talent to fed, safin n nalby than nole. but that’s not fully reflected in his game which still is spoken in the breath of counter-punchin. but to the contrary, while nole’s almost as talented, his game is just so much more aggressive, just so much more mentally strong and hungry nole is. novak when willing, fights like a HELLISH TIGER!

but as you say, and even I’ve seen, no one plays shots as smooth, as classically and aesthetically and as effortlessly in this age of power tennis as muzz(and only fed is better), and his court coverage, spped is also jjust outstanding! some of muzz shots are just OUTRAGEOUSLY OUT-OF-THE-WORLD! so i just keep hopin, even thou novak might want to say somethin about my hopin n wishin for muzz win.

jimmy Says:

Serbia is a land that provided invasion routes for armies over the centuries, I have been told, so the people are very tough.

Novak’s whole background in living through a war and overcoming a lack of a national tennis culture, as well as having the whole weight of his family’s expectations on him, the oldest son – and overcoming all that – tells you that despite the clown mask he sometimes wears, he is one tough kid.

Giles Says:

If Murray doesn’t win tomorrow I hate to think what this will do to him mentally. His on court demeanour is still very iffy.

Huh Says:

”I’ll put it like this: as complete as novak’s game is, andy’s game is the virus that can cause novak’s game to malfunction! :-)”

hmm, i see then that you brando and I are on the same boat! ;)

Brando Says:


Of course- and we’ll sail happily to tennis nirvana, with a andy murray GS win 2moro! :-)

Huh Says:


you’re right, Nole’s definitely TOUGH!

Margot Says:

Giles, if Andy doesn’t win tomorrow he will cope with that all the better for having Lendl at his side. And bring on the AO next, say I.
Huh, Nole is a tiger, but Andy is a wolf, full of cunning,guile and stealth….;)

Huh Says:

dear brando:

may your words come true, and oh, you speak in style: tennis nirvana, ah! sounds so good! just love it! :D

Mila Says:

So what if Myrray loses tomorrow and it does something to him “mentally”! It’s pathetic to read how everyone is concern for his mental state…
Who cares, he still makes millions more than all of you who are so concerned for his fragile soul.

If anyone asked Novak after he beats Murray what that does to Andy mentality and how would affect Andy’s future career, Nole should answer quoting Red Buttler from “Gone with the Wind” – frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn…

Finally, with respect to super-nice Murray’s fans Jane and Margot, I assure you Andy will be the same guy win or lose tomorrow. Life goes on, and he knows it.

Huh Says:

Mrs Margot:

you could’ve compared Andy to something better at least! what??? a wolf??!! lol ;)

I’d rather say Andy’s a Crocodile! just so damn unpredictable! Mighty at one point and totally useless at another! ;)

Huh Says:


who’s tellin you to read then? scroll down if you don’t want.

if this is so pathetic, then i must say it was even more pathetic to read the fake concerns put forward by nole fans previously for his so-called problems(even thou that was no real concern at all), but then others hardly objected.

but now you’re so mad if real concerned murray fans/admirers are expressing their concern about the real possible problem of muzz??!!


Margot Says:

Huh, but I love wolves, highly intelligent, sinewy, super fit, hunting predators , a bit like Andy, in fact..;)
What’s not to like?…..;)
Mila, yes of course but…Andy went into a terrific slump after one AO loss and didn’t come out for months so I wouldn’t want that to happen again.

Huh Says:

Mrs. margot

i only wanted you not to compare andy with wolf while comparing nole to tiger is coz a wolf is in fact no comparison to a tiger. sometimes even a pack of wolf cannot beat a tiger. it’s not coz only that tiger’s stronger, but also coz tiger’s THE BRAVEST!

But other than that, wolf are actually fantastic animals, they fascinate me always with the mysticism attached to them in folklores :)

but crocodile’s a totally different beast altogether, more crafty than wolf, but also immensely powerful, sort of a more able rival of tiger IMO! Thats why I said Muzz is Croco! B-)

Wog boy Says:

Grey Wolf,

Absolutely magnificent animal, still lives in mountaines of Serbia.

Kimberly Says:

womens final thread tennisx? This seems to be for the “Nolandy” fans which is great, it is their turn to enjoy the discussion prior to what is sure to be a great final.

I don’t want to clog it up with Vika/Serena talk. If anyone else has interest in chatting WTA that it.

Huh Says:

And Rafa’s a python, squeezes the life out of rivals by running them ragged, and then relishes devouring them! ;)


Huh Says:

only our gannu has realised this secret about fed(apart from me of course), that’s why he calls roger as ”feddy bear”, lol ;)

Huh Says:

Wog Boy

I would love to have those scary teeth of Grey Wolf, so that I can scare away whoever wanna fight with me! ;)

Huh Says:

actually i love cats and their relatives more than doggies…

that cat which lives in some snowy area and is large almost as a female lion and also has similar coat, it’s one of the most amazing creatures!

but if you’re to talk of the king of all monsters living on land, it’s to be that undisputed beast called GRIZZLY BEAR! absolutely unrivalled! this i’m accepting begrudginly even thou i’m not exactly a super fan of bears.

Margot Says:

Huh, tiger sleeps a lot and then my wolf will pounce!
Wog Boy, yes they’re so beautiful, so hunted, so tragic :(

Margot Says:

Am off to watch another super hunter- Indiana Jones!
Bye Huh, see you tomorrow.

Wog boy Says:


Tragic, yes you are right, question is not whether ruther when we wiil be able to see them only on zoo:(

skeezer Says:

“…it is their turn to enjoy the discussion prior to what is sure to be a great final.”

Totally agree. And Haters not welcome. Good luck to both, hope they put on a good show.

alison Says:

I have to say i didnt get to see Murrays match,but im glad he managed to come through after dropping the 1st set,against a very tricky oponent,saw most of the Nole match after the interuption,poor Daveed was playing with the momentum,and nothing against Nole i think it would have been fantastic to have two players in a GS final who had never won a slam,sadly it wasnt to be Daveed will be contemplating what might have been,anyway hoping for a cracking final tomorrow and hope Muzza will break his slam hoodoo,go Muzza.

lazlo Says:

Margot, sounds like a poster on here.

Mila, Jane always made herself out to be a Novak fan.

Top story: Murray Overcomes Hurkacz In Vienna; Berrettini Gets Into Turin