Ferrer Shocks Nadal, Faces Djokovic For Paris Title; Who’s The Pick?

by Sean Randall | November 2nd, 2013, 11:20 pm

Novak Djokovic took care of business Saturday beating Roger Federer, though in much tougher fashion than many of us expected. In the semifinals of the Paris Masters, it was Federer who controlled play early, dominating Djokovic to lead by a set and a break before the Serb got on track to author a 4-6, 6-3, 6-2 comeback win.

Federer began awfully strong and once he broke to start the second I thought that might be it for Novak who hadn’t yet got into gear. With the ATP Finals just around the corner and the No. 1 ranking a pipe dream, maybe conservation entered into his mind. But credit to Novak who overcame a very in-form Federer to pull through.

“The key was just to hang in there and stay with him,” said Djokovic. “I knew that he was going to be very aggressive from the start coming to the net. He used his opportunities really well. He was very efficient at the net. Then I tried to decrease the number of unforced errors and step in when it’s needed. I did pretty well in the second and the third.”

Federer, who was playing Djokovic for the first time this year, certainly gave some much-needed hope to his fan base going forward. And the fine form should carryover into London.

“I was pretty happy with my level of play,” said Federer. “I wish I could have kept it up for a bit longer and put him under pressure, but Novak battled well to stay in the match in the second set and the third set. I had my chances in the second and third sets. Disappointed right now, but overall it was a good week for me.”

The two will meet again on Tuesday in round robin Group B play at the ATP Finals in London.

While Djokovic got it done, Rafael Nadal didn’t. Defending champion David Ferrer snapped a nine-match losing streak to his countryman with a very impressive 6-3, 7-5 victory.

Might Nadal have had an eye on next week? Might Nadal not have wanted to play another grinding, knee-breaking match against Djokovic? Both reasonable theories but credit to Ferrer who, like Federer, has put together a couple of good weeks of tennis after a poor summer.

“I’m very happy. I’m in the final again in Paris Bercy,” said Ferrer who’s playing in his third straight tournament final, all indoors. “It was a very good match for me. I played maybe my best match this season. I was very aggressive with my forehand and with my shots.”

“Paris is very special for me. I made my first final of a Grand Slam in Roland Garros; last year I won my first Masters 1000 title; now I’m in the final again in Paris.”

Rafa, who’ll get his rematch against David on Tuesday, acknowledged he wasn’t in top form. “I need to move quicker. I was slow,” Nadal said. “I felt that I [was] always a little bit late on the ball. David, he’s quick and he plays inside the court and he puts you pressure on you all the time. If I move [better], I’m going to have the chance to hit the ball quicker and play with [fewer] mistakes.”

Nadal’s loss also leaves the door just slightly open for Djokovic to steal the No. 1 ranking. Novak will have to run the table – win all remaining matches including both Davis Cup singles – and that begins tomorrow.

As for Rafa, his indoor struggles continue – just two of his 60 titles have been won under a roof. Luckily, he’s got a great group in London with Stan, Tomas and David so I think he’ll do fine. But maybe the road miles on the year are once again catching up with him late in the season.

Novak Djokovic v David Ferrer
It’s not the final I would have picked at the start of the week (Tsonga v Del Potro), but it’s a good one. Both guys are former champions and both are on nice runs this fall. Novak’s won his last 16, Ferrer’s been a winner in 11 of his last 13 reaching three straight finals.

But the surface, the matchup, the motivation and the numbers all point Novak’s way. Djokovic leads the 31-year-old 10-5 including wins in their last four. But Ferrer did beat Novak indoors at the 2011 finals and also at the 2007 Masters Cup.

“It’s going to be a very difficult match,” said Ferrer. “I need to play very good to win tomorrow. I think too I have to play similar like today and take my chance if I will have one chance.”

