Novak Djokovic Sits Courtside At LA Laker Game, Meets Kobe Bryant
by Tom Gainey | March 4th, 2013, 6:51 pm

Novak Djokovic is already in Southern California preparing for the upcoming Indian Wells Masters 1000 event later this week. Before then, Djokovic will take part in the LA Tennis Challenge tonight at the Staples Center.

Yesterday, the world No. 1 was at the arena for a different kind of sporting event, NBA Basketball. Djokovic took in a LA Laker-Atlanta Hawks game, which was won by the home team. Djokovic also got to meet the stars of the show, Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard.

Djokovic will play Mardy Fish this evening, then team with legend Pete Sampras to take on the Bryans.

Here’s Novak doing an interview during the game:

Some tweets related to the his trip:

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43 Comments for Novak Djokovic Sits Courtside At LA Laker Game, Meets Kobe Bryant

jane Says:

Wow, Nole looks TINY next to these NBA players. There are some nice pics of Nole and Pete on twitter:

Wog boy Says:


Thanks for this. Nole looks like a toothpick between these two:)

Wog boy Says:


Telepathy … is there such a thing;)

Humble Rafa Says:

It reminds me of a certain someone who used to come to LA to meet Mr. Frog.

phil Says:

HR who is that someone?

Brando Says:

LOL, nole looks like a skinny fan compared to those guys.

Those guys are huge!

mat4 Says:


About Novak’s new racquet:

He certainly plays with a highly customized racquet, but I tend to believe that those specs are as close to the real one as we will ever know.

jimmy Says:

I have been playing with a lighter version of Novak’s racquet and I love, incredible spin and very solid feel.

Wog boy Says:


Who is Mr Frog?

skeezer Says:

Very cool!! Keep enjoyin the life Nole!!

Kimberly Says:

Not to get off topic but did anyone see Kobe dunk on josh smith at this game. Pretty darn impressive that he can still do that after 17 years in nba.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Watching a bit of Rafa-DelPo, and it is just great to see Rafa back on court, enjoying himself so much, and hitting some killer hardcourt groundstrokes.

Humble Rafa Says:

Mr. Forg = Sampras
Certain Someone= Arrogant One.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Maybe because its an exhibition, but Rafa is being much more creative and aggressive with his shot selection than usual, more like his 2010 (?) US Open run. He looks incredible.

marrisv Says:

Yes , glad to see rafa enjoying himself. He is playing clean crisp tennis and has hit many screaming winners. Great to watch this as these guys have put on a show

jane Says:

Delpo looked good as well; I caught only the last few games though so I didn’t see enough!

jane Says:

mat4, thanks for the link, and Wog boy, for sure, wavelengths? :)

Michael Says:

Novak is on a roll and he seems to enjoy the moments. Why not ? He deserves it. He waited indeed so long to eclipse the Fedal era and bring his own. He did it splendidly and in style. 2011 was his breakthrough year, but it seems 2013 would be even more remarkable for he might end up winning the most sought after trophy he is after -the Rolland Garros. His only rival there would be Rafa who is looking reinvigorated after the demolition of Ferrer. But I still pick Novak to do it.

courbon Says:

@Wog Boy:You are right about Nadal.His injury was couple of months and then the rest he practised to change his game and become better.(At least I suspect that-and nothing wrong with that)

nadalista Says:

Rafa at the MSG presser:

Rafa: “Novak is No. 1. I don’t know … is Andy or Roger No. 2? I don’t check the rankings a lot.”

Wog boy Says:


Don’t tell me you believe him that he doesn’t know who #2 or #3? I regard you as smart person.

Wog boy Says:


Of course there is nothing wrong with that, Nole is changing his game on the run. Federer did the same in a last couple of years and it paid of last year, big time. In 2009 Nadal was injured but the other players started to read his game too, so he took some time off and came back better than ever, same thing happened last years and I posted few months ago that he will be back better and different Rafa, so far it looks like that. I just hope that Nole was/is ready for Rafa, he is not same player as last year this time too, Nole is better now and has better mindset, methinks.

Nadalista Says:

@Wog boy, and I thought you were a smart person too. Where in my post does it say I believe Rafa does not know who nos. 1 & 2 are? Please read my post again, carefully. It’s a quote from Rafa’s MSG presser, verbatim, no opinion of mine proferred.

Now, since you are interested in my opinion on the quote in question, here it is: very funny, I think Rafa is being funny with that statement.

Lighten up………seriously.

