Serena Williams Lands In Bastad, It’s Her First Trip To Sweden [Video]

by Tom Gainey | July 15th, 2013, 9:11 am

Serena Williams’s hardcourt season took a detour this week when the World No. 1 arrived this weekend via private jet in Bastad, Sweden for the Collector Swedish Open.

“It’s really pretty. I really like the city. I feels like I’m on vacation. It doesn’t feel like a tournament so it’s really relaxing,” Serena said about Bastad.

Serena said she took a couple days off after losing to Sabine Lisicki two weeks ago at Wimbledon. She then return to training on clay in prepartion for Bastad.

Joining Serena on her first trip to Sweden are her coach/boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou, agent Jill Smoller and trusty dog Chip.

In her first match Serena plays Sesil Karatancheva in the first round on Tuesday.


Press conference:

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5 Comments for Serena Williams Lands In Bastad, It’s Her First Trip To Sweden [Video]

Colin Says:

Airline clerk: “Where is your destination?”
Passenger: “Bastad”
Clerk: “No need to be abusive!”

Matador Says:

I wonder why she did pick to play this tournament, considering that the 2nd seed of the event is the No. 30 ranked Romanian, Simona Halep. Does she really intend to win it or she is around only for the gossip and for holiday as she already admits. She kinda messed my trading for the Bastad Open to be honest. :)

James Says:

@Matador, it’s kinda $$ for appearance in the tourney and the fun of doing something different for her. And now that she’s there I don’t think she’ll want to lose here.

Lol @Colin

KRIS Says:

She’s just holidaying with Patrick, don’t get surprised if/when she tanks the matches, collects her huge cheque $$ and jets back to south of France for more romance with Patrick.

grendel Says:

Serena said after her 1st round at Wimbledon that she was going to Bastad:

“I’ve never been to Bastad. I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to getting back on the clay. I can’t wait. Well, I can wait.Let’s make that clear”.
Serena is one of the funniest of interviewees. She doesn’t mean to be funny, of course – that’s why she’s so funny – but at the same time one is not at all inclined to laugh AT her. You are just grateful to be listening to a real (if somewhat odd) human being and not obliged to take on board yet another bland prettification. Nobody could ever accuse Serena of being scripted.

Asked whether Annabel’s recent unflattering remarks about her physique bothered her, Serena replied: “No. No, I’m fine. Thanks for asking, though” She is described as smiling. Now that is a smile I should have liked to see, if not necessarily to have been on the end of.

Later in the interview, the Croft thing came up again. She responds:”One thing To be honest, I didn’t hear the comments. I don’t know exactly what she said. Someone in my camp told me I might be asked a question. That was on Saturday.” She concludes with a flourish:”I don’t care to know what she said.” Oh, that just makes me squeal with pleasure!

Serena is honest in her dishonesty – that’s why she’s such fun to read. But she can be genuinely honest, too. Asked if her loss to Lisicki was “going to be tough to get over or have you learned how to handle a loss like this?”, she replied seriously: “For me any loss is extremely tough to overcome”. You just know she is sincere at this point. And so when she goes on to pay tribute to Lisicki’s formidable grass court skills, you trust that the words and sentiment are her own.

She’s a card, a character. She’ll be missed when she leaves the scene, and not just for her tennis.

SERENA WILLIAMS: For me any loss is extremely tough to overcome. So, again, I don’t think it’s a huge shock. She is a great player. Her ranking has no effect on what she should be. She should be ranked higher. Especially on grass she just has, you know, a super, super game to play well on grass.

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