Rafael Nadal: I Can Feel Improvement In My Knee, It Feels Very Different Now, Playing London Not Impossible [CNN Video]

by Tom Gainey | October 16th, 2012, 10:01 am

Speaking last week during a conference call for the March Madison Square Garden exhibition with Juan Martin Del Potro, the sidelined Rafael Nadal gave an update on his continued rehabilitation, and maybe some hope for a return sooner than later.

“I’m working hard every day to recover as quick as possible,” Nadal said. “Feeling a little bit better now than the first couple of months. I’ve been very, very tough for me, because I feel that my knee didn’t move in the right way, right direction. But today is something different now. I feel the last couple of weeks I can feel the improvement in my knee. It feels very different now. The groove on my knee is something that I really can feel and it’s something that helped a lot of me to keep working hard, to keep doing everyday what I have to do. Today, at the moment, I am working to try to come back to practice in the tennis court for not very long periods of time.”

Since he’s taking things day-by-day in his recovery, Nadal hasn’t officially set a target return event so the upcoming ATP Finals in London hasn’t been ruled out.

“That’s something I will know when my knee is completely without pain,” Nadal said. “It could take 3 weeks, it could take one month and a half, I don’t know. Today what I think is continue with the treatment, continue with the, and when I don’t feel nothing, I’m hoping that will happen soon, I will come back on the tennis court.”

“Impossible? No. Difficult? Yes,” Nadal said of returning for London and the Davis Cup final. “Let’s go day-by-day. After missing the Olympics and after missing the US Open I don’t want to make goals to play a tournament. I want to go day-by-day in the gym and in the swimming pool to continue with my recovery. I’m trying not to think that far and take it day-by-day.”

Even with Andy Murray’s ascension, Nadal said nothing has changed at the top of men’s tennis.

“I really don’t see a big difference,” he said looking ahead to 2013. “Even if Andy doesn’t win a Grand Slam before this US Open Andy was ready to win a Grand Slam. The level was no difference. Now that he won a Grand Slam that is not going to change my thoughts.”

Nadal hasn’t played since a Wimbledon loss to Lukas Rosol on June 28.

The March 4th Tennis Showdown in New York City features Serena Williams against Victoria Azarenka and then Nadal vs. Del Potro.

This past Sunday, Nadal sat down with CNN Spain’s Ana Pastor for this exclusive interview:

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89 Comments for Rafael Nadal: I Can Feel Improvement In My Knee, It Feels Very Different Now, Playing London Not Impossible [CNN Video]

Arun Says:

I dont think Rafa will play the WTF.But i do think Rafa will play Abu Dhabi.He’ll probably use it as a “feeler” tournament considering there are no ranking points involved and considering most of the top players will be there so he could test his game.He’d probably look at how it goes there and decide whether he wants to play the AO or not.I wouldnt be surprised if he plays Acapulco next year(considering its before the clay season starts ).Im guessing heis schedule’d look somewhat like this:Acapulco,Exhibition match against Delpo,Miami(where the courts are slow) and then the clay season

Brando Says:

LMAO, IF rafa ever decides to have something for his Tombstone, then it should be this, as it sums the guy up so well:

“Impossible? No. Difficult? Yes”.

As a rafa fan, hope he doesn’t play at WTF- he’s got ZERO chance of doing anything or gaining anything there.

Reckon he’ll ONLY return once 2013 season starts.

Giles Says:

Rafa will definitely not play in the WTF. He hasn’t even returned to training yet. Am sure he will play in Abu Dhabi and then Doha.

Brando Says:

P.S: The interviewer is one fine lady- very foxy.

She also seems very CONCERNED and ATTENTIVE to rafa’s physical condition. :-)

Brando Says:

lol: Nole has fallen under it’s spell and now it seems the ENTIRE sporting world: It’s a Gangnam Style world- we just live in it:


jane Says:

Brando, I prefer “Here lies a fierce competitor who never backed down: this is the true, no?” ;)

skeezer Says:

Giles & Brando,

I agree plus it really doesn’t make since. He has some of his worse moments at WTF and why start off on a fast court that is hard on his knees? Better to start off slow and on so not so important tourneys to get match tough again, then the assault begins at AO.



