Serena Williams Admits She Doesn’t Like Playing Tournaments After The US Open
by Tom Gainey | October 24th, 2013, 10:44 am

Serena Williams admitted yesterday after a second round robin win at the WTA Championships in Istanbul that she doesn’t care much for playing WTA events after the US Open.

“I have always traditionally ended my year after the Open,” Serena said Wednesday. “You guys are lucky that I was able to make it out two tournaments. That’s like a record for me. I love that the season is getting, you know, getting shorter and shorter.”

Serena has wrapped up No. 1 and with 10 titles including Beijing a few weeks ago, she’s still thirsty for more success.

“I’m definitely motivated,” she said. “I don’t want to come all this way to not do well, and, you know, I have a tough draw, so I just have to do the best I can.”

Serena has won 12 straight matches at the year-end WTA event. Today she’ll face Petra Kvitova for top spot in the Red group.

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11 Comments for Serena Williams Admits She Doesn’t Like Playing Tournaments After The US Open

Brando Says:

TBH: i’m with her on this one.

Post USO immediately the majority of fans start looking forward to the AO in January.

No one really cares one iota about the Asian swing, Paris etc.

Only the WTF can muster some excitement and even then it pale’s in comparison to the slams.

It feels like a chore for the players post USO, a grind and I reckon the game and they could without it.

A suggestion:

Get rid of the chore like Asian swing.

Have a 6 week clear calendar post USO, and then have a Paris Master/ WTF sign off for the season.

That way players will be reasonably fresh, motivated to hit the indoor swing hard and finish the year off on a high.


6 weeks off, play 2 weeks, then close to 7 weeks till next season is plenty of time off for them.

Less chance of burn out.

rafaeli Says:

Rafa has been saying this for years.

hawkeye Says:

So no tournaments in Asia?

Not sure that’s a good business plan.

SG1 Says:

Serena is a lot more fortunate than other players. She can play a limited schedule and come out firing on all cylinders. Most players don’t have the talent to get away with it.

As for the complaining, I find it annoying. If you don’t want to play the Asian swing, don’t. If you choose to, then shut up and play tennis. Serena Williams took away $3.6M from this years US Open. My sympathy for her seems to be waning. Not to mention her almost complete lack sincerity and likeability.

Sirius Says:

“If you don’t want to play the Asian swing, don’t. If you chose to, then shut up and play tennis”

well said

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Geez thanks Serena you guys are lucky i was able to make it out two tournaments(sigh),how privaleged we are that you decided to play,think yourself lucky that you are able to do the job you love,and excell at it too,think of the fans who pay and love watching you,think of the other girls on the tour who can only dream of the success you have had,and stop whining woman for gods sake(sigh).

Perfect fan Says:

@ SG1: Ditto! I too agree….esp. on the complaining part >:(

Pamela Says:

she is the most annoying individual to come along in a very long time. Wasn’t it just a few short years ago that she was saying (I think around the time of the AO) how she really didn’t like tennis. Tennis, the sport that gave her the life she lives today. Does she think anyone would have looked at her fashion line or anything else she does had she not had the reputation from tennis? To actually come out and say we are lucky she played the 2 tournaments…..Not a very grateful girl. for all of her thanking her Jehovah… talk is cheap. she has not truly learned what is important.

Giles Says:

Leave her alone. Serena is the Queen of tennis and can pretty much say what she wants!! Lol

Hamza Says:

SG1: Spot on.

Serena could’ve chosen not to play after the US open yet she continues to do so.

Nonsense of the highest order.

Steve 27 Says:


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