The Murray-ot? Andy Murray Buys A Dunblane Hotel For $3 Million

by Tom Gainey | February 25th, 2013, 10:35 pm

Andy Murray is adding some new hobbies in his time off, like Hotel Owner! Murray, who hasn’t played since his Australian Open loss to Novak Djokovic last month, is reported to have paid $3 million (USD) for a hotel in his hometown of Dunblane, Scotland.

The hotel, Cromlix House Hotel, just so happens to be the place where elder brother Jamie got married three years ago.

Murray plans to to renovate the 14-bedroom mansion turning it into a 5-star hotel, just in time for the 2014 Ryder Cup next year.

“I am pleased to have acquired Cromlix House and look forward to securing its future as a successful business,” Murray said on his website. “By re-establishing Cromlix as a leading luxury hotel at the heart of the Dunblane community we will be able to attract new visitors to the area, create a number of new jobs and focus on supporting other local businesses. I’m pleased to be able to give something back to the community I grew up in.”

Murray says thew new project will add 40 more jobs to the area and bring more interest to the town. He’s not the only member in the Top 5 with a foot in the hotel business. Rafael Nadal has a deal with two hotels in Cozumel, Mexico.

The Scot is not expected back on court until Indian Wells late next week.

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13 Comments for The Murray-ot? Andy Murray Buys A Dunblane Hotel For $3 Million

Humble Rafa Says:

How do you buy a luxury hotel for $3M. Does it have 3 rooms?

alison Says:

I aplaud Murray for doing this,to create more jobs for the area can only be a good thing,as long as the employees are payed a decent hourly rate,and not just the minimum wage,otherwise its just another example of the rich getting richer.

jane Says:

Good for him! I’d stay there. :)

skeezer Says:

Actually 3mil for a 14 room 5 star hotel is a super deal. Way to go Murray, your real estate future looks bright.

rogerafa Says:

@ “Humble Rafa”

It is Dunblane (not London, Paris or NYC) we are talking about and, clearly, you missed the 14-room part. Andy will probably expand it a bit and make it a niche and very exclusive property.

jane Says:

^ I think it’ll be a golf resort.

Fiona Says:

The building is to have a year’s worth of refurbishment to bring it up to standard, so he may need to spend as much again to bring it up to standard.

He’s sensible to have a specialist management company looking after the business, but it’s nice that it will still remain in local ownership, ensuring that it works within the local community too. As investments go, he’d probably get a better return on his money investing elsewhere, but he’s not short of cash, so may as well invest in something that brings some personal satisfaction and a boost to the local economy too.

The finished hotel is likely to appeal to rich sports fans, so the connection with Murray is going to make it that bit more marketable, and therefore valuable.

Wog boy Says:

I might visit it next year so I shall let you know how it looks like, I promise. Scotland is on my list if I am to go to Europe next year, last time I did Ireland , I loved it, but I didn’t have time for Scotland.

courbon. Says:

@Wog Boy;Visit Edinburgh-great city.I’v been there 3 times.Glasgow rough-bit like a Zemun…(ok, I know you have a Gardos, don’t start now ).
You are right-most likely Novak will have to play Davis Cup-I agree with you, its not great.I just hope he has enough fuel in the tank…By the way, how was the gig for you daughters?

Wog boy Says:


I do have few Glasgow friends here in Sydney, good drinkers and not shy to pick up a fight if needed, mad Ranger fans.

They had great time, thanks for asking. I am taking them though with me this saturday to listen real band, Deep Purple;)

courbon. Says:

@Wog Boy:Ah, you old rocker…don’t get me wrong-I play organ, and would give anything if I could play like John Lord
Scots like fighting.I almost got beaten up in Glasgow( I trained athletics as a kid, so I was very fast ).Anyway, I’m off to bed, good start for Novak, lets speak tomorrow

jane Says:

Wog Boy, rent a car and explore; Scotland is so small and there’s so many lovely places to see: the Highlands are great, and the coast over by Aberdeen, etc.

Wog boy Says:


Thanks for the tip.

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