While I don’t give Ferrer much of a chance, if Novak comes out a little flat like he looked to be today someone like Ferrer can take full advantage. Novak will also need to get that backhand back online as well. And I’m sure David is on an emotional high after beating Rafa so he’s in some ways playing with house money tomorrow. The pressure is off. But it shouldn’t matter in the last regular season match of the year.
The pick: Djokovic in two

Tennis Channel will have the match live at 9am ET. (With daylight savings it might be 10am?)

COURT CENTRAL start 12:15 pm
[1] B Bryan (USA) / M Bryan (USA) vs [2] A Peya (AUT) / B Soares (BRA)

Not Before 3:00 pm
[3] D Ferrer (ESP) vs [2] N Djokovic (SRB)

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94 Comments for Ferrer Shocks Nadal, Faces Djokovic For Paris Title; Who’s The Pick?

Michael Says:

Well that is really a shocker ? Ferrer beating Rafa which no one would have expected. But to take nothing away from the win of Ferrer, he was lucky to have caught Rafa in one of his rare off days where he was struggling to find his range and also sweating profusely on the Court. Some of the easy shots which he would have hit 100 out of 100 were misfired from his racquet. Still, all credit to Ferrer. It is not easy to beat even an error prone Rafa. Hard work has paid for him.

Michael Says:

As regards Novak Vs Roger, well the result was expected but still there was some hope in certain quarters that Roger would turn things around considering discovery of his form. But it was not to be. Novak played one of his excellent matches and he was a different player in the second and third sets. Roger just couldnt cope up with the returning prowess of Novak and he stumbled. Yet I am happy that Roger played really well in this tournament. It was a pleasure to watch him on court.

Lilly Says:

Rafa, you weren’t slow. The courts are fast. It’s not the slow clay that enables you to run around your backhand. Remember, that’s why you want more clay courts on the tour.

Humble Rafa Says:

Rafa, you weren’t slow. The courts are fast. It’s not the slow clay that enables you to run around your backhand. Remember, that’s why you want more clay courts on the tour.

Dear person known as Lilly:

Clay is where real tennis is played. Everything else if fake. A Humble Champion like me, in the good interest of the game, wants more games on clay. Hope a Lilly person like you can understand.

skeezer Says:

Nailed it ;)

Vamos Champ! Lol…Champ?

“just two of his 60 titles have been won under a roof”. Not only does Rafa want more Clay courts, but looks like he should be asking for all outdoor courts as well. You know, its all about him,

holdserve Says:

It is clear that there exist only two types of fans. Rafa fans and anti Rafa fans. If you look at a Rafa fan site they would be talking about Rafa. If you look at a Fed fan site, they would be talking about…..yes, Rafa. Full of hatred, toxicity and allegations of doping, cheating etc. Haven’t visited any Nole fan sites but looking at the posts of many of them in general sites, dripping with venom, it is clear they are also anti Rafa. Poor Fed and Nole do not exist!!!!! Only Rafa does. A Rafa Universe and an anti Rafa Universe like matter and anti matter.
Many Fed fans have no idea how Fed plays. They think he is a serve and Volley guy!!! The only thing they post about Fed is that he is a GOAT. It is kind of like a cult, blind worship of Master and hatred of he who dared to bring the Master to his knees!!! This GOAT obsession results in posters like madmax posting miles of stuff quoting opinions of several who have declared Fed is the GOAT.
The trouble is, weight of opinion in proving something is the truth is zero. Like the opinion /belief of millions who thought the Earth was the Center of the Universe.
Zero added to itself or multiplied by itself umpteen times is still zero!!!

I Love Tennis Says:

Just so happy for Ferrer for his win over Nadal, lots of great shots and lots and lots of running too, but it all paid off. May it be a good finals between him and Djokovic.

roy Says:

”As for Rafa, his indoor struggles continue – just two of his 60 titles have been won under a roof.”

this is a little misleading.
he’s only played paris four times.
he made a final, two SF and pulled out of a QF.

he’s played shanghai masters 1000 four times.
made a final and a SF

he’s played rotterdam twice and made final

he won madrid as an indoor hard tourn.

he’s missed a number of wtf only played 5,
made a final and two SF

so it’s more a case of not playing indoor than not being capable on the surface.

shamboozie Says:

Holdserve, “matter or anti-matter” I think you and the likes of Giles lack grey matter. Not that it matters. We are used to the sound of empty skulls. (Giles et al.)

