Is Bernard Tomic’s Dad Now Head-Butting Practice Partners? It Appears To Be The Case!

by Tom Gainey | May 5th, 2013, 7:17 pm

Benard Tomic’s life just got a little more interesting, if that’s possible. Though this time it’s not Bernard who’s creating the problems in the Tomic family, it’s his father.

According to reports, the combustible John Tomic exploded earlier this week in Madrid at a practice partner of Bernard’s. The remarkable story has it that John Tomic head-butted Thomas Drouet on the practice courts breaking the 29-year-old Frenchman’s nose!

The incident left Drouet, who is not on the ATP computer at the moment, in a neck brace with a cast on his nose and John Tomic in jail!

The ATP is said to be reviewing the incident and John could very well be suspended from the tour for this assault.

The controversy didn’t help Bernard any either, the 20-year-old lost today to Radek Stepanek in the first round of Madrid. Since Australia Tomic has a total of six wins in tournament play.

Here’s more on the case from Matt Cronin:

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26 Comments for Is Bernard Tomic’s Dad Now Head-Butting Practice Partners? It Appears To Be The Case!

tennismonger Says:

Johnny Tomic needs to lay off the Jack Reacher books…maybe switch to chic lit for a bit!

thebigfour Says:

He’s just an idiot!! If I was the practice partner I would wait until I healed up, and than find John to whoop his butt!!

Wog boy Says:

I wonder if the law is the same in Spain as it is here in Aussieland. If that happened here the Frenchman could sue his ass off.

BT Says:

First Damir Dokic for Jelana now John Tomic for Bernard. What is with wacky Australia tennis dads/coaches. Feel sorry for Bernard.

Lots of stories and speculation around:

RZ Says:

Head-butting John Tomic = Butthead John Tomic

Wog boy Says:

Why would anybody feel sorry for Bernard, he is the one doing stupid things and instigating fights, driving contrary to his P licence, speeding with his ferrari, losing licence, having a punch up with his mate in a hotel spa bath on the Gold Coast (police called in), refusing to practice with Hewitt two years ago (not good enough for Tomic), I bet he instigating this one too so father had to jump in to help him and of course tanking when ever he feels like it. It is not a father who is doing all those things, it is Bernard. I cannot feel sorry for such a spoiled dude full of money, after all what Tennis Australia did for him, sorry.

harry Says:

@Wog boy — I see your point; but somehow i feel for Bernie too. I mean, how many of us are blessed with a talent that drives us to the top 50 in the world in our field of work before we are even 19? Sure, he is not blessed with much brains or with helpful relatives :-) So i feel a bit of, let us say, compassion for him. Well, it makes the others (especially the top 4) even more impressive — to not only have that talent but also the brains to comprehend their situations etc!

Wog boy Says:


maybe I was harsh but I just got fed up with him saying one thing and doing another. here is a good take on John Tomic.

harry Says:

@WB — thanks for the link. yes, his father seems to be stupid :-)

Humble Rafa Says:

Big Lady is thinking why ask your father to do something you can do on your own.

harry Says:

@Humble Rafa: you were more humble in your posts last year :-)

Margot Says:

Apparently Drouet was trying to stop John hitting Bernard. What a horrible, horrible man! If he’s prepared to do that in public, what on earth is he capable of doing in private?
If Bernard has grown up in fear, with that dreadful role model, no wonder he doesn’t know how to behave.

harry Says:

Ah Margot, John is stupid and hot-headed, not horrible. Yes, I wouldn’t like my nose broken :-)

mat4 Says:

Anyway, it is interesting to find, in the article on, that Tomic also thought that the draws were fixed, and Dokic thought the same thing. Is it really common practice?

On a lighthearted note. My son, the other day, had his fist big tennis deception. He was playing his first tennis tournament, and the rules were a bit peculiar: the matches lasted to ten, and most of the parents were acting as umpires, me excepted.

So, the parent of his opponent was the umpire in the semi, and the result went something like that: 5-5, 6-5 for my son, 8-5 for his opponent, 9-5 for his opponent… At 8-5, I corrected the umpire saying it was only 5-7, since his son missed. But at 9-5, I suddenly understood what was happening, and asked him how he could act that way. The children were eight years old, was that match so important to cheat?

The man didn’t blink. He answered that HE was the umpire, and his son won 10-6.

I was in utter disbelief.

mat4 Says:

A confusing story in a confusing English. To be more precise, instead of 9-5, the true result was 6-7.

chico Says:

Next time if the same thing occurs, go to the tournament organizers and calmly state that you want the entrance fee back in full or a rematch, for them not being able to provide a level playing field. Much wiser than starting a fight at the court. If nothing else the matter should become public enough for the next guys not to run in to the same ordeal.

Colin Says:

BT, they are not “Australian tennis dads/coaches”. They are Croats or whatever. It’s the sons and daughters who are nominally Aussies.

Wog boy Says:


More than one third of Sydney population was not born in Australia, but that doesn’t make them less Australians than Anglo-Irish ones, this is the land of oportunity. There is good and bad Australians and that has nothing to do with backround.
P.S. Should we go back to 1878, to find out who were the first settlers and how did they establish new colony, better not, they were not eastern or southern Europeans or better known under derogative and insulting name “Wog” or “Dago.”

Wog boy Says:

^^ It was 1788. not 1878. when first flleet arrived in Sydney.

nadalista Says:

What a nasty piece of work, feel sorry for Bernie that he has to call this person his father.

Margot Says:

Recently it was reported that John Tomic had thrown something at a waiter simply because the meal was late or not to his liking. Apparently the poor guy was injured.
“Hot headed” my foot. The man’s a horrible bully with a nasty temper.

the DA Says:

Here’s the story from Drouet’s perspective. Worse than I imagined. He punched his son in the jaw?

Thomas Says:

Here’s an article I found.

If you read JOhn’s history, this latest incident really is not that surprising….

Practice Partner Thomas Drouet: Bernard Tomic’s Dad Has Treated Me Like A Dog For Six Months! Says:

[…] story came to light when reports of John Tomic head-butting Drouet surfaced yesterday. Drouet said the incident occurred Saturday afternoon while he and John were walking outside of […]

mat4 Says:


It didn’t matter. Mat finished third, and we were very happy about it. Winning is not the only thing that matters. The mother of another of his opponents was the umpire in the QF, and she behaved the way I think she should: she transformed the match in a very funny contest, joking, cheering the competitors, learning them to be fair and to shake hands at the end of the match, bringing a lot of joy to the children.

She was the “normal” parent. The other one, with his ambitions, his ugly behaviour, was perhaps a new JT. It was just an example.

Bernard Tomic’s Head-Butting Dad, John, Has Been Banned From All ATP And WTA Events Until Further Notice Says:

[…] After incidents this past week, the two governing tours of tennis took swift action against John Tomic banning the father/coach of Bernard and Sara, who competes on the WTA, from all men’s and women’s events until further notice. […]

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