Roger Federer Gets Mobbed In Shanghai, Except That’s NOT Roger Federer! [Video]

by Tom Gainey | December 8th, 2013, 10:56 am

American Donald Mahoney continued his hit youtube series “Donnie Does” about his life in China with this experiment to see if all white people look the same. So he dressed up as Roger Federer and hit the streets of Shanghai to see what the reaction would be. And from the video, many in Shanghai thought that he was the real Federer (even though Federer’s played there several times before and Donnie looks/sounds nothing like Roger)!

Amazing, shocking video:

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14 Comments for Roger Federer Gets Mobbed In Shanghai, Except That’s NOT Roger Federer! [Video]

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Nice video,but i agree Donnie looks and sounds nothing like Roger,film director Quentin Tarantion bears a good resembalance to Roger,rumours are that there will be a Kill Bill 3,i certainly hope so.

Sachin Says:

This just shows how stupid federer fans are! LOL
Now let the fighting begin!!!

Giles Says:

Fake fed signing autographs with his left hand. Lol

Perfect fan Says:

I’m shocked to found tht lotsa ppl are criticizing chinese fans to be stupid to believe that man was federer….esp when the news jus got viral.

Personally, I hav been to china and i regard the chinese very highly as the ppl thr r very grounded, down-to-earth and treat the outsiders vry well. Though they may seem vry simple….but to believe that they r stupid is a cheap & mean remark. I am vry sure they all might be aware tht the man thr was not fed and they’re jus having fun takin that ride and jollyin along….as chinese r vry jolly persons. Its good to hav some amount of humour evryday which now-a-days is mandatory considering the stress among working ppl these days.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Perfect Fan i know some Chinese people who are all very intelligent,i wasnt saying i think that they are stupid,just that i dont think this guy bears any likeness to Roger is all.

Perfect fan Says:

TXHC….u misundrstood, my las post was not directed to any of the posters in this forum. Actually, i happened to go thru this piece of news in internet couple of days bac and thr below the article were comments from a few guys who wrote some utter bs like chinese r stupid ppl, they dnt undrstand a thing, blah-blah….which i found vry cheap. So, i thought to share that feeling here. :(

Even few weeks bac….i dnt remember where but i also found some sh!t written abt the serbian ppl as well….these kinda racist comments jus puts me off….i hate it to say the least :(

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Perfect Fan its a shame people think that way,there will always be biggoted people its the way of the world we live in unfortunatly,especially when theres been people that have fought hard to change peoples attitudes the great late Nelson Mandela been a prime example,its as you say the chinese people were just enjoying themselves and having a laugh,given everything else thats going on in the world its nice to see people smiling and enjoying themselves for a change.

Perfect fan Says:

thanx alison for sharing….U r a grt poster to interact and share with. :))

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Perfect Fan DITTO you too ;))..

Michael Says:

Even in his decline, Roger is still the most popular Tennis player around the Globe. He is a celebrity and a perfect Ambassador for the Sport. Wherever he plays, he is a huge draw and galvanizes the maximum crowds pleasing the organizers and setting their cash counters ringing. It is this charisma of Roger which is an enigma and he is the perfect role model for the players to emulate. It is not against Roger who they are playing with, it is against his legend.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Michael im on board with the whole Roger is the most popular tennis player,and still the biggest draw in tennis till he retires etc,its the whole celebrity kitsch and regarding them as roll models which gets irritating,i dont believe in celebrities been put on that type of pedestal,IMO children should be using a parent or family member as a positive roll model,but definetly not a celebrity,sorry just my take.

Michael Says:


You really make sense. I agree !!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Michael thanks ,and all i can say at least it works with some people lol.

hawkeye Says:


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