Roger v Rafa Fandom: The Fedal Wars Rage On
by Sean Randall | March 9th, 2014, 1:13 pm

The Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal “Fedal Wars” are heating up once again. The animosity these two fan bases share with each other is quite stark compared to the friendship their heroes actually have. The fans, though, aren’t looking to make friends with the other side in this rivalry. This one digs deep and in the end there can only be one GOAT.

Last year Nadal’s fans took over this site and countless others I’m sure, and with good cause. With Federer floundering during one of his poorest stretches as pro, Nadal made an historic, if not miraculous comeback from a potentially career-threatening knee injury to finish No. 1. The Spaniard deserved all the acclaim and then some for that remarkable 2013 season.

But with Federer now healthy and growing more and more comfortable with his new, larger racquet and added adviser Stefan Edberg, there’s renewed hope for Federer fans.

And I can sense that’s making Rafa believers very uneasy once again, especially since their guy is now battling a back injury at a time when Roger’s flying high.

Heck, last night Nadal almost lost to a 35-year-old Radek Stepanek (though Nadal fandom tells me Stepanek is playing better than ever because he’s a doubles champion now! What?). And this year hasn’t been as smooth sailing as it was last summer when he tore up the tour.

Nadal is 17-1 in 2014 but his only Top 10 win thus far was against Federer and just one other in the Top 20 (Nishikori). And he struggled in several matches with Grigor Dimitrov, Pablo Andujar and Gael Monfils. Even Peter Gojowycz and Tobias Kamke can claim set wins over Nadal this year.

So even though he dominated Roger in Melbourne, he doesn’t seem to be at that level where he was when he won the US Open. (Oh, injuries again?)

Meanwhile, despite the lopsided Nadal loss Federer has already scored four Top 10 wins beating Novak Djokovic, Tomas Berdych, Andy Murray and JW Tsonga.

Of course Nadal hasn’t faced any of them, so it’s not fair comparison. But the fact remains, you could easily make the case that RIGHT NOW, Federer is playing better tennis than Nadal. And that’s something Federer fans haven’t been able to confidently say for quite a while and Nadal followers know it. They see it.

As for the GOAT debate, I won’t get fully into that here, however I maintain that until further notice that (17>13) > (23>10).

Nadal will turn 28 in a few months. We know about his chronic injury issues with his knees and now it’s his back. These ailments unfortunately are just not going to go away, and more than likely they will become more and more nagging as he gets older. That’s just life. But how much longer does he really have left?

In saying that, Nadal missed a golden opportunity at the Australian Open to win that SECOND career Slam. And in the GOAT debate that would have gone a long, long way (I think I called it a “matchpoint” at the time). He won’t have that chance again until next January when he’s a year older and who knows how that back will be or in what shape those darn knees will be in.

Point is, this has to make Nadal fans restless. And what happens if this back continues to bother Nadal during the clay, and Roger wins his second career Slam at the French Open!

I’m not saying that’s what’s going to happen, what I’m saying is there is a real possibilty these “Fedal Wars” are only going to get more and more intense and vicious if this current arc continues. So the wars will rage on and battles will be fought. Let’s just try not to get too personal about it. Can we?

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96 Comments for Roger v Rafa Fandom: The Fedal Wars Rage On

Rafa better than Roger Says:

And no sooner a fedal article? Sean, what are trying to pull? The threads cannot be about fedal rivalry but you write one soon after.

I like it.

Okiegal Says:

This article>>>> adding fuel to the fire, me thinks!

nadalista Says:

The inmitigated gall.

Your site would be nothing without the so-called Fedal wars which you fan, Sean Randall. Yes, you Sean Randall.

Right after lighting a fuse on the other thread you come on here pretending to be the voice of reason. Bloody cheek……….

Now go on and stick this post in the moderation queue, or any place you bloody well want for that matter.

Rafa better than Roger Says:

Now, I know now very clearly. Sean is a diehard Roger fan.

I did not know that. Am I wrong?

Giles Says:

Sean. Do we really need this thread at the start of the tennis season?

