Novak Djokovic: My Ankle Doesn’t Look Good Right Now, It’s Swollen And I’m Concerned

by Tom Gainey | April 7th, 2013, 8:00 pm

Following up on the Novak Djokovic’s scary right ankle turn, the World No. 1 elaborated on the injury afterward when speaking with the press in Boise, site of Serbia’s 3-1 road win over the USA in the Davis Cup quarterfinals.

“Well, obviously it’s very strong emotion when you play for your country,” said Djokovic who suffered the injury in the fourth game of the match en route to a 4-set win over Sam Querrey. “I guess that’s the biggest reason why I kept playing.

“The nature of the injury is still to be determined. One hour, one hour and a half after the end of the match, all I can say now is it doesn’t look good.”

Djokovic will fly return home to Monte Carlo where he’ll undergo an MRI tomorrow to find out the extent of the damage. For now though, Novak admits “it’s swollen”.

With so much at stake with the clay season ahead, Djokovic could have done more harm to the ankle by playing, but he’s pleased he was able to come through for his country.

“Just thinking about winning this match and bringing the tie win to Serbia; I’m glad I did,” Djokovic said. “On the other hand, I’m a bit concerned definitely. It’s not comfortable feeling what I feel right now with that ankle.”

Djokovic remains hopeful of returning for Monte Carlo next Monday. “I live there and train there, so it feels like a home tournament to me. I love playing there, so I’m going to do everything in my power to recover for that tournament. How realistic it is, to be honest, I don’t know. I don’t know what to tell you right now. It’s still too early.”

He also talked about the injury and how it impacted his play. He said the pain meds helped and the movitation of winning for Serbia got him through.

“Your body is trying to protect itself,” Djokovic said. “I was having mostly the fight within myself and trying to be focused on the game, and yes, acknowledge but still remove the thoughts from the pain that I had. As I said, if this was a normal ATP Tour event, I don’t know, but probably my mindset would be different. You know, I did have a lot motivation and support from the team members and from the crowd. Just feels kind of logical that you do your best in order to finish the match.

“Luckily for us, it was a win.”

Here’s Novak in tears during a Serbian interview:

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111 Comments for Novak Djokovic: My Ankle Doesn’t Look Good Right Now, It’s Swollen And I’m Concerned

Humble Rafa Says:

A swollen ankle is no big issue. I play with a wobbly knee.

The Great Davy Says:

I play with bald head, it is much more costly than this ankle or knee, With my sponsor, I can’t even afford ‘Bosley’

Desanka Vujasinovic Says:

Dragi Nole zelim ti sretan I brz oporavak
Ono sto si ucinio za svoj narod I svoju zemlju nema reci da se opise ma tisi <3 ponos I dika Srpskoga roda Pozdrav

Humble Rafa Says:

Great Davy,

Your wife is an eye candy. don’t be too hard on yourself about your bald head.

queen Says:

Too bad it is not broken. Why don’t you stay home for Monte Carlo?

Ben Pronin Says:

Craig Gabriel (@crosscourt1) tweeted at 9:21 PM on Sun, Apr 07, 2013:
JUST IN. Novak Djokovic has lost it in tears in middle of Serbian tv interview. Doctor has told him ankle injury serious.

jane Says:

Oh no! Ben I hope it’s not too serious. :(

Brando Says:

I hope my initial reaction to it all is correct: that Novak will be fine. If I am wrong however, and I hope not as I do wish he is fine health wise, I do feel apologetic for misreading it initially. He carried on, thought that was enough to gauge he’s fine. Let’s hope that he is- and wait for something official I say than fearing the worst for now, best be optimistic.

skeezer Says:

Hope its not serious for Nole…..

However. His all out rubber band man play maybe has taken its toll. His flexibilty on the run, side to side, is a sight to behold. Never saw a guy before Nole who could SLIDE on HC.
Its frankly amazing stuff. That said….his all out play is suspect for ankle turns.
Even players like Andy Murray try to keep up with wearing ankle support braces on both ankles, usually worn for recovering injuries. Now? Differerent story.

Players run side to side harder than ever. Alot of pressure on those ankles!

Margot Says:

Hope Nole’s OK.
skeeze, think Andy’s worn those since HE got an ankle injury, years ago. Also might be something to do with his dodgy knee?

alison Says:

Queen to gloat over a players injury is just plain nasty, thats a sick thing to say,what is the matter with you?

