Gael Monfils Tried This Goofy Trick Shot For Some Reason In Halle Today [Video]

by Staff | June 14th, 2013, 3:34 pm

What can you say about Gael Monfils that hasn’t already been said? The oft-entertaining Monfils did it again today in Halle. During a 3-set loss to Tommy Haas, Monfils executed this trick shot while Haas was serving for the second set.

Monfils let a Haas lob bounce between his legs then hit a reverse smash which did land in the court.

“No way, I cannot believe I just saw that on the ATP Tour,” a stunned TV announcer said. “How seriously is he taking this match.”

Of course Monfils lost the point and eventually lost the match in three sets.

Added Haas on Gael’s questionable shot, “I don’t know if that’s lack of respect. I think he’s more of an entertainer in that sense and he wanted to do something entertaining for the crowd as well and maybe see if he can win that point that way. If he hit the smash well he still could have won the point, especially on grass he’s in control of the point. I don’t think necessarily it’s lack of respect. You saw the crowd sort of really enjoyed it.”

Here’s Gael’s latest entry for the 2013 Shot of the Year:

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32 Comments for Gael Monfils Tried This Goofy Trick Shot For Some Reason In Halle Today [Video]

Steve 27 Says:

Who is this clown? Lol

Seth Says:

He’s an idiot? Entertaining? Sure, sometimes. But still an idiot.

Seth Says:

*He’s an idiot.

skeezer Says:

I think this subject of a fair debate. Should this stuff be encouraged in the sport to make the game more entertaining, or is there no place for it?

courbon Says:

You are calling guy idiot because he played trick shot?Lighten up guys, that’s all I can say…

Steve 27 Says:

This is a difference between Andy and this clown:

Giles Says:

If Gael would spend less time clowning around and concentrate on the serious stuff he would surely be right up there with the best. Shame!

Kimberly Says:

Skeezer, my opionion is in an Exho, you do trick shots, in a tour match? It’s your own call but do at your own peril. Not every athlete has to have a nadal/fed/djokovic attitude. Maybe he enjoys it. If so it is his right to do it.

Take Your Pick: Federer v Haas In Halle, Murray v Tsonga At Queen’s Says:

[…] champion and today he edged Gael Monfils. The Frenchman had his act going again diving around, hitting crazy shots before injuring himself late in the match. Haas did his best to block out such histrionics and […]

Brando Says:

Lighten up guys. It’s HIS career, his choice of shot. Seeing as he and Tommy are cool about it, it’s all good. As a fan: personally I love the fact that there are guys like him, Jo and a few others on the circuit who have that crazy mindset to go for such shots. It’s a great that there is some difference still out there.

Ben Pronin Says:

I’ve watched it a million times now and the timing is just unreal. The amount of things that went right: it didn’t hit him or his shorts, it bounced perfectly under his legs, he was able to keep track of it after spinning, etc. Man, he must be the most athletic tennis player to ever go pro.

skeezer Says:


I like your take. Sounds good to me.

I love the entertainment value, but hope the players are on board. Haas didn’t mind it seemed, so its all good. You know players ego and all, they might take it the wrong way. Me, I loved when Fed brought in the tweener. And first time, when he hot a winner, most fans thought it was a fluke. Then the second time, against Nole at a Slam…..WOW!

skeezer Says:

^are u serious?. This is worth posting? I mean WTF? LMAO.
Thanks for posting a 12 yr old losing a tennis match(sic), what for?


Steve 27 Says:

skeezer, Thank you for your hatred for a player
Be more open and maybe you will be respected
Be classy!

Okiegal Says:

The guy has a great personality……but probably should leave it off the court. Bet his coach could kill him, if he has one. But he is comical, I like the guy, very entertaining and fun to watch. He could be an amazing player if he would get serious.

skeezer Says:

^never looking for respect, thats just an ego trip. But classy? All the way baby!


Okiegal Says:

Loved the videos of a young Rafa. You could tell from those clips that he was bound for greatness. Amazing kid who turned out to be one of the best players in tennis history. Vamos, Rafa!! Hope you are able to compete in the next 2 grand slams coming up.

roy Says:

men’s tennis is one of the only modern sports which strongly selects for mental focus and even intelligence given the tactical advantages available to smart players.
the career of monfils demonstrates how far pure athletic ability can take you in tennis, and also the limits of it.

Giles Says:

It’s very clear that tweeners excite the birdbrain skeezer the geezer ! Lol

Danny Morris Says:

Excellent stuff. This is what sports/tennis needs. more free spirit and personality. A lot of sport, to people with a higher intellect and wisdom is about HOW the game is played than just bringing in the win.

Someone like santoro/gasquet/rios/safin/edberg/nole/federer are always a credit to the sport. They prevent the game from becoming monotonous and save people from slipping into coma. Mental strength is over-rated. Federer/Nole/Sampras on clay cannot ever have a winning record against Nadal. Similarly Nadal will never have a winning record against Roger/Sampras on grass/indoors and Nole on hardcourt/indoors. You give me a player 5 year-older than me in my league, I will always beat the dude more often than not. #TruthOfLife

Any amount of mental strength or whipping/flogging from a dominant parent/uncle will not change that.

Danny Morris Says:

To the dimwitted/reading-comprehension challenged, Rafa is not bird-brained enough to do that, but a few of his “fans” have attempted such absolutely asinine stunts.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Danny Morris agree with most of your post,but no disrespect but i beg to differ when you put Novak down as some sort of angel, lately he has grown up alot dont get me wrong,but the swearing at the crowd recently,which Barry Cowan had said the viewers had E.mailed in with complaints about,the gun incident with Tipsaravic,and wasnt there a joke going around that he was going for a career GS in retirements?like i say the rest of your post i pretty much agree with,but come on Novaks hardly an angel?

James Says:

“You give me a player 5 year-older than me in my league, I will always beat the dude more often than not.”

By that logic, shouldn’t the Dimitrovs, Raonics be beating the Nadals/Federers all the time?

James Says:

“Suck my d*ck.”
– Novak Djokovic

Giles Says:

Nick Bollettieri: “Anytime Rafael #Nadal walks onto a tennis court. I wouldn’t bet against him”.
Vamos King!

James Says:

@Giles, is Rafa still in Manacor or in London now?
Nick Bollettieri knows tennis. He’s right.

Giles Says:

@James. I think he will be in London on Tuesday.

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