Brando Says:

The fedal wars are ONLY going to get more nastier, vicious from here forth. And to be honest:

I’m through with the BS!

This site has turned into a mess due to it. Every thread get’s hijacked by the trolls from either side and it turns into a mud slinging match.

NEITHER side can claim to be better: it takes 2 to Tango and in this particular case: BOTH sides are equally pathetic as one another in this constant totem face off in the Tennis world.

Because of it the blogging on this site has virtually gone down the toilet in terms of quality.

Intelligent interaction with good respect is at an all time low and b—–ng is at an all time high.

I have had enough.

I’ll return once Wimby is done since the next 4-5 months will be horrendous on here. Much rather enjoy the game and accept whatever it serves up rather than come here and see insanity taking over for a mere game.

Adios amigos and as parting request: Please play nice by allocating yourself 3 posts of fury per day in the inevitable mud slinging that shall soon take over this website.


Hippy Chic Says:

Brando i know we dont always agree,but that post is spot on,but just to add ill be surprised if there even is a site in 4-5 months,such is the way that this forum is going,OUT.

Sean Randall Says:

Gilles, did you even read what I wrote?

I think Brando’s head just exploded.

Giles Says:

Sean. The thread is going to trigger off more spats between the two sides. Do you want posters to discuss tennis or engage in warfare? I think your article for some reason is encouraging the latter.

Rafa better than Roger Says:

Nadalista, are you saying — hypocritical!!!

spot on!!!

Well, boo hoo, it is sports, guys. Like you haven’t seen more vitriol and crapo.a on Lakers-Celtics or Kobe-Lebron threads in other sites.

Pretending to be above it all, is just plain sad.

Without partisanship, this and other sites will just collect flies.

Be glad there is even a forum. But, if you are on poor Roger losing side, — well tough!!! Such is the scordline -23-10, cold but true.

Just like my woeful Lakers who in the basement right now. Hey, that’s reality.


Rafa better than Roger Says:

Moderation for what? Sean, fans can see double talk, any day.

I think you are scared that nadal fans took over your site (I did not know that) and your loving rogers will abandon your site. But looks like they are headings for the hills because the tide is turning for Nadal now leaving Roger.

Do roger fans really believe roger can play now like 2004-07 beating a weak field?

What is insxcusable is that while roger was catching up to szmpras record, it was all thd hype, deserved or otherwise, propping him up as if he is the ONLY tennis player.

Yet, when Rafa was catching up to roger, why is there so much opposition?

Roger had his day jn the sun, why should deny Rafa the same.

Intelligent enough, for you?

nadalista Says:

@Rafa Better Than Roger, you read me right, straight up.

Can’t stand hypocrites meself, this is why I am a fan of Ruan’s Federer Blog. Now, there’s a straight up Fed fan, no smokes and mirrors pretending to be “fair”……whatever that means.

If you’re gonna throw a punch be ready to be punched in return. No running to mummy for help…..

And here’s news: we Rafans are supposed to be now scared of The Mighty Fed because he just won…..a 500 tournament. One can only shake one’s head…………

Mr. Larvey Says:


Well said.

Purcell Says:

I’m of the opinion, as I said recently, that the influx of Nadal fans has little to do with his come back and more to do with the demise of TennisTalk. Since then their influence has permeated this site to the point where, who’s the most handsome, who’s the most arrogant brat, cor look at Xisca’s bum etc etc become the most important issues. More seriously, the bullying tactics, name calling and disrespect shown to neutral posters, fans of other players and players themselves takes away the impulse to post anything about for example, the most recent matches and how the participants shaped up.

Purcell Says:

Berdych out, Cilic in, Hutchins recovered and winning…….discuss.

nadalista Says:

Didn’t take long for the Tennistalk straw-man “argument” to make an appearance, did it?


Slice Tennis Says:

“name calling and disrespect shown to neutral posters”
Can you please share some examples to validate your claim ?

Gordon Says:

Nadalista – saying this site would be nothing without the Fedal Wars is like saying music of the 60s would have been nothing without Beatlemania.

