Mats Wilander Admits Current Era Of Players Much Better Than When He Played
by Tom Gainey | February 28th, 2014, 4:59 pm

Former tennis great Mats Wilander is in Acapulco this week for the Mexican Open where the 49-year-old admitted that players in the current era are better than those he faces.

“Players of this generation are much better than mine,” Wilander told EFE via translation. “Number one, two, three and four are probably much better than the ‘top’ of my time.

“Federer and Nadal, perhaps, are the two greatest players of all time.”

Wilander, a winner of seven Grand Slam singles titles, played in the late 80s alongside Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg, John McEnroe and even Andre Agassi who was just starting out. Looking at the below chart, the Top 5 in 1988 when he finished No. 1 are all Hall of Famers.

The Swede went on to say that he’s fascinated by Grigor Dimitrov, calling him a future Top 5 player, and Jerzy Janowicz. He adds of the current players Murray’s style most resembles his.

The year Wilander finished No. 1 on the computer in 1988, here were the Top 10:
1 Wilander
2 Lendl
3 Agassi
4 Becker
5 Edberg
6 K Carlsson
7 Connors
8 Hlasek
9 Leconte
10 Mayotte

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28 Comments for Mats Wilander Admits Current Era Of Players Much Better Than When He Played

Brando Says:

Well he could be right. The following:

By the time Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are done there is a high chance those 2 will be regarded as the best 2 players of all time.

That’s 2 there.

Novak Djokovic could possibly also be a 10 plus GS winner. Feasibly a 8 time GS winner.

Andy Murray- IMO- will certainly win more slams. I hope he get’s to 6 slams. 4 though is very feasible.

Del Potro? Who knows. Sadly right now it looks grim for him but he could win another slam.

I think these 5 are very much special players and the thing here is: there peaks, careers are more interlinked with one another than those guys I feel.

It’s ultimately tough to compare and say definitively.

I think the fact that FEDAL reside in this era and their standing in the game kind of give’s it a luster that the others would be hard pressed to match.

Steve 27 Says:

Andy is the new Wilander! Lol!
Wilander said months ago that fed’s generation was weak and now he retracts of his own opinion.
I think he loves create polemics and add some “spicy” to the game.
His final against Lendl in 1988. at the Open was his biggest archievment of his career.

Polo Says:

Wilander won 3 majors in one year (1988)which was a rarity, in fact the only one to do it since Connors in 1974. Only 6 men have done it in the open ear. Three of them belong to this era, Federer and Nadal who have done it repeatedly then Djokovic in 2011. Wilander is correct. Says:

well, duh.

Wilander came from a golden age, for sure, but Fed and Rafa are better than any of their generation and Novak would fit in with their best.

jk31 Says:

Polo: Nadal won 3 in 2010, but did he do so in any other year?

Polo Says:

JK31, you are correct. Nadal did it only once in 2010 while Federer did it three times: 2004, 2006 and 2007. In that regard, Roger is really so much better than anyone, Nadal included.

Joe W Says:

The differences in equipment, nutrition, and training are what set the generations. Champions are made, not born.

skeezer Says:

Shammoon @ 10:19 post!

Sirius Says:

Did anyone watch the point between dimitrov vs murray at Adv – 40 in 2nd set?


Sirius Says:

Correction. It should be at 1-1 Adv-40 in 2nd set *

skeezer Says:

Grigor up a break in the 3rd against Murray. Can he break through and win the Alcapulco title?

metan Says:

Look like Dimitrov will win . Come on Andy!!! Still have time!!!

metan Says:

Andy made it 5-5. Time to finish the job.

Skeezer Says:

Dimitrov does it! Good day for Fed style of play!
Go Fedsters!

Slice Tennis Says:

I hope many top players follow the footsteps of Dimitrov in adapting Federer’s style and give Rafa a free run at the top for some more years.

Giles Says:

^^^ You are so childish!

Giles Says:

My last comment was addressed to skeezer

Margot Says:

Well played Dimi. “Coming of age” etc
@the DA
Have u any hair or nails left? Am v. disappointed but it’s clear Andy is still way off being match fit or even fit fit! Looked knackered in the third when his first serve and groundies deserted him.
It’s gonna be a long road back.
USED to like Dimi too……;)

Hippy Chic Says:

IMO Andy has alot of talent and alot of variety to his game,anyway regardless of that im dissapointed he lost,but then again he hasnt played that well all week,and its probably taking him a while to reach the top level again,hes on the right track still going deep,so i take alot of positives from that.

Hippy Chic Says:

Tennis nice sight BTW.

Hippy Chic Says:

Tennis Vagabond your welcome,and good luck to your favorite in the final today :))..

Frankie Says:

Well thank god Grigor doesn’t play like his idol!

Skeezer Says:

^ LOL!

Steve27 Says:

Well thank god Grigor doesn’t play like his idol!

This is why one is an ALl time Great and the other”supreme talented” with almost 23 have the magnificient quantity of…Wow! 1 title, maybe tomorrow he will ad another one.

cmac324 Says:

The 5 year age difference between Nadal and Federer is meaningful as far as the quality of the competition they have faced. Nadal’s opponents for the titles he has won, especially in the majors, have been far superior to Federer’s. No one was really beating Federer until Nadal came along. They were beaten by Federer’s “aura of invincibility.” Nadal believed he could beat him and his 23 out of 33 times. Nadal’s example set off a new emphasis on fitness and the constant desire to improve on every surface. Nadal has had to go through Federer and Djokovic for almost every one of his 13 major titles.

Giles Says:

^^^ Well said.
Vamos Rafa!

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