Here’s Video Of Andy Murray Playing Paddle Tennis With Girlfriend Kim Sears In The Bahamas!

by Tom Gainey | July 16th, 2013, 11:23 am

Newly crowned Wimbledon champion Andy Murray is taking life easy at the moment, and deservedly so. After a whirlwind post-celebration week in England, Murray and girlfriend Kim Sears are on a getaway vacation this week in the Bahamas where the two were spotted playing paddle tennis on the beach! (There goes the privacy!)

No word on who won the love match, but Murray’s form looks good against Sears. (Kim’s a lefty?)

Murray tweeted earlier that he’ll return to practice on Saturday in preparation for the summer hardcourts next month.

“Just got off flight… Nice 5 day break coming up before training starts again next saturday… Going to eat a lot and do very little else!” Murray tweeted on Sunday.

Let’s hope Andy remembers to put on sunscreen.

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17 Comments for Here’s Video Of Andy Murray Playing Paddle Tennis With Girlfriend Kim Sears In The Bahamas!

James Says:

Grew up playing this game. Learned some shots they don’t (or seldom) use in tennis. I liked that the courts are smaller and I could do without using my weaker backhand most of the time.
Anyone else on tenis-x played paddle tennis?

James Says:

Enjoy your holiday, Kim and Muzza. Well deserved :)

Steve Says:

Fun game but it isn’t Paddle Tennis, which is a much more advanced game. This is often referred to as paddle ball. For info on the real paddle tennis check out

Steve 27 Says:

Laver believes Murray has the game to win the calendar year slam

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Rest up and make sure you prepare well for an asault on retaining the USO,i am really looking forward to the HC swing,would really love for either Muzza or Rafa to win the title again,although i am delighted both have won a GS,and both have made history this year,no matter what happens next,bring it on.

Nina Says:

I love how easy he goes on Kim, lol. They’re super cute.

Nina Says:

Laver is overhyping players as usual. I don’t see Murray completing the career slam as he hasn’t achieved anything at all on clay. It will be tougher for him than it is for Novak, for sure.

James Says:

Despite his not so impressive clay record, I think Murray can complete the golden career slam. But Calendar slam? No offence, Muzza fans, but I’d be surprised if he wins 3 slams in a year.

Djokovic looks good to complete his career slam. Next year could be his. But like always it won’t be easy as Rafa is too strong at RG. If I were Novak or Muzza or for that matter any player in the top 50, one of my goals would be beating Rafa at RG lol.

James Says:

*Next year French Open could be his (Djokovic’s).

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

James i agree if he had a favourable draw he could possibly eek one out,wonder if our resident pyschic could get the stars to align for him at some point lol,for me its just fantastic that Muzza has that self belief now against the top players,he matches up well with Novak too,which is looking like the new big rivalry,if Andy beats Novak at the USO then the AO will look very intersting,and we could be seeing the changing of the guard?but i think now its safe to say that Andys game is rattling Novak,the same way Novak rattled Rafa,and Rafa rattled Roger,this is new teritory for Novak,not that i would ever count out Novak especially going onto the HC season.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

They make a really cute couple,i am tempted to call them the Posh and Becks of tennis,but i think that would be an insult to Andy and Kim,as Kim is way more beautiful than Posh,and David was always overated in looks and as a footballer IMO,Andy as Lorraine Kelly once remarked has a resembalence of a young looking Charlton Heston,and having seen a picture of the both in a newspaper recently she has a point too.

James Says:

Yep Kim is more beautiful than Posh and Becks never achieved as much in football as Muzza already has in tennis.
And yes it’s so good to see Muzza confident against the other top players. He’s already beaten Novak in 2 of the last 3 slam finals they played. It will be interesting to see how this new confident slam winner Muzza plays against Rafa.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

I dont think Laver is overhyping,hes merely saying its a possibility is all,the same as Sampras when saying Rafa could surpass Rogers GS count,its the same pattern everytime a player wins a GS,its nothing new,fans of their favorites also have a tendency to get carried away.

Colin Says:

As I’ve said before, after the semi against Del Potro, anyone suggesting Nole would be tired for the final would have been told firmly that he has incredible powers of recovery, as witness the Aus Open (4 hours against Andy, then five against Rafa).
I think Nole’s problem was in his mind. Physical tiredness would account for a loss – but a straight sets loss? This is the guy who beat Fed in New York when the Swiss was serving for the match.
Murray at his best seems to have a knack for getting into opponents’ heads. Some find it boring to watch, but to me it’s fascinating. Long may it continue.

jamie Says:


Nole will not win other slams besides the AO until 2015. In 2015 he will win outside the AO again. But 2013 and 2014 will be like 2012 for Nole, just winning the AO and no other slams.

Tootie Says:

Why not get married, Andy? Is that too novel an idea?

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