It was the Beatles, not the fans that created the brilliance that changed music forever, just as the on-court achievements of Roger and Rafa make tennis as big as it is today. Can we not appreciate the brilliance if these two guys and marvel at the fact that we are around to enjoy it?

Because you trolls don’t listen, I don’t feel bad in warning you; I think Sean has posted this to get some of you to get yourselves banned from this site. Like Brando, I’m rafaed up (I mean fed up) with the whole thing.

Rafa better than Roger Says:


Perfect, just perfect.

There is nothing wrong with partsanship. Just like what Nadal doez to Roger’z backhand — hey, Roger look out, no surprises, this serve is to youd backhand — give me your best shot and I will still pommel you hard.

Proof: 23-10

No guile, no spin doc toring, and no double talk.

Straight up. Boom. Advantage, Nadal.

Okiegal Says:


Good post……agree.


Me too!!

Rafa better than Roger Says:

But I forgot, nadal has a Olympic gold medal in singles. He does nof have to match Roger’s.

26> 21 prestigious atp 1000s
15> 11?

9-2 in Grand slams

9-6 in hardcourts includinv indoor

And the most hurtful of all, 23-10.

But hey, roger has 21 mickey mouse Atp 250 titles!!!!!!!!!!


Gordon Says:

Sean – oh yeah! That’s backing up your words with actions! So this new post is basically an all day sucker for the Fed and Rafa trolls who can’t help themselves and post mindless moronic “My guy’s the greatest” gibberish.

The fact you deleted Rafa better than Roger’s comment on the Wawrinka post shows you guys are serious.


M Says:

“what I’m saying is there is a real possibilty these “Fedal Wars” are only going to get more and more intense and vicious if this current arc continues. “

Only if they’re poked & stoked by journalistas setting up the narrative as one side v. the other.


Those of us who are true FEDAL fans appreciate the strengths that both men bring to the tennis. As those of us who’ve been observing & equally appreciating both sides of this rivalry since that fateful upset in Miami 2004, and as the champions themselves would tell you – playing each other brings the best out of each of them.

Tennis can’t be played with only one champion; it takes two to make the match — and the contrast in their styles helps to highlight the excitement when they play.

Each has to raise his level when they know their opponent will be the other, and as a result when FEDAL plays, we (generally) get the best tennis.

Of course, we FEDAL fans point this out every year.


Bom Kelvin Says:

Hey @ Rafael better than Roger.
You forgot one most important thing. Don’t talk about master 1000. Let’s talk about 1500 world tour finals. Roger has record 6 > Nadal bahaha 0 . In term of quality prestigious tournaments, lots of Nadal fans forgot about EXCLUSIVE Top 8 World tour finals which literally the hardest to win. Roger smashed all the major records there. Since Nadal knows he can’t match Roger staggering records. So he practiced his whole life just to find Roger ‘s weaknesses and specialized to attack it. It is like average football team knows they can’t beat Barcelona team, so they just attack its best player to spoil the team. That is Nadal attitude just to make a dark spot in Roger ‘ s flawless career by expertising in head to head record. Even Roger knows Nadal is extra motivated to play him.

Rafa better than Roger Says:

Nadal is right and fair in advocating that world tour finals be on rotated on different indoor surfaces- clay, grass or hard- to prevent anyone to have any advantage. The reason the atp keeps it in London is because of moola and to protect ant advantage roget had on Rafa.

That in 2013, Rafa embarrassed the same organizers and the arrogant roger in his place. A loser in indoor hard courts.

Because of this, i bet you ATP will try to use grass eventually for wtf. If that happens, Then i will be proven to be correct.

Rafa better than Roger Says:


Using your own argument, roger all
His life cannot beat rafa on major clay a Grand Slam 2000 event so he concentrated on the next best thing 1500?

I just shot your argument down.

Polo Says:

Rafa better than Roger, didnt’ you just agree with Nadal that the world finals surface should be rotated including grass? Then why would you complain if ATP will try to use grass? You are arguing against your own suggestion.