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Nice post from Michael,sometimes a little perspective doesnt go a miss,Rafas only won two titles indoors of the 60 titles hes won my god what a failure,seriously hes had a great year,but cant be expected to reach each and every final and win each and every tournament,for someone who hadnt played indoor HC for two years on the whole not a bad week,and like Skeezer says its not all about Rafa anyway,so how about talking about Daveed and what a fabulous win this was for him,and with a chance to retain the Paris Masters which would be a fantastic achievement,my money would be on Nole,but i hope Daveed can give a good account of himself and make a match of it.

James Says:

Lilly Says:

Rafa, you weren’t slow. The courts are fast. It’s not the slow clay that enables you to run around your backhand. Remember, that’s why you want more clay courts on the tour.

November 3rd, 2013 at 12:24 am

Well said, Lilly. You know a court is fast when Nadal loses a match. Nadal winning a match/ title = the courts are slow like clay.

Cincinnati used to be super fast but it seems Nadal slowed down the courts there by winning the title this year.

@skeezer, vamos! Nadal lost a match again! This calls for a celebration;)

Bad Knee Rules Says:

Rafa, you weren’t slow. The courts are fast. It’s not the slow clay that enables you to run around your backhand. Remember, that’s why you want more clay courts on the tour.

Yes, but uncle Toni told me that I was slow, uncle Toni knows me better than I know myself … in uncle Toni I trust.

Giles Says:

Lily, Lily, Lily. You sound like a flower that has been sitting in a vase without water!

Giles Says:

The title of this article really baffles me. “Bla, Bla, Bla .. who’s the pick?” suggesting that we need to do some head-scratching to find an answer!

serve-voly Says:

In some moments Federer starts to make much unforced erors IMO wihout reson (opponents excelent play). 3th set.

metan Says:

Nice post as usual. Ahhhh, I still can’t believe it, Rafa lost.

metan Says:

Good time to find excuses for the lost .hehehe!
Let me list them : first the boss aka Sean R called David is Rafa pigeon infact he played like an eagle soaring in the sky. Covered the court so well and fired all those shots perfectly, second is the comedian aka humble rafa, he called David doormat. Actually that doormat had been transformed like Aladin magic mat. David used it to dive all the ball and made him move so fast to counter all Rafa shots. Third is easy going and ardent Nole fans aka Courbon. He didn’t wish good luck for Rafa infact he said David is in the Rafa left pocket and the worst part is he converted Michael magic number 982 becomes 991. This is a forbidden numbers because these are the Angels number. All inhabitants in this planet can’t use it otherwise karma and bad things would happen. Fourth is the sweetest poster in this forum aka Alison aka tennis x hippy chic. She used the sacred words VAMOS for the first time ever without getting permission from Giles. So you all must get fine .

Giles Says:

@metan. You are absolutely right and very astute in picking up on the comment from that joker fan Courbon.

Giles Says:

So, does joker have Ferrer in his right pocket, left pocket or top pocket? Maybe Courbon can answer that question.

Josh39485 Says:

Can Ferrer join that ultra-elite group of players who have succeeded in beating Djokovic and Nadal back-to-back in the same tournament?

metan Says:

@ Josh….
Do you ever know other player beat top elite back to back.As far as I know only Delpo the tower . It was at uso 2009. He did it for Rafa in sf and Roger in final.

Josh39485 Says:

@metan – Yeah, it’s not going to happen lol. But I’m talking at any tournament here (not just GS – it is virtually impossible to do in a GS now). Nalbandian bt. Nadal, Djokovic, Federer back-to-back in Madrid 2007, then beat Nadal and Federer again in Paris 2007 – he won both tournaments. Federer beat Murray, Djokovic and Nadal back-to-back to win the WTF in 2010.