Re: Tombstone

“Impossible? No. Difficult? Yes”.”

LOL…right on!

dari Says:

hahahaha, Brando! and not bad to you, too, Jane.

Geeze, I just can’t wait for Rafa to come back and all the top guys to be together in a tournament!

Tz Says:

Forget the WTF and rest more. Just come back in 2013 and play throughout the year. I hope that u and fed play many more times next year. I miss the fedal matches even though the results are not in fed’s favor. I’ve started to miss it badly as i’m getting allergic to NOLANDY matches!

trufan Says:

Same old sincere sounding but insincere statements from Nadal.

London is less than 3 weeks away. For sure he knows whether he is playing or not (of course not!). If he has’t started practising yet, how the hell can he suddenly play the YEC on a fast indoor court? Even he knows that. Then why give out this crap?

Second, to say that Murray winning the USO doesn’t matter – is either delusional, or just plain lying. Everyone knows, and can see very clearly, that Lendl has made a difference in Murray’s game this year, and Olympics onwards it really shows. This Murray is not the same Murray that Nadal beat repeatedly earlier. I hope Nadal realizes that, otherwise he is in for a rude shock when they play the next time!!

As for Nadal’s knee, its going to be just fine until he loses another match to a lower ranked player. Then, suddenly, the knee injury will reappear.

As for his six month break now, I think Yannick Noah has something to say about that…..

Alok Says:

@Tz, agree with you. I don’t find any excitement and/or anticipation when they play. Break-fest, UFEs and waiting for the other to miss.

Alok Says:

@tz: I was referring to NolAndy matches, and the allergic responses @1:49pm.

Margot Says:

When Andy and Nole play each other it’s like a wonderful tennis chess match. I personally find it engrossing.
And when you have the two best ROS players in the
game playing each other, you are going to have a lot of broken service games. One of Andy’s returns clocked 104 mph. That’s insane.
Fed served 3 doubles in one game against Andy. The comms, not me, were putting that down to the fact that Andy was repeatedly threatening his serve.
Of course if folk would rather watch a match between Raonic and Isner, that’s entirely up to them. It’s horses for courses, after all.
I know which I prefer.

alison Says:

Margot definetly not,i would rather watch Nole/Andy,Nole/Rafa,Rafa/Fed,anyday.

Tz Says:

@alok, same reasons here . It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one allergic to this nolandy rivalry!

Tz Says:

It’s nice that u find andy and nole matches wonderful :) It’s a sad thing that I don’t :(

Brando Says:


Lol, I like it!


Likewise- would love to see a draw with the top 4 all entered.


Agree fully with your post.

Brando Says:

I’m a firm rafa fan, miss the guy not playing at the moment.

YET, this nolandy rivalry, for me, has been nothing short of COMPELLING.

The evolution of Andy especially in the last few months, has eased the loss of rafa not being on the circuit- WAY MORE than i initially thought it would.

Nolandy- IMHO, as matchup is MORE COMPELLING than fedal, rafole or any other matchup in the top 4: since their matches are GENUINELY 50/50 affairs, with BOTH their games being extremely similar and familiar to one another. NEITHER player has a strategic advantage over the other in this rivalry.

It’s really tough to pick between these- the last 3 matches have shown that the difference between the two is pretty much ZERO!

So as a rafa fan, I am MORE THAN HAPPY to have a few more andy v novak contests before rafa’s return- since their nothing short of COMPELLING tennis matches, which leave the tennis enthusiast on the edge of their seat thinking:

‘It’s war between these two- BUT who on earth is going to win?’

Alok Says:

How did Raonic and Isner come into this? Are they top 4? LOL.

Not everyone likes to see a ball-bash fest. Some of us like it smooth, and that’s why we watch the Fed.

Murray put pressure on Fed’s serve? LOL.I suppose he held Fed’s hand and guided the toss and serve out of the serve box? A returner can only put pressure on the serve when it hits the box.