Bom Kelvin Says:

@ Rafa better than Roger,
If you say so, French Open should have been switched to Hard court also for a change. So both Roger and Djokovic could have won the whole set of 4 grand slams in one year before or double or triple career grand slams . So that Rod Laver will not be alone by now. Nadal is always drawing for his advantage. He is just not good enough to beat top 8 in a 5 consecutive matches. Roger beat Murray in round Robin, Novak in semi and Nadal in final in 2010. I don’t think Rafael has ever done that in one tournament.

Rafa better than Roger Says:


Grass is another surface which roger’s supporters in atp has a distinct advantage.

Where have you been?

Rafa better than Roger Says:

Bom, there is a difference between a contrarian for contrarians sake and not making sense.

Of the 4 slams, only one is clay. Get it?

Or, so why not all clay slams? Still not getting it?

Rotating wtf surfaces is indeed the fairest thing to do.

But no matter, Rafa is a great problem solver, no way roger will ever win in indoor hard anymore.
Rafa beat roger in hard but got injured so dethroned roger in grass, trounced roger in clay, then that crying episode in hard again and recently in straight
Sets in
inDoors in WTF.

Problem solving takes time, like solving Novak, Rainic, gulbis, rainic and who ?, soderling . Where is he now?


Rafa better than Roger Says:

Got to go for now.

Gotta watch Novak. Now. And watch If he can use that same shot he used to beat at US Open.

Bom Kelvin Says:

@ Rafa better than Roger,
it isn’t Roger fault that he can excel in 2 different surfaces and have best records in hard and grass while Nadal one-sidedly has only clay records. People are just bored with Nadal extreme success in clay and its season. So he needs to be great both indoor and outdoor if he ever wants to claim Goat title.

Rafa better than Roger Says:


I understand you are a roger fan, but sorry you are no fun anymore. Bye.

Gordon Says:

The more I read Rafa better than Roger’s increasingly crazy posts I realize that what is going on is that she is upset that Fed is married with 2 twin girls and a 3rd child on the way and is basically off the market, but Rafa – he is still single and perhaps could father her bay-bay.

It must be love. What else could fuel such troll garbage? 😝

roy Says:

it’s pretty simple.
you add it all up when they’re both retired.

at 28, if you consider how much tennis nadal has missed compared to federer, nadal has been more successful. that can’t be in question.

nadal has missed 4 slams since 05, retired at another and effectively retired in two other matches, playing them out with no way to win [ferrer,wawrinka].

that’s 7 slam titles he’s been unable to compete for simply through SERIOUS injury.

in contrast federer hasn’t missed ONE slam through SERIOUS injury.

safe to say nadal could have picked up at least a few more by now with better health.

nadal actually has a better win percentage at slams than federer. here’s some statistical proof.

CAREER GRAND SLAM WIN PERCENTAGE (from atp performance zone)

5.Rafael Nadal .881 13 177-24

9.Roger Federer .863 17 265-42

so next time people want to talk about how much better federer is at slams, you might want to analyse the data a little more carefully. there are many factors involved. even in the stats above you can see just how much more slam tennis federer has played due to his age and his lack of injury. for nadal to be this close to him in slams is remarkable.

Rafa better than Roger Says:


Perfect. Simply perfect.

With those stats who cares about more weeks at no. 1 which is easily explainable by a weak field of Roddick hewitt safin ferrero et al.

It is like getting an A for attendance yet not really excelling over your own classmates.

Or nadal’s QUALITY wins over fiercer competition over rogers quantity artificially padded wins with 21 mickey mouse 250 atp events.

But of course, that undeniable 23-10.

kjb Says:

^Roy^ Federer has also played 5 years longer than Nadal. If you think that Rafas’ winning percentage in 5 Years is going to be the same that its is now then you are crazy. When Fed was Rafas age he was in the .900’s. Staying fit and managing your body and its boundaries are all part of the deal. Rafas’ taxing gamestyle has won him alot but it has also hampered him alot. I personally don’t think he will be competing by the time he is Federers age. But when it comes to these 2 guys the longer they play the better for everyone involved.

skeezer Says:

Try again, its simple math. Although u made a weak attempt to skew it.
Fed has 17 Slams. No one else does. End of story.

