Fedal Wars: Chardy Says Rafael Nadal Will Pass Roger Federer In Grand Slams
by Tom Gainey | April 15th, 2014, 9:57 am

Jeremy Chardy said on Sunday at Monte Carlo that in this golden age of tennis, he prefers Roger Federer’s game.

“To say which one is the best is not so easy because they are really close. But I prefer the game of Federer,” Chardy said on Sunday. “I think he can play every shot. I like the way he play because he want to make the game, he play a lot with the serve and forehand, like me. After he always try to change the rhythm with the slice. He can play high, he can play flat. I think he has a lot of options.”

But despite the glowing words, the Frenchman thinks Rafael Nadal will match Federer’s 17 Grand Slam total and eventually pass him.

“Yeah, I think,” Chardy answered when asked if Nadal would pass Federer. “Nadal is only 27, so he has a lot of years to play. I think on clay court, he can win a lot. For the moment, maybe Djokovic can beat him. In Roland Garros, I think it will be tough to beat on five sets. I think the only one can beat him on Roland Garros is Djokovic.

“Nadal for me is the best fighter ever. I think he has the best mentality,” he added. “Just to watch him, we can learn a lot. On every sport, if you have the spirit like Nadal, you can be really good on every sport.”

Chardy, who won his first round match on Sunday, plays David Ferrer later today.

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67 Comments for Fedal Wars: Chardy Says Rafael Nadal Will Pass Roger Federer In Grand Slams

John Says:

Oh God, pls no more. Lets just enjoy Monte Carlo.

Whos this Chardy fellow anyway?

Translated Age Says:

John know so much about tennis.

What’s the point having a Fedal war when the best posters are moderated by a Fed I mean Monfils fan?


leo Says:

What’s the big deal? Chardy is allowed to an opinion and I am sure if Nadal is to pass Rog in slams, we Fed fans – just like our classy idol – will applaud and say “Too Good”. Doesn’t mean Roger suddenly becomes a scrub!

There are bigger wars worth fighting.

Translated Age Says:


meh, maybe when he wins.


Hippy Chic Says:

Leo good post,if its meant to happen it will,IMO its not a slant on Roger if Rafa does,and not a slant on Rafa if he doesnt,agree with John in that the whole thing is so tiresome,lets just enjoy our tennis,far more important things to worry about in the world?

John Says:

lol,the point? Fedalwars give people like TA/ATL something to do with there free time. So by all means fill up this thread with your Fed obsessive drooling – multiple moniker man.

Translated Age Says:

John, you meant to say “their free time”?

(Sorry Colin I don’t mean to steal your thunder. Apparently some struggle with their own native language.)

(C’mon now. All is fair on the Fedal thread. This one is no worse than John’s.)

John Says:

Well no its not as good as my comment since English isn’t my Native language – it’s actually german – cute that you went there though. Perhaps you are running out of ideas. Maybe you should consult with your other Moniker? Maybe he can help, no?

John Says:

Tbh I’m just hoping Djokovic beats Nadal so TA’s long overdue writer’s block can finally set in and give my eyes a rest. Cheers to that!

nadalista Says:

Sean Randall (or Tom Gainey), you should pen a thread about people’s screen names, multiple or otherwise. There is interest there, honest. Can’t understand why myself, but there is…………

Don’t forget to write about the tennis though……..

Giles Says:

John. You dont have to read all the posts on this forum. You have a choice – SCROLL!!!

Translated Age Says:

John is from Venus and I am from Mars.

Skeezer can beat all Vamoshead Rafanatics in tennis.

The interwebs is a woooonderful place of pretend and make believe.

C’mon John, own your inability to communicate accurately.

Hilarious. pfft.

Translated Age Says:

Let’s not forget the proverbial shammonn!!!

Translated Age Says:

C’mon Sean. Prove my point.


tweener Says:

@ chardy: don’t count the chicks before the eggs hatch.

@ TA: don’t get so surprised with peoples love for this classy guy called “roger federer”. he bloody earned it with his hard work and his incredible talent. Your guy is also undeniably very good, but he still has a long way to go before getting compared with the mighty fed. heck, he still has to surpass another legend first. this fact is already known to your idol, and he is pretty humble about it, but not his overly jealous fans. PITY.

Hippy Chic Says:

This is merely Chardys own personal opinion,which hes entitled to,no need to read too much into it,many other pros and ex pros have said exactly the same thing,its nice to have that possibility but thats all it is a possibility,if its meant to happen it will happen,but not really relavent till/unless it does….

tweener Says:

some fellas are too quick to discredit roger of his unparalleled achievements, just not able to digest his incredible success, and so all they do is stoop to this cheap bickering tactics. such guys need to be answered in their own mother-tongue, no-brainer idol worshipers!

