Tomas Berdych: “I Think We Are In The Best Era Of Our Sport Ever”
by Tom Gainey | January 14th, 2013, 4:15 pm

A favorite darkhorse selection Tomas Berdych knows the obstacles that are in front of him to win his first Grand Slam title this month at the Australian Open, and it’s daunting. The Czech, who’s twice finished in the quarterfinals the last two years in Australia, concedes that winning a Slam is no easy feat especially in this one of the greatest eras of men’s tennis.

“If you want to win the slam, you have to beat at least three of them, then it’s really tough,” Berdych said after defeating Michael Rusell yesterday.

“That’s how it is. Today’s tennis is really, really strong. I think we were in the best era of our sport ever. That’s how it is,” he added. “I think we all try our best to, you know, break that huge barrier in front of us.”

Berdych was close to second Grand Slam final in New York last September after stunning Roger Federer in the quarterfinals. But Tomas lost to Andy Murray in the semis.

“I beat one guy,” Berdych said. “Then there was another waiting. In the final was another one, as well.”

Berdych won’t have to worry about those “guys” until next week in Melbourne. He’ll play Frenchman Guillaume Rufin on Wednesday in the second round.

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15 Comments for Tomas Berdych: “I Think We Are In The Best Era Of Our Sport Ever”

alison Says:

Berdych is right here about this era in tennis,hes a talented player but he lacks that bit extra needed to win a slam,shame really he has the game to trouble the very best,but cant seem to back up one good result with another,that said hes not a player i can particulaly warm too so thank goodness for that,even thogh im in agrement with Kimberly that hes the hottest player out there,shame hes a total jerk,looks alone are not enough in this instance.

alison Says:

^though not thogh excuse typos^.

volley Says:

“I think we were in the best era of our sport ever. That’s how it is,”

berdych isn’t wrong. wait for you-know-who to throw a hissy fit.

volley Says:

i think best is going a bit too far but it’s one of the strongest for sure.

skeezer Says:

^Here I am.

Birds!t is a whiner baby;

“I beat one guy,” Berdych said. “Then there was another waiting. In the final was another one, as well.”

Sniff sniff, need a hanky?…

per Yoda “That…is why you fail”.

skeezer Says:


I would agree with you there, one of the strongest. I would lean more towards confirming that if Rafa and Fed have a couple of more strong years left, as its pretty clear Novak and Andy are in there prime. Not so sure about the other 2.

Its well known my stance on the guy(BS), and the “Almagro incident” is typical of his personality imo. I’ll never take on iota of acceptance of any opinion this guy will ever have. The only thing about him being in this era is, he is the worst sportsmen of it!

That said, he is probably the best mover on the court of the big men ( Delpo fans may have something say about that ). If he ever straightens out his head he may take a Slam ( I hope not ).

volley Says:


if it’s yoda shouldn’t it be something like “you fail, is why that is.. hmmm?”

skeezer Says:

^ yeah ..true. Yoda has is own “talk”. But check it out….”Empire Strikes Back” at @ Yoda’s crib. Luke is trying to get that X wing out of the swamp, can’t do it. Yoda steps in, and by that one act changes Luke forever.

roy Says:

berdych as of now would beat mid 20s federer in slams. djoker and murray as of now would dominate mid 20s federer in slams.

Michael Says:

As far the Quarret is concerned, Berdych statement is valid, but what about the rest ? Apart from the top four, no player doesn’t even inspire an iota of confidence that they will a major. That isn’t encouraging for the oft repeated depth in today’s Tennis. Is it that the top four are something extra special and have more variety in their play ? All said and done, the depty in today’s Tennis is a myth and until and unless we see a surprise package winner other than the top four in a major that statement holds ground.

skeezer Says:


You’ve obviously spent too much time out in the hot Sun. Been to Australia?

skeezer Says:

Ben Pronin,

Didn’t know where to post this, but in light of the Armstrong latest news, it seems that we are at the unraveling of the corrupt Sport of Cycling?

Armstrong seems to be holding an Ace in hand, and willing to testify against the powers of Cycling. Should be an interesting few years ahead…..

Sandra Says:


I doubt it. Fed in his prime was a lot better player then he is now. A prime fed would probably be number 1 and win tons of slams in this current era.

alison Says:

Michael we had Delpo in 2009,who other than the top4 won a major,he was a surprise package wouldnt you say?he has the tools to beat the top 4 too,as he did push Roger at the olympics and beat him at the WTFs,and he beat Djokovic at the olympics too,as well as Rafa and Roger back to back in 2009 at the USO,he was also one service game away from beating Roger at the FO in 2009,and had the momentum in that match against Djokovic in 2011 at the FO before the game was interupted,so i think hes gradually regaining that form that won him his 1st slam,but obviously things get harder each year not easier,would be great to see him back in the mix,and make a run here at the AO.

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