Then DelPo and Novak beat Rafa/Roger at the US (2009 and 2011). Berdych almost beat 3 in succession at Wimby 2010 but Rafa was too good.

It’s a possibility, although not a great possibility – Ferrer has not troubled Novak on a hard court in a long time, no?

Giles Says:

Josh. I posted an article for you on the ATP Finals Draw thread.

Josh39485 Says:

@Giles LOL – just saw it. Hilarious stuff – classic Andrew Castle. Claims to be a tennis fan but really does not know that much.
He’s not even a Federer fan – he ditched him when he was performing poorly and hyped up other people no end. He pushes his ideals onto others as well, saying: “Y’know, if you’re a true tennis fan, you’ll also share the same views as me!”

The rest of the article, however, is remarkably similar to a post I made a few days ago about fans and haters.

Here’s one end of the Castle spectrum:

“What does Federer’s coach actually have to do, apart from choose which champagne to drink after the next championship victory?”
BBC Sport commentator Andrew Castle – Federer vs Henman, Wimbledon 2006

Then something like “Andy Murray set for long stay at World No. 1” (about a year ago)

Josh39485 Says:

Actually, if he sees someone play a beautiful point (especially Federer), he becomes a complete fanboy. He gets all his stats wrong (or skews them) – he ist the true WOAT (Worst Of All Time).

Giles Says:

Josh. I reckon you willed the writer to come up with all that hilarious stuff on Mr Castle. He has been sussed out finally but alas, I fear to no avail. TV networks are definitely hard up for good commies. Oh well!

courbon Says:

@ metan: Sorry-It will not happened again!
Just tell me other Angel numbers so I don’t use them again.

@ skeezer: After all great play that Fed done in the last 3 days ,your first post is attack on Rafa?Instead of being happy for Fed- you rubbish Nadal’s achivements.I often defend you ( I know, you do not need a help ) but it’s getting harder and harder my friend…

@ Giles: Novak does not cary Ferrer in a pocket.He almost lost US Open semi against him but got saved by the rain..I know, I felt stupid for joking about Ferrer before match,but theirs H2H is so one sided, that I assume it’s obvious who is going to win.
Those Nadal’s losses don’t mean much on the larger scale. In AO we will see where Rafa and Novak stand in their rivaly (unless Andy is fully recovered or Delpo, even Fed spoil the party ).
Novak end of the year 2011 was similar like Nadals.Little dip in the form is nothing serious and in doors is not his favourite surface anyway.
-Just be happy what your Bull gave you this year.It was truly amazing how he played-specially on hard courts!

metan Says:

@ Josh, thanks. So Nole can not underestimate David. Every things can happen , that’s why called tennis.

@ Courbon
Omg, that’s just my JOKE since there’s nothing to write. I apologize too, if it hurts you and also others. I thought you are a really joker and funny guy.
Fyi, I want tell you other angel number. It is a secret I am going to use them next time just for you.:-);-)

courbon Says:

@ metan: I’m deeply hurt….

metan Says:

Tell me please, how to heal ????

courbon Says:

@ metan: Well, you can during match today (Novak-Ferrer ) write one ‘Ajde Nole!’.That would do. (-:

metan Says:

Hi Courbon
The match is on.
Adje Nole!!

Sirius Says:

Ferrer breaks!

Alexandra Says:

I see it’s the anti-Rafa time again, where he can only play on slow surfaces. The only reason he wins matches. After all the things he has achieved this year. Ignorant people stay ignorant.
It was a bad day for Rafa and a good one for Ferrer. That is all.

skeezer Says:

Lol ;)

Djoker better pick up that first serve percentage…
Daveed, gotta love the little guy. The little engine that could.

skeezer Says:

And here comes Nole!

courbon Says:

@ metan: Thanx.

courbon Says:

Again Novak service is crap-he got yesterday punished by Fed in 1st set.Luckily,just got away this time because Ferrer service is not much better.

