Are These The 10 Best Shots Of The 2012 ATP Season? [Video]
by Tom Gainey | November 29th, 2012, 1:46 pm

The ATP, the governing body of men’s, has compiled a video montage of their 10 best shots on their circuit from this year. Here’s the rundown:

10. Michael Llodra’s nifty drop shot against Juan Martin Del Potro (Marseille).

9. Rafael Nadal makes a stab volley winner against countryman Fernando Verdasco (Madrid).

8. Carlos Berlocq smokes a passing shot by Mardy Fish (Cincinnati).

7. Tommy Haas shows off his touch in a win over Roger Federer in the Gerry Weber final (Halle).

6. Rafael Nadal makes a phenoma-nadal lob over Florian Mayer (Rome).

5. Novak Djokovic displays his defense and speed against Robin Haase (Monte Carlo).

4. Roger Federer conjures up a magical pass against Novak Djokovic at the Masters (London).

3. Novak Djokovic hits a tweener, then a sublime drop shot to win the point against Andy Murray (Shanghai).

2. Newcomer Jerzy Janowicz proves he’s more than just a power player with a unbelievable half-volley flick shot winner off the baseline against Janko Tipsarevic (Paris).

1. Baby Federer Grigor Dimitrov lived up to his nickname hitting an incredible behind-the-back volley against Viktor Troicki (Basel).

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46 Comments for Are These The 10 Best Shots Of The 2012 ATP Season? [Video]

Brando Says:

Yep, this was on the ATP site yesterday.

IMO the top 2 deserve to be seen as the best shots as they really were outrageous in many different ways.

Ben Pronin Says:

I think 4 should be higher than 2. The shot from Janowicz was pure luck. No way he purposely directed the ball that way, he just stuck his racket out. Federer hit that forehand cross court intentionally. And it looks like, somehow, Dimitrov hit that drop shot intentionally, so it definitely deserves to be number 1.

Number 7 is crazy, too.

alison Says:

All absolutely superb points played,all are very talented players,that many times make one gasp in appreciation,love the list but have to say i agree with Ben,that CC FH was outstanding,and IMO deserves to top the list alongside the Dimitrov shot,but deffinetly a great list.

Ronald Gaines Says:

I have to agree that the shot of the year was by young Grigor, but I enjoyed watching every one of them. Great clips!!!

skeezer Says:

Cool stuff. Is anyone watching Tennis Channels 100 greatest of all time? Wonder who the top 5 will be. They are on 40-21.

alison Says:

Skeezer would love to watch it,unfortunatly i dont get it where i am.

Tennis Guy Says:


Didn’t they already do it? I think Fed’s 2 and Laver’s 1.

As for the shots,

The Fed-Djokovic final in London has atleast 3 or 4 shots that could easily slot in the top 10.

Grigor deserves the honour, though! Easily the shot of the year!

skeezer Says:

@Tennis Guy

This may have been a replay, but first time I’ve seen it airing. If Laver is #1 I don’t agree but won’t complain. Laver is still a huge figure for the record books, and has remained the best ever for decades. A very unique and talented guy in his time. However, Laver himself said Fed is the best ever. Go figure.

Still very interested who they put in the top 5.

skeezer Says:

Don’t think the top 2 should have been there. It was more reflex than skill, imo, but great shots nontheless

That said, there was some great shots by the losers of the point, notably;

-Verdasco behind the back BH crosscourt

-Federer behind the back lob while running to the back of the court ( Tennis players know how difficult that shot was….insane! )

And, ok you all know I am biased, but Feds FH cross court while chasing the ball running towards the back end of the court was friggin a wonder shot.

Alok Says:

I’m enjoying watching the 100 great shots on TC. It brings back so many great memories of past matches. Good stuff.

Alok Says:

If I’m not mistaken, beginning in December @8:00 pm EST,every night for the entire month, TC will be airing top 30 matches. Will be fun to watch.

jane Says:

All amazing shots, but WOOT! for Nole’s tweener/dropper combo. :))

lasslo Says:

If I had it, I would tune in. Too bad.