Wog boy Says:

It is bizarre that injury happened when he was landing and not when he was sliding. It was so obvious to all who watched the match that he was in pain until strong pain killers kicked in and then poor Sam had a problem with his shoulder muscles, his serve suffered and Nole came on top of him.
That statment was from his (Nole’s) doctor but until they do MRI nobody really knows how bad (or not) is the injury.

Tootie Says:

I hope his ankle will be completely healed soon. I do so wish Novak would stop living in sin with that girl. The Bible is clear about fornication. One can’t consider himself a Christian no rbe right with Jesus while living that way. Why can’t he be like his countryman Tipsaravic and be a married man or be a clean-living bachelor? I do like him and I care about him.

Vvx Says:

@ Tootie – Mind your own business!

Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. At that time each will receive their praise from God.

Corinthians 4:5

Ngentot Says:

Please stop with your BS preach. You’re so annoying.

jamie Says:

I already said a while ago that Nole’s clay season will be meh. He might win Madrid or Rome(which one is played exactly in a month after the clay season begins??? Anyone knows???) but that’s it. Come RG things look even worse for Nole than they are for the next month or so after the clay season starts….

jamie Says:

Basically the first month of the clay season don’t expect him to win a clay title. Then there is a small window of opportunity for a win from Nole of a clay title during “mid-May”. But once RG starts it looks bad for him…. Which is why he won’t win RG this year….

Wog boy Says:

Very nice article on by Steve Tignor about Nole and DC:

“Taking One for the Team”

Worth reading.

jamie Says:


Nadal wins Roland Garros.

Andy wins Wimbledon. Nadal’s injury flares up by then.

The USO is really hard to predict… Things will be better by then for Nole but not as peachy as they were when he won the USO in 2011, so a win by Nole at the USO is not a sure thing this year since he will still have things going **against him** by then as well. This is the slam that is hard to predict now….

jamie Says:

More stuff.

Some players will lower their level of play on clay this year:


Others will increase their performance on clay this year:

Nadal and Ferrer
Del Potro and Monaco

Checked the dates: Nole’s best chance of winning something this clay season is Rome…

Humble Rafa Says:

Strangely, no one prays for my knees, but they do for The Egg Lover’s special ankle.

Humble Rafa Says:

Nole’s best chance of winning something this clay season is Rome

Chance yes, 1% or so.

jane Says:

Wog boy, YES! I was so happy to read Tignor’s piece; it really emphasizes Nole’s dedication, skipping the post-AO celebrations to get on a plane at 3:00 am to get to Belgium in time to play for his team in DC. And then yesterday goes without saying. Good on him, as you Aussies say. ;)

tennisfan Says:


I know you have been reading astrology website which is in Spainish. I do hope that Nadal doesn’t win another RG as it is becoming too predictable and boring.

Well, oh no not Murray winning wimbledon too much hype on him. I don’t want Murray to win another GS.

Anyway this year isn’t a good year for many players. I do hope that things improve on Clay so that we have different winners. Not Nadal again.

green900 Says:


go **** yourself. this is all bull****. U are always wrong. I remember your nadal predictions about US OPEN last year and look how that turned out. you are full of ****

Adam Says:

Pretty certain there is absolutely nothing wrong with Novak’s ankle. That’s why he could keep playing. Its just that he’s addicted to the spotlight. And it’s been off him for a while after Miami. He wants everyone to say how brave he was for playing on for his country. And then if he lose out to Rafa at Roland Garros he gives himself an insurance policy. “Ohh I only lost because of my poor ankle. Sniff”. The guy is a major JERK

jane Says:

What a rude post by Adam. I suppose Rafa continuing to play versus Delpo and then reaching the finals of Wimbledon 2011 was all about being “addicted to the spotlight” too? Or Fed playing through his back injury? Please. It’s what champions do.

Wog boy, did you see this article?

“World No 1 Djokovic breaks down in tears after twisting ankle in Davis Cup clash”

I hope he skips Monte Carlo.

Giles Says:

I too hope he skips Monte Carlo.

jamie Says:

It’s very likely Nole doesn’t win another slam this year. He will have things going **against him** for a while. Too bad.

jamie Says:


I’m rarely wrong at the slams.

Slam winners I got right:

RG 2011
Wimbledon 2011
USO 2011
AO 2012
RG 2012
Wimbledon 2012
AO 2013

Only slam I got wrong was USO 2012 though I hinted Murray’s breakthrough was right around the corner.

USO is always the harder slam to predict since it had 5 different winners since 2008.

