Rafael Nadal Becomes Just The 20th Player In ATP History With 600 Or More Match Wins [Chart]

by Tom Gainey | March 17th, 2013, 9:20 pm

Rafael Nadal joined a very exclusive club of players with 600 or more match wins after his big victory today at Indian Wells. Nadal joins other all-time greats like Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, Ivan Lendl and Bjorn Borg as players to have won 600 or more matches. And at 27, Nadal is far from done.

With Andy Roddick now retired, it’s just Nadal and rival Roger Federer as the only active players on the list.


1 Jimmy Connors 1243-277
2 Ivan Lendl 1071-239
3 Guillermo Vilas 923-285
4   Roger Federer 891-202
5 John McEnroe 875-198
6 Andre Agassi 870-274
7 Stefan Edberg 801-270
8 Pete Sampras 762-222
9 Ilie Nastase 750-287
10 Boris Becker 713-214
11 Brian Gottfried 677-321
12 Michael Chang 662-312
13 Manuel Orantes 635-245
14 Stan Smith 634-261
15 Arthur Ashe 623-203
16 Thomas Muster 621-273
17 Andy Roddick 612-213
18 Yevgeny Kafelnikov 609-306
19 Bjorn Borg 608-127
20   Rafael Nadal 600-123

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13 Comments for Rafael Nadal Becomes Just The 20th Player In ATP History With 600 Or More Match Wins [Chart]

Steve 27 Says:

He should surpass 800 victories in 3 years and a have.

Kimmi Says:

congrats to rafa…what a come back from the knee injury. watch out everyone.

As for delpo, it was a great tournament for him. hope this gives him lots of confidence to win his second major.

jane Says:

Connors was clearly an iron man. My goodness, 1243 matches is insane!

the DA Says:

@Jane – Yeah, but he played until he was 41. Still impressive but I can’t imagine anyone in the current generation lasting past 32 let alone 40!

nadalista Says:

Rafa is now 17-1 on the season, his best ever start to a year (and I know his detractors will cry: clay!), and now sits top of the win rate tree. Nadal has won 600 of his 723 matches at a win rate of .830, which puts him at No 1 in the all-time list, an incredible achievement. Whether he will remain there at the end of his career is another question, but for now he sits on top, looking down on Bjorn Borg (.827), Jimmy Connors and Ivan Lendl (.818) and Roger Federer and John McEnroe (.815).

Giles Says:

Thank you Rafa for bringing so much joy to all your fans. You truly are a phenomenal tennis player and person.
Welcome back King! #VamosChamp

Giles Says:

Luv leaping Rafa. Lol

alison Says:

600 career wins wow,and i expect he will shoot right up that list before hes done,anyway a great achievement,to add to his 22 MS titles hes won,making more history into the bargain,agree with Jane Conners will take some beating those numbers are insane lol.

Brando Says:

What a fantastic achievement this is by Rafa.

It is a testament to:

1- His fitness: How he has been able to still be able to perform at a high level after 10 plus years on tour and many serious injuries.

You MUST be a true athlete in order to still produce the goods considering the tough demands of the tour.

2- His consistency: Year in, year out Rafa has been able to produce the goods in the big matches, v the toughest opponents.

ONLY true champions can do such a thing.

3- His skill: The game continuously waits for no player and keeps on evolving.

Rafa, like a true master of the game, has been able to adapt, change, meet and exceed the demands of the game.

A truly talented and skilled player that justifiably deserves to be placed in such great company as he merits it with the sheer awesomeness of his game!

Brando Says:


It thrills me as a fan to see that Rafa’s career performance matches closely of the legendary BJORN BORG.

BORG has a special, almost mythological place in the game and among the pantheon of tennis legends.

NO ONE ever thought that they would see the likes of him ever again: a winner from the start of the big titles, clay phenom, grass master and unstoppable force at his best.

Rafa at the MERE age of 26, having faced serious injuries that took him out of the game for a long while, seems to be THE ONE who is most closest to the great Borg.

Rafa has been a winner of the big events from an early age like Borg, a teenage sensation/ rock star of the game, surpassed him on clay, mastered grass by reaching 5 wimby finals in a row and winning a ICONIC final- and even winning HC slam.

And now in career stats:

Bjorn Borg 608-127
Rafael Nadal 600-123

WOW, just WOW!

I ALWAYS wished for Rafa to match Bjorn and today he seems to be close to matching that mythical legend of this great game.

I think the stats shall soon indicate, if they do not already, what BORG HIMSELF said about Rafa:

He is THE ONE who is most similar to me!


alison Says:

In terms of overall career wins,then Jimmy Conners is the GOAT.

malher Says:

dis nou heeltemaal belaglike statistiek

RZ Says:

Brando, I also noted the similarity between Nadal’s record and Borg’s, though I expect that to change later this year since Nadal is unlikely to abruptly retire at an early age.

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