Roger Federer: The Heat Is A Mental Thing, If You Can’t Deal With It, You Throw In The Towel
by Tom Gainey | January 14th, 2014, 4:29 pm

Following a straight set win yesterday under a scorching hot sun, Roger Federer explained how he handles the heat at the Australian Open.

“It depends on who you play, if you’re playing a big server, clearly faster conditions,” Federer said after beating James Duckworth. “If you’re getting into rallies, I guess you’ll feel the heat a bit more.

“Depending on where you come from it has a bigger effect on you, this type of heat, than maybe humid heat. So it’s very personal, and it can become just a very mental thing, you know, and you just can’t accept that it’s hot.”

Federer, who trains in the off season in Dubai, admitted it’s not easy to find extreme heat to train in.

“I didn’t practice in 40 degree heat because that’s hard to find, you know, around the world,” Federer said. “I did that after the US Open. In Dubai we had 42, 43, so that was warm then. But like I said, it’s just a mental thing. If you’ve trained hard enough your entire life or the last few weeks and you believe you can do it and come through it, there’s no reason.

“If you can’t deal with it, you throw in the towel. But that’s for me.”

He also is of the mindset the roof should not be closed to keep it cool. “I think it should always stay open, honestly. That’s my opinion.”

And even though the mercury reached into the 100s, the tournament was never suspended nor was the roof closed.

Federer’s win was also notable not just for the 100+ temperatures it was played in but also because it marked the debut of “FedBerg”, his coaching relationship with Stefan Edberg. So what are his plans with the Swede ahead of his next match Thursday against Blaz Kavcic?

“We will probably go to dinner tonight and just see who else joins in, and then we will just watch some matches, you know,” Federer said. “I think he wants to see quite a few matches live, as well. Because he’s seen a lot on TV but, live is a different animal.

“So he’s going to do a bit of that. Tomorrow we will just go through the motions in practice and discuss my future opponent. You know, just spend time, three of us, with Severin Luthi, my coach, as well. That’s what’s on the planning front right now.”

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24 Comments for Roger Federer: The Heat Is A Mental Thing, If You Can’t Deal With It, You Throw In The Towel

Humble Rafa Says:

Nobody is qualified to talk about the “mental thing” more than the Arrogant One.

I know because I am responsible for his “mental problems”.

skeezer Says:

^yeah so u say in your bad comedic imaginary world.
How about that 7 consecutive final loser thingy? Member that? I thnk that qualifies as a BIG mental thingy. Quite possibly the biggest ever in the history of Tennis.
And Fed is not responsible for your whining and excuses.
“If you can’t deal with it, you throw in the towel. ”
Gut check HR? LMAO.

Michael Says:

I cannot agree with Roger that intense heat is merely a mental thing, it is physical also. A player requires renewable stamina, energy, iron will and staying power to combat it. Moreover, experience playing on such uncomfortable conditions help.

the DA Says:

“heat is merely a mental thing” – It was a poor choice of words and came across as a bit callous. A player lost consciousness from heat stroke. Maybe his own brain was a bit frazzled from the heat?

TGIT Says:

Edberg is just starting to watch live tennis matches? What kind of coach is that? You can tell Fedberg is being invented as they go. No game plan. What’s the point?

Giles Says:

“Heat is a mental thing”. Really? Since when?
So let’s just abolish the heat rule and throw this line to the players. Better still, let’s put it in the rule book. It’s ok for him to make this statement since the man never even sweats.

Saba Sheikh Says:

Clearly by “mental thing” Federer meant to say the more you think about it the more it will bother you. You just cant change the conditions. The weather has been hot, sometimes intense, in Australia previously as well. You basically just go through with the conditions.

Margot Says:

Surely Fed meant how each player deals with the heat, is a “mental thing.” Partly, but not entirely, true.
Fire or ice?

skeezer Says:

Think you nailed it there.
Also to add, he added “But that’s for me.”

SG1 Says:

Another Federer “Open Mouth, Insert Foot” moment.

Giles Says:

^^^ Lol. Precisely.

Anna Says:

Why don’t you all wind your necks in and get a life!For goodness sake – is there ANYTHING that Roger can do right in your tiny little minds!!!! Moan, moan, moan!!!!! Pick, pick, pick – SO BORING

Purcell Says:

‘The man never sweats’…….So what was that coming off him in Brisbane and Melbourne? Rain, morning dew, Perrier? I know-Nectar of the Gods of course because he is a God!
Never mind Giles! Fed will probably get knocked out in a few hours and you can turn your full attention back to your love life with Nadal.

Patson Says:

Why do skeezer’s comments appear after Humble Rafa’s comments most of the time ?

Skeezer, are you pulling a fast one on all of us ? :-p hehe

Humble Rafa Says:

Karma is about to hit. I think the Arrogant One faints in the heat. Then we shut down this forum for a month to maintain peace between the warring factions.

skeezer Says:

^funny you mention that and your probably typing in an air conditioned home of which you are unemployed, wishing, hoping? Bad comedy at its best. But you keep tryin, no?
I don’t think Fed is worried about “Fainting”, he is an athlete who trains in the heat. If you train in it, like any other element, your body can adapt.

rafaeli Says:

I’m alright Jack.

Federer will suck up to anyone to the detriment of the players he’s supposed to represent.

rafaeli Says:

Roger’s selfishness laid bare for all to see. Me, me, me.

Margot Says:

Usual Andy brain fart. Brilliant from comm, “was Andy getting bored with his practise session?” !
But truly fabulous in last 5 games.
Come on!

hawkeye Says:

Wow Patson. You might be onto something.

Okiegal Says:

Federer never looks like he sweats a drop. Everyone else has water oozing off their body….just his body type, I suppose. He is looking sharp, however….but hasn’t played a real threat so far.

Giles Says:
This is called “sweat”!!!
For poster Jan 15th 6.12 pm

Purcell Says:

Stop working yourself into a sweat over Roger’s perceived lack of sweat, poster at 1:45 and 1:50.

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