Possum Says:

Excellent viewing and a couple a points:
1. Some of the shots in the rally were actually better than the winning one, e.g. the Fed lob running flat out backwards.
2. With the super light racquets in the hands of big men, tennis shot making is becoming more like one sees in badminton.

alison Says:

Alok Do you know if it will it be shown in the UK?

Tz Says:

top 5 comebacks of the year by ATP. I think novak’s comeback against murray should’ve been number 1. What u say??

skeezer Says:

Novak has had his share of great come from behind wins….

Brando Says:

Yep, I’d go with Novak v Muzza @Shanghai also.

Giles Says:

It is no. 9 for me – Rafa’s stab volley!’

Tz Says:

Novak’s got an unique NEVER SAY DIE game. When he is facing match point or being served for the match by his opponent, all i can see is he’s frustrated (judging his facial and physical expression). He seems to have given up. Like he knows defeat is inevitable, he can’t win. But actually at that moment he has a different thought in his mind which u can only know when u see him breaking back and go on to win the match. It’s not like he’ll always come back from two sets down or saving several match points. But against him, players have to bear in mind that “THE GAME’S NOT OVER UNTIL THE LAST POINT”. I hope next year roger will keep this thought in his mind

alison Says:

TZ completely agree,Novaks such a tenacious player,one that can never be written off,until the final point is played,sometimes maybe he has a slice of luck who knows doesnt matter really anyway?they all do at times,have to say nothing against Novak but i really felt for Joe and Andy in those matches that you mentioned,but the winner wins and the loser loses,its as cut and dried as that,he was down a set and a break against Delpo at the WTF,and a break down in both sets against Roger at the same tourney,Noles been the comeback kid this year,still hes worked hard for his success and deserves it.

alison Says:

Novak was deffinetly the best player at the AO final no two ways about it,he was actually 5 2 down against Rafa in that final set,as a Rafa fan i knew Nole was still going to win the match though,a combination of Noles fantastic returning,and Jamies dodgy or in this case not so dodgy predictions already had me convinced that Novak would win anyway.

Tz Says:

he also was in some bad situations at the AO last year in the semi against roger. He saved the only break point of the 1st set, took it to the TB and won it 7-6. He was down 2-5 in the second set but went to win 7-5. Similar thing happened at the FO semi this year. Down a break in the 1st set, won it 6-4. Then 2-4 in the second, won it too. I know roger wasn’t at his best (maybe he had physical issues, but he did not say anything about having any) but nole wasn’t either. . I think novak makes these comebacks against roger more than he does to others. For example, take USO 10,11, specially the latter one.
IMO, He barely misses any opportunity. I think novak is the ultimate opportunist of the game right now and it’s one big reason for his heroic comebacks. For example, look at USO final 2010. I think he broke rafa 3 out of 3 chances. While rafa missed many break points. If novak hadn’t converted those break points, rafa nadal might’ve won it 6-2, 6-2, 6-2 and be the first player to win two different grand slam in a year without dropping a single set!

Tz Says:

** “I know roger wasn’t at his best, nole wasn’t either” this line is for the Roland Garros match. Not the AO

alison Says:

TZ yeah good point,just goes to show how close some of these matches can be,a few points here and there,small margins decide the difference between success and failure between the top players,just goes to show how great Nole is especially on a HC,and although its not his best surface Rafas no slouch there either.

Brando Says:


Rafa was 4-2 up in the decider- not 5-2.

He was 4-2 up, 15-0 on serve and missed the most easiest of BH possible.

There with an open court in front of him. His reaction immediately after the miss, made me think he’ll lose today.

Had he won that point- he should have- 30-0 and considering that he won the next point, 40-0 was there for the taking.

And considering how his serving was very good at that point in the match rafa really should have been 5-2 up in the 5th- no doubt about it IMO.

5-2 up serving well, 3 opportunities to win the match and remember in the final game of the match rafa still had a BP- i think rafa would have won the match.

Unfortunately, As Ben mentioned in the YEr review blog- rafa CHOKED at the end for me. And alot of commentators say it was due to that bad BH MISS- and i have to say i agree!

5-2 v in the 5th with a firing rafa is ALOT TOUGHER to turn around than being one break behind and 15-15 in a game where rafa has just made a shocker of a miss!