Brando Says:

WOW have things gone crazy around here today. Let’s just take it easy folks- it’s only a sport right?

Ben Pronin Says:

I feel like we never see Djokovic cry. Not sure if it’s because the injury is that serious or because of the general circumstances. Definitely couldn’t have been easy.

Not sure about Monte Carlo. Hopefully the ankle will be fine in a few days. I don’t want to jump the gun of “he should skip this and that.” He needs to do what’s best. I hope the ankle clears up and we still see him in MC. If not, then hopefully he’ll make a full recovery sometime soon.

Brando Says:

Regarding Novak: I personally cannot see him playing Monte Carlo now. Based on his press conference, his doctors will advise him rest even if there isn’t any major damage. 5 days rest at the least. That takes him to the 12th of this month. Is he really going to play Monte Carlo with a mere day’s practise at best when it starts on the 14th of this month? Call me a pessimist but I highly, highly doubt it. Not playing means he’ll lose 600 points- not a big deal at all when you are so far ahead of your only ranking rival, Murray.

alison Says:

Nothing against Nole or his lovely fans,but i hope this year is much the same as last year,with the GS been shared out again,not one player dominating the whole year,or even if the big 4 won a slam on surface they are not expected to,mind you it would also be strange if they repeated the slams they won last year,Rafa winning no8 at the FO,Roger winning no8 at Wimbledon,Andy winning no2 at the USO,Noles won 4 at the AO.

jamie Says:

Dang back in April of last year I predicted Federer for Wimbledon and Muzza for Olympics. ;)

jane Says:

Giles, Why would you hope that? Clearly Rafa is a shoe-in for the title, so what are you worried about then? Don’t you want Rafa to have any competition; doesn’t it make his win that more glorious when he beats his top competitors? Fed’s already not playing. Nole is likely out, but we’ll see. He has a few days to determine whether or not he should play. Perhaps Murray and Delpo will be injured in practice and then you’ll really be happy and have nothing to worry about. Sigh.

Giles Says:

Jane. I was only echoing your comment. If his ankle is hurt he won’t play anyway, or will he? No big deal.

jamie Says:

jamie Says:

My predictions for Wimbledon 2011 and USO 2011 and AO 2012 were:


jamie Says:

Novak Djokovic to win Wimbledon 2011.

June 18th, 2011 at 7:50 am


jamie Says:

An online psychic just told me she sees Nole as the Wimbledon champion this year. His chart is perfect.

June 27th, 2011 at 9:26 pm


jamie Says:

Y’all, the online psychic told me today she sees Djokovic winning the US Open.

September 1st, 2011 at 5:11 pm


jamie Says:

She did the charts for the top 4 plus Del Potro and apparently Djokovic’s chart is absolutely perfect for the USO.

September 1st, 2011 at 5:24 pm

jamie Says:

@ alison hodge

This is the same online psychic that told me Djokovic had the perfect chart this year for the Wimbledon fortnight and that he was going to win Wimbledon.

Just saying.

September 1st, 2011 at 6:00 pm


jamie Says:

She told me:

Nole’s chart is perfect for the AO.

December 29th, 2011 at 4:20 pm


jamie Says:

But apparently Nole has an amazing chart for the AO. She sees him winning.

December 29th, 2011 at 4:44 pm


Have a nice day. :)

February 28th, 2012 at 11:18 am

Sean Randall Says:

Anything else, Jamie?

jamie Says:

I’m bored.

Giles Says:

Jane. I do think your comment is completely out of line. “Perhaps Murray and Delpo will be injured in practice …..” I don’t wish injury for any player and why would I? Rafa is quite capable of beating the names you mention including your joker boy, providing he is healthy.
You have made an unfair and nasty comment which I resent!!

alison Says:

^ Your highlighting how the rest of us feel,so Whats your point^?

jane Says:

What about your comments yesterday, Giles,calling Nole a drama queen and insinuating he’s a faker – were they not unfair or nasty? Sorry, but I think your comment about hoping Nole skips Monte Carlo was already rather implicitly critical. I merely asked WHY you hope he skips the event, which you haven’t answered.

alison Says:

^Sorry post to Jamie^.

Giles Says:

^^^ Because he should rest his injured ankle. Ok??

alison Says:

Jane i hope Nole skips MC,not because i dont want him to play,but because i only want him to play fit and not compromised,damage limitation is my reasoning,the video at the top of this thread was quite distressing,speaking as a fan of the game its always sad to see any player injured.

