Good News: MRI Confirms Novak Djokovic’s Ankle Injury Not Serious, He Might Still Play Monte Carlo!

by Tom Gainey | April 9th, 2013, 10:24 am

Novak Djokovic fans have reason to smile today. After almost two days of anxious internet speculation, Djokovic has announced that his MRI results showed “no structural damage” to his right ankle he frighteningly turned Sunday during Davis Cup. That means no ligaments were torn!

A statement on his website read, “The world’s top player has undergone an MRI examination this morning which revealed no structural damage to the joint capsule and ligaments. A joint structures strain requires therapy and strict rest in the following days.

“Depending on the recovery, a decision will be made on Nole’s participation at the upcoming tournament in Monte Carlo.”

Though no precise timetable on recovery was given beyond just rest, the last sentence suggests Djokovic is still contemplating playing the Monte Carlo event which starts next week. Djokovic, who resides in Monte Carlo, would get a bye and likely not play until Wednesday, eight days from now.

Via Facebook Djokovic had this to say, “After seeing the results of all the tests we did, i am really positive and strong. I’m doing the best i can with my team to recover fast and be ready for the upcoming tournaments. I am grateful to have so many of you worrying for me and sending me words of support. Thank you! This is me on the therapy this morning.”

Here’s the picture:
Djokovic therapy

The Monte Carlo deadline for withdrawal is Friday. Last year he reached the final losing to Rafael Nadal.

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66 Comments for Good News: MRI Confirms Novak Djokovic’s Ankle Injury Not Serious, He Might Still Play Monte Carlo!

Ben Pronin Says:

Phew! Luckily we know Djokovic and recovery go together like mac and cheese. Perfectly blended.

jane Says:

Glad to hear; thanks Tom.

Brando Says:

As predicted, as expected and as was always the case:

he’s fine, he’ll play MC, and this was a lot of hoopla over nothing.

Bit of a bonus for Novak really:

Cry on Serbian TV= more sympathy and support for this brave superman than ever

Struggle going forward= oh dear god it was my ankle, plus of course the weather forecast.

Good times!

Show goes on, so will he, let’s end the tear’s now folks and get back to talking tennis!

Brando Says:


Close but no cigar- i’ll correct you if i may:

Djokovic and recovery go together like mac and donkey cheese!

Don’t ask me how- superman can tell us as to how so!

Ben Pronin Says:


Brando, it’d be one thing if you were a Federer fan. But you’re a Nadal fan. And it’s been his MO for the longest time to setup a preemptive injury excuse so that when he wins = brave warrior! If he loses? Well he was injured so not much to be expected. I mean it was taken to a whole new level with his recent layoff but he’s always done it before. I don’t see how you can criticize Djokovic for doing the same. Especially since he didn’t even do anything except say he hurt his ankle (which we saw). It was the media and fans that went nuts.

As for the weather thing. I’ll agree with you on that criticism. His whole “I can’t play in the wind” nonsense is embarrassing. But, again, Nadal complained about it last year at Indian Wells. Pot, meet Kettle.

Brando Says:


It wouldn’t be one thing if i were a fed fan. What has it been so far:

Back, mono (so excuse all 2008 losses), age (although he is Godzilla when he wins) and back again.

I’m not his doctor so i may have missed a few other ‘medical reason’s’ for his losses.

Long story short: let’s not excuse him as some other worldly saint in this regard. What were the reason’s for his last loss on tour in IW?

I do forget these reason’s regarding Saint Roger.

With Rafa: old news, nothing different there than it was in 2005. Won’t even try defending him: it is what it is, and we all are used to it!

Djokovic? Just enjoying some cheap fun at superman’s expense in this regard.

Bottom line: NONE of them are super heroes or better than one or the other in this regard. They ALL play the game- one way or another.


Agree re the weather forecast:


Especially when you play a injury prone 35 year old and your playing at your best, favorite and most successful MS event.

It’s a long standing issue with him though:

Remember when he lost the first set to Ferrer last year at the USO?

And how ‘the wind’ was the reason for his downfall v Muzza in the USO final.


I’ll give him one thing: he’s broken into new grounds in this regard.