Oh well, it’s done with now and nole deservingly won and rafa got the mental boost he needed v nole from the match!

All is well!

jane Says:

I guess, from another perspective, Nole was also ahead in the in the 4th set and had Rafa at love-40 in one game, so it could’ve been over in 4 sets. And even when Nole broke back in the 5th it was still just even i.e., back on serve. Nole still had to break again to win it.

From my take on the AO final, Nole and Rafa were both comeback kings and consummate warriors, not chokers. There were such great points and they were both so committed to the win, which is what drove the match into the wee hours, and which lead to the fact that neither of them could comfortably stand at the end. It was really something!

Alok Says:

@lasslo: I wish you could get TC also. Perhaps you can try the live streaming. I know TC has live streaming during the GS and MS(?)streaming, so maybe you can try viewing that way.

I called TC and left a message for them to email me the info on streaming etc. on those matches. If, and when I receive the info I will post it on this thread.

@alison: See above to lasslo.

Also here’s TC’s site address.

Good luck.

alison Says:

Brando/Jane yeah you both make great points in your posts,no right or wrong answer really,as the saying goes ebbs and flows,shame someone had to lose that match,although i must admit Nole was the better player,so justice was done IMO.

alison Says:

Alok thankyou,interesting poll on that link,on who will win their 1st GS next year,Ferrers the favorite,who knew,would love to see Daveed bag a GS,you never know i suppose hmm.

Alok Says:

Anyone watching 2001, R16 Wimbledon Sampras/Fed match?

Humble Rafa Says:

Did something good happen to Jon Wertheim.

Humble Rafa Says:

OK, I found it. My admirer Jon Wertheim has been named executive sports editor of Sports Illustrated. However, he will continue to praise me via his mail bag. I have to say, I like his “baguette” better.

skeezer Says:


Yeah I was watching it. Amazing how Feds game changed so much from then, no? Brilliant stuff.

By the way, TC’s top 100 players of all time. Who’s #1?

RF of course!

skeezer Says:

^ to add that win over Sampras was significant. Sampras was in top form, and Sampras won his final slam a year later (USO), although his run at Wimby was over at the hands of RF.

jane Says: has a feature on tournaments of the year, and there are some nice pictures of Andy M, re: Olympics. They are also doing a feature on “What’s Next?” for all the Top Ten players in the WTA and ATP for anyone interested. So far they have finished up to #8. Interesting reading.

Sidney Says:

Thanks for the info on ‘s feature. But I when I saw that it was Bodo’s feature, I quickly stopped reading and moved on. His crap is not worth my time. Tennis-x is much better, even the fan comments (with a few exceptions, specifically the racist ones) are way better than Bodo’s garbage.

jane Says:

Yeah, he’s not my favourite writer either Sidney, but the idea of reviewing each of the top ten like that is a good one, so I’ll probably just follow it through anyhow. :)

Alok Says:

@skeezer, I’m happy someone else shared my experience and thanks for your input.

I never got to see that match as I was away at college(freshman) and had other things to focus on other than tennis.

Anyway, what grabbed my attention was the pace both players played at. And, there wasn’t the towelling off after points as we see nowadays. Both Pete and Fed just wiped the sweat away with their finger, and played to the server’s pace.

I also liked that both guys just played within themselves and not allow other extraneous stuff bother them. Even at the young age of 19, Fed had the maturity we still see.

In other words, the match was awesome. Fed came to the net often. The two negatives I saw though, which still happens today, is Fed’s inability to convert often on BPs and he also had some FH shanking. Also, both guys kept the points haort, not engaging in long rallies.

I repeat, the match was awesome.

Alok Says:

Bodo is a very good writer IMO.

Alok Says:

“haort”, should read short.

lasslo Says:

Alok, thanks for the information about TC.
Amazing how young Fed looked back then.

Alok Says:

@lasslo, you’re welcome. I hope it works out for you.

Yes, Fed looked young and very muscular, especially his shoulders.

Humble Rafa Says:

When people have time, they waste it by idol worship. Hard work and perseverance..have you heard those words?

skeezer Says:


“When people have time, they waste it by idol worship.”

Yes this is true. The man in the mirror u always see is……you. Enjoy yourself in your psuedo self …….xoxo.

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