Roger Federer And Andy Murray Are Both Ranked Outside Of The Top 6!
by Tom Gainey | February 17th, 2014, 6:37 pm

For the first time since they’ve been together on Tour, the last two Wimbledon champions Roger Federer and Andy Murray are both outside of the Top 6 in the last ATP rankings.

As of today, February 17, Murray ranks No. 7, Federer No. 8. That after Tomas Berdych lifted his first title in over a year yesterday in Rotterdam.

Neither player has won a title since the grass season. Murray, who missed the last few months with a back injury, won Wimbledon while Federer won Halle.

Both are expected back on court next week. Federer will play in Dubai with Murray in Acapulco.

The latest February 17 rankings:

1 Rafael NADAL 14085
2 Novak DJOKOVIC 10580
3 Stanislas WAWRINKA 5620
4 David FERRER 5440
5 Juan Martin DEL POTRO 4960
6 Tomas BERDYCH 4950
7 Andy MURRAY 4795
8 Roger FEDERER 4305
9 Richard GASQUET 2950
10 Jo-Wilfried TSONGA 2885

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20 Comments for Roger Federer And Andy Murray Are Both Ranked Outside Of The Top 6!

dari Says:

Rafa at #1 has 10,000 more points than Roger at #8? Sheesh
Time to win some stuff, Rog!

Brando Says:

So the ‘rivalry’ continues.


In all seriousness:

Going on to age 33 being in the top 8 is a big achievement for Fed so he really should not be expected to achieve a certain rank at such a stage when 8 itself is impressive.


Not surprised since he’s had 4 months off and understandably is not back immediately at his best after 3 mere events.

That said:

he really needs to start pushing on now. I hope he atleast reaches Acapulco final in the next one as IW/MI swing is big for him seeing as it’s all CLay until Grass season for him.

Dan Martin Says:

Federer has few points to defend prior to Rome. I could see him rise a bit. Murray has 1000 to defend in Miami, but he missed Roland Garros so he can make up points. If Roger does better than rd 2 and Wimbledon he will likely rise. I think Roger will be in the top 6 heading into the US Open series and Murray likely will be too, but 1000 in Miami and 2000 at Wimbledon mean he has no real margin for error in those events unless Indiana Wells and the clay court season are very good to him.

Matt Says:

I never thought I would see Feds outside the Top 4. It’s comforting to me that he has started the year so well, and with minimal points to defend for the rest of the year, I feel he has the mindset to stage a comeback to the top 4. Murray is in a bit of a predicament. Not a lot of points to defend during the clay court season, but he is returning to Wimbledon as the defending champion. That combined with the immense pressure the British public place on him, murray will be fortunate to remain cemented in the top 8. Interesting year ahead

steve-o Says:

It’s early in the year yet, and Federer really has not got that much to defend. Didn’t do too great in RG/Wimbledon/USO last year, much more opportunity to pick up points this year. At the least, he did not lose points at AO compared to last year, and I think he gained some points by playing Brisbane.

Important thing to do now is to keep playing well and going deep, then he will get a chance at some titles. Small titles first, then bigger ones later.

He surely can get back into the top 4, very possibly even better than that.

Ghanshyam Says:

For me & perhaps for all of us, Roger Federer is one of the greatest players of all time. Finishing 2013’s ATP World Tour Championship on a higher note as well as beginning this new season of 2014 by reaching to the Brisbane Finale, he went on to compete the first major very very nicely until he was defeated in Semi Final by no one else but his nemesis – Rafael Nadal. He needs to just keep it all going & has to make sure that he shows this consistency while playing in more & more tournaments of his choices. As I believe, he is almost there or it would not be any exaggeration, if I go on to say that he is near to that perfection again which took him to places & enabled him to set the records which are still to be broken. I don’t see that those records are going to be broken so easily & rapidly. He’s having nothing to prove. All he should concentrate about is the getting that sublime feeling of winning those elite titles back all over again. All the very best Roger. I have a sheer belief that you can make it even higher, just believe in yourself & enjoy the tennis.

rafaeli Says:

Brando Says:


Not surprised since he’s had 4 months off and understandably is not back immediately at his best after 3 mere events.”

I don’t think Murray took 4 months off. I was court side in Abu Dhabi and Doha I’m sure I saw him there. He even double bagled a poor local guy in Doha before losing to Florian Mayer. More like 3 months off.