Alok Says:

Of course it’s to each his own. That said, why jump on others for expressig their likes and/or dislikes? Par for the course when on a forum. We can’t all like the same players.

I don’t find their matches compelling at all. geez, I coud go to the refrigerator, pour a glass of water, and return to the match. And, guess what, they are still bashing away on the same point. 25-30 shots, each, with 32 and 29 secs in between points. Is it any wonder they need so much time to catch their breath to serve for the next point, and why a 3 setter has to run clolse to 4 hour?

racquet Says:


Alok Says:

@Tz: There are many who don’t care for their matches. One only has to visit some popular forums for other posters’ reaction to their match.

alison Says:

Alok of course its each to his own,that said,why jump on others for expressing their likes and/or dislikes?par for the course when on a forum.we cant all like the same players,exactly no offence but thats exactly what you are doing,if you dont find their matches compelling fair enough thats your opinion,but other people see things differently and thats their opinion.

alison Says:

You have a choice in this world if you dont feel compelled when watching a match then dont watch it,simple really,no one forces anyone to watch it.

trufan Says:

Agree with you fully Alok!

That’s why I think 2013 will be the year when these three (Djoke, Murray, Nadal) will just grind each other so much that someone with a real attacking fast game will come through and win a slam. I think we will see a new slam winner in 2013 (outside of these 4 – they all shared the 4 this year, for the first time).

Who will it be? Delpo, Raonic, maybe Berdych or Tsonga? Or someone totally new like Becker? I do hope someone fresh comes along. With Federer so old, he will probably play less next year – its going to become like womens tennis.

I REALLY hope Raonic sorts out his head and becomes more consistent, and DelPo gets his wrist in order. Both of them can do some serious damage, and are younger.

Alok Says:

trufan, I also hope to see Raonic and DelPo do something more than this year. Poor Delpo he hits the ball too hard for his slender wrists to handle.

a while back I had holped Tsonga would do something worthwhile and be a consistent force, but he’s too erratic.

I’d love to see someone with an all-round game that can end points quickly break through and give us some variety.

trufan Says:

Would be really nice to see a “Becker” type player just show up suddenly. Boy, did he take Wimbledon 1985 by storm – what a talent! And flair, personality, game… There were no boring rallies when he played.

Had he been as disciplined and hard working as Federer, he would have won many more slams.

“First strike tennis” has become so rare and unrewarding in today’s game. Main reason is the slowing down on many surfaces. They changed the grass mix at Wimbledon in 2002 which really slowed it down (they also made the surface harder). Then AUS open was redone, much slower than before. USO still remains fast. Its nearly impossible to serve and volley these days. They have also changed the balls at some tournaments to make them slower.

I am not saying we should go back to the Sampras-Ivanisevic style tennis (Serve-volley-done). That was boring too. But this Murray-Nadal-Djoke endless rallying is boring too. Can’t we have something in the middle?

Safin-Federer – now that was a treat to watch. Just enough of everything to make it fun to watch.

the DA Says:

@ alison – “if you dont feel compelled when watching a match then dont watch it”

Exactly. But that would take the joy out of her whining about them.

alison Says:


dari Says:

am Brando parrot today, I also am impressed with how well andy has filled the role of rafa in his absence. I don’t mean to say they are all that similar or interchangeable, but he has not disappointed in being a worthy rival to and beating novak and fed.
that is why I am so curious to see what happens when they are all in the draw together again, can andy keep his number three spot and go further, or will rafa storm back and take everyone out? 2013 will be interesting…
I have left out questions about fed and novak because each are in a less transitional state than andy and rafa, IMO, but of course how they will do is a huge part of the story, I am just more intrigued by the rafa/murray questions!
and poor fed is just gonna keep getting older, hope he gets at least one slam in 2013

*** speaking of swiss and old- 15 year old swiss girl bencic got beat by 32 year old venus today in luxembourg, but the young one showed some good fight-would be nice for swiss tennis to continue to have a star after hingis and fed

the DA Says:

“Murray put pressure on Fed’s serve? LOL”

From Federer’s presser in Shanghai:

Q: “On the serve, was that the area of your game you perhaps didn’t get going well enough tonight?”