Humble Rafa Says:

Thanks Chardy, proud to have friends like you.

Welcome to the Humble nation.

tweener Says:

omg! its so true, that old saying. “you name the devil, and it appears”. ta-da!!

Translated Age Says:

tweener, chillax.

Pete never won on clay.

Fed is pertty good but he still has a long way to go before he gets compared to Nadal and even Sampras each of who were never owned by another player.

queen Says:

What’s new tennis x? U need a few new schmaks to write for this dumb blog. Gainey and Randall are a broken record.

Michael Says:

If Rafa stays healthy, then in all likelihood, he would overtake Roger in slam count. Chardy has only stated the obvious. Even in the event of Rafa overtaking Roger in slams as well as his already healthy lead in accumulation of Master series titles, can he be heralded as the GOAT ? Even then there is bound to be considerable scepticism in conferring that honour on Rafa and the naysayers will argue that his slam count is skewed by his clay court pile up as also the Master series events. The debate is bound to be never ending as to who is really the GOAT ? Therefore it would be difficult to arrive at a consensus on the GOAT debate.

Hippy Chic Says:

Michael read my post@1.48pm April 15th….

Translated Age Says:

Michael, you must have forgotten to say “in my opinion” surely?

Otherwise, you must not be aware that greats like McEnroe, Murray and Djokovic have already “heralded” Nadal as the GOAT.

So the heralding is already underway.

Join the heralding!!!!

Translated Age Says:

Hippy Chic Says:
This is merely Chardys own personal opinion,which hes entitled to,no need to read too much into it,many other pros and ex pros have said exactly the same thing

Who are the many? I disagree!!!!

tweener Says:

@TA: I think you (not me) need to chillax. Boss, I was not talking about who owned whom, its peanuts if you compare it to some of the records fed possess. Dnt be under this delusion that fed cannot be compared with nadal, its nadal who has to prove whether he could be compared with fed. Nadal may well go on to best fed’s record, it is possible, but so long that doesn’t happen for real, dnt fool around and make your own assumptions that who is GOAT. bcoz, as of now, there is one GOAT named “Roger Federer”. This pill is bitter, but better swallow it.

Translated Age Says:

Oh please don’t get upset, tweener. It will be ok.

You didn’t say anything about records until now just how they couldn’t possibly be compared which is just laughable but nice try.

How’s Fed doin’ on the Olympic Singles Gold Medal and DC count or Masters counts and domination over the field?

You’re right, incomparable, just not the way you think.

Translated Age Says:

Here is the ATP best effort rule;


Embrace the truth for it shall set you free!

Translated Age Says:

Rafa has won more clay court tournaments than the rest of the top 10 combined.


Translated Age Says:

Why Rafa’s the incomparable GOAT (and Fed Isn’t):


John Says:

“C’mon John, own your inability to communicate accurately.

Hilarious. pfft.”

Oh, so now you’re calling me a liar? I’ll make a deal with you and all your Monikers. We can go into a private chat, and when I prove to you I am German you will publicly apologize on TX. You will also call Fed your Master and never return to tx ever again. Why don’t you make that deal? Or are you too scared to own up to your own words? Skype buddy…any day any time.

Btw, thx for the compliment, not bad for a 2nd language. Really though take that challenge.

tweener Says:

@ TA: you really are an item, behaving like an 8 year old, almost in tears trying to prove nadal better than fed, you are indeed hilarious..ha ha!

” Why Rafa’s the incomparable GOAT
(and Fed Isn’t):”, written by chris chase.

well well well TA, dnt tell me that you are taking that blog (from that bs vamoshead blogger named chris chase) seriously to make your point that rafa is GOAT. Ok now, just google “chris chase” and you will get these results:
– the most hated blogger in america
– chris chase sucks at writing
– who is this chris chase person

Go on, read them, it might interest you.

“Rafa has won more clay court
tournaments than the rest of the top
10 combined. Incomparable!”

Yes indeed TA, hands down, there is no comparison here. He indeed is the true Clay GOAT, but not “the GOAT” which is no one but ROGER. So stop cherry picking things to prove your stupid point that rafa is better than fed, its laughable!

