Sam-urai Querrey Slays “Darth Djokovic” In Paris Stunner [Video]

by Staff | October 31st, 2012, 3:11 pm

Novak Djokovic’s attempt at humor backfired today when the Serb, who entered the court wearing a Darth Vader mask in recognition of Halloween, was upset by Sam Querrey 0-6, 7-6, 6-4 in the second round of the Paris Tennis Masters.

With the backing of the “Empire”, Djokovic was in total control early leading 60, 20 before losing command.

“I got off to a great start but I always knew that the problem today would be the continuity of my energy,” Djokovic said. “I’ve had a difficult past few days and I could feel it straight away in the second set – I just had nothing left. These were personal problems that I don’t really want to talk about right now but looking on the bright side, this at least gives me some extra days off to recover and prepare for the end of the season.”

According to reports Djokovic’s father, Srdjan, has been in the hospital fighting a respiratory viral illness:

“Srdjan has pulled through, the worst is behind him” and he may be discharged from the hospital in about 10 days, said Goran Djokovic, Srdjan’s brother, in a phone interview with Bloomberg News earlier today.

After nine unsuccessful tries, Querrey earned his very first win over a Top 3 player.

“It was a little embarrassing,” Querrey admitted about the poor start. “I walked over to where Casey, my physio/chiropractor sits with my girlfriend and Casey’s wife, and I said, ‘I hope I can get two games in this set.’

“Once I got the two games I kind of settled down,” he said. “I was like, ‘Okay, that’s all I want.’ But then I got rolling and got more confidence and started serving better and being a little more aggressive.”

Djokovic, who had won 10 straight matches coming into Paris, will now have four days off to prepare for the year-end ATP Finals in London where he’ll be the top seed. Djokovic is also confirmed as the 2012 No. 1 ranked player.

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22 Comments for Sam-urai Querrey Slays “Darth Djokovic” In Paris Stunner [Video]

Joel Says:

Either something is wrong with that scoreline, or it played for one set too many.

trufan Says:

Fed must be thinking – damn, I should have played Paris!! He could have kept his No. 1 ranking had he won Paris now!!

Anyway, this makes it a bit easier for him to get back the No. 1 ranking at the AUS open. Though I don’t think he will sweat too much for it anymore.

As for Djoke – regardless of reasons, it doesn’t bode well for London. Murray must be energized by this!!

the_mind_reels Says:

Yes, Joel — Querrey, not Djokovic, won the second set tiebreaker.

Polo Says:

Federer would probably not regret not playing Paris. He would have been so worn out to play well at the year end championship. The end point will still be not getting the number one ranking. By resting this week, he may at least get the year end win. Federer is a smart guy. His every move is well thought out.

Alok Says:

I think Fed made the right decision to withdraw from Paris. If he did otherwise, he would have had to play 3 weeks back to back and that’s too much tennis for him at this stage of his career. Should he win the WTF he’ll probably set another record that might never be broken.

I think Fed playing in Basel can be seen as a warm-up for the WTF.

Anna Says:

Wow! surprise, surprise, Novak is human afterall!!! Cant’t be a WINNER ALL THE TIME Novak! Well done to Sam Querrey – what a comeback!!!! Agree with you Polo, – not playing in Paris, has given Roger a good rest, ready for London. Go Roger!!!

Polo Says:

Federer will be rested and so will Djokovic. They both lost their last matches. Both will be fresh, ready and eager for the year-end championship. It should be interesting.

The other contenders, unless they all lose tomorrow will probably too tired to play very well.

Federer vs Djokovic for the finals. Hopefully.

Robert Says:

Federer should have played Paris. Fact: he could easily have won the first and second-round matches, gained points, then withdraw with a faux injury. Or, he could have ground it out. Three weeks in a row? Big deal. The season’s almost over; the WTF only includes the top 8, so in a way there’s less pressure…you’re going to lose to someone reputable if you do lose. NOT playing and giving up the #1 ranking without a fight is a disrespect to the game and to the fans.

Polo Says:

Federer probably wants to rest. Spend some time with the family. The twins are growing up fast. Maybe they would like to go trick-or-treating for Halloween. Those times with your kids are precious. You can never get them back once they have passed. He has enough titles and records already.

alison Says:

Polo he seems to have the balance just right,juggling family and career,im trying to imagine him saying your grounded or go to your room to the girls lol.

alison Says:

Come to think of it,im trying to imagine Roger going door to door with those two little girls saying trick or treat.

Polo Says:

alison, all those people who they go trick-or-treating will have the best and most memorable Halloween treats in their lives. Unless they think it is just some father wearing a Roger Federer mask. Hmmm, if I had twin girls, I would probably do that.

alison Says:

Polo lol yeah me too,twins run in my family actually too,my father in law was one,although i never had kids,and a fortune teller once told me if i had kids id have 2 kids and only be pregnant once.

Wog boy Says:

If my memory is right, this was more or less repeat of last year match in Basel agains Nishikori, Nole started well then lost second set in TB and then Nishikori bageled him in the third, and Nole came out in the mask too (methinks), was it Joker one?

Maybe he shouldn’t play when Halloween is on:)

Kimmi Says:

hmnmm, was it sam doing some magic or djokovic not on his own?

sam has a great FH if it works..and the serve is good too. Congrats to him..

Darth Djokovic Feels The Force From Querrey At Paris; Murray, Ferrer, Del Potro Advance Says:

[…] Paris tournament lost its third big name as top seed Novak Djokovic was stunned in his opening match by American Sam Querrey 0-6, 7-6, 6-4 today at the Paris Tennis Masters. Djokovic’s loss further damages a tournament […]

courtside Says:

As for Djoke – regardless of reasons, it doesn’t bode well for London. Murray must be energized by this!!

Energized by what? He had match points again–and blew it like he did at the last two tourneys.

volley Says:

>>and blew it like he did at the last two tourneys.

yes, but the important thing is he didn’t blow it at a slam.

courtside Says:

You’re right, volley. He only did it at Tokyo, Shanghai and Paris.

lee green Says:

top players cannot always be up for minor events but djock was clearly down on his dads operation, expect him or fed to win in london

volley Says:

yes courtside dear, but it’s not as serious as doing it a slam for 2 years in a row. the last guy who did that got over it. this too shall pass.

Margot Says:

If Andy can’t do Slams and Masters, so be it.
He has enough Masters already.
Bring on the Slams, YAY!

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