Francesca Schiavone On Drawing Serena At US Open: Oh $h!t

by Tom Gainey | August 27th, 2013, 9:35 am

Colorful Italian Francesca Schiavone had a tough night Monday at the US Open, nearly getting blanked by top seed Serena Williams 60 61 in a first round blowout.

Afterward, the 33-year-old Schiavone candidly spoke of what her first thoughts were when she learned she had drawn the defending champion Serena in the first round.

“Oh, shit,” joked Schiavone who had two career wins over Serena, but on clay. “But it’s normal. When you are there, you have the same. She has two legs, I have two legs. Two arms. We are the same. We are human. One has to win. She was much, much better today than me.”

Late in match down 60, 20, a funny moment took place with Schiavone hugging a ballkid. Who can blame her? The night was going so badly, she had yet to win a game, she needed a hug!

“I don’t need a hug in that moment,” she said. “I need a game, points. I don’t need the hug. No, no I went to the ballboys to say, Well, that’s tough. No, it was just a joke.”

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9 Comments for Francesca Schiavone On Drawing Serena At US Open: Oh $h!t

the DA Says:

haha, I love Francesca. Such bad luck drawing Serena in R1.

Cena Says:

Francesca is one of my female favs. Funny, I had the same reaction when i heard that she was playing Serena in the first round. Serena appears very focused. I hope she can rise to the ocassion and win it again.

Jason Says:


Anna Says:

It was great that this slam champion took a moment to lighten the mood. It was very Italian of her :).

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Frankie is such a fun character,she also has alot of variety in her game,she was always one of my favorite players to watch on the Womens tour,for all her talent she is one of the games underachievers IMO,such a shame she had to run into the defending champion,who has been in such awesome form this year(sigh).

Anna Says:

Although Schiavone has great skills and great heart, clay is really the equalizer for her game.

Rick Says:

Rooferer sucks! He is not on the run!

MAry Healey Says:

I do not believe in “magic” when it comes to anyone’s ability to defy the physical limitations that age puts on all of us. That being said ,I defy anyone to deny some sort of “drug” is the only possible answer to “superior” power an aged athlete may have over trained, dedicated younger athletes. I also believe that if the seeding of players simply followed their ranking instead of being left up to”the chosen few”, tennis would indeed become the “opportunity of a life-time” it claims to be for all athletes. How strange that S Stosur just happened to get seeded with a young player who just happened to have the coaching of Billy Jean King!!! Equally strange,that S. Williams just happens to get F. Schiovione who well know as a fundamental clay player,with power and force being deadly to her survival!!! Yes, tennis , need to change!!!!!!!!

Anna Says:

No one in there right mind would have thought that 17 year old Duval would beat Pam Stosur in the first round of any slam. If Pam would have had her choice of Duval or Schiavone for her first round, I’m pretty sure she would have picked Duval.

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