Wimbledon Prize Money Increase: 2014 1st RD Losers Will Make More Than McEnroe Did For Beating Borg In 1981 Final
by Staff | April 29th, 2014, 9:43 am

Wimbledon announced today another prize money increase, this time one with extra weighting to the earlier rounds.

Overall the event will offer a near 12% increase in singles prize money over 2013. The men’s and women’s singles winners will earn a record $1.76M (or 2.96M USD), a 10% bump from 2013.

First round losers will take home 27,000 GBP (or 45.3K USD), a 14.9% increase from 2013. By comparison, the winner of the 1981 men’s final between John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg collected just 21,000 GBP.

Times have changed.

“At the heart of the increase is a wish by the Club to continue to build on the work of the last two years targeting the increases to the side of the draw which it was felt needed it most – those players who lose in the early rounds or in qualifying,” Wimbledon announced.

2015 will also mark the first year of a three week grass lead-up to Wimbledon.

The tournament begins this year on June 23.

Winner 1,760,000 10.0% increase over 2013
Runner-up 880,000 10.0%
Semi-Finalists 440,000 10.0%
Quarter-Finalists 226,000 10.2%
Fourth Round Losers 117,000 11.4%
Third Round Losers 71,000 12.7%
Second Round Losers 43,000 13.2%
First Round Losers 27,000 14.9%
TOTAL PER EVENT 9,600,000 11.8 %

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13 Comments for Wimbledon Prize Money Increase: 2014 1st RD Losers Will Make More Than McEnroe Did For Beating Borg In 1981 Final

Colin Says:

You’d never think the UK was damn near bankrupt, would you?

Perfect fan Says:

hmmm….its really good to learn that atp is finally thinking seriously about the tennis journeymen….guys who painstakingly travel all over the world but fails to reach the crunch part of the tourneys due to this ever tough competition.

These guys are all very good players from their countries but still fails to make a nick of their own as well as for their country. Such is the nature of this demanding game….very brutal. U gotta defeat 5-7 world class players consecutively to win tournaments….very very tough to do consistently even for the elite players.

So, it is good that atp is recognizing and realizing the importance to motivate these guys to keep trying and playing better and better. I m sure, even the top guys will also applaud this move.

Hippy Chic Says:

I think the prize for winning Wimbledon is already a small forune and doesnt need increasing anyway,but i welcome the increases for the earlier rounds for the lesser ranked players….

RZ Says:

Good news for my fellow Andy fans – it looks like once again I won’t have access to a TV or internet stream during the Wimbledon final. Hopefully that circumstance will work the same magic for Andy as it did last year. :-)

Hippy Chic Says:

I have a question Andy winning Wimbledon for the 1st time,or defending the title,i wonder which would feel the most special??

RZ Says:

I’d guess winning the first time, especially after getting so close the year before. I’d be curious whether winning Wimbledon or the Olympic gold is more special to him.

SG1 Says:

About time the early round pay is improved. Hard to get better without the financial means.

Hippy Chic Says:

Well i would say Wimbledon as its a GS,not only that its the creme de la creme of GS,the GS all players want to win,i would think and this is JMO but winning it for the 1st time would be the most special?,the top 4 players have won Wimbledon an amazing 11 times between them,Roger 7,Rafa 2,Nole and Andy each once,just goes to show how consistent they are or have been on grass courts….

Margot Says:

That’s really good news….Andy is a shoe in for the title now….;)
Andy said the Olympics actually, because it’ll never be on grass at home and because the crowd was something special. He said he’d never had support like that ever b4.
He says this in the long Q and A I’ve posted on “Andy breaks down…”

Michael Says:

I think Roger’s efforts is paying off with journey men and women of Tennis being rewarded more than they were earlier. That being said, what counts ultimately is the value for money and not the amount of money.

the DA Says:

@Margot – Andy also says the Olympics because he played as part of a team and for his country. Something that will throw off the haters who are still mired in the Scotland vs England nonsense. TBH I was relieved to read the seeding news. I almost forgot that Wimbledon always has its own seeding formula. #4 is going to be better than #8.

Colin Says:

The headline compares the men’s prize money with that of 1981, but such a comparison is always more or less deceptive.

The British Pound today is worth anything from one third down to as little as one sixth of its 1981 value, in terms of what it will buy.

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