This part of the season has always been Murray’s worst. He usually holds on to his rankings because of his good showing in the fall, but this year he doesn’t have that cushion, so it would be interesting to see how he fares.

RZ Says:

They’ll both be back within the top 6 by the end of the year (barring injury). Fed will probably get there sooner, as the bulk of his points from now on are at the end of the year. Murray may gain points from the clay court season (he didn’t do well in the few tournies he played last year and skipped the French) and the post-U.S. Open indoor season, so he may not get back up there until late in the year.

Polo Says:

I would be happy if Federer can stay in the top 10 this year. That seems to be his rightful place and should be able to maintain it until the end of the year. Except for Ferrer, it looks like he will have a hard time beating any of the guys above him.

steve-o Says:

@Polo: Disagree. He just downed Tsonga and Murray back-to-back in a Grand Slam. After two majors where he failed to get into the QFs, he made the semis. His game appears to be picking up again. I think there is still some time left before he peaks. He will surely end the year in the top 4 and with a little luck, even in the top spot.

It would be nice if he could win a title during his upcoming HC run (Dubai/IW/Miami). But I think he will be peaking come clay season. Which is a good time to be doing so.

Polo Says:

OK, steve-o. I am happy with number 8. Top 4 would be a great bonus.

richard fredericks Says:

Pancho Gonzales was top 10 at age 42, plus he defeated Rod Laver in three of five to win Hughes Invitational in 1970! Roger at 32 is still prime! Gonzales was unbeatable at 32.

Hippy Chic Says:

Im with RZ in that i think they will both get back into the top 4/5 at some point this year when i dont know,Roger lost early at Wimbledon so he can gain points there,and Andy didnt do so well in the CC season and missed the FO so he has nothing to defend there,and both play their best tennis on grass anyway,anyway wishing them both all the best for the rest of the season,would love to see Andy defending Wimbledon and Rogers record there is remarkable as it is everywhere to be honest,but i think Wimbledon will be his best shot at another GS.

Hippy Chic Says:

With Edberg coaching Roger now it seems to have given his tennis a new dimension,i dont read much into him losing in the semis against Rafa as was so early into the season,i believe he might just pull something out of the bag this year,time will tell if im right.

Nat Says:

I don’t think Fed has anything to prove anymore so good on him to keep playing and loving his tennis- and rankings really shouldn’t be the main concern at this point in his career.

As for Murray, it’s understandable since he’s returning from surgery but let’s see what happens at Miami and if he can defend it. Hopefully he’ll rise up again as the year progresses.

The top two is more interesting imo because Rafa and Djokovic have the hunger and athleticism to fight for the top spot so it’s going to be great to see who will manage to finish as year end No.1!

Perfect fan Says:

IMO, roger does have a legitimate chance to get as high as #3, but top 2 is really very tough….not impossible but very tough indeed. He can gain in tourneys like Miami, Madrid, Wimby, Toronto, USO, Shanghai where he has minimal pts. to defend. Plus he could gain some more in DC as well. So good prospects for him.

As for andy, TBH I m really not worried. He is still in his prime and we all know what he could do when at his best. I too agree with a lotta people here that he could be back to his best at Miami, his practice home. My money is on him to retain d wimby title this year….though I wud love roger to win. I think he really has a good shot to be in top 3 or 2 maybe, provided he could milk the clay season….that could be the launch pad for him this year.

But overall, I wud like to witness a healthy, injury free, interruption free n a competitive & full ATP season….doesn’t matter who is #1 n who is #100.

tennisfansince 76 Says:

@Richard Frederick not true at all. You are comparing apples and oranges. Pancho played in a very different era. He played for the most part on much faster surfaces. He was tall and a big server. He played big man boom boom tennis. Lots of short points. The physicality of today’s game rules out being “in your prime” at age 32. In the open era no-one has been “in their prime” at 32. The best players at 32 in my opinion were agassi and Connors.

Tootie Says:

Well, Andy did what the British wanted so much, he became the Wimbledon champion. As far as Roger is concerned, I’m very glad he is number 8. He needs to be humbled.

Okiegal Says:

@tennisfansince 76

I agree with you 100% the tennis of yesteryear was played nothing like it’s being played today. I’m probably the minority, but I love today’s tennis much better. I think the baseline game is more exciting than the serve volley point game. That’s my preference, but I know there’s a million fans out there that hate it…… to each his own!

Purcell Says:

Why does Roger need to be humbled?

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