Now, to your stand for the records:
-Fed has a Gold and Silver in olympics, rafa has a Gold. Take that.
-Rafa is lucky to have a strong field of compatriots in DC through out. He cannot win DC ties with just his 2 singles wins. Unfortunately, fed had to go through that ordeal time and time again.
-26 masters of rafa against 21 of fed, I will take 17-13 GS ratio any time against that masters’ one. You yourself know that GS count is far better in terms of supremacy and deriving who is GOAT.
-Domination, well be happy and keep sucking to that only lollypop you rafatards are owning. But underline this, once rafa falls short of fed’s success story and GS count, the sweetness from that lollypop will soon disappear.

Now, I am too tired and not mad to tell you the records that fed possess, bcoz that is HUGE, and it is too big for you. Just google fed’s records and you will run home to your mommy crying and blushed, knowing whom you are trying to demean- “The GOAT”. take a bow!

Nadal is very good, but fed is the best. Respect that.

tweener Says:

Why my previous post is under moderation?

I ve not written any foul language myself except what is mentioned on internet. All I have tried to do is to show what is fact and available on internet for everyone to see.

@TA, I wish my last post is de-moderated for you to read. Well, the only solace is for everybody to know that even fedfans posts are getting moderated, contrary to the vamosheads’ beliefs.

Translated Age Says:

John, um yeah, private chat?

That’s just a bit, no a lot creepy. You should get out more maybe? Join a club?

Besides, I’m busy trying to get a hold of skeezer. He asked me to call him for a tennis lesson (I can show him how to hit a DHBH) but he won’t give me his phone number.

Besides, not sure how you could prove that English is not your first language over skype (poor writing skills are circumstantial at best).

You might love David Hasselhoff, have 99 luftballons on your iPod, drive a VW or even have German ancestry (I’m part monkey as are you BTW) but your writing style and content shows that your main language is English.

And not even British English but American English.

You might have to wait a while because Sean really dislikes publishing My posts so he tends to procrastinate. He dislikes Rafa so much you see as I’m sure you can relate.

Just to show there are no hard feelings, here’s a nice song for you to play when Roger bows out in each clay event this year…


Keep on stalking Johan and gehzunteit.


Translated Age Says:

Roger Federer Says:
“I’m no longer afraid that the rally will last too long. This was getting in the way of my game last year, whereas now I can really enjoy myself.”

Can’t stop talking about the back, eh Rog?

And yet Fedfans (Johan, Sean, Tom et. al.) cry that’s all Rafa does). I take that back. Sean is a Monfils fan (and I’m a Fed fan).

You guys all agree that tanking is illegal now right? Noticed everyone stopped denying it after I proved you incorrect. You’re welcome.

Too funny!

Translated Age Says:

The cases for tanking are rare but a few examples where players were fined include Davydenko, Federer and Safin.

Translated Age Says:

^Yeah, you’re not going to publish that one, are you Sean. I understand. but good on you for the last two!

The truth hurts the Man of LaMonf.

skeezer Says:

If you think I am posting my phone number here then you truly are an 8 yr old. Give it up and grow up.

Translated Age Says:

No, just calling your bluff. I doubt you actually play tennis (in the real world, that is).

BTW, I can tell by your use of hashtags outside of twitter that you’ve spent some time on TennisTalk in the past.


Translated Age Says:

Hey skeezer, maybe you can show me your skillz on skype? hahahahaha

I know Johann is looking for a skype friend. You guys could have a virtual match in the cloud.

Translated Age Says:

tweener, great accomplishments for a truly great player – one of the best of the tennis history – but, at the end of the day, GOATs don’t get fined for tanking.

skeezer Says:

ATL, TA, whomever,
No, why? And why would I? LOL. It figures though if you came from there, now defuncted by rafanatics.

BTW there is no bluff, if you don’t know my number too bad. No one here is giving out a phone number, only a 8 year old would ask for that.
Have fun with yourself.

contador Says:

Skeezer does play tennis tennis. I have met him in person and vouch for him. That is all I will say here. You are being silly, TA/ATL.

Translated Age Says:

Lemme guess.


(I know he does contador. As I mentioned before, skeezer triple bagled me in the Wimby semis.)

contador Says:

he plays tennis not tennis tennis. He is a pro/ instructs tennis, skeezer does.

tweener Says:

yeah TA, and GOATs also dnt blame ball kids for getting calls on time violation. ;)

contador Says:

Do you have to hi-jack every thread. TA/ATL?

Posters who have been on tx since IW 2011 know that I met skeezer.

Now get off it and figure our why you are obsessed with coming on here and being a troll and have nothing to post that is really about tennis, please.