Probably is the first player in ATP history were the weather forecast is of more concern than his opponent!

Who would have though that would be the case one day?

Giles Says:

I don’t believe this. There are FOUR threads now on the drama queen’s “injury”!! He strained his ankle, big deal. He should try playing tennis with a torn tendon for 3 months!!

jane Says:

Just for the record, Nole’s most successful MS event is Canada, where he’s won 3. He’s been up and down in terms of his success at Miami, even losing first round once. He’s won 2 at a few events, including IW, Rome and Miami.

Brando Says:

Just for the misinformed.

He’s won 3 Miami MS title.

Won his first one there.

And has reached 4 finals also- the most he has at ANY MS event were he has won so many events.

Add in the ‘oh i love the conditions here’, ‘they suit my game perfectly’ yada yada then all it is:

Long story short= his best MS event: certainly one were he gets to finals more than anywhere else and wins alot of the times also!

Brando Says:


You are right.

A lot of noise over a strain ankle.

I have had my say on this and it’s enough.

Case closed for me: he’ll be at MC.

I look forward to that event!

Miro007 Says:

He would still be a fool to play in MC. He needs to rest just in case and start in Madrid. I hope he does the right thing, he is taking way too much abuse with his schedule.

jane Says:

You’re correct Brando. I forgot the first one. So Canada and Miami equally successful at 3 titles, but more consistently deep at Canada if I recall. In Cincinnati he’s been in 4 finals, too, but oddly, he’s never won one!

Brando Says:


I said misinformed, not veteran djokovic fans like you! :-)

My final say on this matter:

1- First and foremost: Glad he is fine.

2- Hope no fan of his took my posts badly regarding him.

Yes, i have been ribbing him a bit- but trust me: i would do the same if it was Rafa or Roger.

Thought he will fine from the first moment, and i’m glad that he will be.

All that aside though:

Best move on from this episode, thankfully a short one.

Personally, i want to see him play at MC and i think he will.

Is it best for him?

Rather play matches than hit the practise court IMO.

Either way: I am completely certain that he’ll do whatever that is best for him- like they ALL do at the top- be it playing at MC or not.

I’ll move on from this matter now, onwards to MC.

Ben Pronin Says:

“Bottom line: NONE of them are super heroes or better than one or the other in this regard. They ALL play the game- one way or another.”

Utter nonsense! Really? None? Federer and Djokovic are much better at just losing than Nadal. Federer might be a sore winner who’ll say he played bad, but he won’t give a million and a half excuses. Djokovic, despite the injury, still won. And even pointed out how his opponent was injured, too, which certainly helped his cause. Nadal? He’s the guy who says he doesn’t wanna be that guy who’s always claiming he’s injured, but he just happens to be injured at this time (and every other time he loses). Good on you for not trying to defend him here. But don’t drag everyone else down with him.

And not quite what I was referring to, regarding the wind. Djokovic played a bad match. Haas played a great one. All you have to do is watch it to see this. Old, young, clearly irrelevant. The results don’t care. And prone to injury? Ok. But he wasn’t injured. So it makes 0 difference. The weather isn’t an excuse, but you can clearly see Djokovic struggles in the wind. That’s why it’s embarrassing. Not because people have to bring it up, but you can see him get frustrated at the wind so often and he lets his footwork get completely out of whack. That’s why it’s embarrassing.

Brando Says:


-‘Federer and Djokovic are much better at just losing than Nadal.’:

Pat yourself on the back kid- you just figured out how to present a opinion as a fact!

But yes: i prefer them to lose than Rafa, and be better at it- refine that art if they must! :-)

-‘ But donโ€™t drag everyone else down with him.’:

What the hell are you on about here?

Drag who down? And since when was Rafa supposedly being dragged down?

Utter BS man!


1- NO ONE gives a crap about Rafa and his injury record other than those concerned for his capacity to play the game

2- The ONLY one’s who like to moan, groan, complain and then do some more moaning and groaning about this are those who choose to do so about Rafa

And guess what:

WHY do they choose to do so?

Since hey ONLY want to knock him down.

Well that’s just PETTINESS for you.