Perfect fan Says:

Oh my my….Sean, what did u do??

U jus threw a stone to the hornet’s nest, mate.

jatin Says:

What is the point of discussion if it is discussed by sock puppets all the time ?
Roger and Rafa are one of the greatest players of all time. End of story

metan Says:

Jatin. Relax. I think Sean idea is brilliant. This is a thread for those who has obsession for a certain player. A place for them to express their love and support for their idol where normal tennis fans does not understand it. So let’s see. How it goes.

kriyuk Says:

Nadal is the greatest of his era, that is when technology take part: racquet, court surface, magic treatment, computer draw and gamemanship tolerated for tv ratings.
He cant even compete when those arent in place. He cannot be ALL time great.
He definitely better than Fed in his era, but for ALL time, he is not at the same level with Fed.

Klaas Says:

Well, well. For an instant there everybody accused Sean for starting a new turf war, and all were quite reasonable in there rejection of that. Then the diehards took over.

Giles Says:

Mud slinging will be aplenty. He said, she said, you said, trolls’ paradise. It might well be a fun thread!

Gordon Says:

In team sports it’s called bench strength. The ability to win when some of your best players are injured.

In grand slams it’s the ability to win them period. You want to go on percentages look at Borg – he’s in a league of his own and he never played the Australian Open.

It’s the totals, boys and girls. As Sean states:

(17>13) > (24>10).

Nadal has the greatest tools of anyone who has ever played.

Too bad he doesn’t have the toolbox.

Alexandra Says:

I’m tired of those “fan-wars”. Congrats for putting it here once again. Like there is none of that every day anyway.
It’s obvious from your writings you prefer Federer. No reason for provocation. Be serious, you want fan-wars. I’m kind of glad there was no internet yet during the Sampras/Agassi days I have to say. Rafa and Roger are two of the greatest players ever. That is enough to know really. And no, they were never friends, like you like to imply. There is also no goat. That is just a matter of opinion which you can turn to every way you like.

Purcell Says:

Agree with most of what you say Alexandra.
Yes Rog/Raf were never really friends in the same way that various players were never really enemies. Just something hyped up by the sporting press.
There is no goat in any sport. Goats belong in Norway with trolls.
I love the internet for many reasons but I don’t like how it ‘bigs up’ the opinions of airhead sporting fans. I’m mindful of the fact that sporting’celebs’ use it for their own promotion however.
I think Sean is a Fed fan in the same way that Tignor on is a Rafa fan. It’s very difficult to remain impartial and sadly, it’s the same for us.

RZ Says:

How about the two sides just agree to disagree on who is the greatest and enjoy the amazing tennis that Fed and Rafa provide while they’re still playing?

Rafa better than roger Says:

Who is stupid enough to compare teams sports with one-on-one sports???


Oh, I see there’s Davis Cup????


But Rafa won those, too, right?

Probably we should compare tennis with ballet, too!

Easy levity so early in the morning!

Rafa better than roger Says:

And so you compare those that played all Slams in all surfaces like Sampras, Agassi, Roger and of course Nadal who beat Roger threeeeeeeeee times at australian Open.

Sorry, Laver you may have the calendar slam but the is an asterisk to that because not a lot of people know that you only played in two surfaces not threeeeeee.

Patrick Chiazor Says:

Firstly, I’d like to say I don’t think there’s anything wrong with fedal wars. On the contrary, I think its healthy, afterall we let footballers argue about wether Messi is better than C. Ronaldo! We aren’t assassinating each other, but merely airing our opinions, cuz that’s what they really are – opinions.