RF: “Well, I didn’t think it was as bad. Of course, you know, you play a bad game like this, it really stands out. That’s what people are going to talk about.”

“I think I’m playing one of the best return players in the game. So I think he forces you to go there. I mean, I didn’t even try to over-serve that much to be quite honest”

The great man acknowledges it. Take note. Learn.

Alok Says:

Small minds are amused by stupidity.Grow up.

the DA Says:

An ad hominem response is a sure sign of defeat.

Michael Says:

In the interest of competition, I hope to see Nadal soon on the Tennis circuit. His absence has surely created a big void at the top. I am sure he will soon recover and come out with all guns blazing. Good luck to Nadal and his Team. However, I am skeptical about his prospects at the World Tour finals where his record so far has not been that great. I think he should opt for a different tournament when he reenters the circuit preferably Clay to gain confidence and then he could shift to hard courts where he will that extra gear. But Nadal knows well what to do.

Skeezer Says:

“The great man acknowledges it”

So does the greatest(the Maestro). Smaller minds don’t. Fed, class all the wayl

Rafael Says:

anyone who has played tennis will surely get bored by this mindless ball-bashing that has been going on at australian open and now the shanghai open final.

The atp needs to realise that their slowing down surfaces and/or conditions has gone to the other extreme. these matches are as boring as the ace-fests that sampras/ivanisevic used to dish-out. any-time a sport is dominated by defensive minded players [murray and rafa surely are that], it is time for the sport to re-think.

ask yourself this : is football more fun when brazil/france/spain play or when italy plays.

thank goodness djokovic – the more aggressive player won both those matches!

Rafael Says:

what did Fed acknowledge? didn’t he say he did not overserve? which means his serve being off was not because he tried to compensate for murray being a better returner?

I like how fed’s serve is off, because of a guy who has never beaten fed in a grandslam final. Is it possible that because fed is 31, his serve goes off more often than when he was when 25? after-all fed played better returners than murray – go check hewitt and agassi and fed’s serve was always on.

If you let these murray’s fans take credit, they will also claim murray is the reason that the European Union was awarded the nobel prize! LOL!.
There’s saying in our country – beggars feel like they have got a billion bucks even when someone throws a dollar at them. that is how murrays fans are right now! 1GS and they want to convince us that murray is the Greatest player/returner of all time. get real clowns!

Margot Says:

@ the DA 7.15pm
I thought it was fairly well known amongst those who watch tennis regularly, that if an excellent ROS player steps right into the court to receive a second serve, a double fault may occur.
Oh well.
Come back in 5 years time and tell me to “get real” then.
Meanwhile, Que sera sera.

Margot Says:

Andy is No 1: points won returning second serve. BTW Fed is 14
Andy is No 4: return games won.
Nole is 2 or 3 on pretty much everything. He is still playing stellar tennis.
U can check the facts for yourself on:

the DA Says:

@ margot – “I thought it was fairly well known amongst those who watch tennis regularly”

You and I know it, the players know it, the tennis establishment knows it and most of the educated viewers know it.

“Andy is No 1: points won returning second serve”

margot, you should know by now that these guys never let facts get in the way. Birds gotta sing, haters gotta hate.

nilam Says:

By the same token blind devotees gotta be blind. To believe that Federer served three DFs ONLY due to Murray’s brilliant ROS is taking it to the other extreme. You also should take into account the server’s credentials. Hence the shock expressed by most fans. I do not remember anything similar happening even though Federer has played against many brilliant and, arguably, better returners. It could have been due to rust or lack of rhythm or a bad serving day or some pressure due to Murray’s aggressive ROS or a bad back or lack of focus or whatever. We can only speculate. Most probably, it was some combination of some of these factors that led to such an unprecedented event occurring given the fact that Federer’s serve is normally pretty reliable irrespective of how great the returner is. Sure, the returner’s reputation affects the server to an extent and they go for the lines more against the better returners. However, to attribute those DFs to ONLY Murray’s brilliant ROS (it was indeed brilliant)and deeming anyone who disagrees to be a hater is also being slightly uneducated. If such a thing starts happening regularly to Federer against Murray and against nobody else, I will be more willing to believe that Murray’s ROS is the ONLY reason.

the DA Says:

@ nilam – nowhere did I claim the DFs were ONLY due to Murray’s ROS. It was a factor in the match and Fed confirms it.