Well like i care personally regarding that: but to say they DO NOT play the game is just plain folly!

NOT ONE is better than the other in this regard. They ALL do it when it suit’s them and frankly speaking:

Like i give a damn about it!

And certainly i do not care to keep a score card over which does so the most!

All the rest is PURE PERCEPTION and in your case, well we know Rafa isn’t exactly smelling full of roses with your….. er views regarding this matter.

That’s enough from me on this topic.

Re Novak and wind:


rafaeli Says:

Why am I not surprised?

rafaeli Says:

I mean I am not surprised he is OK because he was always OK. All this talk of laying down his life for his country was just tosh. If he was really that badly injured he wouldn’t be able to play at all no matter how patriotic he is.

Why does he have to produce evidence of the scan? Does he think no one believes that he was injured?

Humble Rafa Says:

It’s crazy. I am the most injured of all, and people are talking about someone else’s injury. I feel jealous without all the attention.

Time to post a facebook photo of my knee.

Steve 27 Says:

Ben pronin you must to calm down
It was not Federer the one that mentioned that he would like to be left-handed. If, because of it is that it has a negative record with players of the height of Melzer, Lopez, Belucci, Verdasco, and others. It is an easy smile and to remain quiet when everything is nice, but when there appears someone who does you, to hesitate, to stagger and to cry, the problems, complaints and snivellings appear. Result: The mask breaks and the real being that you have in your interior goes out to shine.

Ben Pronin Says:

^I’m so confused.

Wog boy Says:

^you are not the only one confused.

tennis coach Says:

What a bunch of crap from Nadal’s fans!!!?

tennis coach Says:

I meant some Nadal’s fans!

Ngentot Says:

“Why does he have to produce evidence of the scan?”
Man. you’re trying too hard. If you read carefully, it was stated that he put the picture (evidence, as you call it) in his FACEBOOK. So it is clear that he meant to show it to HIS worried fans, not to people like you.
Sorry, but it looks like some Nadal fans are not happy with the fact that the injury is not too serious.

Sidney Says:

@Ngentot, @tennis coach
It does seem that way, doesn’t it? Brando can be funny sometimes. Not his best moment.

skeezer Says:

LMAO Rafa fanatics. Rafa will go down as the GOAT of W/L excuses due to injury. Now his minions try to bring other players in to justify his behavior. Typical stuff, same ol song and dance, not my Rafa’s fault.

Sirius Says:

Imagine, had this been Rafa instead of Novak….. some people wouldn’t be posting real crap here

BadaBing Says:

Nole should play a few matches at MC and see how it goes. Don’t bust azz but yeah it’s better than practice sessions.

Humble Rafa Says:

Some people’s injuries are more interesting than others. Atleast I am not posting scans of my knee online. I have class.

Wog boy Says:

^Some people would like to see the scan of your knee.

BTW, that wasn’t picture of scan but the picture of ankle treatment, first day.

skeezer Says:

Good catch ;)



Would be interesting to see your “real”…errr.. “scans”, also. The knee, the other knee, the tummy, the shoulder, the finger, the foot, and for sure the head. Are there scans for banana choking and supposed disappearing under a table cramping? ( the a$$ scanned will be for Giles aka Fleishers personal library of course, otherwise no one else cares.)
So funny to see Rafa fans chiming in on Noles hurt ankle(which was VISABLE), and why? LMAO. Give it a rest, your champion will win FO again, lets all just hope without an excuse. And if he by chance loses? Oh we all know there will be an excuse, NO? Hope not, but hey, its R A F A.