Patrick Chiazor Says:

But really, someone should tell rafans that being great is different from being better. Federer is greater. Even in RG, fed has more consecutive semi-final wins than Nadal himself! That’s consistency and what makes him the greatest, alongside his angelic, sublime style of play. Who else has noticed the ratio of clay court tournaments to grass court tournaments? Talk of one-sidedness

nadalista Says:

Agree with you @Patrick Chiazor, nothing wrong with Fedal wars. They are just opinions. Like a$se-holes, everyone has one.

What is wrong is:
– people who say they hate Fedal wars when they instigate and fan them;
– people who pretend to be neutral when they are as biased as the next lot;
– people who say they are fair to both Fed and Rafa when their posts clearly indicate otherwise.
-jackass bullies who insult other posters but hide behind moderators when they are insulted back.

And Sean, enough with the childish whine, “Nadal fans took over this site”. If you do not want Nadal fans on this site, ban them. You have the tools, no? Jeez.

Be honest, and fair, if you dare, but quit the whining.

We are all adults here, good enough to rumble with the best of them……

Now, where was I? Oh, at a Fedal war………..

Giles Says:

@nadalista. Excellent post.

Hippy Chic Says:

Federer fans need to stop taking a pop at Nadal,Nadal fans need to stop taking a pop at Federer,Federer fans need to admire and appreciate Nadals achievements,Nadal fans need to appreciate Federers achievements,Federer fans need to realize their guy is not perfect,Nadal fans need to realize their guy is not perfect,Federer fans need to realize that their guy is niether a saint nor an angel,Nadal fans need to realize their guy is niether a saint nor an angel,and both sets of fans need to realize that they are no better or worse than the other set of fans.

skeezer Says:

Good write up ;), although I totally agree with your math (17>13) > (23>10), you’ll never get nadalites to admit it. Just read there fuzzy logic on the blog ( am sure you have ).
If they just hang in there a bit longer for a couple more years maybe the Slam count will make a more debatable argument for them. We’ll see.

Every once in awhile you come up with a gem
“Like a$se-holes, everyone has one.”

Giles Says:

Oh Oh. Someone preaching again. We don’t need it!!

Patrick Chiazor Says:

Just out of curiosity, are Rafans aware that they are outnumbered by Fedfans, and for good reason? The last time I checked, majority always wins the vote!

skeezer Says:

Don’t get personal, remember the rules. You want to continue to post here still all the time, right?

Giles Says:

What are you talking about? And who are you to point out the rules to me? Unlike you my comprehension is good so stop stalking me! Kapeesh??

Giles Says:

oh and skeezer you are a marked poster so far as Sean is concerned. He did say that he cleaned out some of your posts didn’t he? So you tread carefully!

Hippy Chic Says:

I miss Courbon,Harry and Grendels posts,i wish they would all come and post something funny,just to lighten the frosty tennis-x atmosphere :((..

Hippy Chic Says:

Nice link Giles thanks.

skeezer Says:

Just for the record, I have been here a lot longer than you and have never been banned. And don’t tell me what to do, I tread where I want to tread. Your posts have been deleted in the past also, along with a lot of your “clan”.
I did for the most part actually posted fair stuff about Rafa in the past, until the “cult” came here and blew things out of proportion.
Hopefully posters (including yours truly) will get back to some respectability among fellow posters and quit the name calling and such(cat, preacher, old lady, etc, etc). The players are fair game to criticize imo.

same here. Kimberly, contador also. We could use some more TV, MMT types also.

madmax Says:

Purcell Says:
I’m of the opinion, as I said recently, that the influx of Nadal fans has little to do with his come back and more to do with the demise of TennisTalk. Since then their influence has permeated this site to the point where, who’s the most handsome, who’s the most arrogant brat, cor look at Xisca’s bum etc etc become the most important issues. More seriously, the bullying tactics, name calling and disrespect shown to neutral posters, fans of other players and players themselves takes away the impulse to post anything about for example, the most recent matches and how the participants shaped up.

March 9th, 2014 at 3:37 pm

Purcell. Damn right baby. This is what has happened. one can only hope that Sean will moderate the trolls more frequently. They came over here like a disease spreading.

Tennistalk is dead. Intelligent talk will live, provided everyone plays ball.