Nadalista Says:

…………if by some quirk of fate you do not see the funny side alluded to, just forgeddaboutit………

Wog boy Says:

^^^You posted it without any smiley faces or whatever so I presumed you wanted to show us how Rafa don’t care who is #2 or #3, Why are you so surprised? To be honest I don’t think that was very funny but I guess we all have different sense of humor and we can post we think it is funny, no big deal.

nadalista Says:

^^^^You presume what you want to presume, Wog boy, you do that.


nadalista Says:

RT @TennisReporters:

Djokovic on Nadal’s Acapulco run: ‘In the end he comes up blistering, always fighting so hard & coming up with unbelievable results’

Giles Says:

Maybe, just maybe Rafa doesn’t give a stuff about the rankings??? He did say so a few months back!!! He just wants to come back healthy and competitive.

nadalista Says:

^^^ooh, lo and behold, that did cross my mind!


nadalista Says:

Thanks, Giles. That is exactly what I deduced from Rafa’s quote, that he doesn’t pay much attention to the rankings. In fact, he has said before he pays more attention to the Race to London rankings as they are a better indicator of his performance during a season. At the time, he gave soccer points tables as an example of how he looks at rankings.

MMT Says:

Actually, I’m surprised at how tall both he and Gimelstob (who is quickly getting on my nerves, although his commentary is pretty good) next to Kobe Bryant – I thought he was like 6’6″?

Daniel Says:

Seems like this year could be another Djoko 2011.

Last year he had the pressure to reproduce that stellar year and myabe after he won AO and took a monkey of his back, won a Slam after that year. He took his foot of the pedal a bit and the raise of the other top 4. No body gave more than 10% chance that Fed would return to #1 1 the way he did in Wimby, jumping from #3 to #1 when it was all a Djoko x NAdal show.

This year with Fed age showing more and more, Nadal still rusty and Murray yet to consistanlty deliver (win another Slam this year), looks good for Novak, who is on an 18 match winning streak!

stu Says:

THe most overlooked thing that Kobe and Nole have in common is they both speak fluent Italian!

Now that would have made for a good video clip

Giles Says:

Daniel. Geez, hope not. Boring or what!!

jane Says:

ha ha, definitely stu – would’ve loved to see that! *waves*

skeezer Says:

“hat he doesn’t pay much attention to the rankings.”

Sorry, thats just idiotic. ALL the top players KNOW the rankings. That is the world they live in. If you think Rafa doesn’t know at the moment who is 1-2-3 AND 4 in the rankings right now you ARE drinking too much Rafa Koolaid,


Rafa looked pretty awesome there at that exho, although its an exho. Never a doubt about his ability, just hope his body holds up this year.

Daniel Says:

I hope for a repeat of 2012. That would be awesome if all 4 of them defend their titles. Imagine Nadal and Federer winning an 8th RG and Wimby in the smae year?! Nadal would have the greatest comeback of tennis history and Fed could have his swan song:)

Djoko already did his part!

Saw last night match as well, Nadal return even though not perfect at leats was already inside the court, taking the ball on the rise, how you should return in HC. His first match and he already showed some adjustments required for HC. And he was hitting way flatter than usual, find the net a few times but, seems ready for HC.

alison Says:

Daniel indeed it would be fantastic if the top players were all to defend their GS titles,and also quite spooky too,however i cant help but think how great it would be if it were all shook up a bit with some surprises,like Andy,novak winning the FO for the 1st time or Roger for a 2nd time,and Andy winning Wimby(i could just imagine the British press),and Rafa winning the USO for a second time,as everybody seem to give him zilch chance of ever doing that again,anyway just a thought and JMO and nice to speculate.

RZ Says:

Daniel, that would be great, though I’d also love to see them mix it up – Fed wins the French, Andy wins Wimbledon, and Rafa wins the US Open. Interestingly, of those 3 scenarios, I think Andy winning Wimbledon is the most likely!

Steve 27 Says:

The only player has a chance to be number 1 in the end of the year beside Djokovic, is Andy Murray, but he has to win about 6, 7 titles, at least one major, three master 1000, be in final of the WTF reach at least sf in all tournament, in all surfaces, and yet…

Lazlo Says:

Novak has a chance this year to win RG, no doubt about it. I think he has to win MC first to give him confidence.

Lazlo Says:

Kobe is learning Serbian. Check out after he makes the basket.

jane Says:

^ I know it’s for WB, Lazlo, but that’s really cool – thanks for posting it.

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