Lets give a big cheer for Rafaholics. Best Kool Aid drinkers ever.

jane Says:

Cool video highlighting the wins of the season thus far:

Sirius Says:

Very funny post, Skeezer! :D

alison Says:

Just wondering are Rafas fans not allowed to comment on Noles injury?believe me i dont think Rafas perfect by a long chalk,but i thought this was supposed to be an open forum?fans of other players critique Rafa,but are Rafa fans not allowed to do the same with other players?again i thought this was supposed to be an open forum? as a Rafa fan i only want the best for Nole,im glad the injury wasnt serious,as i do for all players,but if i do critique another player,its not a deflection tactic just merely objective critisism,its a shame when peoples reasoning is always black or white,but then again im probably one of those Rafa fans whos talking a load of crap like Tennis Coach said? or one of the Rafa Koolaid drinkers,but when it comes to the tennis-x class pecking order i dont think Rafa fans have much placing on this forum anymore,Rafa fans are like small children,they should be seen and not heard.

alison Says:

Jane thanks for the link.

nadalista Says:

@alison says:

“…………but when it comes to the tennis-x class pecking order i dont think Rafa fans have much placing on this forum anymore,Rafa fans are like small children,they should be seen and not heard.”

Some of us got the memo to that effect a loooooong time ago but then again, we Rafans treat the message as something writted in Cyrillic so we blythely ignore it, bwaahahaha!!!

And Rafa? Bless………..he WILL be seen AND heard! To the chagrin of the usual suspects…..


Go Rafa!

Go Rafa!

Go Rafa!


nadalista Says:

Why any Rafan would wish Nole to be injured at all is beyond me…….personally, I want him fully fit so that there are no excuses when Rafa beats him…


Brando Says:

Hello, what do we have here? Why it’s the tennis community’s moral brigade on what one can post about or not. That thou cannot post views on other players and injury matters due to thou being a Rafa fan. Gosh, I just did not know that. Sadly I skipped class when the moral police were giving their sermon- which they seem to be doing in great voice in this thread. I’ll stay ignorant: and give my opinion on matters as how I see it feeling free to do so regardless of whom I root for. Which pretty much leaves me to say: sell the sermon to someone else- this poster isn’t buying into that crap!

Brando Says:

@Nadalista: Agree re 7.23 am post.

Alex Says:

“Rafa fans are like small children,they should be seen and not heard”.

Exactly, not all but some. Giles\Fleischer for instance.

“but when it comes to the tennis-x class pecking order i dont think Rafa fans have much placing on this forum anymore”.

Have to disagree since there are a few Rafa fans out there who have literally been spamming the comments section since Rafas return. Insulting other players and calling Fed a sissy and god knows what else, most other Rafa fans don’t seem to be bothered by this so shouldn’t be complaining. If Nadal fans are ok with Giles trash talking and posting little pics to make some delusional point like a five year old, fine!

Hence they should be ignored and treated like kids.

alison Says:

Alex its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other,however i think you missed my point,and i dont condone Rafa fans taking pot shots at other players,Roger/Novak are great champions,the point i was making was this is supposed to be an open forum,where fans should be free to critique a player objectivly as they see fit,other posters do it about Rafa,so why cant Rafa fans do it about other players too,no sissy talk,spam trolling,name calling etc,just objective critisism,otherwise whats the point in been here,just wondering?

alison Says:

Alex just to add i have defended Roger and Novak many times on this forum,Roger with the H2H against Rafa debate,the crying at the AO trophy presentation,arrogant swiss,Novak with the egg thingy when people said he was cheating,classless serb etc,too many times to remember.

Ben Pronin Says:

Djokovic’s injury was plain to see by everyone. It was also plain to see how it affected him. It was also plain to see just about when the medicine kicked in and he was able to relax and play better. Plus his opponent had his own injury, and so on.

Nadal’s most recent knee injury was never plain to see. He came off of a dominating clay court season but claimed that his knee was affecting him the whole time. He was a part of a historic upset where he really only lost by a hair. And when looking at his history, this upset was a long time coming considering how many scares he’s had in the past in the early rounds of Wimbledon. But yet a week later we’re told he’s injured and then fed a bunch of crap for 7 months until his beastly return.

I won’t even deny that I’m wearing my Djokovic-colored glasses based on this summary. But when laid out like this, it’s pretty easy to see why everyone is getting upset at certain Nadal fans’ for their ridiculous comments and insinuations. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. But what a bunch of hypocrites.

And I don’t know about this pecking order. It’s pretty clear that this forum has become quite Nadal heavy recently.

Humble Rafa Says:

I think the Egg Lover is mentally preparing himself to deal with the loss that is about to come soon. Not one but several in the next few weeks.

