Did Marinko Matosevic Knock Over Rafael Nadal’s Water Bottles Today? [Video]

by Tom Gainey | April 17th, 2013, 1:56 pm

A fun story is emerging from Rafael Nadal’s routine 61, 62 win over Marinko Matosevic today at the Rolex Monte Carlo Masters. According to TennisTv commentator Nick Lester, at the 5-2 changeover in the second set Matosevic knocked over Nadal’s water bottles.

We’ve been waiting for someone to do it, and apparently Matosevic did! Finally!

In the video below, you can’t see the Australian actually kick the bottles, but you do see a smile from Nadal as he sits in his chair and also a glance from Matosevic. It seems to be a light-hearted moment for both players. So no ill will between the two.

If I can find any conclusive video/evidence I will post along with quotes from the players regarding this topic. For now you will have to move ahead to the 1:00 hour mark to see the alleged incident:

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26 Comments for Did Marinko Matosevic Knock Over Rafael Nadal’s Water Bottles Today? [Video]

skeezer Says:

I would have knocked over RN’s bottles also after that huge running FH winner to break( Well done shot btw). Why not? Gotta try something. Next time offer a Banana.

alison Says:

Skeezer LMAO great post.

Ben Pronin Says:

That shot was absurd. What else you gonna do?

alison Says:

Such a refreshing change to be talking about Rafas tennis rather than Rafas injuries.

contador Says:

Home for lunch and there is something I didn’t notice earlier …

Nadal is showing more leg. Yes, the hem of his shorts is higher than I have ever seen on him. You can see where the tan stops. I knew there was something different about him. He appears longer legged with the short shorts. Good look on him. He could go shorter too I think. Not everyone looks good in short, shorts. ;)

alison Says:

Contador i know your not a fan,but short shorts is female paradise well for me anyway,dont think Lulu,Nadalista,Kimberly even Jane whos a Nole fan would argue with you there deffinetly a good look lol:-D

alison Says:

^A good look on Rafa i meant^.

contador Says:

Well I had to take a 2nd look because I thought he was skipping one of his ritual tugs to the shorts when serving and receiving.

I think in general alison he is not pulling the short shorts as much.
Yeah, I like this look on him.

I can’t say I like Rafa, alison. I have a reputation to keep! lol

alison Says:

Contador fair enough not everybody likes everybody,be a boring old world if we all liked the same things,i was working today so i didnt see him play,but i will look out for the short shorts and tugging or not as the case would be lol.

RZ Says:

The biggest mistake Matosevic made was waiting so long before knocking over the water bottles. LOL.

Skeezer, too funny! The knocked over water bottles plus banana made a deadly combination. :-)

Humble Rafa Says:

Next time offer a Banana.

As you know, I have choked on a banana before. I don’t want to have one more injury to deal with.

Now, I let uncle Toni touch hot plates before I place my hands on them.

Humble Rafa Says:

Yes, my shorts are bit higher. I am told as I grow older, they have to move up.

cindy bennett Says:

Being an Australian tennis player I am loving
this story. Go Aussie. But I DO love Rafa and
it is great to have him back in action – hope it
lasts till after the U.S. Open

skeezer Says:


ROTFL re; 10:26 post

skeezer Says:


ROTFL re; 10:27 post also.

As they say in the NBA, you’re on fire! Lol…

queen Says:

Ha ha bottle kicking love it! What’s next dirt throwing?

skeezer Says:

Lol, I think players are looking for other ways to beat Rafa on Clay. You know, knocking his water bottles, offering big bananas, asking for a date, etc. Don’t think its gonna work. ;)

jane Says:

The short shorts might even work like a superhero cape?

Look out! Rafaman is on the Clay.
The kryptonite search is underway.

To the Djoker mobile!
Blast up the Bagpipes!
Reenergize with wee doppelgängers!
Knock down water bottles!

But alas, alas…
Rafaman is on the Clay.
The Bull, the Lion
will have his day

To infinity and beyond…
In short shorts [no less]!

nadalista Says:

Thank you, @jane, for that ode to Rafa…….

Like Rafa himself says, one day his MC winning streak will come to an end but for now, we enjoy.

As for Matosevic, he definitely moved himself into my “like” list with that single act of “insolence”. Shows he doesn’t take himself too seriously, sign of a grounded person.

skeezer Says:


You finally showed your skills. Awesome and creatively done! Touche!

Glad you took it all in fun and didn’t do a “Gleischer”

alison Says:

Jane nice little limerick about Rafa thankyou lol.

nadalista Says:

But @skeezer, I am a nice, understanding person, especially after imbibing some Rafa Kool Aid……..

Giles Says:

Rafa receives French policeman’s badge. I wonder if he frisked them at the players’ party! Lol
Some genius has named Rafa “Matadorable”. Very apt!

Giles Says:

Vamos Champ. On to the quarters.

alison Says:

Giles thanks for the picture,Rafa Rafa matadorable yeah very apt indeed,and he can frisk me and handcuff me and day of the week he pleases too(ahem)lol.

Anna Says:

The shorter shorts were Nike’s idea, and surprise, surprise, Roger’s showing more leg this year as well. Come on Fed fans! Roger legs deserve a little scrutiny.

Marinko knocking over Rafa’s bottles was funny, but I hope it doesn’t start a trend.

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