And I am not deeming anyone who disagrees on this point as a hater. I deem haters according to their posting history and the recurring content of their posts. They know who they are.

Although I’m primarily a Murray fan I don’t think he is beyond criticism as long as it’s fair. I will also counter what I consider to be spurious claims about Rafa and Nole. Fed doesn’t need my help because his record stands for itself and he has a legion of devotees to do it for him.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

I can’t see Rafa playing the WTF or DC, he just doesn’t have time to prepare to compete. AD is a different prospect to put in some semblance of competition and with a round robin format he is guaranteed a few matches.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

trufan, Rafa is not being insincere about his chances of playing competitively before the end of the year, I’m sure it’s not only down to him when he actually announces his participation in the WTF or DC, because they have tickets to sell and he is box office.

As for doubting his sentiments re Murray’s recent successes, Rafa has always said that it was only a matter of time before Murray won a GS. Rafa has always thought that Murray was good enough just unlucky. Yes, he actually did say Murray was just unlucky not to have won a GS.

Apparently, Rafa has agreed to play Acapulco next year.

racquet Says:

This looks fun. Murray, Roddick, Isner, Almagro, Ferrero and Falla will play an exhibition in Nov-Dec at Crandon Park, Miami. Apparently they will paint the court completely white. And it will be televised.


Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

trufan, I like the long compelling rallies. It’s because people got bored with the one/two-point-over senario that they slowed the courts down so that they play some shots, not just a serve fest.

What people are failing to acknowledge is the ability of Nadal, Nole and Murray to make balls that used to be impossible in the past and it’s not just because the courts are slower.

trufan Says:


Long rallies are attractive to watch if there is vareity in the shots they play. If they just keep hitting side to side, flat balls, much like women’s tennis, it soon gets boring.

The ace-volley-done tennis of Sampras Ivanisevic was equally boring.

But it doesn’t mean there isn’t something in between. There’s plenty. Watch some of the Safin-Fed matches. Or watch Becker-Lendl contests. They had some serious vareity in shotmaking, some long rallies, some short points, some aces, some volleys – everything. That’s attractive to watch.

But it needs the players to have a more complete game, rather than just being fit, mentally tough, and have great speed on the court.

As for Nadal’s statements – he talks like a true politician – taking every side of every issue.

Let me post his full quote again below:
“I really don’t see a big difference,” he said looking ahead to 2013. “Even if Andy doesn’t win a Grand Slam before this US Open Andy was ready to win a Grand Slam. The level was no difference. Now that he won a Grand Slam that is not going to change my thoughts.”

It is very clear that Andy’s level of play has moved up in the last six months. He is clearly more aggressive, stronger mentally, and is hitting his forehand much better. To say that he doesn’t see a “big difference” or that level was “no difference (sic)” – he is either lying to himself, or to everyone else.

One thing is for sure. Nadal better “change his thoughts” about Murray, otherwise the next time they meet, he is in for a rude awakening!!

Skeezer Says:

I will never watch a 6 hour match again, no matter how it is played. Ridiculously boring.

Skeezer Says:


Cool. Spice it up says I! Wonder why they didn’t go BLUE? ;)

Giles Says:

trufan. I think what Nadal was trying to say is that Murray’s level of tennis pre- USO was good enough to win a Grand Slam. I, too, think the same and that Murray just needed some luck to clinch a Grand Slam win prior to USO.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

It’s too easy to accuse someone of lying when they can’t answer back. Maybe you are seeing changes in Murray that Rafa hasn’t seen that doesn’t mean he is a liar. Rafa firmly believed that Murray was good enough to win a slam pre Lendl and he hasn’t changed his mind.

alison Says:

I think i must be the only person frustrated and annoyed by the comments on this thread,even from my fellow Rafa fans,claiming Rafa should call time on this season,its pointless playing the WTF,hes never done well there,his chances are zero,hes nothing to gain there,defeats against the top players will destroy his confidence,he should build his season around clay blah blah blah,the CC season aint till spring next year which is months away,if people are saying he should only wait to play on clay,then whats the point in that? IMO he may as well just retire then,hes either a tennis player or hes not a tennis player? dont get me wrong im not saying he should play if hes not fit to play,all im saying is if he is fit to play he should play,ok i might be on a hiding to nothing,and if he gets a beatdown im sure ill hear all about it anyway,but as a fan i believe things can go one way or another,rather than one way,or the predictable way,and i dont believe that never has means never will either,till he retires if he finishes inside the top 8,hes still in with as much chance as any of the others of winning it,i find it quite patronizing when fellow fans believe hes only good enough to win on clay,im sorry but as a fan i have more faith in the guy than that,as i say i might be on a hiding to nothing,but you know what life is full of surprises,and nothing ventured means nothing gained,end of rant.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

alison, the WTF starts in 3 weeks time and the DC finals start immediately after. It’s inconceivalbe to think that Rafa can play in three weeks time when he hasn’t hit a ball for the last 4 months.

Rafa has said it is not possible for him to only play on clay much as he thinks h/c is bad for his knees. There is nothing wrong in him playing Acapulco instead of a h/c 500 event, clay is still tennis. Isn’t it? Those who suggest that he should not play on h/c are just hoping there’ll be no Rafa for their favourite player to worry about.

skeezer Says:

“are just hoping there’ll be no Rafa for their favourite player to worry about.”

So worried, LOL.

mike Says:

I dont like Nadal but i want to see him play London, Tipsarevic is not worthy of a place and it wont be a fair draw when Nole gets him in his pool and Fed and Murray need to deal with one another, then again i assume Nadal wont be much danger even if he does play

so in someway, one of them is gonna get lucky with the draw and 2 of them unlucky, the last few months you must say Djokovic has had the luck of the draw in US Open/Shanghai

nilam Says:

Yes, Djokovic has been very lucky of late. Imagine him and Murray meeting in the semi final of US open and Shanghai and tiring each other out. It would have been tough in Shanghai considering the short turnaround. However, over the course of a long career, such factors tend to even out.

Wog boy Says:

I don’t see any problem if Nole and Andy are in the same group, they will probably make SF regardless of result of their match, but I don’t think Federer is going to be happy knowing that he will have to play one of them in SF, and if he winns probably the other one in Final, that is big ask even for Federer, though he did it in Wimbledon so why not in O2:)

BTW, I don’t think Rafa is going to play DC, Czech might put Rosol on the bench…….. OK….OK…no bad feeling my Rafa fans, just teasing:)

Wog boy Says:

Actually, I would prefer if Nole and Andy are in the same group, that way they will avoid SF clash if they are to make it (SF).

alison Says:

Wogboy dont worry i very much doubt that any sensible Rafa fan worth their salt would actually take any offence to that comment,and i have to say as a Rafa fan i would really relish another Rafa/Rosol match up,to see what would happen and how Rafa would react.

alison Says:

E.I.E.T.M.O i think you misunderstood my post,i know the WTF is only 3 weeks away,and im not suggesting Rafa should go there cold turkey without any warm up tourneys,or that he should play tennis at all unless hes fully fit,none of that was the issue here,the point i was making was how frustated i get when people simply dismiss him out of hand and say why bother?as its not a CC he aint gonna win anyway,whats the point? i just find that quite a negative approach to take about a player whos such a fighter,i dont believe in sKirting around some BS about needing to play on clay to build up his confidence,i believe if hes fit to play he should play wherever or whenever thats all,as i say if im on a hiding to nothing then so be it,no doubt ill be hearing all about it,im not scared of been left with egg on my face,i just think Rafa should be given more credit,ok Rafa may not be the greatest HC player but when he plays he will no doubt give everything his best shot,JMO and no hard feelings to anyone else but i just think people are selling him a little short,and should have a bit more faith in him.