BadaBing Says:

Balls. of. steel

Fleischer Says:

Djokovic says:
“It’s very strong emotion when you play for your country. I guess that’s the biggest reason why I kept playing,”

Then why did he retire from davis cup matches in 2011 and 2009 ?
LOL…such a JERK.

dari Says:

When I saw Novak continue to play on that ankle, I thought he was crazy and still do. but like he said that’s what happens when you are playing for your country! I also think he wanted to avoid retirement at all costs, considering the heartbreak of 2011.
I don’t think many other players would have kept on, so cheers to him for taking one for the team and i hope for tennis’s sake the Number One player recovers soon and fully! Man of steel

dari Says:

sorry for double!

Alok Says:

Brando Says:
WOW have things gone crazy around here today. Let’s just take it easy folks- it’s only a sport right?

April 8th, 2013 at 11:51 am

You’ve said it.

I don’t think anyone is being rude for stating their opinions on the situation. Fed’s mono, back issues are constantly being questioned,and so were Rafa’s knees, but I don’t see it as rudeness at all, just people giving an opinion on a forum, which is the reason they blog here.

IMO, from viewing the Youtube clip 3 times, he landed on the front of the foot and his foot twisted from the instep not the ankle. Perhaps it’s the reason it didn’t swell up like Li na’s ankle, he was able to run and play. That said, I doubt very serious damage occurred. If it’s just ligament bruising, he most probably could play MC.

Brando Says:



Your right: this happens with Fed, Rafa whenever they have a injury scare so it’s no big deal regarding Novak- he certainly isn’t breaking into new ground on this front.

That’s why i do not get why some of his fans are throwing toys out of the pram being overly sensitive regarding him!

They need to: chill out!

This Man of Steel hyperbole is just plain crap, BS.

Quite simply:

1- He continued since he was PHYSICALLY ABLE enough to do so.

2- He played over 2 HOURS OF TENNIS after that moment of scare- enough to give a positive indication that it is not a major issue.

3- He’s ONLY PLAYING TENNIS- a frigging game! Nothing brave about that- just fun and pure privilege!

He may miss MC as a precaution but the SHEER FACT that such a tourny which starts this Sunday is still a POSSIBILITY for him is indication enough that this IS NOT A SERIOUS INJURY!

Folks need to take it easy, relax and realize that:

This is an open forum and EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion.

IF someone isn’t singing praises over your favorite then there is no need to start badgering them over it just because you dislike their opinion!

Some folks should know better!


alison Says:

Brando i also wish Nole a speedy recovery,and hope its not serious,but i like number 3 on your list,its a privlege to play tennis,and whats more they get paid handsomely for it too,nothing brave about it,these people are not gods or life savers,yet sometimes i think we are all guilty of putting them up on a pedestal a little too much sometimes.

Brando Says:


Spot on re pedestal!

Quite frankly speaking IMO (the last time i checked one doesn’t give that up when they discuss matters such as tennis):

All this talk of bravery, man of steel and the ridiculous ….balls of steel (like how do you know? care to tell us this moment of discovery perhaps?) is just plain ridiculous hyperbole.


I’ll ask you a simple question:

IF Novak was continue to continue yesterday then conversely on the other end of the spectrum was he a coward to retire in the Davis Cup SF in 2011 when at the time he had lost ONLY 2 matches all season?

Of course he isn’t a coward for that nor is he Superman for continuing on this time.

What Novak and his team did was simple and the same on BOTH occasion’s:

They asked whether he was PHYSICALLY ABLE ENOUGH to continue playing the match or not?

And the CLEAR ANSWER was YES- considering that not only did he play another 2-3 hours but was completely spanked Sam near the end!

IF the answer to that question was NO just like in 2011 then he would have stopped- without a shadow of a doubt!

He is NOT going to do a disservice to himself and his team by continuing to play when he cannot produce anything of note due to being hampered greatly physically as that would serve no one!

CLEARLY it was NOT an issue this time and thankfully, despite the obvious and normal concern, he was able to play on!


It is what it is- and let’s not raise the issue to a level that border’s on the ridiculous.

He’ll likely skip MC as a precaution (a smart move i would suggest) and he’ll be 100% by Madrid.

But guess what?