Hippy Chic Says:

Personally i think Tennis Vagabond,MMT,and Michael are some of the best fans on this forum,in that you have to ask whom their favorites are,as they dont seem to have hardly any emotional bias in their posts,they are also knowledgeable and appoachable.

Giles Says:

skeezer. Save your preaching for your compatriots. Just because you have been here since the turn of the century (Geez you must be pretty oooold) doesn’t mean you can boss us around. For the record, you will never succeed in your endeavours no matter how hard you try. Just you behave yourself unless you want Sean to continue deleting your posts.
Vamos Rafa!

Gordon Says:

The only equation needed is the one posted by Sean :

(17 > 13) > (23 > 10)

Translated Age Says:

Poor math missing key constants.

Equation should be prorated for time on tour differential, number of masters (what, they have zero importance? Man, please.

Vamos nadalista, you simply NAILED it. Well done.

The House Troll lives and ironically all because of the key stat he so vehemently claims doesn’t matter.

Methinks he doth protest too much rotfl!

Rafa better than roger Says:

Sean, Nadal fans will eventually take over since once Roger loses more often no Fanatic roger fan here will stand any attack in discrediting Roger as goat.

The more roger goes lower and lower ranked out of top 20, I guarantee you, all roger fans will become irrelevant and where will site be if you keep on being unfair to Rafa fans??

madmax Says:

“at 28, if you consider how much tennis nadal has missed compared to federer, nadal has been more successful. that can’t be in question.

nadal has missed 4 slams since 05, retired at another and effectively retired in two other matches, playing them out with no way to win [ferrer,wawrinka].

that’s 7 slam titles he’s been unable to compete for simply through SERIOUS injury.

in contrast federer hasn’t missed ONE slam through SERIOUS injury.”

Now I have heard it all, more injury excuses.

Let the racquet do the talking!

Federer’s consistency says it all. No surprise there is no mention of that.

One number. 17. Nothing more to be said.

skeezer Says:

^Nailed it madmax!


you’ll kindly notice that the “cult” has stalled its usual personal attack tactics and now redirected it through you. Good luck with all that.

Again, don’t tell me what to do, I will in the future consider that a personal attack and report it accordingly. I am moving on, you apparently are not.

Okiegal Says:

Madmax you need to trot over to Rafa Wets Pants thread….left you a message……

skeezer Says:

(17 > 13) > (23 > 10).

Don’t see anything wrong with this math. Apparently some need to retake a math class.

Okiegal Says:

The only number that needs to be mentioned is the number 1……Yes number 1……RAFAEL NADAL IS NUMBER 1……nuff said!!

Okiegal Says:

My number one is getting beat…..all the Rafa haters can get your guns cocked and ready to fire!!
I’ll be ready for the battle!! Lol

Okiegal Says:

Dolgo serving for the match!! Rafa has buckled down….he broke him…..Oh my gosh…..he’s still alive!

Okiegal Says:

Tiebreak please!!

Gordon Says:

And once again the greatest man to ever pick up a tennis racquet has yet to defend a hard court title.

Nuff said.

Okiegal Says:

So…….winning 8 clays has knocked out anyone ever having the chance to defend a cc title!! Rafa you still da man. Hard luck tonight….and congrats to Dolgo fans, he got the W… this Dolgo, I will be in your corner!!

Rafa get the kinks worked out before French Open!!

Gordon Says:

Difference between a troll and a tennis fan – read the post by Okiegal. Nice to see some class and respect for another player.

Okiegal Says:


Well, now aren’t you a real sweetie! Thanks a bunch! When I was just about to give up on this forum someone comes along and says something nice. Hey, give the winner his due…he beat the number player in the world…..something to be proud of! No sour grapes here, Rafa was way off his game and Dolgo showed a lot of poise in the tiebreak and got r done!! Kudos to him!!

Appreciate your kind words!

Joe W Says:

Dolgo is a total berserker. Jumping and flying around the court. I watch him play and think that One of the security guards opened up the door and let this kid come in. You know that kid you see hanging around the public courts, practicing tweeners and riding his skateboard around.