Giles Says:

Rafa has just confirmed his participation in Acapulco next year. Great!!

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

Sorry alison, if I misunderstood you.

I think Rafa is as good a h/c player than the rest of them. People just on’t want to give him credit because he is so dominant on clay. Don’t worry, Rafa’s fans will be smiling, again, soon.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

Wog boy, do you really think Rafa’s fans are scared of Rosol playing against a fit Rafa?

madmax Says:

I don’t think Federer is going to be afraid of playing either Novak or Andy at the 02.

Considering he has bagged 6 of the titles and beaten them both consistently there, he will be going in pretty confident I would say.

I think he has played the same amount of matches as Novak this year, and one more than Andy? (though Novak didn’t play davis cup, Roger did). So my only worry is that he may have overstretched the tournaments. Though, having said that, with the olympics, I think everyone has been on burn out, or will be, come November.

Wow, it was pretty spectacular that Fed had 3 double faults in a row, people just won’t stop talking about it, but who wouldn’t be feeling the pressure that Roger was feeling? Shows he is human. I love it with all this criticism of him from various parties, obviously Fed still sets the bar high and others measure their own favourite’s play by Roger’s, so I see that as constructive.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/tennis/19937642 – listen to the audio about Andy’s reacting to Fed’s double faults.

“the balls were light, so it can be difficult to control the serving”.

I thought Andy played a smasher of a game against Roger. His game plan was perfect, Roger’s wasn’t…and even after playing novak in the final, I thought Andy would win, such was the brilliance of his game. It was such a pleasure to see them both hitting the ball so hard, with such fierce passion. I read a lot, “each to their own”, but if tennis fans didn’t enjoy the mastery and rivalry (which matches now Fed/Novak’s rivalry), then really, there is something missing.

Rafa is missed in the tennis world. I have loved the fed/nadal matches. These two are just great and who knows whether it will ever be the same again?

For now though, it’s novak and andy, and that in itself is pretty special.

I am enjoying the rivalry between novak and andy. I think we all need to get used to this. It is quite a refreshing change, after such a long time.

Thanks to Federer for setting the standard for s long, and at such a high level.

the DA Says:

@ madmax

Good post.

jane Says:

I agree: nice and fair post madmax. :)

Brando Says:


Great post.

Brando Says:

Re Fed going forward, my take:

I think fed should look to end the season on the highest possible note- that is and should be his aim.

Now does that include YE no.1? IMHO, without knowing the maths of it all completely, I think fed should forget the ranking since it’s at the stage where he now needs nole to screw up in order to be YE no.1- just do not see it happening.

Instead, Fed should concentrate on winning the WTF- which he absolutely can as he still is the best indoor player in the world.

Strictly IMO, i think he should skip playing one of Basel or Paris. Since playing those to back to back and then WTF (3 tournies in 3 weeks) is asking quite alot of fed.

Maybe play Basel, skip Paris and then play WTF. Sure he’ll lose points- but at least he’ll be fresh for WTF.

alison Says:

Great post from Madmax as always,well said.

alison Says:

Brando i completely agree,and i think his main focus will be on winning the WTF anyway,hes done what he wanted to do by surpassing the Pete Sampras no 1 record so the pressures off,i think he will be more hungry to win another WTF,hes broke every record there is to break,the only thing left would be to break his own records lol.

Wog boy Says:


Of course not, that was lighthearted joke, I think I was clear in my post what I meant:)

At the time I said Rafa didn’t look right to me, healthwise, in his first round match, and in Rosol match he made only one mustake….he shouldn’t let that match going five sets. Rosol was possessed in that fifth set, even if Nole played on the other side with Rafa Rosol would win, that is how insane was his serving. Even Federer said something that he “loughed”
meaninig he couldn’t believe himself how Rosol played, it wasn’t disrespect or lough at Rafa expence.
The answer is, Rosol was and played like he was possessed, in a case they meet again Rafa will not give him more than few games.