The man in question himself is NOT ruling out MC yet, so i guess that is to suggest that perhaps:

Maybe, just maybe, he’ll be fine and folks are throwing a hissyfit and calls of bravery over…. nothing!

alison Says:

Brando exactly,exactly,exactly on all points,and just to highlight this is not taking a dig about Nole in any way,shape or form as i would say the same about any player,Nole was niether a coward then or superman now,hes a tennis player thats all,pure and simple,i dont see why anyone would think any the worse of him then,or any the better of him now?

Giles Says:
Rafa fans. Great article on our Champion.

rogerafa Says:

Every fanatic or blind devotee makes every effort to put their favorite player on a pedestal. Novak fanatics have done it many times before and are doing it right now. Rafa fanatics probably do it the most. Most recently, they did it after IW. Roger fanatics have done it many, many times especially when he was in his prime. Even established journalists lose perspective or, perhaps, they prefer hyperbole. Tignor forgets the ties Novak has missed in the past(as world number one or otherwise) or his retirements although he does qualify it by talking about his strong commitment “THIS YEAR”. By inference, Novak was unpatriotic and selfish when he skipped DC ties or was not brave when he retired. Did he HATE playing for his country on those occasions?

I may be wrong but I suspect Novak’s ankle is not all that bad. The MRI would confirm how bad or good it is. Novak has skipped MC before and I would not link any withdrawal necessarily to his ankle issue.

Brando Says:


Great post.

I would say Fed fans probably do the fanatic stuff the most though, never do they skip a chance to shove his record down the throat of other’s.

Like as if others are not aware of it anyhow.

Ultimately: that’s all perception and nothing outright!

I agree with you re Novak especially:

there was certainly more than a fair share of his fans wishing that he withdraws from MC prior to the match.

I guess they got their wish then quite possibly!

Wog boy Says:

I didn’t know Steve Tignor is Nole fanatic, good on him.

alison Says:

Brando are you watching UTD V CITY? come on city lol,sorry couldnt resist lol.

alison Says:

^Just as i speak,city take the lead yay sorry Brando:-)^

Brando Says:


LOL, yes i was until half time.

It was a bore watching TBH- a dead rubber of a match.

Brando Says:

LOL, Alison i don’t mind.

TBH i don’t care about this one at all really:

the title is pretty much in the bag barring the cock up of all cock up’s!

SAF is kinda annoying me picking such a defensive, pensive team:

Why not attack City all out when you have alot less to lose than them?

Deserve to lose with such negative, safety first tactics!

Wog boy Says:

I didn’t know Sean Randall is Nole fanatic, good on him.

alison Says:

Brando derbys have a habit of been like that,either really great games or really dull games,no midle ground really.

Brando Says:


Get in: 1-1! :-)

LOL, though you are right: derby games are hardly ever the best of spectacles.

They rarely, if ever, match the pre match hype

alison Says:

True Brando,UTD having nothing to lose this season now.

alison Says:

Wogboy shame LVC couldnt sneak out a win yesterday,alot of posession that they didnt do anything with(sigh).

Wog boy Says:


Yes but so far ,this 2013 tear, I am happy with them. They are building good team for the future. That is the way to go, and not a band aid aproach.

Brando Says:

LOL, manu legend MICHAEL OWEN watching on. Did you see that Alison? :-)

alison Says:

Wogboy yeah LVC a work in progress YNWA.

Brando Says:

what a goal by sergio aguero!

damn that was a good one i hate to admit!

alison Says:

Brando LMAO I am too much of a Laydeee,but insert your own expletive here the second word is off lol,Michael Owen Man UTD LEGEND :-))))

Brando Says:

Alison, LOL had to tease you with that one! :-)

Re Liverpool:

Your team is definitely heading in the right direction, and TBH I NEVER though i would say this:

are really good to watch.

They are playing some excellent football under Rodgers now more than ever IMO!

2/3 good buys and they are champion league spot contenders IMO.

alison Says:

Brando yeah hopefully.

Brando Says:


I’ll correct that to:

Hopefully not. :-)

alison Says:

Brando :-))))….

skeezer Says:

“I would say Fed fans probably do the fanatic stuff the most though, never do they skip a chance to shove his record down the throat of other’s.”

Not. Ever read a Rafanatic post? Now there is a fanatic.

Brando Says:

@Skeezer: it doesn’t matter ultimately: Rafa fans think it’s Fed fans, and they think otherwise. It’s NOT a matter of fact, just perception that’s all. Ultimately: ALL fanatics are bad. Saying one over the other is just a opinion like a fed fan said rafa fans, and a rafa fan said fed fans are worse. Doesn’t make either one right- nor does it matter!

