Roger Federer Likes Extra Gluten In His Diet!
by Tom Gainey | August 28th, 2013, 9:27 am

The postponement of his first round match from Monday night to Tuesday afternoon didn’t bother 5-time champion Roger Federer much at the US Open. After a difficult summer, the 32-year-old enjoyed a comfortable opening round win over Slovenian Grega Zemlja 63, 62, 75 for his 42nd consecutive victory in a Grand Slam first round.

After the quick match, Federer was asked to comment about the new gluten-free trend that many follow including his rival Novak Djokovic. Would the Swiss conform to such a diet?

“Oh, no, I have extra gluten,” Federer joked. “I’ve always paid attention to what I eat. I’ve always been a healthy eater. Clearly you can take it to the next step, you know, when to eat, exactly what, before the match, during the match, after the match, what to eat exactly if you’re not sure. I grew up sort of as a vegetarian when I was younger. I’m happy I can eat a bit of everything today, which makes it easier overall. I’ve seen some nutritionists from time to time, but nothing crazy or major really.”

Federer also talked about his passion for the game and the role his twin 4-year-old girls, Charlene Riva and Myla Rose, play.

“Clearly when you win everything, it’s fun,” Federer said. “That doesn’t necessarily mean you love the game more. You just like winning, being on the front page, lifting trophies, doing comfortable press conferences. It’s nice.

“When I had my two girls, I also wasn’t sure right off the bat how it was going to be after that. Was I going to be able to play the same schedule? Was my love for the game as big? Were we going to be able to cope with the whole thing, having twins or not? Managed it totally fine. They were at the court today. I’m so happy to see them before and after the match.I’m in a good spot right now. I want to enjoy it as long as it lasts.”

Federer will play on Thursday in the second against Carlos Berlocq. He could meet Rafael Nadal next week in the quarterfinals.

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10 Comments for Roger Federer Likes Extra Gluten In His Diet!

Thomas Says:

Federer was a vegetarian when he was younger? Didn’t know that.

Humble Rafa Says:

Charlene Riva and Myla Rose

If he had a boy next time, he should consider Humble Rafa. It goes well with the other two. But I know, being GOAT and all, he can’t have just one, he will have 2 at the same time. I recommend Great Davy for the fourth child.

DC Says:

Fed was a vegetarian when he was young – he knew he was the GOAT…

Humble Rafa Says:

I have been a GOAT eater all my life. Being vegetarian never crossed my mind.

Dc Says:

Humble rafa – Goat eater on clay only – on grass the goat would eat me

hawkeye Says:

Funny how Djokovic usually praises and respects Fed but good old elegant Roger has to take these subtle digs at Novak. Sportsmanship at its finest.

nadalista Says:

^^What? I thought only Rafans took subtle digs at Nole. Fed must be a Rafan then……..

James Says:

Well, it is no secret that Fed isn’t particularly fond of Djokovic. Novak and Rafa get along better than Novak and Roger.

Eric Says:

How is that a dig? Just a joke. And Novak’s weird habits are a bit amusing, anyone’d admit, I’d think.

Brando Says:

It’s not much of a dig.

And jeez: the players are not so sensitive that they’ll cry about it like their fans seem to do.

Fed’s lack of warmth towards Nole is an open secret. So what.

We ALL have someone at work that we have to tolerate even though we cannot stand them.

Boo ho, big deal if Fed took a dig at him.

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