Giles Says:

Hey skeezer. Did you use that line yesterday in the match against your man? I bet you did!
Vamos Rafa!

courbon Says:

Comone Novak, are u kidding me?

Giles Says:

He is just toying with Daveed. That’s what he does best. Next stage, all guns blazing! Ahh

courbon Says:

Giles,do notr jinx Nole, please…

youyong Says:

As much as I want Ferrer to win, Nole is just going to come back. Ferrer will not be able to close this out even if it goes to 3.

youyong Says:

The tennis gods will make the fight to the year end finish last until Nole gets to the WTF final undefeated. Nadal isn’t going to have it easy.

Hawkeye Says:

Just like he toyed with TMF on his favourite surface. Cat ant mouse.

youyong Says:

Again, serving for the set and cannot close it out. Nole fans need not worry at all.

JF Says:

I do get a sense that Djoko might almost purposely
be toying with Ferrer. As if he gave Ferrer the break
early on just knowing that he could recover it at will.

youyong Says:

2 match points now. Ferrer, you are useless! lol

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Pretty predictable really Daveed is choking away the second set,saw it coming,if Novaks are saying they are worried i think they are been polite here,as The DA would say NID.

youyong Says:

Congrats to Nole again! I think he will be undefeated at WTF.

courbon Says:


Patson Says:

In Nole we trust.

skeezer Says:

Nole gives notice to WTF!
Congrats to him and his fans. Commerisations to “the little engine that could”.

Patson Says:

Congrats courbon and to all Nole fans.

Perfect fan Says:

What a POWER-HOUSE this man is….no words really!!

Congrats all Nole fans :)

So the YEN1 is going to the wire here.

Patson Says:

Can anybody take out Nole in London ? I don’t think so. Federer has the game but seems to lack confidence. Delpo’s got the power but he’s in the same group as Nole.

If Nole ends up becoming the year-end number 1 by winning the WTF and Rafa not playing up to the mark, it has to be said that the guy THOROUGLY deserved it. Winning china open, shanghai, paris is just unbelievable. Now all he needs to do is win WTF.

Hawkeye Says:

Congrats courbon and #NoleFam. Djoker undefeated since USO. Amazing.

No. 1 still unsettled when WTF starts. This can only occur in a true golden era that we are fortunate to witness.

Next week’s exho should be fun!

Vamos Rafa!!!!!

Giles Says:

Vamos Rafa!!

youyong Says:

I have a strong feeling that Nole is going to steal the YEN1 from Rafa. Next year will be interesting as I think it is going to be a strong Nole year which sees him winning the French Open too.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Congrats Novak and fans especially Courbon,but also abscent friends like Jane,Mat4,Wogboy,Duro,Bada Bing,Contador the only Novak fans i can say that i genuienly like,the rest come across as two faced,as i say the result was never in doubt anyway IMO,Novak looks very good and very dangerous,and as much as i love Rafa he has to be the favorite at the WTFs.

Ben Pronin Says:

I don’t see Nadal relinquishing the number 1 ranking. All he needs is 2 wins, right?

courbon Says:

@ Giles: Are u kidding me?

@ Patson: Thanks man.Very proud of our man.But I would not be that confident about WTF-very tough draw.I also can not see Rafa not winning two matches.But hey-one can hope?

@ skeezer: Thank you.

@Perfecr Fan: Thanx

youyong Says:

I know many of you give logical analysis, but sometimes I feel that “destiny” plays a part too or there are these tennis gods that likes to play with us. I think this “drama” is going to play out and keep us wondering if Nole will pull it off on the finals of the WTF and this is possible with Rafa somehow losing 2 out of the 3 matches. Somehow everything seems to be “falling in place” for this scenario. ;) That said, I hope to be proven wrong.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

It will be interesting to see what happens when Murray returns to the tour,as he matches up well against Nole on indoor HCs.

courbon Says:

@ Hippy Chic: Thanks darling.Well, I always worry when Novak plays and it easier to have a confidence in a player that you don’t support.I was fully confident Rafa will take out Ferrer…right?
I guess Novak is favourite but who knows?
Bad weekend for you-Liverpool got trashed, Nadal also…I hope granny’s are nice to you at least!

youyong Says:

@Ben Pronin, many “didn’t see” Nadal losing to Ferrer either. Sometimes we tend to forget that despite how good Rafa and Nole are, they can still be beaten! The so-called next tier of players may not be able to consistently pull off wins, but they do have the weapons on a good day to win and especially if you look at Rafa’s results this year, many matches were closely won.

