Good News! After A Bad Back And A Stomach Virus, Rafael Nadal Is Training Again

by Tom Gainey | February 12th, 2014, 9:41 am

Rafael Nadal is back on the tennis court training for Rio. After suffering a back injury at the Australian Open and then getting a stomach virus that kept him out of Buenos Aires, the World No. 1 Nadal hitting tennis balls again at the Manacor Tennis Club with an eye on playing the new ATP event in Rio de Janeiro next week.

“Practicing to the Rio tournament in my first club!” Nadal wrote on Facebook earlier on Wednesday.

Following Rio, Nadal is expected to defending his title at Indian Wells then play Miami.

Nadal Facebook

Nadal Facebook

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21 Comments for Good News! After A Bad Back And A Stomach Virus, Rafael Nadal Is Training Again

Giles Says:

Great news.
Vamos Champ!

Hippy Chic Says:

Cannot wait to see Rafa back playing again,i hope his back is now alright,ive had a bad back myself this week,maybe its simpathy pains lol,anyway joking aside back pain aint no fun whichever way you cut it.

rafaeli Says:

Best News! Come back Champ and mesmerise us all with our beautiful tennis.

Hippy Chic Says:

I actually believe he does play beautiful tennis,but thats maybe just my opinion,if others dont think so then fine thats their perogative,i love watching the way his feet dance around on clay,its a sight to behold,still im ready to be heckled for my opinion 3-2-1..

Okiegal Says:


He is a good dancer on clay!! I love the red dirt….especially at Roland Garros!!

Don’t worry about opinions, Chic, everybody has one. If everyone likened the same thing, it would be a dull old world!!

Vamos Rafa, best of luck in Rio!!

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal thanks im delighted you had a change of heart and decided to carry on posting,i feel like we are kindred sisters,that probably knew each other in a previous lifetime :))..and yeah can wait for Rio i hope i can get it where i am..

Okiegal Says:

Yes, Chic, I can’t seem to keep my big fat fingers shut. We do think so much alike. As I’ve told you before, my father’s family came from Wales, JOHNS, is my maiden name. My Mom’s family came from England and Ireland. The surnames are Landrith and Blackburn. So who knows, everyone in the USA came from Europe, except for the Indians. We might have a branch or two intertwined on our family tree. Oops I got off tennis subject for a moment……I will get into trouble……so back to tennis………VAMOS RAFA AND GOOD LUCK IN RIO……YOU LITTLE HUNK, YOU!! TEE HEE!!!!!

Perfect fan Says:

Good to see rafa fit again….

I sometimes feel once rafa retires, ATP shall name the Clay Season as ‘Rafael Nadal Clay Season’ in honour of rafa. Given his incredible record on the red dirt (like no player has dominated such on any particular surface)….i believe its a minimum the council can do. A statue (like the one in the pic above, when rafa is abt to serve) could be planted opp. the Philippe Chartier stadium. Wow….that vl b great !!

Jose Felciano Says:

huh….back injury must have not been so bad afterall….

Perfect fan Says:

Hey Jose….i think u misunderstood. I didn’t meant that rafa shud retire due to the injuries. Rather, I m happy to c him back in action. Actually, I m so impressed with rafa’s stats on clay in the last decade or so….which made me say that and I hope lot other folks will agree with me on this. He rly deserves that honour, I mus say.

Colin Says:

Hippy Chic, have the wind and flooding affected you there in the West? Have you developed gills or webbed feet?

Talking of Welsh ancestry, Okiegal, someone once told me that lots of Welsh people crossed the Bristol channel and settled in the West Country (I don’t know when).

Though my surname is Welsh, I never thought I had Welsh ancestors, but my father came from the West (Salisbury), so who knows.

As for “most Americans” having European ancestors, that rather ignores the blacks, doesn’t it? Not to mention Chinese (think of Michael Chang).

By the way, Okiegal, in view of your chosen name, did you ever read “The Grapes of Wrath”?

That’s my slab of non-tennis gab! (Hey, that rhymes).

Hippy Chic Says:

Colin nah i live in Norfolk,near the seaside in Hunstanton but thankfully no flooding around these parts im pleased to say,not very nice with whats been happening to some people in this country at the moment :((..

Okiegal Says:


I knew when I made that statement, I should have mentioned the African Americans…they didn’t come to America by choice, as we all know. I didn’t even think about the Asians, I will apologise for that. I mainly just thought of my heritage since I have been doing genealogy research.

No, I have not read The Grapes of Wrath, but have seen the movie more than once. The dust bowl days sent many Oklahomans to California. That is when the word Okie came into being. Western Oklahoma wad hit hard

Okiegal Says:

^^^^^ by the dust bowl.

Colin, you are poet and didn’t know it…….but I’ll bet if you look at your feet……they’re Longfellow’ s………..Ha ha ha…….as in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow!! You have probably heard that little ditty, but if not I explained myself.

I’m looking forward to Rio to watch my guy, as I’m sure you are too…….hoping to see him lose, maybe???

Hope your fav lives up to your expectations!!


metan Says:

The title said it all. Thanks Tom.
And come on champion, give us your best!!

Jose Felciano Says:

back problems…smack problems…..if he was really injured it wouldnt be this quick

metan Says:

Ah, so Jose Jose Jose is a new doctor on TX. Saaaadddddd!! ‘

Okiegal Says:

If you have never had your back seize up on you… are very lucky. Let me tell you that it hurts. It will knock you to your knees. Muscle relaxers help immensely. I think it’s been 16 or 17 days since it happened, so I’m sure that it’s had time to be better. I was hoping he would pull put of Rio to make positively sure it was OK.


Margot Says:

Oh I see, it’s OK if “off topic” is weather/literature etc. but not when it’s “hunks.”

Okiegal Says:


You got it, girl!!!

Hippy Chic Says:

Lovely posts Perfect Fan,i hope your right and they do honour Rafa at RG once he retires.

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