It is easy to convince yourself you lost because you had a bum ankle than to admit you lost to a better player.

Alex Says:


I know, your a fair poster and I didn’t mean to blame you in anyway. It was just a good post and I thought made some good points that might be analyzed, perhaps contradicted :}, and articulated upon.

“dont condone Rafa fans taking pot shots at other players”.

Good to hear.

alison Says:

Ben i dont believe i did make any insinuations about Novaks injury,i have only ever wished the best for him and all players,also if you dont believe Rafa was injured for 7 months fair enough thats your perogative,i just dont believe for a minute someone as competitive as Rafa would take that long off the tour without good reason,but then again believing him is my perogative,maybe im one of those airhead Rafa fanatics everyone keeps refering to who knows eh? as for the pecking order thing granted maybe it was a stupid thing to say?maybe the forum gets a bit Nadal heavy sometimes?but that happens with all the top players at times,i dont think there are any exceptions to that particular rule right?

alison Says:

Thankyou Alex i only ever try to be fair.

Ben Pronin Says:

Alison, I said “certain Nadal fans,” and certainly not you. I don’t think I’ve ever really argued with and there’s a reason. I think you’re pretty fair. And you, just as everyone else, can obviously post whatever opinions they want. We all know I certainly do. But some other people here are being hugely hypocritical.

alison Says:

Ben sorry my misunderstanding,your post came straight after mine so i thought it was for me,especially with the pecking order bit at the end ,sorry again.

Humble Rafa Says:

It’s like chicken and egg. Anytime a discussion on injuries come up, my name pops up.

queen Says:

Damn not broken!

suzette Says:

Humble Rafa, you don’t appear very humble and I know that you most certainly are not Rafa. I would say you must be “foul” since you keep talking about chickens and egg lovers in your latter posts. ( P.S. before you censor my spelling of “fowl” it was an intended play on words!

alison Says:

Suzette i think Humble Rafa is pretty harmless(well most of the time),hes merely sending up his namesake,i dont know if hes also a fan of his namesake,its hard to tell really hes never said who hes a fan of,i think he likes to keep us all guessing,and i think hes doing exactly the same with Novak too,he sends up all players,i dont think its anything personal,although i must admit its confusing at times,sorry just my two cents.

Sirius Says:

^and most of his posts are funny too

The Great Davy Says:

Once again, The Great Davy is forgot.

Humble Rafa Says:

I think I am Humble, therefore I am.

Wog boy Says:

^ and modest.

alison Says:

Queen @2.32pm,April 10th, you might not like the guy,but what a nasty sick thing to say,what is the matter with you?

tennis coach Says:

Alison, my post was not directed towards you. Your posts are fair and resonable.

alison Says:

Tennis Coach thankyou sorry i took it the wrong way,no hard feelings eh :-)))…

contador Says:

Congrats to Serbia winning. I got watch a bit of the doubles match and wow really exciting win for the Serbian team!

Very glad Djokovic is not injured; that would suck going into clay season to have him sidelined. I love Nole!

alison Says:

Very glad Djokovic is not injured,that would suck going into clay season to have him sidelined.i love Nole,very well said,and we should only wish that for all the players,but also remember its the sport we love as a whole not just one player,no one player i ever bigger than the sport itself.

alison Says:

^BTW That post was not taking a pop at Contador whos posts i enjoy,but just an overall generalisation of posters in general^.

Michael Says:

It would good as a strategy Novak skips Monte Carlo and concentrate on the other clay court tournaments. The reason is because Nadal is invincible there and he is yet to lose a match there right from when he entered professional circuit. I think he loves those Courts more than Rolland Garros. So, it would be a futile attempt by Novak to claim Monte Carlo. How much he tries, he might not turn successful.

alison Says:

Michael Djokovic is the worlds no1 player,so he should be treated as such,not ducking and diving to avoid playing this player or that player,i think people should have more faith in him,i find it quite pathetic when people say that sorry.

alison Says:

I think its a shame if players and posters are going into a tourney with the attitude of losing rather than the attitude of winning before they even start to watch it,just seems like rather a negative approach to take,when anything could happen.

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