Brando Says:

Congrats to Courbon and Patson on Novaks win. Did not watch the match as i knew how it would unfold as it pretty much does every time these 2 meet on a HC.

Novak’s the clear favorite for WTF.

Congrats to Ferru for posting a RU result in a Master Series event he was returning as Champion to: major player performance that is by him.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon darling ah thats nice lol,i suppose one can never take these wins for granted when it comes to a favorite,i had a feeling it was not going to be Rafas day yesterday,just like i knew that last week my washing machine bearings would go and the thing would break,i also knew that i would have a bad day at work today which i did,i didnt know that LVC were playing though,but im a bit pyschic anyway as im developing myself spiritually since becoming a Pagan,sometimes i know when my phones just about to ring.

skeezer Says:

Time for u to stop calling WTF an Exho. ? its .just littering the blog. And what if Rafa wins it? Will it be meaningless cause u keep claiming it an Exho? 8 top players playing each other in a shootout. Bliss!

Giles Says:

Hey courbon just stop with the jinxing already. Thanx.
Vamos Rafa!!

courbon Says:

@ Brando: Thank you.It’s just good to see Novak getting some wins this year

@ Hippy Chic: Yesterday Arsenal beat Liverpool.
Women’s six sense.My late mum always new , who is going to ring.Seriously! No logical explanation…
It’s good to develop your self spiritually. Humankind only look progress in a technical advances ( man went to Moon, car’s, planes…).
So we are technically advance as ever in a history, but spiritually we are declining over last 100 years…

Brando Says:

Re Rafa:

Folks need to calm down. Last I checked in order to seal YEN1 he has to beat 2 of:

Ferrer, Berdych or Wawrinka.

Can a fired up Rafa beat those guys even on indoor?

We all know the answer to that.

Rafa’s a big time player. A certified legend, who knows how to play the big events that truly matter.

Post USO he’s played:

1. Beijing:

A 500 point tourny which he has won in the past, has a 1-1 record v Novak on that court since he won the MATCH THAT MATTERED (Olympics SF 2008).

He turned up to collect the no.1 ranking, and collect it he did.

I highly doubt he shed a tear on finishing RU there.

2. Shanghai:

Reached SF at an event he’s already showed he can play well on by being a RU in the past (a tourny best result like Federer at that event).

He played well, got beat by a amazing Del Potro performance.

Again: I doubt he shed a tear over losing at an event he has not gone past R16 in 4 years.

3. Paris:

An event he has shown he can play well at in the past by being a RU there.

Context is king: this was his first event in a couple of week, on a surface he tends to dislike, at a time of the year he seems exhausted and above all else:

A surface he has not played on for 2 years.

Losing in the SF, picking up 4 matches, and exiting to the defending champion is not exactly sign of doom and gloom.

Again: I highly doubt he shed a tear at such a performance.

Long story short:

Beijing, Shanghai and Paris- with all due respect to them- are events that at the start of the year would not only have been way down the priority list for Rafa but also for the likes of Novak.

Let’s keep things in perspective: He’s more than done well when all is considered.

He has won 10 events this year. The last time that happened was in 2011 by a certain Novak Djokovic.

BOTH Rafa and Nole’s 10th title in each year was USO.

How does Rafa’s performance compare to Nole’s in 2011 post USO?:

– 2011 Nole played Basel: SF loss. Rafa played Beijing: RU.

– 2011 Nole played Paris: QF withdrawal. Rafa reached SF losing to defending champion.

