Roger Federer Has A Laugh Watching Wozniacki Imitate Serena In Sao Paulo [Video]

by Tom Gainey | December 11th, 2012, 1:06 pm

What happens when tennis players have too much time on their hands? They play exhibitions. And when they play exhibitions they often do crude, though sometime hilarious, imitations of their fellow players.

As part of a sponsored pro tennis tour across South America, Caroline Wozniacki pulled out a Serena Williams imitation during her match against Maria Sharapova in Sao Paulo last Friday night. (Serena was also in attendance!)

The Dane’s effort even sparked a smile from the on-looking Roger Federer.

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12 Comments for Roger Federer Has A Laugh Watching Wozniacki Imitate Serena In Sao Paulo [Video]

alison Says:

I wonder what Serena will make of Wozniakis impression,like Noles theres no harm or foul,just players relaxing in the off season,and both Roger and Maria both found it quite funny too.

Giles Says:

Wozniaki just craves attention and she actually thinks she is funny. She even imitated Rafa cramping while he was in a press conference at the US Open last year. I hope Serena gives her a spanking on court when next they meet!!

alison Says:

Giles oh rest assured Serena will spank Woz when they next meet on court,she tends to do that with just about every player across the net these days.

Jack Lewis Says:

Serena should simply show up on court with a balloon and keep jumping around it in futile attempts to pop it…like some moron with no other imitable talents.

alison Says:

Personally i have nothing against Wozniacki,shes friendly to the point of been irritating,its nice to have a bit of fun in the off season,however i do think she would be well advised to concentrate on improving her lack lustre game,after all shes a good battler but has no big weapons ala Serena,Maria,Vika etc,if in fact she wants to win a GS,rather than joking about and been too cutesy IMO.

WTF Says:

Serena wasn’t offended. She had a laugh about it actually.

A lot of people were offended by it however. Some even going so far as calling it ‘racist’ somehow.

TBaby Says:

As an African-American, I was not offended in the least bit. I thought it was absolutely hilarious! Every joke is not about race.

jamie Says:

How about Wozniacki imitates Serena where it matters, by winning 15 slams. Oh wait, she can’t even win ONE single slam. LOL.

alison Says:

Apparantly i heard the commontators claiming at the Olympics this year, that Serena and Caroline are pretty good friends,Caroline visited Serena many times in hospital when she was ill,sending get well messages too,so i could be wrong but i dont think theres any ill feeling between the two of them,what Caroline did was merely in fun.

jane Says:

That’s good to know alison; thanks for sharing. :)

alison Says:

Your Welcome Jane,these players are all very buisness like on a tennis court want to win,but underneath they are like the rest of us,away from the pressures of work,they like to take time out to enjoy themselves,enjoying some light relief.

MMT Says:

The whole hullabaloo about this joke is ridiculous – Andy Roddick and Novak Djokovic have both done the EXACT same joke of putting towels under the shirt and in the pants/shorts, and nobody called it insensitive or (my goodness) racist.

Speaking of calling this racist – I think anyone calling this joke racist is revealing THEIR OWN prejudice. After all, not every black woman has large breasts and a big behind – Serena is a black woman who HAPPENS to have both.

But you could only interpret a joke about her INDIVIDUAL physical characteristics as racist, if you assume that black women necessarily have these characteristics – in which case you’d be the one with the prejudice, NOT the one making this joke.

I think the hullabloo about that joke is both sexist (because when two men did the same joke, nobody said boo) and prejudiced (because this is a joke about Serena, not black women), and I’m tired of it.

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