BadaBing Says:

Then why did he retire from davis cup matches in 2011 and 2009 ?

Did your guy even play in those years?

skeezer Says:


Just repeating what u said. Glad you clarified it.


Nevermind the Rafa fan bitterness. Nole actually hurt his ankle whilst playing for all to see. Rafa? AFTER he plays, there is an injury excuse when he wins, and when he loses. They are just trying to get sympathy for his “cry wolf” syndrome. The deflection rule is in effect, can’t you tell?

Giles Says:

Hey skeezer. Is your man fit and ready to defend his blue clay title? Oops sorry, it’s red clay this year!

alison Says:

Brando/Skeezer i think its fair to say that each fan group has its fair share of fanatics,i dont see anyone type been any better or worse than any other to be honest,all you can try to do is be as fair as possible,although granted its not always easy.

alison Says:

you only have to read the posts at 12.28pm yesterday, to realize if there ever was a fan who was too much of a fanatic,too much of a heroworshipper,someone who actually believes one particular player is bigger than the sport itself,then this person is it,god only knows how he will feel the day his favorite retires.

Johnny YJS Says:

What I like about Djokovic is his attitude when he loses a match. He is a good loser. He goes to the net and embraces his opponent with a smile. What I do not like is his body language during the match which he fakes depending on the score. The flexibility of his whole body is amazing. Injury or no injury. That is always the question.

Steve 27 Says:

skeezer 20 is coming and 21, and 22 and 23 and…

Sirius Says:

^and after that comes 24… And then 25 and then 26……

i hoped u would tell us 12 is coming and 13 and 14 and 15 and 16 and 17 and 18….. that’s what matters most, doesn’t it?

Steve 27 Says:

Well, is not matter for fed fans, not?. Lol

Sirius Says:

Yes, because its the only thing that u guys will always cherish all your lives while others will remember the number 17 (still has a chance to improve) most. Thats why it doesn’t matter much.

You see that number? SEVENTEEN! Most by any other players. Sorry its too hard for you to swallow this fact

skeezer Says:



17 is not just a number in Professional Tennis, it is THE number for now until broken
Blog on.

Giles Says:

19-10 is good no?

Sirius Says:

Yep, good.

17-11 is better, no? :)

Steve 27 Says:

these fed fans are hilarious!

Sirius Says:

Ha ha. THESE rafa fans are no less than clowns

skeezer Says:

^exactly. Rafans will never ever debate Slam count. Why? They don’t own it. The Maestro does.

These Rafanatics are GOAT of hilarious!

So whats the beef?

The only thing they can grab onto, the h2h(btw, talk to Davy), LMAO.

Oh, and let us all guess, he did all his wins whilst he was injured in some respect, no?

Too bad losses and wins were do to injuries, wind, bananas, cramps, burnt fingers in a restaurant, etc. He may have had 100 Slams by now.

Koooooool Aid.

Sirius Says:

Skeezer, what’s with the banana story? I think I missed that one!

skeezer Says:

And Unc Toni again trys to illegal coach signals, this time for banana eating.

Giles Says:

^^^ Geez this is way better than your man choking on match points!! Hehehe

Sirius Says:

^ for you perhaps. u like every little thing that rafa does, no matter whether they are right or wrong.

alison Says:

Sirius isnt our physcic friend a little too obsessive when it comes to Novak? it a bit of an annoying misconception that its only the Rafa fans that are the only fanatics,just saying.

Sirius Says:

Alison, i’m not saying that ONLY the rafa fans are fanatic. I don’t think I’ve ever said that. I’m not sure why u are telling me this. Every great player has fanatic fans and i don’t think being fanatic is a great thing

alison Says:

Sirius were you not one of the ones singling out the Rafa fans for talking alot of crap along with Tennis Coach and Ngotent(sorry or however you spell it),when Tennis Coach said on the other thread Rafa fans talk a load of crap you said it seems that way,i just dont think that when it comes to fanatics or which set of fans talk more crap its 6 of 1 and half a dozen of the other.

Sirius Says:

Alison, i think u got me wrong there. I said ” SOME PEOPLE” on that thread, not “ALL”

alison Says:

Sirius fair enough sorry,i just get annoyed with peoples double standards sometimes,anyway ill leave it at that.

Sirius Says:

No need to say sorry :)

i get annoyed at double standards too. But i’m not a fair poster (generally fans tend to be a bit biased) though i try to be as fair as possible

alison Says:

Sirius DITTO :)..

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