– 2011 Nole withdrew from Shanghai. Rafa played it and also reached SF.

Nole went on to play WTF and suffered a RR exit.

Now correct me if I am wrong but:

I do not remember ANYONE sounding the alarm for Novak then- so why Rafa when his post USO performance is actually BETTER than Nole in his best ever year-2011- and is actually not bad considering how he has fared this time of the year in the past.


Rafa will be fine.

He’ll be fired up for WTF, and we’ll see what goes down at that event.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Youyong,Courbon and i have made a deal with Uncle.T and Marian Vijada,Rafa will win the AO and Novak will win the FO,Rafa will then have 2 CGS,and Novak will have a CGS.

Brando Says:


No problem. I can understand and you should enjoy it.

I am glad though, however, to see that you know what really matters.

Post USO the event of concern really is the AO. Besides that it’s the WTF, which last time I checked has not even started yet.

Beijing, Shanghai and Paris- with all due respect to them- was WAY DOWN the priority list for BOTH Rafa and Nole at the start of the year.

So a bit of perspective here is important. All that said:

You should enjoy your favs win regardless of the event. Enjoy!

Giles Says:

@brando. Hope you’re right from the Bottom Line part of your post. Me nervous!
Vamos Rafa!!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Brando fantastic post,you have an uncanny knack of getting to the nitty gritty of any given situation,Rafa made the final of Beijing,the semis of Shanghai,and the semis of Paris losing to 3 top 5 players,not too bad and hardly something to be ashamed of considering Indoor HCs are not supposed to be his best surface,so all in all not too shabby for Rafa.

James Says:

Congrats Nole fans, @courbon, @nina, @Wog Boy (if you’re reading the comments), @Patson, …

Novak is in great form and the clear favorite to win the WTF this year.

Patson Says:

I think for Rafa it’s a question of being able to play your best tennis on the big points. Over the years, Rafa’s best tennis is his ability to save break points and his ability to break someone at the first opportunity. Even in Paris and Shanghai, he got opportunities to break Delpo and Ferrer. He couldn’t, and if he did break them, he’d relinquish his serve i.e unable to stave off break points. It really is a question of whether he can bring the best out of himself on the big points.

As for Nole, simply put, it’s going to take an amazing performance to beat him. As courbon pointed out, he is in the group of death in WTF. I’m optimistic albeit cautiously.

Patson Says:

Thanks to all Rafa and Fed fans for the congrats. Now we go to London.

Hamza Says:

Congrats to Nole for a fine performance. A fantastic player who I admire alot even as a Rafa fan. His double-handed backhand is one of the most solid shots in the game and his serve has improved so much. It’s really a weapon now.

It has to be said that Fed, Nole and Rafa have essentially taken tennis to a new level.

Hats off to Novak Djokovic, a tennis legend in the making.

madmax Says:

Hawkeye Says:
Just like he toyed with TMF on his favourite surface. Cat ant mouse.

November 3rd, 2013 at 11:32 am

Hawkeye, did you actually watch the match? Aside from you, I think most thought Federer did an excellent job against Novak, I know that most federer fans felt the same and felt the love for Roger playing so well.

He isn’t there yet with the confidence, but he will be, come next week.
There was no cat and mouse about it. Good God, you sure show you’re not a fed fan! (Thank Goodness!)..

But about the Paris win for Novak, very pleased that it wasn’t exactly an easy win for him. Ferrer did put up a fight, but Novak, came back, as usual. He is just brilliant at doing this.

And what is great about the tourny at the O2, is what is going to happen next year, it is only the second time that the ATP showpiece has immediately followed Paris, and from next year a week’s gap will be restored in the tennis calendar, so that gives all players playing at the tourny next year, some well-earned rest.

Exho? Hawkeye, seriously? You even comparing the fifth slam, where players get a maximum of 1500 points to an exho where no points are given?

Can you count? 1-5-0-0 POINTS V ZERO!

