Roger Federer: I Took A Break So I’ll Be Tough To Beat The Next Few Weeks
by Tom Gainey | May 5th, 2013, 7:28 pm

Roger Federer returns to tennis this week for his title defense in Madrid. The former No. 1 hasn’t played since a mid-March quarterfinal loss to Rafael Nadal at Indian Wells. But said said this extended break will prove beneficial in the long run as he begins a very busy stretch of his schedule.

“For me, it was important to take a bit of a rest – not too [long] – just enough so I’m really sort of tough to beat in the next few months,” said Federer.

“What we play for at the end of the day is playing in front of fans and being part of the show and achieving things in your career you always dreamed about. For that, I need to work hard as well. I need to get away from it all, so that when I do come back I’m excited and motivated. That’s what I feel right now, and that can then carry you a long way.”

Federer left Indian Wells with a back issue which he says has cleared. The 31-year-old says he feels good and ready to play his best tennis this week in Madrid and then in Rome.

“Now I feel good. I’m obviously extremely excited being back on Tour,” Federer said. “I’m sort of entering all the tournaments from here through to the US Open really, so it’s going to be a long stretch. You want to be ready for it. I’m very excited, which is a good thing.”

The second-seeded Federer will play Radek Stepanek in the second round either on Tuesday or Wednesday. The 17-time Grand Slam champion hasn’t reached a final this year and hasn’t won a title since last summer in Cincinnati and he ranks 10th in the latest ATP 2013 points only standings.

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28 Comments for Roger Federer: I Took A Break So I’ll Be Tough To Beat The Next Few Weeks


Maravilloso. Seré una de sus fans trasnochadora, en Medellín, COLOMBIA

Humble Rafa Says:

I understand. I have lost a grand total of 2 matches since my return. But I am the GOAT owner, let’s see what the GOAT can do.

The Great Davy Says:

Humble Rafa,

If you are the bull, am I the master of bull?

skeezer Says:

Go Fed!!!
Vamos, Allez and all that stuff.

jamie Says:

He is so delusional.

Humble Rafa Says:

Humble Rafa,

If you are the bull, am I the master of bull?

What exactly have you accomplished besides head on head stats? You need more accomplishments to be a part of the “Master” discussion.

skeezer Says:

“jamie Says:
He is so delusional.”

Who’s more delusional, Fed with 17 PROVEN Slams or your ever changing asstrology picks? ROFL!

jamie Says:

No 32-year-old tennis player is tough to beat. He is done winning slams. Might as well retire already. Last tournament won was Cincinnati last year when the top players like Murray and Djokovic were saving the best for the USO the next week. Meanwhile after his phoney Cincinnati title he was ridiculed by Berdych in the QF of the USO. Berydch made him look old and shankilicious. LOL!

thebigfour Says:

Little jealous Jamie! Roger is the best of all time, and it’s dangerous for you to say he’s done winning slams. It’s actually 17 slams and counting.

Rsutherland Says:

Jamie 9:45PM
Nadal fan here but I disagree. With Federer’s technique, I do not believe that his age is so much a factor as with other players. Is his technic not more fluid than other oldies such as Haas or Ferrer?

Also, getting away from tennis mentally was probably as healing as was the time off for his back to recuperate.

I do not quite understand how some here (who obviously know more about tennis than I do) do not seem to take in account how a facile (probably the most facile) technique supports longevity.

Its surprising to me that here we are – after last year’s Wimbledon- and the same manner of speculation is buzzing bout as was before.

Dc Says:

The next 5 months are the most crucial period for tennis players. They have 3 slams and a few masters on the schedule.

Fed may have been the smartest player on the tour by taking a two month break,it will leave him with enough mental and physical energy to go full throttle for the coming months till the conclusion of US open in September.Nadal has been playing non stop afor almost two months and Nole has been rather busy since the start of the year.

We may be seeing another awesome season by Fed, wouldn’t be surprised if he picks up at least a slam and may be the number 1 ranking for a few weeks.

A champ like fed will no go away so easily and will flicker brightly now and then.

Ian Ross Says:

I hope you took the time to review why you lose to Nadal over and over again, especially on clay. You refuse to run around that weak backhand and hit a forehand sometimes. He hits 95% of his balls to that wing and your stubborness to change your strategy has resulted in your loss to him. I hope coach Annacone has told you to run around your backhand and give these players that pick on that wing a different look.

queen Says:

I am really sort of tough to beat? – he sounds like he has been smoking something…lol

skeezer Says:


With all respect, he is tough to beat and shows you by owning 17 Slams. Maybe soon he won’t be, but there aren’t very many players that beat him on a regular basis(yes, even on Clay ).

Ian Ross,

Good analogy and share your frustration with Feds stubbornness. Oh well, it is what it is.:(

Michael Says:

Roger will return to the courts and that is the nicest piece of news his fans can get. He has made his debut at the right tournament, a court where the playing conditions might favour his game. I am not too sure about how he would perform after a long break ? It might help or hurt him. But, I only hope he goes deep into this tournament where he has already won it four times. He has an relatively easy draw till the semi-finals. I am sure Roger knows that it is his serve which will make a difference when he meets the best and hope he would have made more adjustments to his serve to make it more potent as during his hey days. Best of luck to Roger !!

madmax Says:

Important I think to read what Fed said in the full news strip, not just the bit Tom posted ‘out of context’.

And good for Fed for taking the break. He knows his body better than anyone. Really glad to see him back and hope for the best for him.

31 and still playing high quality tennis, no. 2 in the world, incredible feat for one so young!

Loving the fed return, the game, the one handed back hand, the style, grace and everything about him. Just miss watching the guy on tv. It’s not the same without the fed playing, that’s for sure.

malher Says:

@madmax : ditto

skeezer Says:



rafaeli Says:

jamie Says:
“He is so delusional.”

Sadly, so are his fans.

skeezer Says:

^nice to see the jealous ones still around…hehe

Fed just being the GOAT. New Wilson photo shoot….

Giles Says:

^^^^ So?

skeezer Says:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Enjoy it. He is the KING ;)

gannu Says:

^^^^ Skeez u are damn funny..keep up the good humour buddy…Fans of nadal are delusional…cant come to terms with the fact that our man is THE GOAT OF GOAT;-)

Giles Says:

^^^^ Clown. Did you actually think I watched the vid? No thanks.

Giles Says:

These fed fan clowns are now trying to encroach on Rafans vocabulary. Tut, tut, tut.
Rafael Nadal is the King. #Fact

Aon Says:


ditto, lol

stewart Says:

hi i agree with ian ross if roger was to run around his b.h against nadal at least sometimes i think it would help esp on clay if nadal does it with novak it gets whacked for a winner mostly.

stewart Says:

also as someone said the fast clay courts will help roger in madrid but personally i dont think he will
win it hopefully deep into the tournament so would lose points again as for rome i think its slowish clay as roger has never done that well there except when he was much younger.

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