Boris Becker: I Was Surprised Djokovic Called Me
by Tom Gainey | December 21st, 2013, 2:09 pm

Boris Becker admitted that he was “surprised” to get a call from Novak Djokovic in October inquiring about his availability to coach the Serb

Speaking to BBC Sport yesterday, Becker revealed how the coaching partnership came to be.

“I was approached by Novak and his manager while he was playing in Beijing,” Becker told BBC Sport.

“I was surprised – I didn’t expect the phone call. I was very honoured.”

Becker, who has never coached a player before, insisted he would give 100% to Djokovic in his new role.

“This isn’t a half-hearted job, it wouldn’t be right for him or for me,” Becker said. “You’re in it to win it. You either go at it fully or you don’t – either I commit myself or I don’t commit myself.

“I said ‘I want to meet you and see how much you want it, how much that fire is burning inside you, how much is left, and what I can bring to the table’.”

Djokovic finished the season strong, but was still behind Rafael Nadal in the final rankings, a fact that weighed heavily in Novak’s decision.

“The fact Nadal has taken over and Murray has moved up a gear, he was left behind a little bit – I’m talking on a really high level, the last five or 10% that maybe has been missing for whatever reason,” Becker told the BBC.

“He decided he needed somebody in his corner that had been there and done it, and that’s why I’m coming in.”

Yesterday, Becker tweeted out a photo of the new team (with David Ferrer cameo) already practicing in Spain.

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11 Comments for Boris Becker: I Was Surprised Djokovic Called Me

Okiegal Says:

So was I…….I would be calling the other BB if I were him!! Lol

Bad Knee Rules Says:

Reigning ITF World Champion somwhere in Spain between training sessions, happy family.

Bad Knee Rules Says:


Giles Says:

No doubt spying on Rafa! He usually trains in Abu Dhabi this time of year.

skeezer Says:

Just wondering, how old are you? 7,8..??

Giles Says:

^^^ Age is just a number. Ask fed!!! Lol

Giles Says:

One more addition and joker has a soccer team. He should enrol Bjorn if he wants to win the FO!!

skeezer Says:

“^^^ Age is just a number. Ask fed!!! Lol”
So exposed.
That quote applies when someone gets older, not when there 9 or 10 like you. You just revealed yourself, but no surprise there. Ding
Ring…school bell, don’t get a tardy slip like your idol should.
Please stop your trolling, its disruptive to the real tennis fan collective.

Faleye o kehinde Says:

This cannot work as supposed because Boris Becker himself had never won French Open. Somebody like John McEnroe or Bjorn could have better if he really want (FO)

moam Says:

I don’t understand the hiring of Becker. What does he bring to the table? He is so full of himself that I don’t think he can be an effective coach.
As coaches go, Brad Gilbert is one the best out there.

Patson Says:

Moam: Brad Gilbert ? The guy never shuts up. I don’t think Nole would even listen to him. I would’ve been gutted if Nole went for somebody like him. I’m pretty excited about the Nole-Becker combo. It’s different and nobody knows what to expect – all the more exciting I’d say.

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