Regardless of Rafa says in the presser, he does not look 100% physically. If it’s not his back does that mean he has some other issue?

It’s a shame that Fed and Stan play each other in the quarters. An all Swiss final would be pleasing to Mr Ellison and his young bride.

Okiegal Says:

@Joe W

I agree with you about Rafa, he is playing awful…not to take anything away from Dog, but he looked bad the first set too! Rafa did say he had not served much before he came to IW because of the back issue and it showed, hope he gets the kinks worked out before Miami.

Purcell Says:

Generally speaking, a high percentage of players who ‘play awful’ lose but it’s not always the case as for example yesterday, Rog and Andy ‘played awful’ but they won. It’s fashionable to talk about backs so we need to remember that Andy had an actual operation recently and Fed had a bad back for a larger part of last year so let’s hope that all three recover or have recovered in order to give us some lively, interesting and discussion worthy tennis. If that doesn’t happen, so be it. There are plenty of exciting young prospects and established players to inspire a move from singular to multiple fandom and it looks like 2014 is going to be a good starting point.

Translated Age Says:

Yes and he still won’t stop talking about last year’s bad back. Give it a rest already.

Nor has Fed defended a title (on grass or clay) since the end of the era that shall not be named. Nor has Djokovic ever other than hard court.

Purcell Says:

‘Give it a rest already.’ Will be pleased to do that but was just trying to be fair to all three. Backtracking now.

Purcell Says:

Actually, changed mind. Quite happy to hear Fed natter on about back…and Andy….considering what we tennis loving folk have had to endure from Mr Nadal and his gang over many, many, many……years.

Translated Age Says:

I wasn’t referring to you Purcell.

John Says:


He doesn’t have davis cup – team sport.

He doesn’t have the most master 1000s trophies – who cares when they’re all on clay – again for 500s.

He doesn’t have a positive against ALL his rivals – who cares? It’s just temporary. If he plays till his 32 he will have new rivals – and a negative h2h to all of them hehehe.

He doesn’t have the highest win percentage EVER –
ehhh percentage? You know that’s just temporary, right?
Again, let Nadal compete till he’s 32. Lets see what winning percentage he has between now and then – probably negative in all aspects lol.

He is not among the top 3 with most slams – so now slams count do they?

You are cute with your attempts, but really transparent and frankly nonsensical

salleh ahmed Says:

How funny would it be if nadal retires before federer

Hippy Chic Says:

I dont see anything funny about it,unless you mean funny as in strange rather than funny ha ha,anyway the one thing he does have in common with Roger is that he loves tennis,as he has said so many times,whether others choose not to believe him when he says that,then i suppose theres not much he or i as a fan can do about that,except just continue to watch and enjoy his tennis,would be nice if they could actually just play,rather than fans pushing them off to the retirement home.

Okiegal Says:

I don’t want any of them to retire either. I am not sure if I will enjoy tennis as much with the up and comers we have now or not. They will have some big shoes to fill, imo. Tennis hit an all time low for me a few years ago and then I happened onto Rafa winning his first FO and I was hooked….,sorry to all the Fed fans, but that’s the true, no? That’s why I am watching again. The great matches we have got to witness between all of these great players who are at the top. Sometimes its not a given that our favorite will win every time…..that is what makes it so fun and interesting for me.

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal shock horror lol,i was actually a Federer fan before Rafa came along,i thought thank goodness when he beat Sampras at Wimbledon as that domination there was doing my head in,the Pat/Andre match up was far more interesting IMO,then Federer started to dominate everywhere so that began to get on my nerves,Rafa has had his fair share of dominating too but not to that extent unless you count RG,the matches that leave me cold are Novaks HC matches against the leeser ranked players,which seem too clinical and rather dull from a neutral perspective.

Okiegal Says:


I remember you telling me you were once a Roger fan. I’ve always loved tennis but got bored with it because you knew who was gonna win most every time. Just wasn’t that competitive anymore. Channel surfing, one day and there he was! Need I say more….lol

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