Really nice and fair post:)

Wog boy Says:

“mustake” should be “mistake”

Wog boy Says:

I don’t know, Federer fans knows better, but Federer might have more problems with keeping his motivation high after winning Wimledon and getting back to #1 rather than having any other problems. After all he achieved something that most of us thought he will not. Somebody elaborated nicely that problem, motivation one, few weeks back on the other thread, maybe Skeezer I forgot who was that and I tend to agree with. Maybe Brando is right, he should go for improving another record that will not be broken any time soon, winning YEC, that can motivate him. I still think playing Basel, Paris will not help him winning it, on the contrary.

skeezer Says:

Wog boy,

That was me ;). Toot toot ( just tooted my own horn )

Wog boy Says:


I thought so and after all may memory is not as bad as I thought it is since I started to socialize with that bloke, mmmmm what was his name………..a yes, Alzheimer:)

roy Says:

federer has one of the best serves in the game.

when the level drops on it even slightly, the rest of his game is shown up by the other top 4 and even other top guys.

skeezer Says:

“when the level drops on it even slightly, the rest of his game is shown up by the other top 4 and even other top guys.”

Nice to hear roy. He must have been on on a very high consistent level by winning 17 Slams, maybe like the best ever at it? eh? hehe….

alison Says:

@Giles i suppose Rafa fans should be glad hes playing Accapulco,hmm so what else is new another CC tourney.

Michael Says:

Alison @12.35 PM,

You have a point. If Nadal is ready and fit he should be prepared to play anywhere and may be even the World Tour Finals can be a starting point. My only point was that since he is coming after a long lay off, he can start from a position of strength to boost his confidence levels and he can choose outdoor hard courts where he performs very well if there are no clay tournaments. The WTF is certainly not Nadal’s cup of tea because it is indoor hard court which is Nadal’s weakest and his performance there is nothing home to write about with just one final. In case, he reenters the circuit in November, well then he has a case to play the World Tour finals but that should definitely not be the starting point. I hope Nadal and their team plan this out and start it in the right way.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

roy, I don’t understand your point. If Federer has one of the best serves in the game, that shouldn’t necessarily mean that when the level drops even slightly he is vulnerable to the others in the top 4 unless you are saying his serve is the only good thing about his game.

nilam Says:

I think Roy’s point is not such an unreasonable one. Of the big four, Federer’s ROS is the worst now. It has been that way for some time. He can not break serve as easily or frequently as the other three players. That makes him more dependent on his serve than the others are. His ground game is also not as consistent and he is frequently outplayed in the long rallies. That is quite understandable. He is no spring chicken anymore. With age, the eyesight, movement and reflexes start deteriorating. Federer has no business being number one when the other three are in their prime and much younger than him. It will go down as one of his most remarkable accomplishments and kind of a quirk in the aforesaid context. This will end soon enough and normal order shall be restored when Djokovic regains the top rank in a few days. Federer will likely be number four or worse at this point next year if he continues playing.

alison Says:

Michael fair enough,it was not really what i was getting at,but youve made your point,i just think people are selling him short,but there you go nothing new there.

alison Says:

Michael i think you should read my 7.20am post 18th October,as i think it describes better where i am coming from,as i seem to be flogging a dead horse.

Michael Says:

Alison, Now with Nadal deciding that he will start from Clay, all this speculation ends. I think he has made the right decision to start from Clay. But I am quite shocked that he is not playing the Australian Open. That is a huge blow yet again to Tennis buffs who are eagerly awaiting his return. This is not the right decision I would say if he is skipping a major.

Giles Says:

Michael. Who said Nadal is not playing AO? News to me.

alison Says:

Michael ive not heard anything about him skipping the AO,like Giles said news to me? You dont get what im trying to say though,i dont believe he should play till hes fully fit,or go to a tourney cold turkey,that was not really my issue,im just irritated that people dont believe hes good enough to win on a HC,and therefore take the view that he shouldnt bother,still if as you say he isnt playing the AO anyway its all moot,hey ho, sie la vie.

alison Says:

^Sorry C,est la vie duh^.

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