Here’s A New Catchy Song About Andy Murray [Video]
by Tom Gainey | June 21st, 2013, 1:25 am

Does Roger Federer have a song named after him? Does Novak Djokovic? Does Rafael Nadal? Well, Andy Murray now does and it’s quite catchy.

The song “Hey there Andy Murray” was written by John Paul Spiers and the hand in the video belongs to his alter ego, Far In Jim.

Spiers, a native of Glasgow, is a big Murray fan and got the idea for the song after watching Murray play in Melbourne.

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10 Comments for Here’s A New Catchy Song About Andy Murray [Video]

queen Says:

Ha ha He seemed to figure out Fed as well. Lol
The song should rhyme little bit more. I think the author is fishing for some free Wimbledon tickets ;)

jane Says:

The “singer” sounds a wee bit like Andy himself. hee hee.

RZ Says:

Jane, I thought of that too!

M Says:

“I think the author is fishing for some free Wimbledon tickets”

You don’t think it. You know it.

I didn’t appreciate that little sideswipe at Roger but the rest of it is pretty hilarious.

Margot Says:

@the DA and other “foreign fans” of Andy
There’s going to be a documentary on the Beeb tonight called “Andy Murray- The Man Behind the Racquet.” Team followed him in Miami/at home/etc and talked to Spacey/Aggassi and loads more people who know him well. Hope u guys can catch it on Youtube, looks gr8. I’ve got my hankies at the ready.
And in shocking news, given British Summer so far, the forecast for next two weeks is mostly rain free and getting warmer.

suzette Says:

Actually Novak Djokovic has songs dedicated to him by a blues band Zone B and by aband called jaboo as well as others in his homeland

jane Says:

Hey suzette! Please post links. :)

Dorothy Mcneil Says:

The song is catchy so what.Roger Federer is the simply the boss,nothing is enough to compare it with Nadal or Federer. Murray may have a beautiful song but he can’t still win the Wimbledon.

Margot Says:

At least Andy’s still in.
You gotta be in it to win it.

suzette Says:

Hi Jane, he are a few links, He also had a android game dedicated to him called NOVAKKNIGHT, which can be downloaded at

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