Serena Williams Got Angry At Jelena Jankovic, Then Won Six Straight Games [Video]

by Tom Gainey | April 7th, 2013, 3:59 pm

Novak Djokovic wasn’t the only Serb embroiled in drama this Sunday. Across the country at the Family Circle Cup in Charleston Djokovic’s countrywoman Jelena Jankovic had just taken the first set from World No. 1 Serena Williams and was serving 40-15 then this happened (you will need to moved ahead four points):

Jelena had hit her serve but Serena had apparently called time. An then a feisty exchanged ensued between the two players who are far from friends.

Serena: I wasn’t ready!
Jelena (asking the umpire Kader Nouni): How long do I have to wait?
Serena: Until I’m ready!

Jelena, who had been playing so well up until that point, lost the next eight points. Serena went on to win six straight games after the incident and eventually took the match 36, 60, 62 to win her third Charleston title in as many tries.

Said Serena about the incident, “After that I just got really relaxed and was like, ‘Serena, you have to chill out and not get crazy and if you win, great. If not, you’re trying. She’s playing really well. Just try and do the best you can.'”

Renee Stubbs said it best on ESPN2: don’t poke the bear. Jelena did just that and suffered the harsh consequences.

The full second set:

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26 Comments for Serena Williams Got Angry At Jelena Jankovic, Then Won Six Straight Games [Video]

Ben Pronin Says:

This seems a little unreasonable. I mean good on Serena for turning it on like that. But the server isn’t supposed to wait “until I’m ready”. Isn’t this the same thing Henin did to Serena at the French and then Serena got upset?

Kimmi Says:

seriously, serena a is wrong. JJ was serving, receiver has to follow the server speed.
And what about that from serena “you have got a problem?” trying to intimidate JJ??

jane Says:

Ben, yes it’s a very similar situation, only in reverse.

El Flaco Says:

Serena was in the ready position and looking at the server then for some reason she decided to put her hand up as Jelena was tossing the ball. Jelena started her serve motion on that point about 5 seconds faster than the previous point which may be why Serena decided to play a little gamesmanship.

Serb Says:

Serena violated the rule against talking to your opponent from across the court. This was a great example of her trying to intimidate her opponent. She also grunted selectively during the match (only when she was being outplayed in the first set). And she was totally in the wrong about the rule. She is, was, and always will be low class. Hope Jankovic does better than her at the French.

LOL Says:

It really does not matter if Serena was wrong, the message here is don’t irritate her LOL :)

Eric Says:

What is Serb talking about? There is no rule about talking to your opponent from across the net. Grunting? Damn near all the players do it, get over it. You are, and will always be trash. I hope the bosnians continue to do better than the Serbs in kosovo.

jane Says:

There is, however, a rule about playing to the server’s pace, and in that sense Serena is definitely in the wrong, as the commentators correctly note.

moam Says:

After thrashing her sister Venus, there was little doubt that she would pound JJ.
For those who disbelieve, Serena allowed JJ to win the first set. She did it to entertain the audience and create a bit of drama. She did the same against Sharapova a couple of weeks ago in Miami. She gives fans and non-fans alike their moneys worth when they pay to see her play.

cena Says:

I must agree with Moam.

alison Says:

I think Serena was p*SSED OFF after losing that 1st set,probably didnt expect JJ to play that well,it was a wake up call IMO.

MMT Says:

I think this nonsense about “don’t piss off” this person or that is just ridiculous. A few years ago, Nadal had it out with Soderling in Rome over a mark he circled that turned out to be the wrong one, and everyone and their brother was saying, “You don’t piss off Nadal”…and then a month later he got his ass handed to him in Paris.

I don’t understand what the hell that umpire is doing? First, he should correct Serena after her statement that she should be ready. He should also give her a code violation warning for unsporting conduct for threatening Jankovic. He should then give a code violation point penalty for delaying the server. Either that or he should award the poing to Jankovic, because Williams cannot interrupt her serve in the middle of the motion and claim she’s not ready.

It should not be up to Jankovic to argue (by implication – and unnecessarily, by the way) that she DID wait for Serena to be ready. As usual the “authorities” bend over backwards for her even when she should punished for violating the rules. Take the incident with the umpire at the 2011 US Open final with Sam Stosur – she was technically still under a probation for her incredible behavior in 2009, and despite threatening the umpire, insulting her and getting a code of conduct violation, no additional punishment was forthcoming.

