Watch Stanislas Wawrinka Get Knocked Down On Matchpoint By This Golubev Forehand [Video]
by Tom Gainey | April 5th, 2014, 3:29 pm

The Swiss are in trouble in Davis Cup this weekend in Geneva. The favorites were tied 1-1 with visiting Kazakhstan after the singles, but with Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka things looked promising for a rebound in the doubles today.

However it didn’t go their way as the Kazakh team of Aleksandr Nedovyesov and Andrey Golubev stunned the gold medal winners 64, 76(5), 46, 76(6).

The match culminated with this forehand blast off Golubev’s racquet. A shot that absolutely knocked Wawrinka down to the ground.

“It was a great atmosphere on court but it was tough to lose the doubles,” said Wawrinka. “For me it was good to play a lot of tennis the last two days even if it was two difficult days but I’m going to be ready and I know what to do to win.”

Wawrinka will now play Mikhail Kukushkin tomorrow in the first reverse singles. If he wins then Federer will try to win the tie for Switzerland against Golubev.

“I’m not overly worried about what happened the last couple of days,” said Federer. “We knew the Kazakhs have been playing well in Davis Cup the last few years now. So it’s for us now to shine and prove (ourselves).

“We are good players and we are the favourites still for each singles reverse match but we have no more margin for error so we are aware of that and, who knows, that’s maybe going to make us play even better, so I’m really excited about tomorrow.”

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12 Comments for Watch Stanislas Wawrinka Get Knocked Down On Matchpoint By This Golubev Forehand [Video]

lylenubbins Says:

I love it when pros screw up like me

Giles Says:

Wow that was some knock-out blow!

contador Says:

Harsh. is the word that comes to mind. Ouch. literally beat down by Golubev in Geneva. Who woulda guessed.

Makes me wonder why Golubev isn’t higher ranked. Kuku will be a tough out for Wawa. Golubev’s got a shot at RF, I’d guess, the Kazaks have momentum.

Come on, Hopp on it Suisse!

amadeus Says:

Golubev,the future n1, the future Goat

madmax Says:

Closely fought contest. Swiss should have run away with it. Why was confidence low? Don’t understand that at all.

Regroup now Swissssssssssss!

madmax Says:

okay, first set tie breaker to Roger. Lost the stream though, so only live score now. Come on Fed!

Kimmi Says:

congratulations to the swiss, great comeback.

madmax Says:

Yey! Roger pulled off the final rubber in straights! Well done the Swiss pair! Well done Stan for regrouping and regaining the AO confidence!

Great team!

Hippy Chic Says:

Congrats to the Swiss….

Skeezer Says:

Maestro does it again. Woot!

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Great win by Roger and Stan. Made it tough, but both matches played by Roger shows how good shape he is in for the rest of the season. Hope he gets good momentum going to Wimby keeping his health intact. That’s going to be the key for Roger. Tennis is still there and it’s very good.

Ben Pronin Says:

Finally got around to watching this video. If I was Stan, I’d be pissed at Roger for that lollipop serve. Poorly placed and kicked right up into Golubev’s strike zone.

But congratulations to the Swiss for pulling through.

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