John Says:


LOL – youre on a roll now. American – I wish I could see that as a compliment, unfortunately due to US foreign politics I take that as an insult!

Seriously – are you telling me you wouldnt be able to tell a Native speaking German from an English speaker? Are your ears that clogged up?

Hence I said skype – as in Vocals!

Btw – I dont know where you come from but over here we take English as a second language. Yes Ive spent time in English speaking countries but not the USA. Bottome line a quick chat could clear this all up. A bit creepy? Sure – but if you insist on telling me I am English we should have a chat and clear the air.

contador Says:

lol, sorry ATL/TA. This is a FEDAL WARS thread!

my bad. I mean your posts are still rubbish even for a Fedal war thread but by all means, continue on. Don’t let me interrupt your obsession.

This is a designated silly thread. It is maybe good therapy for those of you who addicted obsessed Fedal-o-holics.

skeezer Says:


Translated Age Says:

Johan, you should hear my Colonel Klink impression.

contador/skeezer or whoever you are, take a good look in the mirror. Your pot-and-kettle holier than thou act is hilarious!

Same goes for Johan.

So many Nole/LaMonf fans here. No one for Roger anymore?

contador Says:


You sound like a survivor of PTTSD =

Post Traumatic Tennis-Talk Stress Disorder is under consideration for being officially entered into the DSM-IV as a diagnosis.

Consideration by me, that is. sheesh…. PTTSD should be in there!

Translated Age Says:

Peace contador. It grows boring now.

At least I admit to being silly.


contador Says:

PT3SD, that is.

Post Tramatic Tennis-talk Stress Disorder.

There is a treatment plan and support group for it, too. I am working diligently on it. ; )

contador Says:


Just imagine if you or I made up sock puppets named after each other and started posting to each other on Tennis-X. Making up socket puppets I can understand, sort of… my style is more to choose a moniker change every so often. But to actually make up two sock puppets and have them chat with each other? omg…I should not even jest about it. Super Sock Puppeteering/ Trolling on steroids.

contador Says:

Yes indeed, TA….

Peace, Love, and Happiness.

I am not saying that you and ATL have been chatting…yet.

But just in case, there is this therapeutic and safe place :D

Margot Says:

But conty, I always talk to myself…..I say all the right things and I always agree with myself, for starters…..most of the time…;)

contador Says:

margot, :D

Well talking to oneself when no one is around in real life is something I do as well.

But if I choose a different moniker on the internet now and then, I would not have the time to make them credibly talk to one another…that takes some special skill, I would guess.

the DA Says:

interesting from todays reuters feed:-

Nadal Ahead of Federer as All-Time Best, Says Agassi

“I’d put Nadal No. 1, Federer No. 2,” Agassi told Singapore’s Straits Times newspaper, stoking the popular debate.

“Federer separated himself from the field for four years. He separated himself from (Andy) Roddick and (Lleyton) Hewitt.

“Nadal had to deal with Federer, (Novak) Djokovic, (Andy) Murray in the golden age of tennis. He has done what he has done and he’s not done yet.”


Polo Says:

Agassi is just like anybody else out there, like any of the many posters here who has an opinion. He is not God. I just let his comment go out like piss in a full bladder.

An Inconvenient Truth Says:

Couldn’t agree more Polo.
What does Agassi know about tennis anyways.
Simply ridiculous.

An Inconvenient Truth Says:

Exactly Polo.
What does Agassi know about tennis anyways!!!

madmax Says:

As you say Polo, an opinion on either/or will go on forever.

In tennis terms, has to be judged on the slam count. No one can argue with that.

An Inconvenient Truth Says:

Yet Agassi DID argue with that.

What can be done?

Hippy Chic Says:

The more i think about it,the more im of the opinion that i dont particulaly care,sure its nice to discuss it,and its a topic that will never go away,but i think its great to talk about a number of all time greats rather than just one player been the overall GREATEST?which is better for the sport IMO,and this is JMO for what its worth?

volley Says:

“Agassi is just like anybody else out there, like any of the many posters here who has an opinion”

of course. there are plenty of 8-time slam winners and career slam winning champs, with the same insights into the game as him all around us.

Sean Randall Says:

New Fedal thread just opened for business: http://www.tennis-x.com/xblog/2014-05-08/15672.php

Hippy, I’d recommend you avoid at all costs.

Top story: Swiatek Gets Retirement, Sets Gauff French Open QF, Jabeur Wins; Sabalenka v Svitolina Tues.