It’s no wonder that the WTA and even the ITF can’t get a handle on the absurdities of the women’s game, when they cannot even apply the rules as they are written. All the while hiding behind the “discretion” of the umpire, which is nothing more than an excuse to let some players get away with some terrible behavior and clear violation of the rules.

I don’t watch women’s tennis anymore because of this – I just can’t take it. The tennis itself is terrible, so many of the women are prima donnas and head cases, and at the end of the day it’s all sizzle and very little steak.

Who the hell needs it.

jane Says:

MMT, I am in full agreement with you here. Serena should have been told that she was mistaken and should have received some kind of warning.

Wog boy Says:

I didn’t want to post anything on this thread because people would say I am siding with JJ due to her being Serb. I will stay out of this particular case but I want to remind people that Serena does that to every player. If any of you remembers AO and her match with Sloane (I was there), Serena was doing same thing to Sloane. First it would take her ages, if she was on the net, to walk back to base line, it is anoying to watch how slow she walks to get ready to receive the serve,and then Sloane was just about to serve and Serena would turn her back to Sloane and walk two steps back interrupting Sloane in her servis motion. Serena is serial ofender but as it was stated, she is getting away with this since she is Serena. She is basicaly bullyng the people around. No wonder she can do that, the night she played Kirilenko at AO I was sitting right behind base lane and I was able to see her from very close, she has got shoulders and arms bigger than Federer and Raonic, since they played after Serena I was able to compare them. I wouldn’t mess with her and I am not small person.

Zane Says:

I just think some of you are jealous.Serena Williams is one of the greatest womens player of all time.i do
n’t dispute that she was wrong bt then don’t say that she uses that to win.she is so ahead of the other players sometimes its ridiculous.I mean s
he won the last two sets against jelena 6-0 6-2(does that look competitive to you)same against sharapova the last two sets were just a just looks like if you provoke her she brings her A game.

Chico Says:

Would it not be funny if the people in the stands would start walking out of the park when things like this happen :).

“Excuse me sir, please sit down while the play is ongoing!”

“Sorry, paid for fair game, got kids whith me, we’re outta here!”

It would clean up the game pronto.

zola Says:

This is the first time I hear the “until I am ready ” rule! It should be named after Serena.

I don’t think it was waking Serena , but more about upsetting JJ’s rhythm and focus. By replying like that, she was able to get into JJ’s mind. Something JJ should not have allowed.

I fully blame Nouni for that. What is he doing there as an umpire if he cannot enforce the rules?

courbon Says:

He,he,,,Wog Boy is scared of Serena

Wog boy Says:


Brate, you would be too, but scariest thing is actually that grunt that comes out of her lungs. You have to hear it from near by, it freeezes your blood. I was trying to imagine some other situations regards that grunt;)

courbon Says:

Ha,ha…I also had a tought where that grunt would be usefull!
I,m affraid you have been right about Nole and DC.Should not play.Well, can only hope its not serious…

Wog boy Says:


It’s done and dusted now, let us hope it is not serious. Wish him speedy recovery.

alison Says:

Courbon lol if she grunts like that at home doing other certain things,then you have to feel sorry for her boyfriend(if she has one),and the nieghbours (if she has any),as for Nole clearly he looks distressed by the picture at the top of the other thread,but hopefully its nothing too serious anyway,i know he wants to play MC but i think the sensible thing would be to pull out as a precautionary measure,although given that hes still thinking about playing must mean the injury is not too bad,anyway lets hope for the best,no more injuries :-)))…

courbon Says:

@Alion> Sorry for boyfriend?Some man like that!I wonder who…??
Agree.Should skip MC and Madrid if needed.It should take a leef from Nadals book.
I,m in London right now so may posts will be rare this days-using other people computers and all that…

alison Says:

Courbon ha ha i suppose it shows shes enjoying herself,probably a bit too much though,please not tonight Serena ive got a headache(in the literal sense),anyway joking aside Nole will be fine after some Rand R,london will be busy this time of year plenty of easter holiday makers still,sometimes things happen where you cant always post,due to real life getting in the way,but most of us come back when we can.

alison Says:

^Sorry should have said shows how much we are enjoying ourselves then,in the 1st sentence^.

Marny CA Says:

Serena is not a nice person! She proves that over and over and over.

She believes she is entitled to whatever she wants.

Classless … and a boor.

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