Roger Federer Hit An Incredible Tweener Today In Dubai, Here It Is [Video]
by Tom Gainey | February 24th, 2014, 11:29 am

Roger Federer once again showed off his legendary shot-making ability with this incredible tweener which led to him winning the point and eventually the match over Benjamin Becker in the first round of Dubai on Monday.

The shot came with Federer ahead 61 and serving 30-15, 23 in the second.

Federer talked about the shot.

“I thought he was going to go to the forehand, went to the backhand,” Federer said. “I got it over somehow, and then I thought that was maybe actually going to win, and then he got to it quite comfortably and he had to hit the lob because I was so close to the net.

“Then because he was coming in already, I thought maybe he was going to be pretty close to the net so let me try the lob instead of just the hit just like I usually play it. It worked perfectly, so I’m happy I didn’t miss it wide and even better that he got it back so he created even more to it.

“Yeah, it’s rare for me to win that point with the lob in that circumstance. I know I can hit it, but it’s always exciting, it’s so rare to get that opportunity to line it up because it’s a safe shot for me almost to a degree. It was exciting, and the fans enjoyed it, which is almost as important as winning point.”

With a slight letdown at the end, Federer went on to the win match 61, 64 to advance to the second round where he’ll await the Michael Russell-Radek Stepanek winner on Wednesday.

Federer has won the tournament five times.

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17 Comments for Roger Federer Hit An Incredible Tweener Today In Dubai, Here It Is [Video]

Perfect fan Says:

WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAAA :))) that was something….proud to be ur fan maestro :)

Skeezer Says:

The one and only Roger Federer! No grind-o-matic Tennis here. Fun stuff, that shot has got to be one of the hardest shots ever.
Hail the Tweener King!
He’ll be missed.

Hippy Chic Says:

Best of luck to Roger and his fans,i hope he has a great week in Dubai.

Slice Tennis Says:

Its a pity that someone who can play such shots, comes up short against his main rival most of the time.

A Tango Lad Says:

Great match from Roger today looking extremely sharp indeed! He is proving to be near his best like he said coming into Dubai! Fantastic to see him continue to improve on his Aussie Open form.

I quite enjoy when Roger plays someone from his own generation like Becker both players now well into their thirties. Nostalgia at play I suppose. Roger seems to play more freely and creatively like he did when he was winning two or three majors a year. I remember watching Becker defeat Agassi at the US Open in his last career match in 2006. It was sad watching Agassi struggle with his back the last few years including that match. All great things come to an end sadly.

Roger should be at his best again in his next round likely against Stepanek. I hope for another tweener or three from The Maestro!

Hopp Roger!

Okiegal Says:

He will be missed……I didn’t know he was going anywhere yet. He’s far from quitting. If he can go deep into the tournaments he enters, why should he??I will say this for him, he might have trouble with the players at the top of the rankings, but on a given day he could beat them. As I’ve said before, he takes his losses better than his fans do……Well, he wasn’t the happy camper the last time he lost to Rafa…..but he’s still has lots off good tennis left in him. I think Roger can grind it out, when he’s forced to. I like to watch him play.
BTW, he doesn’t corner the market on tweeners, however, that shot has become quite popular among some of the other players.

Okiegal Says:

Good luck to Roger in Dubai, I will be cheering for him right here in Oklahoma!!

metan Says:

Anyone have link of this match please???

Jose Felciano Says:

its a pity some tennis fans cant just enjoy the game

b-e-a-utiful tweener lob

skeezer Says:

“its a pity some tennis fans cant just enjoy the game”
So true.

Giles Says:

^^^ Look in the mirror!!

jatin Says:

I hail roger. Such a class and elegence. He makes those shots so easy to look. We will never see such played again. :(

Proud to be his fan….

jatin Says:


madmax Says:

Slice Tennis Says:
Its a pity that someone who can play such shots, comes up short against his main rival most of the time.

February 24th, 2014 at 4:01 pm

Well, that depends ST what you mean by “coming up short”. We could go there time and time again, problem is when fans like you never recognise the endless time taken between points, the endless moonballing, and the top heavy matches on clay, who then comes up short?

Roger is playing well and I really hope that he continues to do this.

Would be a pity eh ST, if a 32 year old now, beat a 27 year old who complains all the time about his knees.

Nothing wrong with his knees, just fans like yourself.

Stick the rafa threads, perhaps you will find good company there.

madmax Says:

Yes, the shot was unbelievable.

He looked so cool and then afterwards when he went to the net, just hit it over, like a walk in the park.

Made it look so very easy.

Purcell Says:

Hope Mirka’s not too concerned about the bigger racquet head.

Skeezer Says:

^hehe ;)

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