The ATP Tour Finals has always been a crucial part of the players’ season. I have been there 3 times and it is pretty amazing to watch. Been privileged to watch Nadal, Federer, Del po, Novak and Murray, a fair few times. Over 250,000 people over the week attend, the crowd, the arena and the atmosphere make it one of the best places to play tennis outside the four Grand Slams.

With the history of the event, where it is and how strong the top guys are these days, it’s become such a huge title for all of them to try and win, so to degrade it to an exho, just shows the ignorance really of you.

The same eight to reach the finals reached the quarter-finals of the Paris Masters, so we know all eight of them are in great form, Novak has to be the favourite to win – he just comes back when you least expect it – but now – I do expect him to come back, he turns the tide when you think he is drowning. Novak is amazing.

I am pleased with where Roger is at and take some confidnece from this statement:

“I played a lot of tennis during the past 10 or 12 days. It gave me a lot of information,” Federer said.

“I know what I have to do now. I know what I did well, what I can improve. I know physically where I am, and mentally I have a lot of confidence. I know my body is keeping it up.”

Can only now wish Roger the very bes for next week, and for him to go on and win the championship.



Josh39485 Says:

Crap, missed the match. Anyway, congratulations to Novak and his fans, including @courbon and @Patson! Djoko’s the clear favourite for the Tour Finals – I know there are people who can stop him, but the question is: will they?

All will be revealed in the last week of the 2013 tennis calendar!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Forgot to say congrats to Patson too.

Hawkeye Says:

Yes all indoor tennis especially the WTF where you still play after losing is little more than exho. It is like indoor football to help stay in shape.

Even the Great Pete Sampras ignored the fall indoor season except when he made an exception to make a final push to give him a record that will never be broken – six CONSECUTIVE year end Number 1 finishes. Outstanding.

If Nole can continue his unbeaten streak until the end of the year (and Rafa fails to win two more matches), I will be happy for him and hope to be first to congratulate courbon, Patson and the rest of his NoleFam on Tx. He is a worthy champion.

May the best man win.

Ajde Nole!!!

Vamos Rafa!!!!

courbon Says:

Brando: Great post. Alarm button? You must be joking! Only Alarm button is pressed by Rafa-haters but the you would expect that ( same vica-versa with Fed or Novak haters ).Rafa can loose all matches in WTF and he would be still best player so far this year.
Rafa:10 tournaments, 2GS
Novak: 6 tournaments,1GS
and Novak is his closest rival.
Only if Novak wins WTF then alarm rings that Novak is ready to fight in 2014 and could be harder for Rafa then in 2013.Harder, but still possible to win GS’s in 2014.Who knows? Even Novak and Rafa don’t know…
The only real worry for Rafa fans would be if these recent losses are due to his knees. Hopefully not ( I want Novak to win more GS but against Rafa not because of his absence. After great Fed-Rafa rivalry I did not expect we will have another great rivalry, like Novak-Rafa’s.Great warriors, great respect, very close -very thrilling for me )

Patson Says:

Thanks Tennis X Hippy Chic. I’m sorry if something I said or other Nole fans said makes you think I am or others are two-faced Nole fans. We’re all good human beings with our own quirks.

Hawkeye Says:

Wow GOAT talk? Excellent. Thank you madmax.

The genie’s itch is being scratched. Strike one!!!!

(Sorry courbon. They do it to themselves like I said.)

Hawkeye Says:

Courbon, Rafa’s recent losses are not due to his knees but due to artificial conditions. Tennis was meant to be played outdoors.

Indoors is for shut ins.

courbon Says:

@ James: Thank you and good luck next week.

Patson Says:

@ James: Thank you :)

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Patson no i didnt think that at all,thats why i added you as to my congrats,as i forgot you in my original post when i mentioned Courbon and the rest.

Hawkeye Says:

Rafa is 108-38 vs the other WTF qualifiers, by far the best of the pack.

One to grow on.

Vamos Facts.

courbon Says:

@ hawkeye: Ok, it’s not your fault.You have mine permission to strike back!

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